LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "3276H.01I","HB 1285","Pike, Patricia","126","","","HB 1285","3/11/2020","Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight","","Modifies the definition of ""intoxicating liquor.""" "3879H.01P","HB 1468","Toalson Reisch, Cheri","044","","","HB 1468","3/12/2020","Second read and referred: Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence","","Modifies provisions relating to certain persons found guilty of criminal offenses." "3582H.02P","HB 1488","Bromley, Bob","162","","","HCS HB 1488","5/4/2020","Voted Do Pass (S)","","Requires any person who has pled guilty to or been found guilty of driving while intoxicated to complete a victim impact program approved by the court." "3861H.01I","HB 1632","Porter, Jeff","042","","","HB 1632","5/1/2020","Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to donations and delivery of certain alcoholic beverages." "4245H.01I","HB 1699","Knight, Jeff","129","","","HB 1699","5/1/2020","Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to the permitted hours of sale of intoxicating liquor." "4388H.01I","HB 1708","Eggleston, J.","002","","","HB 1708","2/12/2020","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Modifies provisions for temporary assistance to needy families and supplemental nutrition assistance programs." "3398H.01I","HB 1724","Schnelting, Adam","104","","","HB 1724","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Removes certain prohibitions on sale of intoxicating liquor on Sundays." "4339H.02C","HB 1756","Hannegan, Tom","065","","","HCS HBs 1756 & 1925","3/12/2020","Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight","","Modifies provisions relating to murder in the first degree." "4595H.01I","HB 1886","Schnelting, Adam","104","","","HB 1886","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Updates certain personnel provisions relating to the liquor control law." "4541H.01I","HB 1989","Merideth, Peter","080","","","HB 1989","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Prohibits unapproved video gaming terminals in bars, convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants." "4843H.01I","HB 2146","Bondon, Jack","056","","","HB 2146","2/20/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Establishes provisions for storage and transportation of intoxicating liquor from a central warehouse to premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquors at retail." "4801H.01I","HB 2147","Bondon, Jack","056","","","HB 2147","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to alcohol imports." "4811H.01I","HB 2148","Bondon, Jack","056","","","HB 2148","2/24/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to alcohol sales." "4899H.01I","HB 2245","Bailey, Dottie","110","","","HB 2245","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to holders of retail liquor licenses." "5120H.01I","HB 2287","Aldridge, Rasheen","078","","","HB 2287","5/15/2020","Referred: Professional Registration and Licensing","","Modifies provisions relating to the scope of practice for physical therapists." "4620H.01I","HB 2434","Porter, Jeff","042","","","HB 2434","3/12/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to spirituous liquor excise charges." "5275H.01I","HB 2440","Unsicker, Sarah","091","","","HB 2440","5/15/2020","Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education","","Adds tobacco products and vapor products to the Drug-Free Schools Act." "5581H.01I","HB 2604","Porter, Jeff","042","","","HB 2604","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to home brewers of intoxicating liquor." "4910H.01I","HB 2639","Bland Manlove, Ashley","026","","","HB 2639","5/15/2020","Referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to the carrying-out of wine and wine-based products from certain places." "5671H.01I","HB 2672","Pike, Patricia","126","","","HB 2672","5/15/2020","Referred: Health and Mental Health Policy","","Requires physicians to counsel pregnant patients utilizing the perinatal risk assessment for substance use form developed by the Department of Health and Senior Services." Missouri House Bill Export