DateJrn PgActivity Description
DateJrn PgActivity Description
2/05/2002H 197Read First Time (H)
2/06/2002H 204Read Second Time (H)
2/13/2002H 268Referred: Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions (H)
2/19/2002Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/20/2002Executive Session Completed (H) - VOTED DO PASS
2/21/2002H 343 - 344Reported Do Pass (H)
2/28/2002H 407House Substitute Offered (H)
2/28/2002H 407HS Adopted in House (H)
2/28/2002H 407 - 408HCR Adopted and Third Read (H) - AYES: 152 NOES: 0
2/28/2002S 412 - 413Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
3/04/2002S 435Referred: Rules (S)
3/07/2002Public Hearing Held (S)
3/21/2002Executive Session Held (S)
3/21/2002S 653Reported Do Pass (S)
4/09/2002S 765Adopted (S) - YEAS: 33 NAYS: 0

The activity can be referenced in the House or Senate Journal. The JRN PG column indicates the H-House or S-Senate journal printed for that activity date and the page number for the activity.
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