91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 09, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB288Campbell, MarshaHB 288
 0083L.02I - Exempts design-build contractors from certain certificate of registration and certificate of authority requirements.
HB289Farnen, TheodoreClayton, RobertHB 289
 1051L.01I - Allows the Public Service Commission to phase in any large increases to a water corporation's rates.
HB290Troupe, CharlesHB 290
 0035L.01I - Requires a biennial audit of the St. Louis City School District.
HB291Graham, CharlesHB 291
 1090L.01I - Enacts the Dedication to Donation Act.
HB292Overschmidt, FrancisHB 292
 1061L.01I - Revises the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
HB293Kennedy, HarryHCS HB 293
 0877L.03C - Creates the Contiguous Property Redevelopment Fund for compiling and initially redeveloping contiguous properties in the City of St. Louis.
HB294Smith, PhilipHB 294
 0771L.01I - Enacts consumer protections for long distance services.
HB295Froelker, JamesHB 295
 1067L.01I - Changes ambulance and fire district board eligibility to twenty-four years of age and five years of residency in the district.
HB296Kennedy, HarryHegeman, DanielHB 296
 0614L.03I - Allows the Department of Natural Resources to contract for the provision of technical assistance services to public water systems.
HB297Green, TimHB 297
 1065L.01I - Adopts a single-ballot open primary system.
HB298Green, TimHB 298
 1027L.01I - Regulates retainage payments in certain private building contracts.
HB299Green, TimHB 299
 0850L.01I - Criminalizes certain aggressive driving.
HB300Ostmann, LucindaDolan, JonathanHB 300
 0189L.01I - Creates incentives for national teacher certification.
HB301Wagner, HowardMcKenna, RyanHB 301
 0726L.02I - Enacts weekend voting procedures for all elections, ending August 31, 2004.
HB302Hosmer, WilliamSkaggs, BillyCCS#2 SCS HCS HB 302 & 38
 0265L.15T - Lowers the blood alcohol content level necessary for a conviction of driving with excessive blood alcohol content from .10 to .08.
HB303Hoppe, ThomasHB 303
 1034L.01I - Allows certain liquor licensees in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties to apply for a 3:00 a.m. liquor permit.
HCR2Crump, WayneHCR 2
 0957L.01I - Joint Session in the Hall of the House of Representatives at 10:30 am, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, to receive a message from His Honor William Ray Price, Jr, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
HJR10Graham, CharlesHJR 10
 1089L.01I - Proposes a consititutional amendment to allow voters the option of having excess total state revenues refunded or deposited in Highways and Transportation Fund.
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