LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0406L.01I","HB 106","Pace, Sharon","074","","","HB 106","1/28/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Allows misdemeanor offenses for stealing to be expunged " "0688L.01I","HB 166","Ellington, Brandon","022","","","HB 166","5/15/2015","Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings","","Allows marijuana convictions to be expunged for certain persons contingent upon the passage of a constitutional amendment or other statutory enactment legalizing marijuana" "0352L.01I","HB 178","May, Karla","084","","","HB 178","4/22/2015","Referred: Select Committee on State and Local Governments","","Changes the laws regarding arrearages and the expungement of certain records related to criminal nonsupport " "0458H.01P","HB 190","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HB 190","4/27/2015","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Changes the laws regarding the protection of women's health care " "0715H.01P","HB 322","Shumake, Lindell","005","","","HB 322","5/6/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Allows law enforcement agencies to perform a criminal record review for open records for the purpose of hiring any political subdivision employee" "0071H.04I","HB 537","Dohrman, Dean","051","","","HB 537","4/22/2015","HCS Voted Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to the use of geographic records " "1422H.02I","HB 696","Fraker, Lyndall","137","","","HB 696","4/7/2015","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Changes the laws regarding the printing of the Missouri Manual " "1601L.01I","HB 744","Marshall, Nick","013","","","HB 744","5/15/2015","Referred: Government Oversight and Accountability","","Requires the Office of Administration to install and maintain audio and visual recordings of the capitol office entrances for specified elected officials" "1837H.02P","HB 762","Higdon, Galen","011","","","HCS HB 762","5/6/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Specifies information acquired by law enforcement via a dashboard camera or a body camera must be inaccessible to the general public " "1704H.01I","HB 798","Sommer, Chrissy","106","","","HB 798","5/6/2015","Action Postponed (H)","","Requires school districts to post certain financial information on the district's website for free public access " "2215L.01I","HB 987","Rhoads, Shawn","154","","","HB 987","2/25/2015","Referred: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness","","Provides that recordings from peace officers' cameras are not public records and prohibits the state from requiring the use or purchase of cameras" "0198L.03I","HB 1130","Gardner, Kimberly","077","","","HB 1130","5/15/2015","Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings","","Modifies laws relating to which offenses are eligible to be expunged " "0795L.01I","HB 1195","Cornejo, Robert","064","","","HB 1195","5/15/2015","Referred: Corrections","","Establishes the Accelerated Rehabilitative Pilot Disposition Program " "2648L.01I","HB 1301","Gardner, Kimberly","077","","","HB 1301","5/15/2015","Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings","","Establishes the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Pilot Program " Missouri House Bill Export