95th General Assembly, Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Michele Kratky (065)
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HB315Kratky, MicheleStevenson, BryanHB 3152/18/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1167L.01I - Exempts landlords from liability for loss or damage to a tenant's property upon the enforcement of a judgment granting possession under certain circumstances
HB990Kratky, MicheleHummel, JacobHB 9905/15/2009 Referred: Judiciary (H)
 2333L.01I - Expands the crime of unlawful use of a weapon to include knowingly possessing a quantity of illegal drugs sufficient for a felony conviction while also in possession of a firearm
HB991Kratky, MicheleHB 9914/21/2009 Voted Do Pass (H)
 2334L.01I - Authorizes the Governor to convey certain state property located in St. Louis City to Harris-Stowe State University
HB1001Kratky, MicheleHB 10013/31/2009 Referred: Small Business (H)
 2343L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for certain small businesses that employ a person who is disabled or who has recently been discharged from a correctional facility
HB1019Kratky, MicheleEl-Amin, TalibdinHB 10194/21/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 2342L.02I - Authorizes an income tax credit for costs associated with a taxpayer's renovation of a rented residence
HB49Frame, MichaelKratky, MicheleHB 492/19/2009 Referred: Elections (H)
 0275L.01I - Allows voters to cast advance ballots
HB52Hodges, SteveKratky, MicheleHB 525/15/2009 Referred: Special Standing Committee on Health Insurance (H)
 0144L.01I - Requires health insurance coverage to continue for any child or dependent of an enrollee with Down Syndrome after they reach 18 years of age
HB59Corcoran, MichaelKratky, MicheleHB 593/3/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 0265L.01I - Allows voters to cast advance ballots
HB181Stevenson, BryanKratky, MicheleHB 1812/11/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 0414L.01I - Changes the laws regarding landlords and tenants
HB314Harris, BelindaKratky, MicheleHB 3141/29/2009 Referred: Judiciary (H)
 0633L.01I - Prohibits the disclosure of certain personal information on typical court documents that are currently available to the public regarding divorce, legal separation, child support, and child custody
HB325Walsh, GinaKratky, MicheleHB 3253/26/2009 Voted Do Pass (H)
 0786L.01I - Allows an individual who is 17 years of age to file for an adult order of protection and extends the time period for which an order of protection may be valid from one year to up to three years
HB367Brandom, EllenKratky, MicheleHB 3674/1/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1031L.01I - Creates the Missouri Catastrophe Fund to help protect property and casualty insurers against insolvencies caused by earthquakes
HB379Sutherland, MikeKratky, MicheleHB 3792/4/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 0803L.01I - Establishes the Missouri County Planning Act
HB414Low, BethKratky, MicheleHCS HB 4143/31/2009 Objection Filed. Removed from Consent Calendar - Rule 44 (b)
 0605L.03C - Establishes Christy's Law requiring health providers to inform victims of rape or sexual assault of their right to request a drug test to determine if a drug was used to facilitate the rape or sexual assault
HB461Zimmerman, JakeKratky, MicheleHB 4613/10/2009 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
 0553L.01I - Authorizes the Secretary of State to administratively cancel a certificate of limited partnership under certain conditions
HB504Kander, JasonKratky, MicheleHB 5043/3/2009 Voted Do Pass (H)
 0903L.01I - Requires all court orders regarding child custody or visitation issued or modified while either party is in active military service and deployed out-of-state to be temporary in nature
HB518Lampe, SaraKratky, MicheleHB 5185/15/2009 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
 1126L.01I - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools
HB553Spreng, MichaelKratky, MicheleHCS HB 5535/11/2009 Public Hearing Held (S)
 1307L.02P - Authorizes a tax credit equal to 100% of the state sales tax paid on any motor vehicle assembled and purchased in Missouri
HB566Salva, RayKratky, MicheleHCS HB 5664/7/2009 Rules - Reported Do Pass (H)
 1238L.04C - Allows veterans and fraternal organizations licensed to conduct bingo games to have one electronic class II gaming device for each 40 members
HB621Meiners, KateKratky, MicheleHB 6213/12/2009 Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
 1404L.02I - Requires the Governor to issue an annual proclamation designating November 16 as "Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Awareness Day"
HB631Jones, TimothyKratky, MicheleHCS HB 6314/27/2009 Second Read and Referred: Education (S)
 1487L.03P - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Teaching Fellows Program and registered professional school nurses
HB634Holsman, JasonKratky, MicheleHB 6344/7/2009 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
 0675L.01I - Adds home nursing visits and follow-up care as needed for certain at-risk newborns to the list of covered services under the MO HealthNet Program
HB650Meadows, TimKratky, MicheleHB 6505/15/2009 Referred: Transportation (H)
 1673L.01I - Establishes certain requirements that must be included in a contract between a railroad corporation and a contract carrier that transports railroad employees
HB673Low, BethKratky, MicheleHB 6735/15/2009 Referred: Transportation (H)
 0615L.01I - Requires window stickers instead of license plate tabs to show current motor vehicle registration
HB701Talboy, MikeKratky, MicheleHB 7015/15/2009 Referred: Special Standing Committee on General Laws (H)
 1848L.01I - Changes the laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights and prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
HB716Todd, TomKratky, MicheleSCS HB 7167/8/2009 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
 1522S.03T - Changes the laws regarding newborn screening tests and premature infants
HB742Storch, RachelKratky, MicheleHB 7425/15/2009 Referred: Public Safety (H)
 1845L.01I - Allows the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners to develop a test to measure the ordinary physical strength of commissioned police officers in its jurisdiction
HB858Quinn, PaulKratky, MicheleHB 8585/15/2009 Referred: Corrections and Public Institutions (H)
 2005L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Board on Geographic Names within the Office of the Secretary of State to receive and evaluate proposals for changes in names of geographic features and places in this state
HB865Brown, MichaelKratky, MicheleHB 8655/15/2009 Referred: Elections (H)
 1877L.01I - Allows voters to cast advance ballots
HB883Flook, TimKratky, MicheleHCS HB 8836/29/2009 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
 2187L.02T - Changes the laws regarding the State Treasurer's asset allocation plan which limits the total amount of state moneys which may be invested in any particular investment
HB893Black, LindaKratky, MicheleHB 8934/7/2009 Voted Do Pass (H)
 2192L.01I - Specifies that prisoners who commit sexual misconduct in the second degree in the presence of a person working in a jail, prison, or correctional facility will be guilty of a class D felony
HB899Hummel, JacobKratky, MicheleHB 8995/15/2009 Referred: Special Standing Committee on Urban Issues (H)
 0744L.01I - Requires the City of St. Louis to provide furnishings and supplies for the public administrator and allows the public administrator to hire deputies and assistants
HB936Wildberger, EdKratky, MicheleHB 9365/15/2009 Referred: Crime Prevention (H)
 1788L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the criminal justice system and establishes Christy's Law regarding a drug test for victims of sexual offenses
HB941Fallert, JoeKratky, MicheleHB 9415/15/2009 Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
 2304L.01I - Expands eligibility for the Missouri Rx Plan to include retired Missouri residents 65 years of age or older with annual incomes of up to $25,000 for individuals and of up to $50,000 for married couples
HB948Denison, CharlieKratky, MicheleHB 9483/31/2009 Public Hearing Completed (H)
 1149L.01I - Requires window stickers instead of license plate tabs to show current motor vehicle registration
HB955McNeil, MargoKratky, MicheleHB 9555/15/2009 Referred: Ways and Means (H)
 1665L.01I - Increases from $14,300 to $18,000 the minimum base used to calculate the senior citizens property tax credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB1004Low, BethKratky, MicheleHB 10045/15/2009 Refer: Spec Stand Com on Emerging Issues in Animal Agri (H)
 2290L.01I - Establishes the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act to prohibit large-scale commercial breeding of dogs that is harmful and unhealthy
HB1008Pace, SharonKratky, MicheleHB 10085/15/2009 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
 2317L.01I - Requires each school district to ensure that physical education classes will be required for students in kindergarten to eighth grade
HB1065Morris, JamesKratky, MicheleHB 10655/15/2009 Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
 2351L.01I - Establishes the Prostate Cancer Pilot Program to fund screening and treatment services for prostate cancer for certain uninsured or economically challenged men
HB1089McClanahan, RebeccaKratky, MicheleHB 10895/15/2009 Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
 1574L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Policy Authority to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda for the provision of health services in this state
HCR36Meadows, TimKratky, MicheleHCR 365/15/2009 Refer: Spec Stand Com on Workforce Dev & Workplace Safety(H)
 1718L.01I - Supports the passage of the federal Employee Free Choice Act to protect and preserve for America's workers their freedom to choose for themselves whether or not to form a union
HCR47Lampe, SaraKratky, MicheleHCR 475/15/2009 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
 1344L.01I - Requests the Missouri Congressional delegation to oppose the reauthorization of the federal No Child Left Behind Act
HCR51Komo, SamKratky, MicheleHCR 515/15/2009 Refer: Spec Stand Com on Workforce Dev & Workplace Safety(H)
 2492L.01I - Urges Chrysler to maintain and increase current manufacturing levels in Missouri
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