Missouri House of Representatives
97th General Assembly , 2nd Regular Session
Missouri Sportsman Issue Development
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Burlison, Eric, Chair
Black, Linda, Vice Chair
Anderson, Sonya
Austin, Kevin
Brattin, Rick
Brown, Wanda
Cierpiot, Mike
Cornejo, Robert
Crawford, Sandy
Cross, Gary L.
Englund, Vicki
Entlicher, Sue
Fitzpatrick, Scott
Fitzwater, Paul
Franklin, Diane
Funderburk, Doug
Haahr, Elijah
Hansen, Jim
Harris, Ben
Hicks, Ron
Houghton, Jay
Hurst, Tom
Jones, Timothy
Justus, Jeffery
Keeney Taylor, Shelley
Kelley, Mike
Korman, Bart
Kratky, Michele
LaFaver, Jeremy
Lair, Mike
Lichtenegger, Donna
Marshall, Nick
McCaherty, John
McGaugh, Joe Don
Messenger, Jeffrey
Miller, Rocky
Morris, Lynn
Muntzel, Dave
Neely, Jim
Nichols, Mary
Otto, Bill
Parkinson, Mark
Phillips, Don
Pike, Randy
Pogue, Jeff
Rehder, Holly
Remole, Tim
Rhoads, Shawn
Riddle, Jeanie
Ross, Robert
Rowden, Caleb
Rowland, Lyle
Schieffer, Ed
Sommer, Chrissy
Spencer, Bryan
Swan, Kathryn
Walker, Nate
White, Bill
Wieland, Paul
Wilson, Kenneth
Wood, David

No Hearings Scheduled
Accessibility Accommodations are available. Please contact Greg Sandbothe at (573) 526-0594. An advance notice of 48 hours before the scheduled hearing is required. TDD# (573) 751-3969
Notice of the intent to audio or video record all or any portion of a committee proceeding must be given to the Chairman of each committee in advance of the hearing.