LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0146H.04P","HB 70","Gosen, Don","101","","","HCS HB 70","4/21/2015","Executive Session Held (S)","","Changes the requirements for the valuation of reserves for life insurance " "0408L.01I","HB 107","Pace, Sharon","074","","","HB 107","1/13/2015","Withdrawn (H)","","Creates the crimes of assault of an employee of a mass transit system while in the scope of his or her duties in the first, second, and third degrees" "0415H.01I","HB 126","Brattin, Rick","055","","","HB 126","4/29/2015","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Requires all employers and business entities to enroll and actively participate in a federal work authorization program and imposes stricter penalties for employing an unauthorized alien" "0724S.03T","HB 137","McCaherty, John","097","","","SS HCS HB 137","7/14/2015","Gov Took no Action, Sent to Sec of State/Article 3 Sec 31(H)","","Changes the laws regarding competitive bidding for a contract license office " "0784L.01I","HB 199","Morris, Lynn","140","","","HB 199","2/10/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Requires nonresident pharmacies and drug distributors to have a current license from their home state in order to renew their non-resident pharmacy or distributor license in Missouri" "0895H.02I","HB 379","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HB 379","4/21/2015","Referred: Select Committee on Commerce","","Requires statements of no tax due to be presented with local business license issuances or renewals and with any bid to perform work on publicly funded projects" "1136L.01I","HB 510","LaFaver, Jeremy","025","","","HB 510","5/15/2015","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Changes the laws regarding the licensure of certain child-care facilities " "1409H.02T","HB 587","Dugger, Tony","141","","","HCS HB 587","6/22/2015","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Modifies provisions relating to licensing fees paid to the Division of Finance by entities and persons licensed under the Missouri Sale of Checks Law, credit service organizations, and consumer credit lenders" "1731L.01I","HB 701","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HB 701","2/10/2015","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Exempts industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances and specifies that it is legal for anyone who has not been convicted of a drug-related crime to cultivate hemp" "1588L.01I","HB 707","Kirkton, Jeanne","091","","","HB 707","3/30/2015","Voted Do Pass with Amendments (H)","","Requires all licensed child care facilities to implement a safe sleep policy in accordance with the safe sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics" "1735H.01I","HB 735","Haefner, Marsha","095","","","HB 735","4/8/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Establishes the Perinatal Advisory Council and requires the council to establish standards for all neonatal and maternal levels of birthing hospital care" "1603L.01I","HB 748","Marshall, Nick","013","","","HB 748","5/15/2015","Referred: Government Oversight and Accountability","","Specifies that any issue to increase any tax, license, fee, or levy requiring voter approval under Article X of the Missouri Constitution must be placed on the ballot only on the general election day" "1759H.03C","HB 756","Hicks, Ron","107","","","HCS HB 756","5/5/2015","HCS Reported Do Pass (H)","","Changes provisions relating to municipal telecommunications business license taxes " "1931L.01I","HB 782","Colona, Mike","080","","","HB 782","5/15/2015","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Allows any person licensed to sell liquor in the original package at retail to sell 32 to 128 ounces of draft beer for consumption off the premises" "1248L.01I","HB 786","Meredith, Sue","071","","","HB 786","5/15/2015","Referred: Health Insurance","","Adds the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) to the list of organizations whose accreditation of managed care plans is recognized in Missouri" "1749H.02C","HB 800","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HCS HB 800","4/8/2015","HCS Reported Do Pass (H)","","Establishes the Missouri Compassionate Care Act regarding the licensure of medical cannabis centers and cultivation and production facilities to provide medical cannabis to qualifying patients" "1840S.03C","HB 830","Curtman, Paul","109","","","SCS HCS HB 830","5/5/2015","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Allows those licensed by the Department of Agriculture to grow and handle industrial hemp and creates the crime of unlicensed industrial hemp production" "2012H.01I","HB 932","Allen, Sue","100","","","HB 932","4/9/2015","Referred: Select Committee on Social Services","","Changes the laws regarding step therapy for prescription drugs " "2350S.04C","HB 1066","Allen, Sue","100","","","SCS HCS HB 1066","5/11/2015","Executive Session Held (S)","","Changes the laws regarding health care facility infection reporting " "2444H.01I","HB 1094","Houghton, Jay","043","","","HB 1094","4/22/2015","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Specifies that the Department of Agriculture must have the authority to regulate agricultural deer " "2453H.01I","HB 1213","English, Keith","068","","","HB 1213","4/21/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Establishes provisions regulating amateur unarmed combat competitions " "2655H.01I","HB 1290","Bondon, Jack","056","","","HB 1290","3/31/2015","Referred: Health and Mental Health Policy","","Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to promulgate regulations establishing life safety code standards for licensed hospitals" "2669H.01I","HB 1291","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HB 1291","3/17/2015","Referred: Ways and Means","","Requires statements of no tax due to be presented with local business license issuances or renewals and with any bid to perform work on publicly funded projects" Missouri House Bill Export