LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "3987H.01I","HB 1746","Allred, Vic","013","","","HB 1746","5/15/2020","Referred: Local Government","","Authorizes a capital improvement sales tax in the counties of Clay and Platte upon voter approval." "4527H.01I","HB 1904","Shields, Brenda","011","","","HB 1904","5/15/2020","Referred: Ways and Means","","Extends certain statutory time frames relating to the Chapter 92 Earnings Tax." "4688H.01I","HB 2155","Allred, Vic","013","","","HB 2155","2/20/2020","Withdrawn (H)","","Modifies the definition of a ""hotel"" for certain purposes." "5066H.01I","HB 2500","Washington, Barbara","023","","","HB 2500","5/15/2020","Referred: Local Government","","Creates a ""Text-to-Donateā€ pilot program in Kansas City and St. Louis to provide services aimed at reducing the population of homeless persons in those cities." "5365H.01I","HB 2587","Allred, Vic","013","","","HB 2587","5/15/2020","Referred: Local Government","","Exempts certain businesses in Kansas City from the business license tax." "5498H.01I","HB 2605","Washington, Barbara","023","","","HB 2605","5/15/2020","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Allows members of the Kansas City police board and members of the Kansas City police department to serve on boards, commissions, and task forces when no compensation for such service is paid." "5548H.01I","HB 2610","Washington, Barbara","023","","","HB 2610","5/15/2020","Referred: Local Government","","Modifies the Kansas City Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund." "3361H.02P","HJR 77","Eggleston, J.","002","","","HJR 77","5/11/2020","Motion to Do Pass Failed (H)","","Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Missouri relating to property tax." Missouri House Bill Export