DateJrn PgActivity Description
DateJrn PgActivity Description
1/14/2015H 164Introduced and Read First Time (H)
1/15/2015H 168Read Second Time (H)
2/04/2015H 387Referred: Ways and Means(H)
2/17/2015Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/24/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
2/24/2015Voted Do Pass with Amendments (H)
2/25/2015H 673 - 674Reported Do Pass with Amendments (H) - HCA 1 AYES: 7 NOES: 1 PRESENT: 0
2/25/2015H 673Referred: Select Committee on Financial Institutions and Taxation(H)
3/05/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
3/05/2015HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
3/05/2015H 798HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
3/31/2015H 1158Taken Up for Perfection (H)
3/31/2015H 1162HCS Adopted (H)
3/31/2015H 1162Perfected with Amendments (H) - HA 1, HA 1 TO HA 2, HA 2 as amended adopted
4/01/2015H 1210Referred: Fiscal Review(H)
4/02/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
4/02/2015Voted Do Pass (H)
4/02/2015H 1235Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 8 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
4/02/2015H 1238Taken Up for Third Reading (H)
4/02/2015H 1239Third Read and Passed (H) - AYES: 134 NOES: 10 PRESENT: 0
4/02/2015S 735Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
4/08/2015S 799Second read and referred: Senate Ways and Means(S)
4/14/2015Public Hearing Scheduled (S) - Thursday, April 16, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 1
4/16/2015Public Hearing Held (S)
4/23/2015Executive Session Held (S)
4/23/2015S 1058SCS Reported Do Pass (S)
4/27/2015S 1071Referred: Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight(S) - Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 9:30am, Bingham Conference Room
4/28/2015Executive Session Held (S) - Voted do pass
4/28/2015S 1107Reported Do Pass (S)
4/29/2015S 1168Placed on Informal Calendar
4/29/2015S 1178Taken Up for Third Reading (S)
4/29/2015S 1178 - 1179Senate Substitute Offered (S)
4/29/2015S 1192SS Adopted (S) - SA 1, SA 2, SA 3, SA 4, SA 5 ADOPTED
4/29/2015S 1192Referred: Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight(S)
4/29/2015Public Hearing Scheduled (S) - Thursday, April 30, 2015, 9:30am, Bingham Conference Room
4/30/2015Executive Session Held (S)
4/30/2015S 1281Reported Do Pass (S)
5/04/2015S 1450Taken Up for Third Reading (S)
5/04/2015S 1450 - 1451Third Read and Passed (S) - AYES: 34 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
5/05/2015H 2456 - 2465Reported to the House with... (H) - SS AS AMENDED
5/05/2015H 2501Referred: Fiscal Review(H)
5/06/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
5/06/2015Voted Do Pass (H)
5/06/2015H 2607Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 10 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
5/07/2015H 2734Taken Up
5/07/2015H 2734 - 2735House Adopts (H) - SS AS AMENDED ADOPTED AYES: 143 NOES: 9 PRESENT: 0
5/07/2015H 2735 - 2736Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed - AYES: 140 NOES: 11 PRESENT: 0
5/27/2015H 2957Signed by House Speaker(H)
5/27/2015S 1736 - 1737Signed by President Pro Tem (S)
5/27/2015H 2958Delivered to Governor
7/06/2015Approved by Governor (G)
7/06/2015Delivered to Secretary of State (G)

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