93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 18, 2006

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1015Icet, AllenHB 1015
 3015L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Social Services
HB1401Sater, DavidPhillips, SusanHB 1401
 4292L.02I - Provides whistle-blower protections for persons reporting Medicaid fraud
HB1402Wright, MarkHB 1402
 3741L.01I - Requires every university in this state participating in an NCAA division I sport to schedule one contest a year with every other university in this state in the same sport at the same level
HB1403Schaaf, RobHB 1403
 4514L.01I - Requires the display of only one license plate rather than two on any motor vehicle
HB1404Liese, AlbertHB 1404
 4089L.01I - Makes it a crime for a patient, or the patient's parents or legal guardian if a minor, to fail to disclose to a health care professional that he or she is infected with human immunodeficiency virus
HB1405Zweifel, CharlesCorcoran, MichaelHB 1405
 4080L.01I - Establishes campaign finance regulations for leadership office committees of the General Assembly
HB1406Zweifel, CharlesCorcoran, MichaelHB 1406
 4035L.01I - Establishes the Public Assistance Beneficiary Employer Disclosure Act which requires certain public assistance recipients to identify their employers
HB1407Zweifel, CharlesMeadows, TimHB 1407
 4032L.01I - Changes the process for registering securities
HB1408Darrough, BruceZweifel, CharlesHB 1408
 3327L.01I - Requires rebates to be paid within 30 days of submission by the applicant
HB1409Darrough, BruceCorcoran, MichaelHB 1409
 4193L.01I - Allows each public school district to determine whether a dress code for pupils is appropriate
HB1410Darrough, BruceCorcoran, MichaelHB 1410
 3776L.01I - Exempts motor fuel used in school buses from motor fuel tax when driven to transport students for educational purposes
HB1411Smith, JasonWood, DennisSCS HB 1411
 4281S.03C - Changes the laws regarding licensure of real estate brokers
HB1412Portwood, CharlesHB 1412
 4410L.01I - Repeals the requirements that the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners establish the Bertillon system of identification of criminals and employ assistance to conduct and manage the department
HB1413LeVota, PaulHarris, JeffHB 1413
 3707L.02I - Establishes the Fairness for Missouri Business Act which changes the laws regarding limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships
HB1414LeVota, PaulHB 1414
 3063L.01I - Requires automobile insurers to offer coverage that considers spouses and children as third parties for accidents involving the policyholder and his or her spouse or children
HB1415Nance, BobYates, BrianHB 1415
 4268L.01I - Limits the liability of the state regarding tort claims involving motor vehicles and dangerous conditions
HB1416Munzlinger, BrianMyers, PeterHB 1416
 4469L.01I - Requires all gasoline sold in Missouri after January 1, 2007, to be an ethanol-blend containing at least 10% fuel ethanol
HB1417LeVota, PaulWildberger, EdHB 1417
 3862L.01I - Establishes the Healthy Drinks for Healthy Children Act of 2006 which limits the types of beverages that may be sold in public elementary, middle, and junior high schools
HB1418LeVota, PaulWildberger, EdHB 1418
 3500L.01I - Changes the reporting requirements for campaign finance disclosure reports and requires contributions made by limited liability companies to be attributed to a board member
HB1419Cooper, ShannonHB 1419
 4368L.01I - Revises the definitions of "gambling" and "gambling device" by excluding certain amusement devices
HB1420Walsh, GinaMeiners, KateHB 1420
 3886L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of state and private mental health facilities
HB1421Walsh, GinaMeiners, KateHB 1421
 3884L.01I - Establishes the Safe Staffing and Quality Care Accountability Act for Veterans Homes and the Safe Staffing and Quality Care Accountability Act for Mental Health Facilities
HB1422Walsh, GinaMeiners, KateHB 1422
 3885L.01I - Establishes the Public Service Accountability Act which requires most public bodies to analyze the costs and benefits of privatizing any service valued at $25,000 or more
HB1423Page, SamHenke, WayneHB 1423
 3670L.01P - Changes the definition of "security" in the laws regulating securities so that the sale of variable annuities will be regulated by the Secretary of State
HB1424Franz, WardHB 1424
 4140L.02P - Allows first classification counties without a charter form of government and second classification counties to collect property taxes using electronic records and disbursements
HB1425Viebrock, JamesDenison, CharlieHB 1425
 4078L.01I - Designates the Table Rock Lake bridge on Highway 39 in the City of Shell Knob as the "State Senator Larry Gene Taylor Memorial Bridge"
HB1426Guest, JimQuinn, JohnHB 1426
 4052L.01I - Establishes the Wholesale Water and Sewer Authority Act which allows for the creation of a wholesale water and sewer authority as a political subdivision of the state
HB1427Johnson, RickJetton, RodHB 1427
 4229L.01T - Authorizes the Secretary of State to waive fees and other penalties when a corporation is dissolved for failure to file its annual report due to military service
HB1428Robb, EdHobbs, SteveHB 1428
 4446L.01I - Increases the amount of the Higher Education Academic Scholarship Program, commonly known as Bright Flight, from $2,000 to $4,000 a year
HB1429Nolte, JerryFlook, TimHB 1429
 4280L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the exemption from sales and use tax for electricity used in manufacturing
HB1430Johnson, RobertHB 1430
 4137L.01I - Changes the limits on the amounts of certain campaign contributions
HB1431Kelly, VanHB 1431
 3883L.01I - Authorizes road district commissioners to establish a rate of compensation not to exceed $100 per month after the voting commissioners' terms have expired
HB1432Moore, DanieHarris, BelindaHCS HB 1432
 4518L.02C - Authorizes the State Board of Probation and Parole, at its discretion, to conduct probation and parole hearings by videoconferencing and allows victims to choose where to testify for the videoconferencing
HB1433Bowman, JohnJohnson, ConnieHB 1433
 4127L.02I - Changes the laws regarding Missouri's minimum wage and requires that every employee be paid at least a "living wage"
HB1434Johnson, ConnieBurnett, JohnHB 1434
 4434L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the registration of a trademark
HB1435Johnson, ConnieBrown, MichaelHB 1435
 3064L.01I - Authorizes the expungement of certain arrest records and convictions for municipal ordinance violations and certain misdemeanors
HB1436Johnson, ConnieWhorton, JimHB 1436
 4363L.01I - Allows an adopted person at least 18 years old to receive a certified copy of his or her original birth certificate
HB1437Threlkeld, KevinSCS HB 1437
 4502S.02T - Dissolves the Advisory Committee on Poison Control and transfers its powers and certain duties to the Department of Health and Senior Services and dissolves the Committee on Radiation Control
HB1438Hughes IV, LeonardWalsh, GinaHB 1438
 4477L.01I - Increases the penalty for possession of any methamphetamine precursor drug with the intent to manufacture amphetamine, methaphetamine, or any of their analogs from a class D felony to a class C felony
HB1439Hughes IV, LeonardWalsh, GinaHB 1439
 4454L.01I - Limits the amount of interest a title lender can charge on loans and requires the average interest rate being charged by credit unions to be made available to the public
HB1440Sutherland, MikeBrown, JasonSCS HCS HB 1440
 3878S.03T - Authorizes a checkoff on the Missouri individual and corporate income tax forms for donations for cervical cancer awareness and treatment and the calculation for individual net operating losses
HB1441Sutherland, MikeMyers, PeterHCS HB 1441
 4048L.03P - Establishes the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the ownership, possession, and breeding of large carnivores
HB1442Sutherland, MikeBaker, JudyHB 1442
 3718L.01I - Establishes the Manufactured Home Health and Safety Act which provides minimum standards for the maintenance, sanitation, and use of manufactured home communities
HB1443Donnelly, MargaretChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 1443
 3917L.01I - Changes the laws regarding criminal securities fraud and sets a minimum penalty when committed against the elderly or disabled
HJR43Dethrow, MikeErvin, DougHJR 43
 4269L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority for voter approval of initiative proposals relating to harvesting bird, game, wildlife, and forestry resources
HJR44Whorton, JimJackson, JackieHJR 44
 4347L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation one motor vehicle of any active-duty military personnel under certain conditions
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