93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 26, 2006

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1014Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 1014
 3014L.04T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes
HB1030Johnson, RobertSCS HCS HB 1030, 1033, 1146, 1225 & 1326
 3261S.09C - Changes the laws regarding political subdivisions
HB1033Day, DavidHB 1033
 3247L.01I - Authorizes Pulaski County to impose a sales tax to construct a shelter for women and children
HB1046Kuessner, J CLeVota, PaulHB 1046
 3480L.01I - Requires insurers providing medical malpractice insurance to health care providers to establish premiums based on the average judgment in medical malpractice cases by county
HB1114Harris, BelindaMeadows, TimHB 1114
 3571L.01I - Requires that all state service contracts awarded after August 28, 2006, must include specifications that employees of contractors or subcontractors be citizens of the United States
HB1117Salva, RayDusenberg, GaryHB 1117
 3482L.01I - Specifies that any new vessel, including boats and watercraft, sold after January 1, 2007, will be treated the same as a new motor vehicle under the provisions of the Lemon Law
HB1119Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHB 1119
 3497L.01I - Allows the governing body of any municipality or county to authorize its employees or agents to stand in a road to solicit charitable contributions
HB1128Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHB 1128
 3490L.01I - Adds certain types of cancer to the list of diseases presumed incurred during the line of duty for the purpose of retirement benefits for firefighters
HB1155Yates, BrianWilson, KevinHCS HB 1155
 3450L.03P - Establishes the Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act of 2006 which limits the recovery for noneconomic losses by uninsured motorists
HB1183Stevenson, BryanSchaaf, RobHB 1183
 3692L.01I - Changes the definition of "adult" to a person 18 years of age or older and "child" to a person under 18 years of age in Chapter 211, RSMo, pertaining to juvenile courts
HB1184Stevenson, BryanRuestman, MarilynHB 1184
 3706L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Uniform Trust Code
HB1185Wildberger, EdWalsh, GinaHB 1185
 3845L.01I - Requires that marshals appointed for the appellate courts be compensated at the same amount as the highest salary set for marshals of circuit courts
HB1186Wildberger, EdSchaaf, RobHB 1186
 3485L.01I - Prohibits a person from employing or subcontracting with an illegal alien on any publicly financed project
HB1187Wildberger, EdWalsh, GinaHB 1187
 3524L.01I - Makes it an unlawful employment practice to subject an employee to an abusive work environment or to retaliate against an employee who opposes that type of environment
HB1188Wildberger, EdWalsh, GinaHB 1188
 3498L.01I - Establishes the Registered Surgical Technologist Title Protection Act
HB1189Wright-Jones, RobinHB 1189
 4042L.01I - Allows the board of trustees of the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis to increase benefits for retired members under certain conditions
HB1190Johnson, RobertMunzlinger, BrianHB 1190
 3843L.01I - Allows a property owner in a public water supply district to receive water or sewer services from another supplier
HB1191Johnson, RobertHB 1191
 4136L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Rx Card Program within the Department of Social Services
HB1192Smith, ToddJones, KennyHB 1192
 3250L.02P - Creates the State Fair Escrow Fund for expenses associated with the Missouri State Fair and off-season events
HB1193Cunningham, JaneMoore, DanieHB 1193
 3556L.01I - Requires businesses in areas taken by eminent domain to reimburse the persons displaced from those areas
HB1194Cunningham, JaneMcGhee, MikeHCS HB 1194
 3773L.05C - Changes the laws regarding campaign finance disclosure report complaints
HB1195Cunningham, JaneHB 1195
 3436L.03I - Prohibits public schools from joining certain statewide activities associations
HB1196Cunningham, JaneHB 1196
 3740L.01I - Requires school districts to allow parents the opportunity to withhold permission for a child to join school-sponsored clubs or participate in extracurricular activities
HB1197Cunningham, JaneHB 1197
 3513L.02I - Removes the requirement that a person must have received at least a 10-day jail sentence on a prior offense before a third or subsequent misdemeanor stealing offense can be enhanced to a felony
HB1198Cunningham, JanePearce, DavidHB 1198
 3788L.01I - Changes the laws regarding manufactured home liens
HB1199Tilley, StevenHB 1199
 3393L.01I - Increases the penalty for the crime of making a false report from a class B misdemeanor to a class D felony
HB1201Johnson, RickRoorda, JeffHB 1201
 3693L.01I - Repeals the law that prohibits fire protection districts from adopting or implementing a residential construction regulatory system in Jefferson County
HB1202Roorda, JeffWright, Billy PatHB 1202
 3791L.01I - Creates the crime of failure to lower tinted windows upon the approach of a law enforcement officer
HB1203Roorda, JeffWhorton, JimHB 1203
 3809L.01I - Expands the crime of property damage in the first degree to include knowingly damaging another person's motor vehicle while making entry to steal the vehicle or something within the vehicle
HB1204Roorda, JeffMoore, DanieHB 1204
 3814L.01T - Authorizes jailers to serve arrest warrants on persons who are already inmates in the custody of the facility in which the jailer is employed
HB1205Roorda, JeffPage, SamHB 1205
 3813L.01I - Creates the crime of altering or falsifying drug or alcohol test results or selling or transporting a biological sample or adulterant to falsify test results
HB1206Ruestman, MarilynEmery, EdHB 1206
 3424L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for volunteer firefighters
HB1208Casey, RonHB 1208
 3867L.01I - Exempts residential property owned by taxpayers 62 years of age or older from certain increases in assessed valuation
HB1211Cooper, NathanHB 1211
 3047L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use and possession of explosives
HB1212Cooper, NathanHB 1212
 3120L.01I - Expands protection for the elderly against financial exploitation and codifies a presumption of undue influence in any transfer of real property
HB1213Baker, JudyWright-Jones, RobinHB 1213
 3122L.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee to work seven days a week except in certain circumstances
HB1214Cooper, ShannonHB 1214
 4172L.01I - Authorizes an exemption from sales tax for television and radio broadcasting equipment
HB1215Fares, KathlynAvery, JimHB 1215
 3619L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for certain elderly and disabled individuals for real property taxes paid
HB1217Kraus, WillMunzlinger, BrianHB 1217
 3137L.01I - Authorizes judges to order defendants who have pled guilty to or been found guilty of felony offenses to pay expenses related to the cost of the prosecution
HB1218Kraus, WillNolte, JerryHB 1218
 3136L.01I - Prohibits bullying in schools and requires school districts to adopt policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying
HB1219Cooper, NathanHB 1219
 4141L.01I - Imposes a minimum term of imprisonment for offenders who have pled guilty or been found guilty of a crime of violence against a child or an elderly person
HB1220Cooper, NathanHB 1220
 4143L.01I - Creates the crime of committing a terrorist act
HB1221Cooper, NathanHB 1221
 4148L.01I - Prohibits the use of public funds for health and social services programs to subsidize abortion services
HB1222Cooper, NathanHB 1222
 3961L.01T - Authorizes the appointment of special deputy coroners or medical examiners in the event of a natural disaster, mass casualties, or other emergency
HB1224Smith, ToddHB 1224
 3295L.01I - Allows county commissions to refuse real property received by donation or dedication
HB1225Smith, ToddHB 1225
 3294L.01I - Allows county commissions to determine whether to open a proposed county road
HB1226Portwood, CharlesWright, MarkHB 1226
 3880L.01I - Requires health insurance coverage for certain chiropractic care services
HB1227Ruestman, MarilynWilson, LarryHB 1227
 3588L.01I - Expands the crime of passing a bad check to include postdated checks
HB1228Ruestman, MarilynStevenson, BryanHB 1228
 4022L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the duties of the Missouri Women's Council and the council's mission
HB1230Avery, JimMoore, DanieHB 1230
 3622L.01I - Eliminates hunting and fishing license or permit fees for military personnel and members of the Missouri National Guard or United States Reserves
HB1232Smith, ToddHCS HB 1232
 4098L.02P - Requires health care facilities in which a person dies to inform in writing the person transporting the dead body if the person had a contagious, infectious, or communicable disease
HB1233Smith, ToddJohnson, RobertHB 1233
 3786L.01I - Exempts a tenant from rent payments when his or her residence is destroyed by an act of God unless there is a contract to the contrary
HB1234Loehner, TomSater, DavidHB 1234
 3512L.02T - Revises the Nursing Student Repayment Loan Program by changing the definition of "eligible student" and allows the financial assistance to be forgiven upon completion of a nursing degree program
HB1237Cooper, NathanHB 1237
 4144L.01I - Establishes a scholarship program for the surviving children of veterans killed in combat
HB1238Roorda, JeffMeadows, TimHB 1238
 3787L.01I - Allows the consolidation of fire protection districts in Jefferson County
HB1239Roorda, JeffWildberger, EdHB 1239
 3810L.01I - Changes the laws on the disposition of evidence by allowing law enforcement to collect hazardous samples without court approval, document and then destroy them, and makes them admissible
HB1240Roorda, JeffMeadows, TimHB 1240
 3811L.01I - Allows a person to petition the circuit court for a trial de novo as an alternative to seeking judicial review of an agency decision
HB1241Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 1241
 3812L.01I - Creates the Corrections Officer Training Fund, authorizes a $5 surcharge to fund it, and requires corrections officers and jailers to receive at least 36 hours of training every three years
HB1242Daus, MikeHB 1242
 3914L.01I - Exempts landlords from liablility for damage to personal property that results from enforcement of a judgment granting possession and gives landlords the right to dispose of the property
HB1249Spreng, MichaelRichard, RonHB 1249
 3762L.01P - Exempts all motor vehicles assembled and sold in this state from the state sales and use tax
HB1310Lipke, ScottWells, DonHB 1310
 3950L.01P - Increases the penalty for failure to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle resulting in the death of any emergency vehicle personnel while in the performance of his or her official duties
HB1339Wood, DennisKratky, FredHCS HB 1339
 4215L.03T - Changes the laws regarding the licensure of real estate brokers
HB1341Oxford, Jeanette MottYoung, TerryHB 1341
 3742L.01I - Changes the laws regarding actions for damages for conduct or speech at public hearings or meetings by including actions that cause money damages, including attorney fees and other costs
HB1345Nance, BobMyers, PeterHB 1345
 3405L.01I - Increases the limit in small claims court from $3,000 to $5,000
HB1391Denison, CharlieSater, DavidHB 1391
 3249L.01I - Changes the laws regarding safety belts and child restraint systems for children who are passengers in motor vehicles
HB1401Sater, DavidPhillips, SusanHB 1401
 4292L.02I - Provides whistle-blower protections for persons reporting Medicaid fraud
HB1411Smith, JasonWood, DennisSCS HB 1411
 4281S.03C - Changes the laws regarding licensure of real estate brokers
HB1416Munzlinger, BrianMyers, PeterHB 1416
 4469L.01I - Requires all gasoline sold in Missouri after January 1, 2007, to be an ethanol-blend containing at least 10% fuel ethanol
HB1444Sander, ThereseDay, DavidHB 1444
 3509L.01I - Prohibits the use of public funds for health and social services programs to subsidize abortion services
HB1456Roark, BradleyJetton, RodSS#2 SCS HCS HB 1456
 4598L.09T - Changes the laws regarding employment security
HB1458Lowe, JeneeGeorge, ThomasHB 1458
 4405L.01I - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
HB1461Ruestman, MarilynWood, DennisHCS HB 1461, 1375, 1110 & 1103
 4370L.09P - Changes the laws regarding defensive use of force
HB1467Harris, JeffLeVota, PaulHB 1467
 3563L.01I - Revises unlawful transactions with a child by making it a crime to sell or rent a video game to a child when the video game has been rated mature or adults only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board
HB1485Icet, AllenLembke, JimSCS HCS HB 1485
 4494S.04T - Authorizes an income tax credit for contributions made to qualified pregnancy resource centers and children in crisis centers
HB1502Lampe, SaraWildberger, EdHB 1502
 4528L.01I - Prohibits school employees, volunteers, or students from bullying a student while on school property, at school functions, or on a school bus
HB1503Walton, JuanitaBrooks, SharonHB 1503
 4566L.01I - Revises the laws regarding landlord-tenant
HB1514Johnson, RobertSmith, ToddHB 1514
 4239L.02I - Authorizes county commissions to withhold up to 3% of the allotments of appropriations for expenditures in a county budget
HB1515Behnen, RobertHCS HB 1515
 4509L.02T - Requires physicians to report to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts any collaborative practice agreements entered into and authorizes the board to conduct audits for compliance
HB1516Behnen, RobertHB 1516
 4510L.01I - Adds two traffic offenses relating to failure to yield right-of-way to an emergency vehicle for which points can be assessed against a driver's license
HB1517Behnen, RobertHB 1517
 4495L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the State Board of Pharmacy and creates a veterinary class for pharmacy permits or licenses
HB1518Johnson, ConnieJolly, CathyHB 1518
 3929L.03I - Requires law enforcement agencies to notify a petitioner for an ex parte order of protection when the order has been served on the respondent or when no more attempts to serve are planned
HB1519Johnson, ConnieBaker, JudyHB 1519
 4672L.01I - Changes the laws regarding post-conviction DNA testing by limiting who may apply for post-conviction testing and requiring the DNA evidence to be retained and preserved for a certain period of time
HB1520Wright-Jones, RobinJohnson, RobertHB 1520
 4230L.01I - Establishes the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (CARE) Act and the Birth Control Protection Act and requires implementation of a women's health services program
HB1521Richard, RonPearce, DavidHB 1521
 4632L.01P - Modifies the Missouri Business Use Incentive for Large-Scale Development Act to include certain businesses in the City of Fenton
HB1522Sander, ThereseCunningham, JaneHB 1522
 3298L.01P - Allows the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop a policy to place additional information such as attendance and class rank on a student's high school diploma
HB1523Cunningham, MikeHB 1523
 4343L.01I - Removes the 100-gallon requirement for vendors to claim a motor fuel tax refund on behalf of a certified farmer
HB1524Lampe, SaraJetton, RodHB 1524
 4288L.01I - Allows a corporation to biennially file its corporate registration report with the Secretary of State
HB1525Wilson, LarryLoehner, TomHB 1525
 4625L.01I - Establishes age and residency requirements for candidates of the office of county treasurer
HB1526Storch, RachelHB 1526
 4382L.01I - Prohibits members of the General Assembly from accepting single gifts valued at more than $50 or an aggregate annual value of more than $100
HB1527Storch, RachelHB 1527
 4383L.01I - Expands the crime of bribery of a public servant
HB1528Storch, RachelHB 1528
 4577L.01I - Prohibits lobbyists from paying out-of-state travel expenses for members of the General Assembly
HB1529Storch, RachelHB 1529
 4578L.01I - Requires statewide elected officials and the General Assembly to report any use of a private plane, the cost of the flight, and the passengers aboard the flight within 72 hours after the flight
HB1530Storch, RachelHB 1530
 4439L.01I - Authorizes the Attorney General to collect on certain delinquent amounts due the state
HB1531Skaggs, TrentBurnett, JohnHB 1531
 3318L.01I - Prohibits businesses from sending unsolicited commercial mail to people who register with the Attorney General
HB1532Lembke, JimJetton, RodSCS HCS HB 1532
 4128S.03C - Revises the vehicle emissions inspection program
HB1533Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesHB 1533
 4109L.01I - Prohibits, prior to January 1, 2007, the use of eminent domain and the granting of tax abatements for property in a tax increment financing project for which eminent domain has been utilized
HB1534Lembke, JimJetton, RodHCS HB 1534
 4428L.02P - Provides funding for umbilical cord blood banks and non-fetal human stem cell research
HB1535Emery, EdGuest, JimHB 1535
 4491L.01I - Authorizes public water districts, sewer districts, and municipalities to install and maintain sewer and water lines in public roadways
HB1536Schaaf, RobHubbard, RodneyHB 1536
 4679L.01P - Requires the administrative penalties collected for a violation of the laws regarding lead abatement and lead poisoning prevention to be distributed annually to the schools of several counties
HB1537Schaaf, RobDenison, CharlieHB 1537
 3700L.01I - Limits certificate of need to long-term care facilities
HB1538Yates, BrianMoore, DanieHB 1538
 4708L.01I - Establishes the Dental Carve-Out Act of 2006 to implement a process for providing dental benefits to public assistance recipients
HB1539Stevenson, BryanPhillips, SusanHCS HB 1539
 4765L.02C - Establishes the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act which allows a health care professional to not participate in a health care service that violates his or her conscience
HB1540St. Onge, NealWright-Jones, RobinHB 1540
 4195L.01I - Authorizes an exemption from the motor fuel tax for motor fuel used for certain public transportation purposes
HB1541St. Onge, NealYaeger, PatriciaHB 1541
 4493L.01I - Changes the laws regarding intermediate driver's licenses by increasing the number of instruction hours and establishing passenger limitations
HB1542Salva, RayWildberger, EdHB 1542
 4756L.01I - Removes the term limit of the Executive Director of the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB1543Salva, RayWildberger, EdHB 1543
 4665L.01I - Establishes the Hazardous Duty Compensation Act in which public employees receive 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for performing job duties that pose an extreme danger
HB1544Swinger, TerryWitte, TerryHB 1544
 4722L.01I - Changes the definition of "weighted average daily attendance" as it relates to the school funding formula and repeals the penalty for decreasing enrollment in summer school programs
HB1545Dixon, BobHB 1545
 3795L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the practice of audiology and the duties of the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
HB1546Meadows, TimKratky, FredHB 1546
 4374L.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption on the purchase of coffins, caskets, burial vaults, or other funeral merchandise
HB1547Pearce, DavidWeter, RayHB 1547
 4023L.02I - Creates the crime of aggravated fraudulent transmission of multiple commercial e-mail messages and changes the laws regarding unsolicited commercial e-mail
HB1548Pearce, DavidWeter, RayHB 1548
 4391L.01I - Allows residential and business cell phone numbers to be added to the telemarketing No-Call List
HB1549Pearce, DavidWeter, RayHB 1549
 4366L.01I - Allows a miltary veteran to submit a certificate of release or discharge from active duty instead of a birth certificate as proof of lawful presence when obtaining a driver's or nondriver's license
HB1550Pearce, DavidWeter, RayHB 1550
 4054L.01I - Allows law enforcement officers to use photos or videotape of hazardous materials being seized at the crime scene rather than submitting a sample of the material as evidence
HB1551Tilley, StevenRobinson, BradHCS HB 1551
 4681L.02P - Changes the laws regarding barbers and barber shops
HB1552Brown, MichaelJackson, JackieHCS HB 1552
 4420L.02T - Allows homeless veterans to use the post office box or voice mail address of a charitable or religious organization on applications for state or federal assistance
HB1553Cooper, ShannonCooper, RobertHB 1553
 4358L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Blasting Safety Act
HB1554Fraser, BarbaraChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 1554
 3684L.01I - Changes the types of facilities for children that are exempt from licensure by the Department of Social Services
HB1555Yaeger, PatriciaHarris, BelindaHB 1555
 4661L.01I - Allows for virtual visitation with a child for the noncustodial parent and custodial parent during times when the child is with the other parent and allows a court to also grant its use to grandparents
HB1556Behnen, RobertQuinn, JohnHB 1556
 4568L.01I - Allows hand fishing for catfish or carp in the months of June and July in Missouri
HB1557Roorda, JeffBogetto, JaneHB 1557
 3826L.01I - Prohibits a person from intentionally smelling or inhaling the fumes of or inducing or aiding another person in the use or sale of specified solvents
HB1558Roorda, JeffJolly, CathyHB 1558
 4696L.01I - Creates the crime of motorcycle stunt driving
HB1559Cunningham, JaneRuestman, MarilynHCS HB 1559
 4662L.02T - Adds grocery and convenience stores to the list of donors that can donate food to a charity or nonprofit organization for distribution without being liable for damages resulting from the food's condition
HB1560Bearden, CarlHB 1560
 4735L.01I - Establishes a plan for use by the Department of Health and Senior Services to determine the amount of personal care services a residential care facility is entitled to under Title XIX
HB1561Bearden, CarlHB 1561
 4599L.01I - Requires applicants for a used car dealer's license to submit proof of completing an educational seminar approved by the Department of Revenue
HB1562Henke, WayneKuessner, J CHB 1562
 4688L.01I - Exempts applicants for a driver's or nondriver's license who were born prior to January 1, 1941, from submitting a birth certificate or other documents as proof of lawful presence
HB1563Day, DavidJackson, JackieHB 1563
 3325L.04I - Exempts certain veterans' retirement benefits from state income tax
HB1564Day, DavidHB 1564
 3576L.01I - Adds certain cities in St. Charles County to the political subdivisions authorized to impose, upon voter approval, a transient guest tax of up to 5% for funding a convention and visitors bureau
HB1565Yates, BrianHB 1565
 4788L.01I - Allows school superintendents to convene hearings within 15 working days of a pupil's request to register in certain instances
HB1566Lowe, JeneeWalsh, GinaHB 1566
 4526L.01I - Requires employers to pay employees equal wages for equal work regardless of employee's gender
HB1567Sater, DavidHB 1567
 4827L.01I - Requires prompt processing of Missouri Medicaid Program subrogation claims and requires third-party payers to provide certain information to the Division of Medical Services
HB1568Kuessner, J CDonnelly, MargaretHB 1568
 4497L.01I - Requires the Department of Social Services to determine the eligibility of an employed disabled person requesting medical assistance
HB1569El-Amin, YaphettChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 1569
 4046L.01I - Gives civilian review boards the power to subpoena witnesses and records
HB1570El-Amin, YaphettChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 1570
 4047L.01I - Lowers the minimum age for a person to serve on jury duty from 21 to 18 years
HB1571Dixon, BobViebrock, JamesHB 1571
 4443L.01I - Increases the surcharge in domestic relations cases for court-appointed special advocate programs and allows individual counties to authorize additional surcharges on these cases
HCR12Portwood, CharlesHCR 12
 4357L.01T - Designates the tenth of May each year as "Hepatitis C Awareness Day" in Missouri.
HCR13Sater, DavidFisher, BarneyHCR 13
 4572L.02I - Resolves that voluntary prayer in public schools, religious displays on public property, and the recognition of a Christian God are not a coalition of church and state.
HJR31Cunningham, JaneBearden, CarlHCS HJR 31
 3615L.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment restricting state court jurisdiction in the areas of taxing, spending, and budgeting
HJR42Johnson, RobertDeeken, BillHJR 42
 4296L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing any county to adopt a charter form of government
HJR43Dethrow, MikeErvin, DougHJR 43
 4269L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority for voter approval of initiative proposals relating to harvesting bird, game, wildlife, and forestry resources
HJR44Whorton, JimJackson, JackieHJR 44
 4347L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation one motor vehicle of any active-duty military personnel under certain conditions
HJR45Wildberger, EdRoorda, JeffHJR 45
 3872L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment permitting judges to teach at public universities for compensation
HJR46Emery, EdWright, Billy PatHJR 46
 3616L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all impeachments to be tried by the Senate
SB578Shields, CharlesSCS SB 578
 3256L.03T - Prohibits protest activities during funeral services.
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