92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 22, 2004

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB795Johnson, RobertCCS SS SCS HCS HB 795, 972, 1128 & 1161
 2494L.10T - Revises various statutues relating to county government.
HB803Lipke, ScottCrowell, JasonHB 803
 3258L.01I - Requires the Department of Transportation to consider restricted or lost highway access when assessing damages in eminent domain cases.
HB932Bivins, WaltVilla, ThomasHB 932
 2953L.01I - Authorizes the Board of Fund Commissioners to issue bonds for waste water pollution control, rural water and sewer projects, and storm water control plans.
HB946Crawford, LarrySchlottach, CharlesSS SCS HCS HB 946, 1106 & 952
 3521S.11F - Revises various statutes relating to the Highways and Transportation Commission, the Kansas City commerical zone, disincorporation of a road district, eminent domain, and the Department of Transportation.
HB948Purgason, ChuckAngst, RandallHB 948
 3449L.01I - Modifies the classification of counties.
HB950Crowell, JasonMyers, PeterHCS HB 950 & 948
 2969L.02T - Modifies the classification of counties.
HB952Crowell, JasonDusenberg, GaryHB 952
 2452L.01I - Requires the Department of Transportation to report annually on real property inventory and transactions.
HB1062Crawford, LarryGreen, ThomasHB 1062
 3744L.01I - Establishes new procedures for licensing street rods and custom vehicles.
HB1084Emery, EdRector, RexHB 1084
 3751L.01I - Authorizes customer-specific pricing for DS-1 related retail telecommunications services.
HB1085Townley, MerrillHobbs, SteveHCS HB 1085
 3654L.03C - Requires certain entities taking property under eminent domain procedures to declare the intended use of the property.
HB1092Deeken, BillWilson, LarryHB 1092
 3125L.02I - Provides for additional compensation for each county clerk for duties required by the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002.
HB1096Wilson, KevinRector, RexHB 1096
 3747L.01I - Requires providers of telecommunications services transmiting communications over a company's telecommunications facilities to transmit the phone number of the party initiating the communication.
HB1100Rector, RexLeVota, PaulHB 1100
 3989L.01I - Allows electrical corporations to recover energy costs through fuel adjustment schedules.
HB1105Crawford, LarryMoore, DanieHCS HB 1105, 1062, 1111, 1113 & 1119
 3535L.06C - Revises various statutes relating to motor vehicles, driver's licenses, emergency vehicles, child restraints, manufactured homes, failure to stop at weigh stations, and rail passenger cars.
HB1106Crawford, LarryReinhart, GeralynHB 1106
 3594L.01I - Changes the selection process of the Chief Counsel for the Department of Transportation.
HB1107Crawford, LarryReinhart, GeralynHB 1107
 3534L.01T - Permits owners of property adjacent to transportation districts to petition to be added to the district.
HB1111Crawford, LarryMcKenna, RyanHB 1111
 3356L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to the notification of a transfer of interest on a motor vehicle.
HB1113Crawford, LarryReinhart, GeralynHB 1113
 3528L.01I - Allows for the transfer of the title of a manufactured home on the death of a joint interest holder.
HB1119Schlottach, CharlesSmith, JoeHB 1119
 3435L.01I - Requires a full facial photograph or digital image on all driver's and nondriver's licenses.
HB1175Whorton, JimHB 1175
 2572L.01I - Establishes marine franchise dealer standards.
HB1176Guest, JimBarnitz, FranklinHB 1176
 4062L.01I - Adds a penalty for the release of a pathogen or disease in or near an animal facility.
HB1177Guest, JimMayer, RobertSCS HCS HB 1177
 3783S.06T - Revises various statutes relating to concentrated animal feeding operations.
HB1178Myers, PeterHB 1178
 3954L.01I - Prohibits the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts from disciplining physicians who participate in whistleblower activities in their professional capacity as employees of the federal government.
HB1179Corcoran, MichaelBurnett, JohnHCS HB 1179
 3842L.02T - Allows the surcharge collected in criminal cases for biometric verification systems to also be used for housing and custody expenses and to maintain the biometric verification system.
HB1180Parker, ShermanHilgemann, RobertHB 1180
 3804L.01I - Increases recording fees for deposit into certain funds.
HB1181Selby, HaroldHCS HB 1181 & 1719
 3930L.02P - Suspends the motor vehicle emissions inspection program.
HB1182Munzlinger, BrianMyers, PeterCCS SS SCS HCS HB 1182
 4015S.05T - Revises various statutes relating to incentive tax credits.
HB1183Mayer, RobertLipke, ScottHB 1183
 4051L.01P - Authorizes the creation of the County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund and revises the statute on probation conditions to include restitution to that fund and restorative justice methods.
HB1184Mayer, RobertBean, OttoHB 1184
 3914L.01I - Modifies the classification of counties.
HB1185Burnett, JohnJohnson, RickHB 1185
 4126L.01I - Provides for workers' compensation benefits.
HB1186Johnson, RobertHB 1186
 3923L.01I - Authorizes temporary and special licenses for caterers to serve or sell liquor.
HB1187Ervin, DougReinhart, GeralynHB 1187
 3941L.01T - Changes the procedure allowing Clay County to operate concession stands at privately operated marinas.
HB1188Lipke, ScottGoodman, JackSCS HB 1188
 4094S.03T - Revises various statutes relating to fees and costs in criminal cases.
HB1189McKenna, RyanSelby, HaroldHB 1189
 3983L.01I - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to adopt a program to inspect and evaluate indoor air quality in schools.
HB1190Wilson, VictoriaMoore, DanieHB 1190
 3830L.01I - Establishes the Coordinating Board for Early Childhood within the Children's Services Commission.
HB1191Smith, ToddSelf, TomHB 1191
 4150L.01I - Relates to the distribution of moneys in the Pettis County school fund.
HB1192Schlottach, CharlesMyers, PeterSCS HCS HB 1192
 4098S.03T - Requires the Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture to promulgate rules relating to meat inspection.
HB1193Self, TomIcet, AllenSCS HS HB 1193
 3253S.06T - Revises the statutes relating to notaries public.
HB1194Pearce, DavidSkaggs, TrentHB 1194
 3498L.01I - Prohibits locating billboards for adult cabarets or sexually oriented businesses within one mile of any state highway and prohibits persons under 21 years of age from installing them.
HB1195Behnen, RobertSS SCS HS HCS HB 1195
 3944S.13T - Revises the statutes regarding the Division of Professional Registration.
HB1196Behnen, RobertHB 1196
 4083L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Medical Malpractice Mutual Insurance Company as an independent public corporation to insure Missouri physicians against liability for professional malpractice.
HB1197Behnen, RobertHB 1197
 4025L.01I - Revises the statutes regarding the licensing of bail bondsmen and surety recovery agents.
HB1198Richard, RonHCS HB 1198
 3971L.03T - Clarifies the definition of "net income" for insurance holding companies and revises restrictions on the issuance of extraordindary dividends by holding companies for property and casualty insurers.
HB1199Engler, KevinSchlottach, CharlesHB 1199
 3512L.01I - Authorizes a tax to fund 911 emergency services.
HB1200Schaaf, RobThrelkeld, KevinHB 1200
 2568L.02I - Allows law enforcement officers to make a vehicle stop for a seat belt violation as long as the violation is clearly visible before the stop.
HB1201Dusenberg, GaryPratt, BryanHCS HB 1201
 3243L.02C - Revises law regarding disposal of damaged vehicles to require that ordinances contain certain specific provisions.
HB1202Dusenberg, GaryWilson, LarryHB 1202
 3606L.01I - Establishes child passenger restraint system guidelines.
HB1203Yates, BrianDempsey, TomHB 1203
 3409L.01I - Requires school board approval of tax increment financing plans for areas with residential or multi-family properties.
HB1204Yates, BrianJohnson, RobertHB 1204
 4138L.01I - Limits the Certificate of Need Program to long-term care facilities.
HB1205Yates, BrianHB 1205
 3950L.01I - Repeals expired and outdated statutes.
HB1206Jackson, JackieHB 1206
 3981L.01I - Repeals part of an authorization for the conveyance of state property in the City of Pacific.
HB1207Icet, AllenSt. Onge, NealSS HS HCS HB 1207
 3615S.06T - Changes the procedures for the formation of certain levee districts.
HB1208Bland, CraigHB 1208
 3887L.01I - Prevents private employers that receive state funds from using those funds to assist, promote, or deter union organizations.
HB1209Jetton, RodCrowell, JasonHCS HB 1209
 3759L.02T - Designates the Hypsibema missouriensis dinosaur as the official dinosaur of the State of Missouri.
HB1210Smith, JoeSmith, ToddHB 1210
 3270L.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction for the value of time spent tutoring in public schools.
HB1211St. Onge, NealSchneider, VickiHB 1211
 2932L.02I - Revises various statutes relating to unemployment insurance benefits.
HB1212Cooper, ShannonHB 1212
 3905L.01I - Clarifies when certain net operating losses may be carried forward.
HB1213Moore, DanieLowe, JeneeHB 1213
 3908L.01I - Revises the list of persons disqualified from jury service.
HB1214Schaaf, RobMay, BobHB 1214
 2506L.02I - Establishes the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance Act of 2004.
HB1215Engler, KevinSkaggs, TrentSCS HCS HB 1215
 4139L.03T - Revises the crime of escape from commitment.
HB1216Hilgemann, RobertBoykins, AmberHB 1216
 4014L.01I - Allows the board of education for the St. Louis City school district to adopt a resolution raising the mandatory attendance age to 17.
HB1217Johnson, RobertCurls, MelbaSCS HB 1217
 3988S.02T - Revises the statutes relating to the St. Louis and Kansas City Police Retirement Systems.
HB1218Johnson, RobertCurls, MelbaHB 1218
 3987L.01I - Provides that certain retired members of the Kansas City Police Retirement System receive an equalizing cost-of-living adjustment in addition to the member's base pension and cost-of-living adjustments.
HB1219Seigfreid, JamesWitte, TerryHB 1219
 4127L.01I - Revises the statute on unlawful use of weapons to exempt appointed or elected prosecutors, assistant prosecutors, circuit attorneys, or assistant circuit attorneys.
HB1220Seigfreid, JamesHenke, WayneHB 1220
 3992L.01I - Requires a paper audit trail for filing computerized voter systems.
HB1221Seigfreid, JamesWalsh, GinaHB 1221
 4067L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to reports of alleged violations made by state employees.
HB1222Schaaf, RobHoland, RoyHB 1222
 3866L.01I - Provides additional health insurance coverage for clinical trials for cancer treatment by adding phase I and II to the currently covered phase III and IV clinical trials.
HB1223Ward, DanielLuetkemeyer, WilliamHB 1223
 3951L.02I - Requires the Department of Insurance to pay Missouri's annual dues for membership in the National Conference of Insurance Legislators.
HB1224Stefanick, JodiMeiners, KateHB 1224
 3895L.01I - Removes the term "commercial" from sections dealing with interior designers.
HB1225Johnson, RobertHB 1225
 3824L.01I - Authorizes municipalities to accept escrows secured with cash or irrevocable letters of credit as security for utility installation in subdivisions.
HB1226Hubbard, RodneyHanaway, CatherineHB 1226
 4040L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to offer a vaccination program for first responders deployed to disaster areas as a result of bioterrorism events.
HB1227Dixon, BobMorris, LarryHB 1227
 4201L.01I - Extends the time period for the City of Springfield's enterprise zone.
HB1228Byrd, RichardHB 1228
 3456L.01I - Transfers the duties of the abolished Division of Child Support Enforcement to the Department of Public Safety.
HB1229Cunningham, MikeBough, JerryHB 1229
 4054L.01I - Limits the liability of watercraft outfitters.
HB1230Schneider, VickiDeeken, BillHB 1230
 4177L.01I - Exempts continuing care retirement communities from the certificate of need process for the addition of long-term care beds.
HB1231Ervin, DougRichard, RonHB 1231
 3969L.01I - Modifies the formula for the lapse of moneys in the Department of Insurance Dedicated Fund to general revenue.
HB1232Dixon, BobErvin, DougHB 1232
 3809L.01I - Allows commercial insurance policies providing casualty insurance to exclude coverage for loss by fire or other perils if it is caused by terrorism.
HB1233Dixon, BobMorris, LarryHCS HB 1233
 3810L.02T - Allows public entities that self-insure health care benefits to require a right of subrogation in the same manner that the Department of Social Services has with the Medicaid Program.
HB1234Willoughby, PhillipWildberger, EdHB 1234
 3780L.01I - Allows the Missouri Public Service Commission to approve assistance programs for low-income customers in obtaining or maintaining access to utility service.
HB1235Schaaf, RobHB 1235
 4064L.01I - Authorizes a sales tax to fund museums in Andrew County.
HB1236Walker, VickiJolly, CathyHB 1236
 3982L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to payday loans including language allowing the Attorney General to maintain an action to enforce compliance.
HB1237Walker, VickiSkaggs, TrentHB 1237
 3706L.01I - Creates T.J.'s Law dealing with the regulation and licensing of bail bondsmen and surety recovery agents.
HB1238Munzlinger, BrianSmith, ToddHB 1238
 4099L.01I - Modifies the requirements for issuance of certificates of guaranty for loans under the Agriculture Business Development Loan Program.
HB1239Spreng, MichaelVogt, MichaelHB 1239
 2809L.02I - Exempts motor vehicles manufactured and sold in Missouri from state sales tax.
HB1240Dougherty, CurtHB 1240
 3555L.01I - Lowers the minimum age for jury service from 21 to 18.
HB1241Rector, RexEmery, EdHB 1241
 3977L.01I - Provides for predetermination of prudence and ratemaking principles for infrastructure investments by utilities.
HB1242Fares, KathlynBivins, WaltHB 1242
 4005L.02I - Requires four-year colleges or universities to accept transfer credit for college-level courses applicable to an associate of arts degree completed at a public two-year institution.
HB1243Lipke, ScottEngler, KevinHCS HB 1243, 1094 & 931
 4055L.02C - Revises various statutes relating to crime.
HCR5Byrd, RichardLuetkemeyer, WilliamHCR 5
 3806L.01I - Disapproves the final order of rulemaking for the proposed amendment to 1 CSR 10-4.010 relating to the State of Missouri Vendor Payroll Deductions.
HCR15Carnahan, RussShoemaker, ChristoperHCR 15
 3599L.01I - Urges the State of Missouri to recognize the yellow with three red stripes heritage and freedom flag as the official flag of the Vietnamese-American community.
HJR47Engler, KevinErvin, DougHJR 47
 3997L.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriages.
SB1003Gibbons, MichaelSCS SB 1003
 3472S.04T - Creates a comprehensive children's mental health service system.
SCR30Gibbons, MichaelSCR 30
 3946L.01I - Authorizes the Committee on Legislative Research to collate, index, print, and bind all acts and resolutions of the Ninety-second General Assembly, Second Regular Session.
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