91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 22, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1030Farnen, TheodoreHB 1030
 2913L.01I - Requires election authority to accept faxed applications for absentee ballots.
HB1037Monaco, RalphHosmer, WilliamCCS SCS HS HCS HB 1037, 1188, 1074 & 1271
 2842L.08T - Eliminates statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy.
HB1045Selby, HaroldHB 1045
 2691L.01I - Prohibits liquor sales in movie theaters.
HB1051Ward, DanielHB 1051
 2626L.01I - Provides additional space for offices and firing range at Troop C Service Center in Park Hills, Missouri.
HB1054Selby, HaroldWard, DanielHB 1054
 2628L.01I - Prohibits termination of employees who are absent from work because they are volunteer firefighters.
HB1069Bray, JoanHollingsworth, KatherineHCS HB 1069
 2969L.02C - Enacts the Equal Pay Act.
HB1070Hosmer, WilliamHB 1070
 2717L.01I - Provides for taxation for fire protection districts in all cities with a municipal fire department.
HB1074Fraser, BarbaraWilliams, DeletaHB 1074
 2978L.01I - Eliminates the statute of limitations on forcible rape and sodomy.
HB1084Fraser, BarbaraOstmann, LucindaHB 1084
 2980L.01I - Revises requirements for opening date of school year.
HB1085Mays, CarolHB 1085
 2754L.01P - Allows property owners to designate representatives of their property in drainage districts.
HB1126Wilson, YvonneBrooks, SharonHB 1126
 3110L.02I - Allows the school district of Kansas City to start school prior to September 1.
HB1135Bonner, DennisHB 1135
 2519L.01I - Revises election process for members of the Kansas City School Board.
HB1143Rizzo, HenrySS SCS HCS HB 1143
 2927S.16F - Revises laws on economic development.
HB1144Willoughby, PhillipHB 1144
 3106L.01I - Allows not-for-profit industrial development authorities to finance child and day care centers.
HB1147Hartzler, EdwinHB 1147
 2952L.01I - Allows Cass County to impose a one-half percent sales tax for fire protection district operation costs.
HB1148Ross, CarsonHB 1148
 2986L.01T - Permits the establishment of scatter gardens for human cremains.
HB1150Bray, JoanSS SCS HCS HB 1150, 1237 & 1327
 2610S.09T - Authorizes state tax amnesty program, adopts Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administrative Act, and revises law on property tax.
HB1158Relford, RandallHB 1158
 3233L.01I - Establishes Policemen & Sheriff's Deputies Trust Fund and sets minimum salary of $20,000.
HB1185Ostmann, LucindaHB 1185
 2485L.01I - Repeals section 250.140 relating to sewage service.
HB1188Hosmer, WilliamKreider, JimHB 1188
 2567L.01I - Repeals the statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy.
HB1191Davis, DahlmanHoland, RoyHB 1191
 2810L.01I - Requires school board members to complete orientation and training and provide proof to election authority prior to filing for reelection.
HB1202Smith, PhilipHCS HB 1202
 3281L.02P - Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers.
HB1237Hegeman, DanielSecrest, PatriciaHB 1237
 2705L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue to enter into compromise agreements on tax amounts in dispute.
HB1271Gratz, WilliamKreider, JimHB 1271
 3155L.01I - Eliminates the statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy and for statutory rape and sodomy in the first or second degree.
HB1327Portwood, CharlesHB 1327
 3454L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue to enter into compromise agreements on tax amounts in dispute.
HB1386O'Connor, PatrickHCS HB 1386 & 1038
 3338L.02T - Revises tinted window restrictions.
HB1399Ransdall, BillyKreider, JimHS HB 1399
 3635L.02T - Extends application deadline for World War II medals to January 1, 2003.
HB1429Shoemyer, WesMyers, PeterHB 1429
 3107L.01I - Requires farmers who plant patented seed and retain seed from the harvest for planting the following planting season to pay fee which will be deposited in the Genetically Engineerered Seed Fund.
HB1461Seigfreid, JamesLong, ElizabethSCS HS HCS HB 1461 & 1470
 3589S.09C - Changes election laws and requirements.
HB1503Liese, ChrisHB 1503
 3770L.02I - Requires cemetery service funds to be deposited in segregated accounts.
HB1513Burton, GaryHB 1513
 3730L.01I - Provides for disincorporation of road districts in certain counties.
HB1542Liese, ChrisHB 1542
 3827L.01I - Creates a death penalty commission.
HB1543Shelton, O.L.HB 1543
 3545L.01I - Revises additional fees to be collected by agent of Department of Revenue from sale of motor vehicle licenses and collection of sales and use taxes.
HB1544Hoppe, ThomasHB 1544
 4142L.01I - Changes requirements and regulations for emergency services.
HB1545Rizzo, HenryHB 1545
 3979L.01I - Excludes owners of public streets from the persons who can petition for creation of a transportation development district when no registered voters live in the district.
HB1546Crowell, JasonCrawford, LarryHB 1546
 3554L.01I - Denies workers' compensation benefits for workers whose injuries are caused by voluntary intoxication of drugs or alcohol.
HB1547Barry, JoanHB 1547
 3877L.01I - Allows armored car crew members who have valid permit or license from any political subdivision in this state to carry concealed firearms anywhere in the state so long as within scope of employment.
HB1548Barry, JoanSCS HB 1548
 4006S.02T - Provides for the completion of the newborn hearing screening if the newborn is transferred to another facility before the screenings are completed.
HB1549Lawson, MauriceHB 1549
 3788L.01I - Changes public water supply district laws.
HB1550Surface, CharlesHB 1550
 4114L.01I - Creates a special license plate for members of the Elks Lodge.
HB1551Linton, WilliamHB 1551
 3330L.01I - Allows the posting of American historical documents regardless of religious content.
HB1552Linton, WilliamHoland, RoyHB 1552
 3331L.01I - Requires informed consent prior to the administration of mental health treatment and services.
HB1553Linton, WilliamHB 1553
 3329L.01I - Limits the psychiatric and psychological evaluation of students.
HB1554Linton, WilliamHB 1554
 3327L.02I - Allows a tax credit related to a dependent child's reading level.
HB1555Linton, WilliamHB 1555
 3328L.01I - Revises law on privacy of elementary and secondary student records.
HB1556Rizzo, HenryHCS HB 1556
 4067L.04P - Includes separately managed accounts within scope of corporate income allocation provisions.
HB1557Merideth, DennyHB 1557
 2521L.01I - Allows eligible school districts to make transfers from the incidental fund to the capital projects fund.
HB1558Holand, RoyDavis, DahlmanHB 1558
 2606L.02I - Raises fees charged by excursion gambling boat licensees from two dollars to five dollars, with the increase to be used for state aid to school districts.
HB1559Holand, RoyHampton, MarkHB 1559
 4016L.01I - Requires restitution to the state for illegally taking deer and authorizes Conservation Commission to suspend, revoke, or deny a permit to hunt.
HB1560Hegeman, DanielHB 1560
 3973L.01I - Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to make certain contributions for health insurance to members of the Highway and Transportation Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System.
HB1561Hilgemann, RobertWilson, YvonneHB 1561
 3804L.01I - Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
HB1562Liese, ChrisHB 1562
 3908L.01I - Requires approval of any project for industrical development by governing body of municipality in which project is located.
HB1563Green, TimHB 1563
 3816L.01I - Changes board of aldermen to city council in cities of the fourth classification.
HB1564Bartle, MatthewHB 1564
 3501L.01I - Freezes property assessment for property owners 65 and older.
HB1565Williams, DeletaRelford, RandallHB 1565
 3745L.01I - Provides guidelines for operation of private prisons.
HB1566Copenhaver, NancyHaywood, EstherHB 1566
 3953L.01I - Establishes the Professional Educators' Standards and Practices Act and board.
HB1567Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1567
 4069L.01I - Sets limits on the types of investments an insurance company can participate in.
HB1568Luetkenhaus, WilliamSCS HB 1568
 4070S.06T - Revises Long-term Care Insurance Act and provisions on reinsurance and insurance company investments.
HB1569Davis, DahlmanMarble, GaryHB 1569
 3856L.02P - Eliminates certain references to used tires in the waste tire statute.
HB1570Koller, DonKreider, JimHCS HB 1570
 3271L.08C - Authorizes additional funding for transportation purposes.
HB1571Skaggs, BillyHB 1571
 4170L.01I - Allows members of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System who retired prior to July 1, 1990, to receive monthly increase of five dollars times number of years of creditable service.
HB1572Skaggs, BillyHB 1572
 3640L.02I - Alters sick leave calculations for members of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System.
HB1573Mays, CarolBurton, GaryHB 1573
 3866L.01I - Allows electric utilities to transfer assets to affiliates with the approval of the Public Service Commission.
HB1574Cunningham, JaneJetton, RodHB 1574
 3319L.01I - Requires public schools and public institutions of higher education to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day.
HB1575Treadway, JosephBarry, JoanHB 1575
 3551L.01I - Raises the maximum upper limit for circuit breaker relief for the elderly.
HB1576Treadway, JosephBarry, JoanHCS HB 1576
 3552L.03C - Changes requirements for property assessments.
HB1577Campbell, MarshaLawson, MauriceHS HCS HB 1577, 1760, 1433, 1430, 1029 & 1700
 4020L.06P - Revises criminal laws.
HB1578Hosmer, WilliamWilson, VictoriaHB 1578
 3849L.01I - Lowers minimum age for jury duty from 21 to 18.
HB1579Kelly, GlendaHB 1579
 2856L.01I - Requires sex offenders to register within 10 days of conviction, release from incarceration, or placement on probation and if not currently registered to register in their county of residence.
HB1580Barnett, MyronHB 1580
 4119L.01T - Permits county boards of equalization to appoint two additional citizen members to the board.
HB1581Clayton, RobertHB 1581
 2479L.01P - Allows Highway Patrol officers to be elected to school boards and permits the superintendent to authorize officers to accept federal commissions.
HB1582Crump, WayneHB 1582
 3754L.01I - Requires sellers to accept in good faith any sales tax exemption letter or certificate.
HB1583Monaco, RalphHB 1583
 3919L.01I - Creates special license plates for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism and members of the Missouri Civil War Reenactment Association.
HB1584Kreider, JimKoller, DonHB 1584
 4159L.02I - Provides funding for education and transportation purposes.
HJR27Johnson, RickMcKenna, RyanHJR 27
 2934L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment revising the composition of the State Board of Education.
HJR38Linton, WilliamHanaway, CatherineHJR 38
 3325L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment removing authorization to revise property tax levies to adjust for inflation.
HJR39Linton, WilliamLograsso, DonaldHJR 39
 3326L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to require the State Board of Education to be elected.
HJR40O'Toole, JamesHJR 40
 4167L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting legislative terms to no more than 12 years in either chamber.
SB727Yeckel, AnitaSCS SB 727 & 703
 3035S.05T - Revises the law regarding tinted windows.
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