95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 28, 2009

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB62Lipke, ScottCCS SS SCS HCS HB 62
 0468S.14T - Changes the laws regarding crime
HB96Wallace, MaynardThomson, MikeSCS HCS HB 96
 0099S.03C - Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, and reporting acts of violence
HB111Day, DavidBrown, DanSCS HCS HB 111
 0668S.04T - Allows unclaimed cremated remains of veterans to be collected by a veterans' service organization for the purpose of internment under certain circumstances
HB191Flook, TimSmith, JasonSS#2 SCS HCS HB 191
 0837S.11T - Changes the laws regarding economic development and taxation
HB242Kingery, GayleSmith, JasonHCS HB 242
 0472L.02P - Allows school districts to establish a four-day school week upon a majority vote of the school board
HB322Molendorp, ChrisMcGhee, MikeHB 322
 0979L.01I - Authorizes sewer subdistricts in Jackson County to issue bonds for undertaking certain activities
HB426Sutherland, MikeDixon, BobHCS HB 426
 1012L.03P - Establishes the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the ownership, possession, transportation, and breeding of large carnivores
HB427Largent, ScottDay, DavidCCS SCS HCS HB 427
 1350L.10T - Changes the laws regarding members of the military, veterans, and their families
HB428Sutherland, MikeHB 428
 1255L.01I - Revises the definition and purpose of the "Soil and Water Conservation Cost-share Program" to include the protection of water resources of the state to preserve the productive power of agricultural land
HB429Hobbs, SteveFisher, BarneyHB 429
 1186L.01I - Establishes a regional economic development initiative which allows tax credits for donations to regional economic development organizations
HB430Hoskins, TheodoreHB 430
 0571L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop and disseminate information regarding uterine fibroids to health care providers and the public
HB431Hobbs, SteveBruns, MarkHB 431
 1390L.01I - Authorizes counties to use ballot language which indicates that a tax is an extension of an existing tax and not a new tax
HB432Ervin, DougFlook, TimHB 432
 1135L.01I - Authorizes a corporate income tax exemption for corporations that do not receive funds from any program administered by the Department of Economic Development
HB433Guest, JimHB 433
 1292L.02I - Allows agri-tourism businesses to place advertising signage along the roads and highways of the state on private property or within the right-of-way of a road or highway
HB434Pratt, BryanHB 434
 1085L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB435Jones, TimothyJones, KennyHB 435
 0833L.01I - Allows lending institutions to offer, sell, and finance service contracts, home security plans, auto club memberships, and related plans and services
HB436Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 436
 0303L.01I - Expands the list of Schedule II controlled substances to include several nitrites
HB437Roorda, JeffMeadows, TimHB 437
 0300L.01I - Imposes an excise tax on controlled substances and illicit alcoholic beverages
HB438Roorda, JeffMeadows, TimHB 438
 0288L.01I - Creates the crime of motorcycle stunt driving
HB439Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 439
 0289L.01I - Expands the crime of property damage in the first degree to include knowingly damaging another person's motor vehicle while making entry to steal the vehicle or something within the vehicle
HB440Roorda, JeffHB 440
 0301L.01I - Allows an employee of the state or any of its political subdivisions to petition the circuit court for a trial de novo as an alternative to seeking judicial review of an agency decision on employment
HB441Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 441
 0293L.01I - Requires the removal of all emergency lights, sirens, and decals designating a vehicle as an emergency vehicle prior to selling or consigning the vehicle unless it is sold to another safety agency
HB442Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 442
 0309L.01I - Requires all basic life support ambulances and stretcher vans to be equipped with an automated external defibrillator and be staffed by at least one individual trained in its use
HB443Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 443
 0312L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish cord blood collection sites across the state for transportation to the Saint Louis Cord Blood Bank
HB444Roorda, JeffAtkins, BertHB 444
 0311L.01I - Authorizes counties to assess a fee on all civil case filings by the circuit court to provide funding to qualified nonprofit organizations to implement a neutral site child custody exchange program
HB445Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 445
 0314L.01I - Requires the Geographic Resources Center at the University of Missouri to track sexual offenders who are in violation of the restriction to not reside within 1,000 feet of a school or child care facility
HB446Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 446
 0290L.01I - Creates the crime of altering or falsifying drug or alcohol test results or selling or transporting a biological sample or adulterant to falsify test results
HB447Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 447
 0298L.01I - Requires all counties and fire protection districts to adopt and enforce the 2003 ICC International Fire Code
HB448Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 448
 0295L.01I - Allows licensed ambulance services, licensed emergency medical response agencies, and not-for-profit organizations which provide or contract for ambulance services to establish peer review committees
HB449Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 449
 0294L.01I - Allows an employee of a fire protection or ambulance district to serve as a board member of a fire protection or ambulance district if he or she is not employed by the district
HB450Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 450
 0296L.01I - Prohibits third class cities from imposing storm water usage fees on property owned by any church, public school, nonprofit organization, or political subdivision
HB451Roorda, JeffHB 451
 0313L.01I - Requires the juvenile court to publish the time, date, and location of certain juvenile court proceedings in a court docket and to post it in a conspicuous and readily available location in the courthouse
HB452Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 452
 0297L.01I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB453Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 453
 0291L.01I - Creates the Corrections Officer Training Fund, authorizes a $5 surcharge to fund it, and requires corrections officers and jailers to receive at least 36 hours of training every three years
HB454Smith, JoeMeadows, TimHB 454
 0184L.01I - Establishes the Gulf War Medallion Program and creates the Gulf War Veterans' Recognition Award Fund
HB455Smith, JoeGatschenberger, ChuckHB 455
 0188L.01I - Establishes the Global War on Terrorism Medallion Program and creates the Global War on Terrorism Veterans' Recognition Award Fund
HB456Allen, SueLeara, MikeHB 456
 1321L.02I - Requires registered professional school nurses to be paid on the same pay scale as teachers in their district with equivalent work history and working hours
HB457Holsman, JasonGrill, JasonHB 457
 0680L.01I - Establishes the Night Sky Protection Act to reduce the amount of light emitted into the night sky to near natural levels for specified protected places
HB458Stevenson, BryanRucker, MartinHB 458
 1178L.04I - Establishes regulations regarding pharmacy benefit managers
HB459Schaaf, RobCooper, RobertHCS HB 459
 1223L.02P - Creates a federal reimbursement allowance for ground ambulance services
HB460Sutherland, MikeHB 460
 1317L.01I - Authorizes Montgomery County to impose a transient guest tax for the promotion of tourism
HB461Zimmerman, JakeJones, TimothyHB 461
 0553L.01I - Authorizes the Secretary of State to administratively cancel a certificate of limited partnership under certain conditions
HB462Zimmerman, JakeMcNeil, MargoHB 462
 1198L.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot without being required to state the reason
HB463Zimmerman, JakeLow, BethHB 463
 0139L.01I - Allows municipalities and other political subdivisions to conduct elections using instant runoff voting procedures
HB464Zimmerman, JakeColona, MikeHB 464
 0551L.01I - Prohibits any elected official or his or her staff from registering or acting as a lobbyist for one year after leaving office or employment
HB465Zimmerman, JakeColona, MikeHB 465
 0140L.01I - Expands the No-call List to include cell phone numbers, prohibits sending unsolicited faxes and text messages, and prohibits using automatic dialing announcing devices in certain situations
HB466Zimmerman, JakeHarris, BelindaHB 466
 1197L.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot without being required to state the reason
HB467Zimmerman, JakeMorris, JamesHB 467
 0111L.01I - Requires health carriers and health benefit plans to offer coverage for durable medical equipment prescribed by a physician
HB468Nance, BobFrame, MichaelHB 468
 1318L.01I - Reduces the amount of excess revenues generated by fines for moving traffic violations that municipalities must send to the Department of Revenue
HB469Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 469
 0627L.01I - Establishes the Renewable Energy Research Grant Program to provide funding for renewable energy research projects
HB470Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 470
 0612L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
HB471Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 471
 0628L.01I - Requires sellers of newly constructed residential homes to disclose to initial purchasers the energy efficiency rating of homes based on the energy star rating system
HB472Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 472
 0630L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Alternative Energy Loan Authority to provide low-interest loans to public and private entities for financing various energy-saving products and services
HB473Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 473
 0631L.01I - Requires state agencies to engage in energy conservation and requires state buildings to meet the International Energy Conservation Code
HB474Low, BethHolsman, JasonHB 474
 0629L.01I - Establishes the Renewable Energy Information and Reporting Act which requires the Missouri Public Service Commission to provide an annual report on renewable energy trends and new developments
HB475Pratt, BryanHB 475
 1343L.01I - Allows shareholders and proxyholders of corporations to participate in shareholder meetings by remote communication in certain circumstances and changes the requirements of a restated articles of incorporation
HB476Talboy, MikeHB 476
 1217L.01I - Repeals the provision allowing certain individuals with ministerial or tocological certification to provide midwifery services in this state
HB477Jones, KennySalva, RayHB 477
 1230L.01I - Allows certain veterans who have been state employees for a specified period of time to receive two years of free creditable service in the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
HB478Jones, KennySater, DavidHB 478
 1224L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System to allow for a medical insurance and retirement incentive for certain employees who are eligible for state-sponsored benefits
HB479Aull, JoeHB 479
 1453L.01I - Specifies an alternative way of calculating the state adequacy target for school funding
HB480Aull, JoeHB 480
 1364L.01I - Requires the certification of school food service directors and menu planners in public and private schools which receive funding through the federal school lunch program
HB481Jones, TimothyEmery, EdSS HCS HB 481
 0946S.04T - Changes the laws regarding courts and judicial proceedings
HB482Jones, TimothyErvin, DougHB 482
 1164L.01P - Allows municipal courts to create an appointed counsel fund to pay the reasonable attorney fees of an attorney appointed to represent certain defendants who are indigent and unable to pay for legal representation
HB483Smith, JoeMeadows, TimHB 483
 0186L.01I - Establishes the Missouri National Guard and Missouri Reservists Family Education Grant
HB484Deeken, BillMcGhee, MikeHB 484
 1236L.02I - Establishes the Commission on the Death Penalty and places a moratorium on all executions until January 1, 2012
HB485Wright, Billy PatKingery, GayleHCS HB 485
 1457L.03T - Changes the membership and quorum requirements for the Seismic Safety Commission
HCR5McGhee, MikeRichard, RonHCR 5
 0943L.01I - Disapproves the Missouri Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials salary recommendations
HCR19Wright, Billy PatDethrow, MikeHCR 19
 0981L.01I - Urges Congress to oppose federal legislation that interfere's with a state's ability to direct the transport or processing of horses
HJR17Nasheed, JamilahHJR 17
 0602L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment delaying repayment to the Budget Reserve Fund for three fiscal years
HJR18Dethrow, MikeMunzlinger, BrianHJR 18
 1038L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring a four-sevenths majority for voter approval of any initiative petition relating to bird, fish, game, wildlife, or forestry resources
HJR19Leara, MikeJones, TimothyHJR 19
 1322L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all assessors in charter counties and St. Louis City to be elected instead of appointed
HJR20Quinn, PaulShively, TomHJR 20
 0980L.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing for a regulated handfishing season for catfish in the waters of the state
HJR21Aull, JoeHJR 21
 1360L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying who can participate in the operation of a bingo game
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