LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0478H.01I","HB 197","Kendrick, Kip","045","","","HB 197","5/17/2019","Referred: Higher Education","","Grants authority to the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to issue loans to refinance certain public or private student loans, education grants, and certain bonds, notes, or other obligations." "0479H.01I","HB 199","Kendrick, Kip","045","","","HB 199","5/17/2019","Referred: Higher Education","","Establishes the ""Student Loan Bill of Rights.""" "0859H.01I","HB 253","Morris, Lynn","140","","","HB 253","5/17/2019","Referred: Financial Institutions","","Changes the laws regarding consumer credit interest rates." "1026H.01I","HB 323","Helms, Steve","135","","","HB 323","3/14/2019","Referred: Financial Institutions","","Changes the law regarding unsecured loans of five hundred dollars or less." "0571H.02I","HB 528","Stevens, Martha","046","","","HB 528","5/17/2019","Referred: Financial Institutions","","Changes the laws regarding consumer credit interest rates." "1147S.04C","HB 599","Bondon, Jack","056","","","SCS HB 599","5/17/2019","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Changes the laws regarding financial institutions by simplifying filing requirements." "1573H.01P","HB 757","Bondon, Jack","056","","","HB 757","5/2/2019","Reported Do Pass (S)","","Changes provisions relating to mortgage loan originators." "1950H.01I","HB 935","O'Donnell, Michael","095","","","HB 935","5/14/2019","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Creates the ""Missouri Electricity Bill Reduction Assistance Act.""" "2237H.01P","HB 1061","Patterson, Jonathan","030","","","HB 1061","5/2/2019","Reported Do Pass (S)","","Authorizes a tax exemption for certain transactions with a port authority." Missouri House Bill Export