98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 12, 2015

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB392Lavender, DebHB 392
 1163L.01I - Modifies provisions relating to business filing fees
HB393Haahr, ElijahHB 393
 1098H.01I - Reauthorizes provisions regarding intervention pain management
HB394LaFaver, JeremyHB 394
 1135L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act authorizing an individual income tax credit equal to 20% of any earned income tax credit claimed on the taxpayer's federal income tax return
HB395Peters, JoshuaHB 395
 0279L.02I - Establishes the End Racial Profiling Act of 2015
HB396Peters, JoshuaHB 396
 0456L.02I - Establishes the St. Louis County Election Unification Act of 2015 that changes the general municipal election day for municipalities in St. Louis County to the primary and general election day
HB397Peters, JoshuaHB 397
 0277L.01I - Repeals expired, sunset, and obsolete statutory provisions
HB398Peters, JoshuaHB 398
 1124L.01I - Prohibits texting while operating a moving motor vehicle by drivers of all ages
HB399Peters, JoshuaHB 399
 1121L.01I - Requires the Office of Administration to provide notice to state employees about the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
HB400Peters, JoshuaHB 400
 0345L.01T - Designates the month of November each year as "Epilepsy Awareness Month"
HB401Fraker, LyndallSCS HB 401
 0758S.02C - Removes the sunset from provisions related to amending county budgets
HB402Phillips, DonHB 402
 0860H.01T - Designates the first full week before Memorial Day as "Safe Boating Week"
HB403Phillips, DonSCS HB 403
 0864S.02T - Designates Missouri as a Purple Heart State
HB404Phillips, DonHB 404
 0863H.01T - Designates the week in which May 15 falls as "Missouri's Peace Officers Memorial Week"
HB405Gannon, ElaineHCS HBs 405 & 381
 0952L.02P - Modifies provisions relating to high school equivalency examinations
HB406Gannon, ElaineHB 406
 0953L.01I - Establishes a career and technical education (CTE) high school diploma
HB407Webber, StephenHB 407
 1162L.01I - Changes the laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights regarding discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity
HB408Brattin, RickHB 408
 0887L.02I - Establishes the "Campus Free Expression Act"
HB409Brattin, RickHB 409
 0984H.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to conduct an election to certify the exclusive bargaining representatives of an appropriate collective bargaining unit for certain public employees every two years
HB410Kelley, MikeHB 410
 0881H.02P - Adds specified graphing calculators to the list of items that are exempt from sales tax during the annual sales tax holiday for school supplies
HB411Kelley, MikeHB 411
 0880H.01P - Authorizes a one-time income tax deduction to a taxpayer for the cost of the construction or $5,000, whichever is less, of a storm shelter that was made in Missouri
HB412Peters, JoshuaHB 412
 1117L.01I - Requires the governing boards of institutions of higher education to adopt policies concerning sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking in order to receive state funds for student aid
HB413Peters, JoshuaHB 413
 1119L.01I - Imposes a penalty against parents or guardians when a child under their charge is habitually absent from school or habitually tardy
HB414Austin, KevinHB 414
 1218H.01I - Prohibits an action against an amusement park owner or operator for damages or injuries sustained due to a defect or unsafe condition unless notification is given within certain time frames
HB415Adams, JoeHB 415
 0869H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use of force by a law enforcement officer
HB416Adams, JoeHB 416
 0870H.01I - Creates a citizens police review board in the Department of Public Safety to investigate civilian deaths resulting from an officer-involved shooting
HB417Cornejo, RobertHB 417
 1090L.01I - Changes the laws regarding ethics
HB418Newman, StaceyHB 418
 0853L.01I - Changes the laws regarding domestic violence
HB419Higdon, GalenHB 419
 0977H.01I - Requires the Amber Alert System Oversight Committee to adopt criteria to expand the Amber Alert System to provide peace officer safety alerts
HB420Kirkton, JeanneHB 420
 1004L.01I - Abolishes the death penalty and specifies that any person sentenced to death before August 28, 2015, must be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole
HB421Burlison, EricHB 421
 1182H.01I - Prohibits the Department of Revenue from sharing motor vehicle information with any out of state entity for the purposes of enforcing a red light or speed camera violation
HB422Burlison, EricHCS HB 422
 0839H.02P - Specifies that boards and commissions under the Division of Professional Registration may issue certain opinions for educational purposes
HB423Burlison, EricHB 423
 0428H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax holiday for goods manufactured in Missouri
HB424Burlison, EricHB 424
 0741H.02I - Requires the Department of Social Services to terminate a recipient's MO HealthNet benefits if it receives information that the recipient resides out of the state
HB425Alferman, JustinHB 425
 0759H.01I - Prohibits a lobbyist from making a single contribution of more than $5 or $25 annually to any statewide elected official, General Assembly member, or Supreme Court judge
HB426Swan, KathrynHB 426
 0970H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to lobbying
HB427Swan, KathrynHB 427
 1212H.01I - Designates the priority for the state with respect to any funding for family planning services
HB428Swan, KathrynHCS HB 428
 1205H.02C - Authorizes a tax credit for contributions to school foundations
HB429Curtman, PaulHB 429
 1021L.01I - Prohibits requiring peace officers to issue a specific number of citations within a designated period of time
HB430Curtman, PaulHB 430
 1160L.01P - Establishes the Taxpayer Transparency Act of 2015 that requires state departments to indicate in certain educational and advertising materials that the materials are produced and disseminated at taxpayer expense
HB431Rowland, LyleHB 431
 0884L.01I - Allows an owner of property damaged during service of process to recover reasonable reimbursement costs associated with the property from the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund
HB432Frederick, KeithHB 432
 1011H.01I - Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles
HB433Entlicher, SueHB 433
 1214H.01I - Specifies that a sheriff, marshal, clerk, or collector, or the deputy of those officers, must be eligible to hold the office of treasurer of any county
HB434Morgan, JudyHB 434
 1197H.01I - Requires children in the City of St. Louis and Kansas City school districts to enroll in a school by the age of five
HB435Morgan, JudyHB 435
 1200H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tuition Equity Act
HB436Moon, MikeHB 436
 0397L.01I - Establishes the "Campus Free Expression Act"
HB437Miller, RockyHB 437
 1087H.01I - Specifies when it is permissible for a city, town, or village to offer competitive services
HB438Hoskins, DennyHB 438
 1192H.01I - Changes the filing deadline for personal financial disclosure reports from May 10 annually to January 15 and July 15 biannually
HB439Koenig, AndrewHB 439
 0831H.01I - Establishes the Abortion Ban for Sex Selection and Genetic Abnormalities Act of 2015 to prohibit an abortion solely due to the sex of the unborn child or a genetic abnormality diagnosis
HB440Koenig, AndrewHB 440
 0835H.02P - Changes the laws regarding taxes based on sales
HB441English, KeithHB 441
 0083H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to seek a federal waiver to mandate the use of photo identification for continued eligibility in the food stamp program
HB442English, KeithHB 442
 0087H.01I - Specifies that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits may not be used to purchase energy drinks
HB443English, KeithHB 443
 0086H.01I - Allows a limited driving privilege to be granted to a person whose driver's license has been suspended due to child support arrearage under certain circumstances
HB444English, KeithHCS HB 444
 0063H.02P - Authorizes a tax deduction for volunteer firefighters
HB445English, KeithHB 445
 0056H.01I - Establishes procedures for approving changes to redevelopment projects in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County
HB446English, KeithHB 446
 0103H.01I - Eliminates sales tax on the purchase of used vehicles
HB447English, KeithHB 447
 0104H.01I - Eliminates sales tax on the purchase of used motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors
HB448English, KeithHB 448
 0118H.01I - Allows a school district to authorize its schools to observe a moment of silence in individual classrooms
HB449English, KeithHB 449
 0120H.01I - Creates an advance voting system for primary and general elections
HB450English, KeithHB 450
 0128H.01I - Prohibits anyone from sending, reading, or writing a text message while operating a motor vehicle
HB451English, KeithHB 451
 0126H.01I - Expands the A+ Schools Program to graduates of any high school that meets the program requirements
HB452English, KeithHB 452
 0132H.01I - Requires any automated traffic enforcement system to include a sign located at the intersection indicating the presence of the system
HB453English, KeithHB 453
 0133H.01I - Requires any traffic enforcement system photograph to depict the driver from the front in order for the violation to be valid
HB454English, KeithHB 454
 0113H.01I - Requires election authorities to make available at least one electronic voting machine per polling location for blind or visually impaired voters at an election in order to comply with federal law
HB455English, KeithHB 455
 0181H.01I - Repeals the requirement that all motor vehicles must obtain an inspection before the vehicle may be licensed
HB456English, KeithHB 456
 0134H.01I - Requires, in charter counties, any contract for the design, construction, or remodeling of a county building to include 1% of the cost estimate to be transferred to a public art fund
HB457Hicks, RonHCS HB 457
 1007H.02P - Makes CPR instruction a high school graduation requirement
HB458Allen, SueCCS SS SCS HB 458
 0537H.05S - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools and establishes specific components that a district must include in its antibullying policy
HB459Allen, SueHB 459
 0243H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the licensure of dental hygienists
HB460Bahr, KurtHB 460
 1051H.01I - Changes the laws regarding employment taxes
HB461Bahr, KurtHCS HB 461
 1052H.03C - Establishes the Employee Reclassification Act
HB462Bahr, KurtHB 462
 1046H.01P - Prohibits a property owners' association from preventing a property owner from placing political signs on his or her property
HB463Bahr, KurtHB 463
 1048H.01I - Prohibits the payment of professional membership dues of any school administrator or superintendent from the incidental fund or teachers fund of a school district
HB464Rowden, CalebHB 464
 0940L.01I - Modifies the appointment and employment authority of the University of Missouri Board of Curators
HB465Haahr, ElijahHB 465
 1096H.01I - Establishes the Civil Justice Funding Model Act
HB466Engler, KevinHB 466
 0882H.01I - Changes the asset limits to qualify for MO HealthNet benefits to $2,000 for a single person and $4,000 for a married couple
HB467Reiboldt, BillHB 467
 1267H.01I - Extends the equine activity liability waiver to livestock activities
HB468Berry, T.J.HB 468
 0193L.02P - Extends the last year of availability of incentives for new or expanded business headquarters from 2020 to 2025
HB469Rowland, LyleHB 469
 0876H.03I - Requires the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to provide grants to organizations that provide services to deaf-blind persons
HB470Smith, ClemHB 470
 1105L.01I - Establishes the College Credit Disclosure Act that requires a higher education institution to disclose its unaccredited status to students before enrollment
HB471Conway, KathieHB 471
 0969H.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to provide an additional reimbursement to managed care organizations for low birth weight babies
HB472Sommer, ChrissyHB 472
 1298H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Brain Injury Fund
HB473Higdon, GalenHB 473
 0669H.01P - Specifies that Buchanan County may have a municipal court division
HB474Webber, StephenHB 474
 1247L.01I - Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB475Lant, BillHB 475
 1216H.01I - Specifies that the Children's Division must receive notice of a finding of child abuse or neglect or that an individual has been listed as a perpetrator of child abuse or neglect in the central registry
HCR1Richardson, ToddHCR 1
 1189H.01I - Relating to a Joint Session for the State of the State Address
HCR2Richardson, ToddHCR 2
 1190H.01I - Relating to a Joint Session for the State of the Judiciary Address
HCR11English, KeithHCR 11
 0066H.01I - Requests American Water Company to quarterly test the drinking water at the North County Water Treatment Facility in order to assure the presence of dangerous contaminants are never present
HCR12Cierpiot, MikeHCR 12
 1204H.01I - Encourages the State Attorney General to join a lawsuit against President Barack Obama's immigration policies currently underway in Texas
HCR13Smith, ClemHCR 13
 1106L.01I - Strongly urges the United States Army to explain chemical testing which occurred in St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s and requests the federal government to conduct a study on the health effects of such testing
HCR14Moon, MikeHCR 14
 1278L.01I - Applies to Congress for the calling of an Article V convention of states to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution which place limits on the federal government
HCR15Roden, ShaneHCR 15
 0064H.01I - Calls upon President Obama to support the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline and the permitting for oil production off the northern coast of Alaska
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