91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 08, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
GRP1the GovernorGRP 1
 1103L.01I - Governor's Reorganization Plan which provides for the transfer of the Division of Aging from the Missouri Department of Social Services to the Missouri Department of Health
HB287Williams, DeletaHosmer, WilliamHS HB 287
 0206L.03F - Provides guidelines for operation of private prisons.
HB288Campbell, MarshaHB 288
 0083L.02I - Exempts design-build contractors from certain certificate of registration and certificate of authority requirements.
HB289Farnen, TheodoreClayton, RobertHB 289
 1051L.01I - Allows the Public Service Commission to phase in any large increases to a water corporation's rates.
HB290Troupe, CharlesHB 290
 0035L.01I - Requires a biennial audit of the St. Louis City School District.
HB291Graham, CharlesHB 291
 1090L.01I - Enacts the Dedication to Donation Act.
HB292Overschmidt, FrancisHB 292
 1061L.01I - Revises the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
HCR4Williams, DeletaWilson, VictoriaHCR 4
 0060L.01I - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment.
HJR10Graham, CharlesHJR 10
 1089L.01I - Proposes a consititutional amendment to allow voters the option of having excess total state revenues refunded or deposited in Highways and Transportation Fund.
SB241Rohrbach, LarrySCS SB 241
 1078S.03T - Provides that merging mutual insurance companies need only provide notice as required by the articles and bylaws of the companies.
SB242Kenney, BillSS SB 242
 0766S.04F - Establishes School Building Construction and Renovation Fund.
SB243DePasco, RonnieSB 243
 0702S.01I - Allows certain cities to punish property violations with increased penalties.
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