LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "4087H.01I","HB 1059","Higdon, Galen","011","","","HB 1059","1/9/2014","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Repeals the provision that prohibits a person from being stopped, inspected, or detained solely for not wearing a seat belt and increases the fine for a seat belt violation" "4763L.01I","HB 1122","Peters, Joshua","076","","","HB 1122","1/16/2014","Referred: General Laws","","Establishes the End Racial Profiling Act of 2014 " "4778S.04F","HB 1124","Kolkmeyer, Glen","053","English, Keith","068","SS SCS HCS HB 1124","5/7/2014","Reported to the House with... (H)","","Changes the laws regarding ""all-terrain vehicles,"" ""recreational off-highway vehicles,"" and ""utility vehicles"" " "5052H.02C","HB 1257","Wilson, Kenneth","012","","","HCS HB 1257","5/1/2014","Rules - Reported Do Pass (H)","","Prohibits any member of the state highway patrol or local law enforcement agency or employee of the national highway traffic safety administration from collecting breath, blood, or saliva for research purposes" "4920H.01I","HB 1423","Parkinson, Mark","105","Spencer, Bryan","063","HB 1423","1/22/2014","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Prohibits specified law enforcement agencies or employees of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from collecting breath, blood, or saliva from motorists at safety check points for use in studies" "4850H.01I","HB 1462","Roorda, Jeff","113","Schieffer, Ed","041","HB 1462","1/29/2014","Referred: Workforce Development and Workplace Safety","","Removes the exception and specifies that police, deputy sheriffs, State Highway patrolmen, and teachers have the right to form and join a labor organization and to collectively bargain" "4855H.01I","HB 1466","Roorda, Jeff","113","Phillips, Don","138","HB 1466","1/29/2014","Referred: General Laws","","Changes the laws regarding the Open Meetings and Records Law, commonly known as the Sunshine Law, on records or documents involving law enforcement officers" "5016L.01I","HB 1530","Newman, Stacey","087","Nichols, Mary","072","HB 1530","1/29/2014","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Changes the laws regarding domestic violence " "5533H.01I","HB 1682","Koenig, Andrew","099","Brattin, Rick","055","HB 1682","3/13/2014","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Establishes a hybrid retirement plan and requires all new members of the plan to participate in the defined contribution program for state employees and elected officials who become employed on or after January 1, 2015" "5453L.02I","HB 1699","Ellington, Brandon","022","Mims, Bonnaye","027","HB 1699","2/11/2014","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Requires uniformed law enforcement officers to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public and to preserve the recordings for 30 days" "5860S.05T","HB 1735","Cierpiot, Mike","030","Solon, Sheila","009","SS SCS HCS HBs 1735 & 1618","6/23/2014","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Allows for the sale of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, and other motorized vehicles sold by powersports dealers on Sundays" "5222H.07C","HB 1815","Phillips, Don","138","","","HCS HB 1815","4/30/2014","Referred: Rules","","Specifies that an accident report must not be a public record and subject to the Open Meetings and Records Law with certain exceptions " "6223H.01I","HB 2115","Norr, Charlie","132","McNeil, Margo","069","HB 2115","5/16/2014","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Establishes the Controlled Substances Contaminated Property Cleanup Act" "6351H.01I","HB 2147","Morris, Lynn","140","Love, Warren","125","HB 2147","5/16/2014","Referred: Judiciary","","Changes the laws regarding the sale and possession of controlled substances " "5162H.02I","HB 2157","Anderson, Sonya","131","McGaugh, Joe Don","039","HB 2157","4/10/2014","HCS Voted Do Pass (H)","","Changes the laws regarding the confiscation of animals " "6436S.07T","HB 2238","Jones, Caleb","050","Jones, Timothy","110","SCS HCS HB 2238","7/14/2014","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Changes the laws regarding hemp and allows the use of hemp extract to treat specified individuals with epilepsy" "6487H.01I","HB 2248","Burlison, Eric","133","Hough, Lincoln","230","HB 2248","4/22/2014","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Changes the laws regarding the Amber Alert System and establishes Hailey's Law " Missouri House Bill Export