93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 09, 2006

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1015Icet, AllenHB 1015
 3015L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Social Services
HB1243Cooper, NathanHB 1243
 4211L.01I - Allows the Commissioner of the Office of Administration to use the reverse auction procurement method for state purchasing and changes the amounts required for competitive bids or advertising
HB1244Ruestman, MarilynHunter, SteveHCS HB 1244
 3960L.02P - Reduces the verification of experience requirements for registered commercial interior designers from five to two client references and from five to two industry references
HB1245Sater, DavidWright, Billy PatHB 1245
 4043L.01T - Allows school nurses to keep on hand and administer prefilled syringes of epinephrine to any student who the nurse believes is having an anaphylactic reaction
HB1246Pratt, BryanHB 1246
 3835L.01I - Prohibits inmates from possessing any video game in a correctional center
HB1247Pratt, BryanHB 1247
 3832L.01I - Establishes qualifications for members of civilian review boards
HB1248Pratt, BryanHB 1248
 3831L.01I - Requires, beginning with Fiscal Year 2007, any growth in the Gaming Proceeds for Education Fund above the level of Fiscal Year 2006 to be transferred to the Classroom Trust Fund
HB1249Spreng, MichaelRichard, RonHB 1249
 3762L.01P - Exempts all motor vehicles assembled and sold in this state from the state sales and use tax
HB1250Denison, CharlieMunzlinger, BrianHB 1250
 3062L.01I - Prohibits local political subdivisions from performing any maintenance on any obstruction, gate, or barricade on a state or county road
HB1251Guest, JimEmery, EdHB 1251
 4053L.01P - Extends the sunset provision for equipment grants for engineering programs at the University of Missouri to 2017
HB1252Cooper, NathanHB 1252
 4166L.01I - Creates new civil actions for victims of identity theft
HB1253Cooper, NathanHB 1253
 4210L.01I - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property without the approval of the General Assembly
HB1254Schaaf, RobPhillips, SusanHB 1254
 3997L.02I - Requires licensed health care providers to notify a law enforcement agency when they examine or treat a person who is intoxicated and reasonably suspect that the person may attempt to operate a car
HB1255Day, DavidBehnen, RobertHB 1255
 3962L.01I - Requires operators or riders of motorcycles and motortricycles who are younger than 21 years of age to wear protective headgear
HB1256Haywood, EstherJolly, CathyHCS HB 1256
 4044L.03T - Establishes February 4 as "Rosa Parks Day" and makes it a state observance
HB1257Pratt, BryanHB 1257
 3836L.02I - Creates the crime of stealing leased property
HB1258Ervin, DougHobbs, SteveHB 1258
 3999L.01I - Creates the crime of distribution of a controlled substance near a park
HB1259Cooper, RobertPortwood, CharlesHB 1259
 3881L.01I - Prohibits an insurer from changing the coding that a health care provider submitted for services without the permission of the health care provider
HB1260Sater, DavidFisher, BarneyHB 1260
 3557L.01I - Changes the laws regarding physician assistants
HB1261Pollock, DarrellHB 1261
 4037L.01I - Requires the county assessor to be notified when a manufactured home is coverted to real property and when a manufactured home is coverted from real property to personal property
HB1262Tilley, StevenHB 1262
 4295L.01I - Specifies that an individual who is institutionally committed as a criminal sexual psychopath can be guilty of escaping from commitment or detention
HB1263Tilley, StevenHB 1263
 4294L.01I - Allows the Department of Mental Health to house certain individuals in the same location
HB1264LeVota, PaulRoorda, JeffHB 1264
 3587L.01I - Requires developers to comply with tax increment financing agreements
HB1265LeVota, PaulThrelkeld, KevinHB 1265
 3502L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit to a taxpayer for 100% of the salary and benefits paid to an employee while on active military duty
HB1266Cooper, RobertHB 1266
 3830L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Science Education Act which requires instruction for science courses in sixth through twelfth grades to comply with its best practices
HB1267Wells, DonFranz, WardHB 1267
 4188L.01I - Designates a portion of U. S. Highway 60 in Texas County as the "Trooper D. Kevin Floyd Memorial Highway"
HB1268Bruns, MarkDeeken, BillHB 1268
 4024L.01I - Entitles state employees to one day of retirement credit for every eight hours of accumulated unused sick leave
HB1269Jetton, RodCooper, ShannonHB 1269
 4067L.01I - Requires children enrolling in kindergarten or first grade in a public school to receive a vision examination
HB1270Behnen, RobertMyers, PeterCCS SCS HCS HB 1270 & 1027
 3181L.14T - Requires all gasoline sold in Missouri after January 1, 2008, to be an ethanol-blend containing at least 10% fuel ethanol
HB1271Phillips, SusanPratt, BryanHB 1271
 4236L.01I - Allows a court to appoint a standby guardian for a minor and establishes the requirements and procedures
HB1272Harris, JeffAull, JoeHB 1272
 4000L.02I - Changes the preference requirements for Missouri businesses in letting state purchasing contracts
HB1273Baker, BrianErvin, DougHCS HB 1273 & 1136
 3753L.02C - Revises the adjustment in state aid to public schools based on fluctuations in summer school or gifted program attendance
HB1274Baker, BrianMoore, DanieHB 1274
 4106L.02I - Prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol in the State Capitol or on the State Capitol grounds
HB1275Baker, BrianErvin, DougHCS HB 1275
 4219L.02C - Requires the State Board of Education to establish a virtual public school by July 1, 2007
HB1276Baker, BrianFisher, BarneyHB 1276
 4104L.01I - Limits the number of excursion gambling boat licenses which can be issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission to a total of 13 or the number of licenses issued as of January 1, 2012, whichever is less
HB1277Baker, BrianFisher, BarneyHB 1277
 4105L.01I - Allows parents or legal guardians of 16 to 18-year-old children to choose to have the compulsory school attendance and work certificate laws apply to their children
HCR1Dempsey, TomHCR 1
 4176L.01I - Joint Session for the State of the State Address.
HJR41Baker, BrianBlack, LanieHJR 41
 4225L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment raising the allowable level of bonded indebtedness for school districts
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