92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 21, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB152Johnson, RobertCurls, MelbaSCS HCS HB 152 & 180
 0385S.07T - Modifies Kansas City Police Retirement System, St. Louis Police Retirement System, and Public School Retirement System.
HB154Roark, BradleyKelly, VanHB 154
 0540L.01I - Establishes covenant marriages.
HB156Phillips, SusanReinhart, GeralynHS HCS HB 156
 0545L.06T - Requires informed consent at least twenty-four hours prior to an abortion and requires persons who perform abortions to maintain proof of financial responsibility.
HB160Luetkemeyer, WilliamHampton, MarkHB 160
 0703L.01I - Revises watercraft regulations.
HB162Shoemaker, ChristoperHB 162
 0765L.01T - Designates Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway.
HB163Pratt, BryanYates, BrianHB 163
 0954L.01I - Makes it a crime to engage in human cloning.
HB164Yates, BrianDusenberg, GaryHB 164
 0953L.01I - Requires the Missouri State Highway Patrol to maintain a web site with a registered sexual offender search capability.
HB165Ransdall, BillyHB 165
 0474L.01I - Makes it a crime for a proprietor of an adult cabaret to allow a person under 21 to dance in it or for a person under 21 to dance in an adult cabaret.
HB166Baker, BrianHCS HB 166
 0761L.03T - Changes incorporation and annexation procedures for certain area in Cass County.
HB167Kelly, VanHB 167
 0912L.01I - Increases the penalty for selling intoxicating liquor to minors.
HB168Kelly, VanHB 168
 0913L.01I - Creates the crime of sexual contact with a student while on public school property.
HB170Kelly, VanHB 170
 0220L.01I - Creates special license plate for members of the Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association.
HB171Wood, DennisPortwood, CharlesHB 171
 0851L.01I - Revises laws on the practice of real estate.
HB173Stevenson, BryanHunter, SteveHB 173
 0929L.01I - Changes the name of Missouri Southern State College and revises certain residency requirements for members of the board of regents.
HB174Bland, CraigHB 174
 0599L.01I - Permits retired teachers and administrators in the Kansas City school district to work without loss of benefits.
HB176Bland, CraigHB 176
 0697L.01I - Creates a statewide Amber Alert Program.
HB177Bland, CraigHB 177
 0596L.01I - Enables taxpayers with hardships to pay property taxes in installments.
HB178Bland, CraigHB 178
 0698L.01I - Authorizes the Department of Revenue to use biometric identification methods for driver's license purposes.
HB180Johnson, RobertHB 180
 0557L.01I - Modifies the Kansas City police retirement system.
HB181Seigfreid, JamesSmith, ToddHCS HB 181
 0535L.03T - Authorizes a transient guest tax in the cities of Sweet Springs and Marshall.
HB182May, BobViebrock, JamesHB 182
 0731L.01P - Designates big bluestem grass as the official grass of the state of Missouri.
HB183Willoughby, PhillipJohnson, RickHB 183
 0781L.01I - Establishes a list of persons who object to receiving unsolicited e-mail.
HB184Johnson, RobertHB 184
 0921L.02I - Revises the law relating to liquor control.
HB187Cooper, ShannonDavis, DahlmanHB 187
 0828L.01T - Removes requirement for veterans to have served during a period of war to obtain special motorcycle license plates.
HB188Munzlinger, BrianHB 188
 0603L.01I - Creates the Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Task Force.
HB189Parker, ShermanMcKenna, RyanHB 189
 0600L.01I - Clarifies appropriations for community college district maintenance funds.
HB190Fares, KathlynSt. Onge, NealHCS HB 190 & 214
 0512L.04C - Extends the distribution of funds raised by the nonresident athletes and entertainers tax and requires venues to collect withholding tax from athletes and entertainers.
HB191Fares, KathlynSt. Onge, NealHB 191
 0373L.01I - Increases circuit breaker limits.
HB192Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 192
 1037L.01I - Modifies the requirements for health insurance coverage for clinical trials for treatment of cancer.
HB193Luetkemeyer, WilliamBearden, CarlHB 193
 0908L.01I - Establishes the Mandated Health Benefits Review Commission and modifies the requirements for limited mandate health insurance policies and contracts.
HB194Stevenson, BryanJackson, JackieHB 194
 0631L.01I - Revises the crimes of assault of a law enforcement officer in the first, second, and third degrees by adding firefighters while executing or performing their duties.
HB195Curls, MelbaJohnson, RobertHB 195
 0558L.01I - Revises the Kansas City police retirement system.
HB197Johnson, RobertPratt, BryanSCS HS HB 197
 0775S.05C - Revises state enterprise zone and rebuilding communities laws.
HB198Stevenson, BryanWilson, KevinCCS SS HB 198
 0630S.10C - Revises criminal laws.
HB199Jolly, CathyJohnson, RobertHB 199
 0745L.01T - Revises maximum allowable salary for certain Kansas City police officers.
HB200Johnson, RobertVilla, ThomasHB 200
 0776L.01I - Eliminates judge's discretion to impose death penalty when the jury is unable to decide.
HB201Bland, CraigHB 201
 0196L.01I - Reauthorizes the Task Force on Trade and Investment.
HB202Portwood, CharlesHunter, SteveHCS HB 202
 0595L.02T - Enacts the Missouri Calcium Initiative which gives purchasing preference to foods and beverages containing high levels of calcium.
HB203Portwood, CharlesMyers, PeterHB 203
 0777L.01I - Prohibits administrative rules promulgated under legislation containing a legislative intent statement from exceeding the scope of the intent statement.
HB204Ransdall, BillyHB 204
 1017L.01I - Designates enterprise zones in Pulaski County and the City of Richland.
HB205Ervin, DougBishop, DanielHB 205
 1010L.01I - Permits Clay County to operate a concession stand at a privately operated marina.
HB206Hunter, SteveTownley, MerrillHB 206
 0838L.01I - Exempts food sales made by religious, charitable and nonprofit organizations from the state food code laws and rules.
HB207Wagner, HowardHB 207
 0351L.01I - Authorizes the game of satellite bingo.
HB208Engler, KevinJetton, RodSS SCS HB 208
 0941S.14T - Exempts certain consumer-owned electric corporations from regulation by the Public Service Commission and makes other changes in utilities laws.
HB209Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesHB 209
 0753L.01I - Prohibits the cloning of human beings.
HB210Kratky, FredHB 210
 1120L.01I - Creates a $10 surcharge in certain criminal cases, creates the "GREAT fund", creates the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) and the Show Me Students with Character Initiative programs.
HB211Merideth, DennySeigfreid, JamesHB 211
 0128L.01I - Provides for the licensure of auctioneers.
HB212Behnen, RobertWright, MarkHB 212
 0547L.01I - Requires the superintendent of the Highway Patrol to submit a salary schedule which compares the salaries of officers in the 3 largest cities with salaries in the Highway Patrol to maintain parity.
HB213Myers, PeterMunzlinger, BrianHB 213
 0683L.01I - Adds filing of a current property tax receipt to the common law elements of an adverse possession action.
HB214Myers, PeterRansdall, BillyHB 214
 0672L.01I - Provides additional guidelines on income taxation of nonresident entertainers and athletes.
HB215Myers, PeterPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 215, 218, 115 & 83
 0675L.03C - Revises environmental laws.
HB216Myers, PeterWhorton, JimHB 216
 0680L.01I - Permits the state to withhold lease payments on properties owned by landowners who are delinquent on taxes.
HB217Myers, PeterPortwood, CharlesHB 217
 0677L.02I - Prohibits the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts from disciplining certain physicians who participate in whistleblower activities.
HB218Myers, PeterWhorton, JimHB 218
 0916L.01I - Regulates fines for failure to file required reports with the Department of Natural Resources.
HB219Myers, PeterHB 219
 0686L.01I - Prohibits case workers employed by the Division of Family Services from working outside their assigned counties on a regular basis.
HB220Johnson, RickHB 220
 0926L.01I - Makes certain diseases disabilities for workers compensation coverage of police officers.
HB221Luetkemeyer, WilliamPearce, DavidSCS HCS HB 221
 0997S.03T - Revises laws on banking.
HB222Luetkemeyer, WilliamShoemyer, WesHCS HB 222
 1018L.02P - Exempts sponsors of certain fishing contests from the Department of Conservation's fishing permit and licensing requirements and allows certain hand fishing.
HB223Wilson, VictoriaBland, CraigHB 223
 0782L.02I - Eliminates the death penalty for murder in the first degree.
HB224Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 224
 1007L.01I - Amends the requirements for health maintenance organizations relating to membership forms and certificates of authority.
HB225Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 225
 1008L.01I - Amends the requirements for health maintenance organizations regarding sufficiency of health networks.
HB226Holand, RoyHampton, MarkHB 226
 1117L.01I - Requires restitution to the state for illegally taking deer and authorizes Conservation Commission to suspend, revoke, or deny a permit to hunt.
HB227Willoughby, PhillipHB 227
 1090L.01I - Allows electronic payments for criminal repository checks and authorizes the Highway Patrol to establish procedures for receiving requests and payments for requests.
HB228Smith, JoeBearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HCS HB 228
 0539L.14T - Requires senders of unsolicited commercial electronic mail to identify it as such; gives the Attorney General authority to seek removal of child pornography from Internet web sites.
HB229Wright, MarkPortwood, CharlesHB 229
 1132L.01I - Increases the penalties for forcible rape, forcible sodomy, attempt to commit forcible rape, and attempt to commit forcible sodomy.
HB230Jolly, CathyBurnett, JohnHB 230
 0670L.01I - Requires certain persons guilty of sexual offenses and sexual offenses against a child to complete required treatment programs and follow treatment directives.
HB231Jolly, CathyMarsh, B JHB 231
 0357L.01I - Repeals the requirement that punishment be changed if the law is revised prior to sentencing.
HB232Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickHB 232
 0365L.01I - Includes registered sexual offenders in the family care safety registry.
HCR6Bruns, MarkBrown, JasonHCS HCR 6
 0428L.03C - Disapproves the salary recommendations submitted by the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials.
HJR8Dusenberg, GaryYates, BrianHJR 8
 0918L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the Highways and Transportation Commission with a Director of Transportation.
HJR9Parker, ShermanStevenson, BryanHJR 9
 0887L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting all statewide elected officers to two terms.
SCR1Gross, CharlesSCR 1
 0359S.01I - Disapproves the Salary Commission recommendations.
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