96th General Assembly, Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Penny Hubbard (058)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB502Hubbard, PennyNasheed, JamilahHB 5022/15/2011 Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
 1516L.01I - Specifies that criminal nonsupport will be a class D felony if the total arrearage is in excess of $10,000 and allows a person to expunge a criminal nonsupport conviction if certain conditions are met
HB538Hubbard, PennyHughes IV, LeonardHB 5383/16/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1530L.01I - Prohibits the Department of Corrections from charging an intervention fee to an inmate when he or she leaves prison
HB539Hubbard, PennyNasheed, JamilahHB 5393/16/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1531L.01I - Requires the Department of Corrections to establish a two-year pilot project to increase the access that children have to their incarcerated mothers
HJR29Solon, SheilaHubbard, PennyHJR 295/2/2011 Placed on Informal Calendar
 1569L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the State Lottery Commission to develop and sell a Veterans Lottery Ticket to support the Veterans Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
HJR34Nasheed, JamilahHubbard, PennyHJR 344/19/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1650L.04I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting anyone elected to the General Assembly after November 1, 2008, from serving more than 12 years in any one house nor more than 24 years total in both houses
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