93rd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 11, 2005

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB28Cooper, ShannonHB 28
 0198L.01I - Declares the spread of Sericea Lespedeza as a noxious and dangerous weed to agriculture
HB67Cooper, ShannonWasson, JayHB 67
 0451L.01I - Provides that for-hire motor carriers will not be considered an employer of lessors of vehicles or lessors' employees
HB184Deeken, BillSkaggs, TrentHB 184
 0832L.01I - Increases the excise tax on intoxicating beverages and creates the Fund for the Reduction of Alcohol-Related Problems and Underage Drinking
HB185Cooper, NathanHB 185
 0783L.01I - Creates a scholarship program for surviving children of veterans killed in combat
HB186Emery, EdSS SCS HCS HB 186
 0848S.13T - Authorizes various local taxes
HB187Jolly, CathyPage, SamHB 187
 0366L.03I - Allows the Department of Social Services to establish and implement an advertising campaign to recruit adoptive and foster parents
HB188Jolly, CathyMeiners, KateHB 188
 0639L.02I - Revises the crime of assault of a law enforcement officer or emergency personnel in the first, second, or third degree by adding prosecutors and circuit attorneys and their assistants
HB189Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickHB 189
 0369L.01I - Repeals the Board of Probation and Parole's authority to convert sentences to concurrent and clarifies that a convicted person is sentenced according to the law at the time of sentencing
HB190Ervin, DougNolte, JerryHB 190
 0501L.01I - Authorizes a sales/use tax exemption for manufacturing and material recovery plants
HB191Cooper, ShannonHB 191
 0954L.01I - Designates Sericea Lespedeza as a noxious weed and dangerous to agriculture
HB192Sander, ThereseBivins, WaltSCS HCS HB 192
 0502S.05C - Reimposes the waste tire fee and requires the Department of Natural Resources to give preference to contract bids for waste tire cleanups from Missouri vendors
HB193Wildberger, EdMoore, DanieHB 193
 0473L.01I - Imposes a $2 surcharge on dissolution of marriage cases for deposit in the Child Advocacy Center Fund to provide financial support for child advocacy centers
HB194Wildberger, EdWhorton, JimHB 194
 0479L.01I - Allows a deduction from individual income tax for personal property taxes paid by retired taxpayers and exempts certain income for certain retired residents from income taxation
HB195Wildberger, EdMoore, DanieHB 195
 0477L.01I - Adds certain types of cancer to the list of diseases presumed incurred during the line of duty for the purpose of retirement benefits for firefighters
HB196Wildberger, EdMoore, DanieSCS HB 196
 0474S.02C - Expands the crime of arson and extends the statute of limitation on arson from three to five years
HB197Wildberger, EdMoore, DanieHB 197
 0472L.01I - Prohibits a person from employing or subcontracting with an illegal alien on any publicly financed project
HB198Wildberger, EdWhorton, JimHB 198
 0471L.01I - Requires fiduciaries of insurers who use credit scoring in underwriting to annually submit their personal credit score to the Department of Insurance
HB199Wildberger, EdMeiners, KateHB 199
 0476L.01I - Regulates print, radio, and television advertising as well as phone bank usage during election campaigns
HB200Jones, KennySutherland, MikeHB 200
 0500L.01I - Allows an assessor to make a physical inspection of real or personal property in absence of a taxable property list
HB201Salva, RayHB 201
 0920L.01I - Prohibits the Department of Revenue from suspending, revoking, or assessing points against a license for any offense committed by a driver operating a vehicle other than a motor vehicle
HB202Salva, RayHB 202
 0924L.01I - Makes it a crime for an uninsured motorist involved in an accident to fail to pay restitution for the other person's insurance deductibles and requires their license suspension until payment is made
HB203Salva, RayHB 203
 0921L.01I - Changes the laws regarding bingo and authorizes the game of multihall bingo
HB204Salva, RayHB 204
 0925L.01I - Transfers the Missouri Senior Rx Program to the Division of Senior Services and requires continuous enrollment unless the enrollee opts out of the program
HB205Salva, RayHB 205
 0923L.01P - Prohibits the disclosure of Social Security numbers on child support checks, correspondence, and documents
HB206Salva, RayHB 206
 0922L.01I - Prohibits insurers from using credit information when underwriting insurance contracts
HCR1Dempsey, TomHCR 1
 0748L.01I - Authorizes the State of the Judiciary address.
HCR10Dempsey, TomHCR 10
 0749L.01I - Schedules the State of the State of Transportation.
HCR11Sander, ThereseMunzlinger, BrianHCR 11
 0590L.01I - Encourages the Missouri Congressional Delegation to end the abuse of tort laws against the firearms industry.
HCR12Sander, ThereseMoore, DanieHCR 12
 0591L.01I - Requests the Missouri Congressional Delegation to support meaningful class action reform and medical malpractice liability reform.
HCR13Sander, ThereseMoore, DanieHCR 13
 0593L.01I - Requests quick confirmation of all nominations by President Bush to the United States Supreme Court.
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