94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 14, 2008

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1310Hoskins, TheodoreHB 1310
 3340L.01P - Requires independent candidates to file declarations of candidacy and petitions for nomination by the same deadlines established for other candidates
HB1311Hoskins, TheodoreSCS HB 1311
 3341S.02T - Prohibits any person who is in arrears for any unpaid city taxes or municipal-user fees from filing a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate for election to any municipal office
HB1365Fares, KathlynPortwood, CharlesHB 1365
 3100L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for certain elderly and disabled individuals and certain veterans for real property taxes paid
HB1495Bruns, MarkSater, DavidHB 1495
 3865L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Aviation Trust Fund and the funding for certain air traffic control towers
HB1501Bruns, MarkHB 1501
 3946L.01I - Authorizes certain cities and counties to increase transient guest taxes from 5% to up to 8%
HB1589Munzlinger, BrianNance, BobHB 1589
 4154L.01I - Requires commercial vehicle enforcement officers to meet the mandatory standards for basic training and licensure of peace officers
HB1590Munzlinger, BrianFisher, BarneyHCS HB 1590
 4236L.04C - Changes the laws regarding the administration of agricultural incentives and programs
HB1591Lipke, ScottHB 1591
 3762L.01I - Creates the crime of driving with a controlled substance in a person's body
HB1592Lipke, ScottHB 1592
 3770L.01I - Establishes the Drug Monitoring Act and prohibits the selling, dispensing, purchasing, or receiving of certain controlled substances by mail order or mobile retail vendor
HB1593Lipke, ScottHB 1593
 3761L.01I - Lowers the blood-alcohol content to .08 of 1% for the crime of operating a vessel with excessive blood-alcohol content
HB1594Lipke, ScottMay, BobHB 1594
 3719L.01I - Increases the penalty for the crime of resisting or interfering with an arrest, detention, or stop from a class D felony to a class C felony
HB1595Swinger, TerryKuessner, J CHCS HB 1595 & 1668
 3586L.02P - Authorizes an income tax credit for 50% of the cost of the construction of a storm shelter or $2,000, whichever is less
HB1596May, BobWallace, MaynardHB 1596
 3037L.01I - Specifies additional requirements for proposed land use changes on land owned by the University of Missouri
HB1597Robb, EdMoore, DanieHB 1597
 4082L.02I - Requires all entities which ship radioactive waste through or within the state to be assessed a fee
HB1598Sater, DavidRuestman, MarilynHB 1598
 4182L.01I - Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for over-the-counter or nonprescription drugs
HB1599Sater, DavidHCS HB 1599
 3086L.03C - Adds medical practitioners providing services at a summer camp to the list of health care providers for whom the State Legal Expense Fund is available for payment of certain claims against a provider
HB1600Davis, CynthiaChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 1600
 4230L.01I - Specifies that a person performing midwifery services is not engaging in the practice of medicine, osteopathy, nursing, nurse-midwifery, or any other medical practice and does not have to be licensed
HB1601Bringer, RachelHB 1601
 3781L.01I - Creates a rebuttable presumption that the person whose name appears in the controlled substance log book which pharmacies are required to keep and maintain is the person whose transaction is recorded
HB1602Bringer, RachelHB 1602
 3782L.01I - Prohibits members of the General Assembly from accepting any tangible or intangible item, service, or anything of value from a lobbyist
HB1603Bringer, RachelHB 1603
 4070L.01I - Prohibits water and sewer line easements from being considered as transfers of title of real property to counties
HB1604Bringer, RachelHB 1604
 3777L.01I - Establishes a tuition and fee waiver program for certain incoming Missouri resident college freshmen who have been in foster or residential care
HB1605Bringer, RachelHB 1605
 3775L.01I - Allows an applicant to present a photocopy of his or her birth certificate, along with another form of approved identification, in order to prove lawful presence for driver's license purposes
HB1606Bringer, RachelHB 1606
 3773L.01I - Revises the definition of "telephone solicitation" to prohibit political campaigns from using live operators or automatic dialing announcing devices to call anyone on the No-call List
HB1607Lampe, SaraShively, TomHB 1607
 3548L.01I - Removes villages from a certain incorporation procedure for cities and towns, increases the required number of signatures on a petition to incorporate, and dissolves villages incorporated after August 28, 2007
HB1608Ervin, DougHB 1608
 4219L.01T - Authorizes counties to preserve electronic images of original cancelled checks instead of the actual check
HB1609Cooper, RobertSchad, RodneyHB 1609
 3914L.01I - Requires the establishment of emergency triage guidelines for care and the Emergency Triage Guidelines for Care Task Force
HB1610Cooper, RobertSchad, RodneyHB 1610
 3903L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the operation of certain vessels on any lake in the state and the requirements for owners of boat docks on certain lakes
HB1611Dixon, BobWasson, JayHCS HB 1611
 4146L.02P - Establishes a children's bill of courtroom rights that applies to all children testifying in court
HB1612Bowman, JohnRoorda, JeffHB 1612
 4038L.01I - Establishes the Revitalization and Reconstruction Commission to promote the restoration, redevelopment, and revitalization of Missouri's urban resources
HB1613Bowman, JohnFallert, JoeHB 1613
 4037L.01I - Establishes the Office of Trade Enforcement within the Department of Economic Development and the Citizen's Commission on Globalization
HB1614Bowman, JohnRoorda, JeffHB 1614
 4006L.01I - Establishes the Commission on the Death Penalty and places a moratorium on all executions until January 1, 2011
HB1615Bowman, JohnOxford, Jeanette MottHB 1615
 4216L.01I - Establishes the Prostate Cancer Pilot Program to provide screening and treatment for prostate cancer for certain uninsured or economically challenged men
HB1616Ruzicka, DonViebrock, JamesHB 1616
 4056L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the licensing of real estate brokers
HB1617Cunningham, JaneCunningham, MikeHB 1617
 4047L.01P - Allows the assignment of fiduciary obligations under irrevocable life insurance trusts to the Missouri Trust Office of a non-Missouri national bank or trust company
HB1618Jones, KennyCunningham, JaneHB 1618
 3090L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Consumer Report Security Freeze Act which allows a consumer to place a freeze on his or her consumer report
HB1619Jones, KennyParson, MikeSS#2 SCS HCS HB 1619
 3897S.08F - Establishes the Drug Monitoring Act and requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to maintain a realtime electronic logbook on all pseudoephedrine purchases in this state
HB1620Jones, KennyTilley, StevenHB 1620
 3901L.01I - Authorizes certain advanced practice registered nurses to enter into collaborative agreements with physicians to administer and dispense controlled substances
HB1621Yates, BrianHB 1621
 4222L.01I - Eliminates the Legal Services for Low-Income People Fund and authorizes the transfer of certain moneys in the Tort Victims' Compensation Fund into the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund
HB1622Bringer, RachelHB 1622
 3772L.02I - Creates the crime of obstruction of justice
HB1623Franz, WardHB 1623
 3358L.01I - Allows counties not participating in the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan to collect a surcharge in civil cases to be used for courthouse security purposes
HB1624Dusenberg, GaryHB 1624
 3197L.01I - Specifies that the automatic renewal of contracts for service, maintenance, or repair will be invalid unless a written notice is given to the customer 30 to 90 days prior to the renewal
HB1625Emery, EdDavis, CynthiaHB 1625
 4128L.01I - Specifies that pharmacies will be immune from liability for refusal to perform, assist, recommend, refer to, or participate in any act or service in connection with any drug or device that causes an abortion
HB1626Emery, EdLembke, JimHCS HB 1626
 4129L.03P - Prohibits certain illegal aliens from receiving public assistance benefits
HB1627Portwood, CharlesDeeken, BillHB 1627
 4089L.01I - Renames the Division of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities within the Department of Mental Health to the Division of Developmental Disabilities
HB1628Cooper, ShannonHB 1628
 4075L.01T - Authorizes an exemption from the alternative fuel decal requirements and the tax imposed on motor fuel for historical vehicles powered by liquid petroleum or natural gas
HB1629Dixon, BobSchoeller, ShaneHB 1629
 4147L.01I - Authorizes the appointment of an additional circuit court judge in the 31st Judicial Circuit in Greene County
HB1630Bruns, MarkGrill, JasonHB 1630
 4077L.01I - Establishes the Line of Duty Compensation Act which authorizes a claim to be filed with the Division of Workers' Compensation on behalf of public safety workers who are killed in the line of duty
HB1631Parson, MikeHB 1631
 4312L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the sale of nonrepairable motor vehicles or salvage vehicles to a person who is not a resident of the United States at a salvage pool or salvage disposal sale
HB1632Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHB 1632
 3936L.01I - Makes it an unlawful employment practice to subject an employee to an abusive work environment or to retaliate against an employee who opposes that type of environment
HB1633Wildberger, EdKuessner, J CHB 1633
 3935L.01I - Expands the No-call List to include cell phone numbers, prohibits sending unsolicited faxes and text messages, and prohibits using automatic dialing announcing devices in certain situations
HB1634Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHB 1634
 3951L.01I - Establishes the Registered Surgical Technologist Title Protection Act
HB1635Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHB 1635
 3952L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the release of personal information to unauthorized persons
HB1636Jones, KennyRoorda, JeffHB 1636
 3899L.02I - Creates penalties for corporations, persons, and public utilities that violate any law, order, decision, decree, rule, direction, demand, or requirement relating to federally mandated natural gas safety
HB1637Bruns, MarkRoorda, JeffHB 1637
 3722L.01I - Expands the crime of furnishing pornographic material to minors by including engaging in lewd communication or conversation with a minor via the Internet
HB1638Bruns, MarkRoorda, JeffHB 1638
 3863L.01I - Expands the crime of furnishing pornographic material to minors by increasing the penalty and specifies that the offender commits the crime if he or she believes the person is a minor
HB1639Bruns, MarkRichard, RonHB 1639
 4231L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Aviation Trust Fund and air traffic control towers
HB1640Schoeller, ShaneCooper, RobertSCS HB 1640
 3029S.05T - Establishes the Debbi Daniel Law which disallows court-ordered adoption decrees or a adoptive parents' or adoptee's request for a new birth certificate changing the name of a birth parent in an adoption
HB1641Burnett, JohnTalboy, MikeHB 1641
 4344L.01I - Repeals the requirement that the Director of the Department of Revenue, upon order of the court, suspend the driver's license of a person who fails to appear on any moving traffic violation charge
HB2015Icet, AllenHB 2015
 3015L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Social Services
HB2021Icet, AllenHB 2021
 3021L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Conservation
HB2022Icet, AllenHB 2022
 3022L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Public Safety
HCR1Tilley, StevenHCR 1
 4209L.01I - House Concurrent Resolution No. 1 - State of the State on January 15, 2008
HCR2Tilley, StevenHCR 2
 4210L.01I - House Concurrent Resolution No. 2 - State of the Judiciary on February 5, 2008
HCR3Tilley, StevenHCR 3
 4211L.01I - House Concurrent Resolution No. 3 - State of the State of Transportation on February 6, 2008
HJR54Kingery, GayleSater, DavidHJR 54
 3456L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting the total service in the General Assembly to 16 years
HJR55McGhee, MikeDay, DavidHCS HJR 55
 4074L.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's First Amendment right to pray on public property and reaffirming a citizen's right to choose any or no religion
HJR56Emery, EdDavis, CynthiaHJR 56
 4127L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all impeachments to be tried by the Senate
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