91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 31, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB26Wilson, YvonneBoykins, AmberHCS HB 26
 0155L.04C - Creates the Missouri Essential Needs School Districts Loan Repayment Assistance Program.
HB46Relford, RandallHB 46
 0064L.01I - Increases penalty for aiding the escape of a prisoner.
HB47Relford, RandallHB 47
 0197L.01I - Authorizes a sales tax for regional jail and court facilities.
HB66Reynolds, DavidHB 66
 0408L.01I - Regulates and licenses tanning bed operators.
HB71Scheve, MayHB 71
 0476L.01I - Allows Department of Transportation to provide financial assistance to not-for-profit elderly and handicapped transportation services to defray the rising cost of gasoline.
HB78Kennedy, HarryRichardson, MarkHB 78
 0298L.01T - Grants immunity from civil suits to physicians' health programs for reporting information on licensees to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts.
HB82Gambaro, DerioHB 82
 0395L.01I - Allows certain political subdivisions to have a mechanic's lien when they have previously paid mechanics to perform abatement work on derelict real property.
HB89Ross, CarsonHB 89
 0589L.01I - Creates crime of theft of transportation of property service.
HB105Johnson, ConnieBoykins, AmberHB 105
 0633L.01I - Exempts hair braiders from the licensing requirements in chapter 329.
HB130VanZandt, TimothyCampbell, MarshaHB 130
 0683L.01I - Creates the Animal Shelter Grant Fund.
HB133Gambaro, DerioSCS HB 133
 0396S.08T - Allows local housing corporations and neighborhood associations to bring property receivership actions and makes other changes concerning redevelopment projects.
HB141Hosmer, WilliamHB 141
 0253L.01I - Creates Drug Courts Coordinating Commission and Drug Court Resources Fund.
HB143Hosmer, WilliamHB 143
 0242L.01I - Allows spousal maintenance to be terminated based on cohabitation.
HB144Bonner, DennisCierpiot, ConnieCCS#2 SS SCS HCS HB 144 & 46
 0515S.10T - Requires check for outstanding arrest warrants before releasing a prisoner and increases penalty for aiding the escape of a prisoner.
HB149Troupe, CharlesHB 149
 0744L.01I - Creates crime of offender sexual abuse.
HB161Bray, JoanHarlan, TimothyHB 161
 0554L.01I - Allows either party in a discrimination case to file suit and request a jury trial when the commission completes its administrative proceedings.
HB166Troupe, CharlesHB 166
 0750L.01P - Expands minority teaching scholarships from one hundred to two hundred per year; increases the amount from $2000 to $3000 for special education teachers.
HB183Thompson, BettyHB 183
 0516L.01I - Provides a restitutionary cause of action for wrongful imprisonment.
HB184Legan, KennethRobirds, EstelHB 184
 0544L.01I - Makes the Department of Conservation liable for all damages by wild elk.
HB192Hosmer, WilliamHB 192
 0245L.01I - Enacts penalties on professional licensees who fail to repay their student loans.
HB193Hosmer, WilliamHB 193
 0263L.01I - Creates civil penalties for false monetary or property-related claims against the state.
HB194Hosmer, WilliamFarnen, TheodoreHCS HB 194
 0257L.02C - Creates faculty representative positions on all university boards of governors; makes other changes regarding higher education.
HB196Villa, ThomasHB 196
 0690L.01I - Expands state road system to include all principal arterial roads in the City of St Louis.
HB209Hosmer, WilliamWilliams, DeletaHB 209
 0695L.01I - Changes certain provisions of the controlled substances law.
HB219Townley, MerrillRansdall, BillySCS HB 219
 0732S.03T - Amends various provisions of the fencing law.
HB220Hosmer, WilliamWilliams, DeletaHB 220
 0388L.01I - Requires registration of sexual offenders upon release from custody even if offender does not leave county where incarcerated.
HB222Kelly, GlendaHB 222
 0940L.01I - Amends the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund to increase compensation for loss of earnings and to exclude life insurance proceeds from proceeds which reduce a victims' statutory compensation.
HB243Treadway, JosephHB 243
 0856L.02I - Modifies the licensure requirements for cosmetologists, haridressers and manicurists.
HB245Treadway, JosephHB 245
 0959L.01I - Enacts the Missouri Accountancy Act.
HB259Koller, DonHampton, MarkHB 259
 0729L.01I - Makes the Department of Conservation financially liable for damage caused by wild elk.
HB267Treadway, JosephHB 267
 0708L.01I - Modifies various provisions relating to the licensure of design professionals.
HB310Ostmann, LucindaHB 310
 0187L.01I - Creates alternative method of obtaining temporary driving permit.
HB578Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 578
 1517L.01I - Authorizes ambulance districts to impose a sales tax of up to 1/4 of 1 percent.
HB579Luetkemeyer, WilliamSecrest, PatriciaHB 579
 0149L.02I - Allows certain corporate officers to opt out of workers compensation.
HB580Hohulin, MartinKreider, JimHB 580
 1539L.01I - Exempts agricultural land from any state law, rule or regulation, or any local city or county ordinance that prohibits the open burning of hay bales and brush.
HB581Kreider, JimRidgeway, LuannSCS HCS HB 581
 1516S.05C - Revises the laws on agriculture and water.
HB582Bartle, MatthewHosmer, WilliamHB 582
 0102L.01I - Revises the stalking law.
HB583Bartle, MatthewKelley, PatrickHB 583
 0235L.02I - Revises certain provisions concerning probation and community service.
HB584Bartle, MatthewKelley, PatrickHB 584
 1547L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund in the state treasury.
HB585Holt, BruceJohnson, RickHB 585
 1328L.01I - Ensures timely payment of tax increment financing funds to taxing districts.
HB586Wagner, HowardHB 586
 1498L.01I - Repeals obsolete labor law and updates and reorganizes existing sections concerning the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.
HB587Wagner, HowardHosmer, WilliamHB 587
 1497L.02I - Revises child labor laws.
HB588Rizzo, HenryHarlan, TimothyHB 588
 1616L.01I - Establishes the qualifications for persons performing spinal manipulation.
HB589Monaco, RalphBonner, DennisHB 589
 1506L.01I - Removes from the banking statute the common law presumption that real and personal marital property is titled as tenancy by the entirety.
HB590Graham, CharlesHB 590
 1560L.01T - Places administration of tax credits for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance by small businesses under joint administration of the directors of Revenue and Economic Development.
HB591Baker, LanaHB 591
 1549L.01I - Requires the Division of Aging to create and distribute a publication that provides a comprehensive listing of companies and organizations providing services for older adults.
HB592Williams, DeletaCrawford, LarryHB 592
 1509L.01P - Creates the Multicultural Program and Committee within the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
HB593Wilson, VictoriaKennedy, HarryHCS HB 593
 1330L.03C - Requires health insurers to treat mental health and chemical dependency in the same manner as other medical services.
HB594Kennedy, HarryHegeman, DanielHB 594
 1559L.01I - Expands the sales tax exemption for telecommunication services.
HB595Kennedy, HarryGambaro, DerioHB 595
 1334L.01I - Increases the eligibility for grant moneys to municipalities and counties for environmental assessments on brownfields.
HB596Kennedy, HarryGambaro, DerioHB 596
 1423L.01T - Clarifies the allowed consolidation between the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority and the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority in St. Louis City.
HB597Lawson, MauriceWiggins, GaryHB 597
 1558L.01I - Requires various gasoline specifications.
HB598Shelton, O.L.Hilgemann, RobertHB 598
 1054L.01I - Creates incentives for special education teachers.
HB599Green, TimHanaway, CatherineHB 599
 1066L.01I - Further regulates the use of tax increment financing in the St. Louis metropolitan area.
HB600Hosmer, WilliamMarsh, B JHB 600
 1133L.01T - Authorizes conveyance between board of governors of Southwest Missouri State University and Southwest Missouri Ecumenical Center.
HB601Reid, MichaelShoemyer, WesHB 601
 1438L.01I - Establishes a chronic wasting disease certification program in the Department of Agriculture for the eradication of the disease in captive elk herds in the state.
HB602Kelly, GlendaLawson, MauriceHB 602
 1204L.02I - Allows certain firefighters to elect to be covered under Local Government Employees Retirement System.
HB603Hilgemann, RobertBerkowitz, SamSCS HB 603
 0783S.03T - Changes the Department of Health to the Department of Health and Senior Services and adds programs for Alzheimer's disease.
HB604Hilgemann, RobertShelton, O.L.HB 604
 1046L.01I - Creates a character education grant program and fund.
HB605McKenna, RyanWagner, HowardHB 605
 1382L.01I - Allows two to fifteen year olds to obtain an identification card from the Department of Revenue.
HB606Kennedy, HarrySmith, PhilipSCS HB 606
 1543S.05T - Changes and standardizes certain provisions regarding county recorders of deeds.
HB607Treadway, JosephJohnson, RickSCS HB 607
 1624S.02T - Removes limitation of permitted gratuitous services by out-of-state dentists to summer camps.
HB608Gambaro, DerioHB 608
 1345L.01I - Requires resolution of suspensions of St Louis police personnel within 30 days.
HB609Gratz, WilliamRichardson, MarkHB 609
 1648L.01I - Prohibits certain rules of the Department of Natural Resources from being any stricter than federal regulations.
HB610Bray, JoanFraser, BarbaraHB 610
 1459L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program.
HB611Wiggins, GaryBerkstresser, JudyHB 611
 1500L.01I - Requires a portion of property tax collections to be used for a geographic information system (GIS).
HCR12Haywood, EstherHCR 12
 1597L.01I - Urges Congress to consider establishing a strong remedial federal energy policy that delegates emergency powers to individual states.
HCR13Shoemyer, WesHCR 13
 1401L.01I - Urges Congress to consent to the Southern Dairy Compact.
HCR14Koller, DonHCR 14
 1637L.01I - Urges Congress to support the Railroad Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act.
HJR7Seigfreid, JamesBerkowitz, SamSCS HCS HJR 7
 0662S.07C - Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the Highways and Transportation Commission to construct toll roads and facilities.
HJR12Seigfreid, JamesDavis, DahlmanHJR 12
 1608L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials.
SCR2Singleton, MarvinHCS SS SCR 2
 1112L.09C - Disapproving the recommendation of the Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
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