92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 04, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1Bearden, CarlSCS HS HB 1
 0001S.04T - Appropriates money for the board of fund commissioners.
 0014L.01I - Appropriates money for emergency operations in the Office of Administration.
HB15Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HCS HB 15
 0015S.03T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes.
HB47Portwood, CharlesPage, SamHCS HB 47
 0399L.03C - Modifies the rebate amounts given for prescription drugs under the Senior Rx Program.
HB50Johnson, RobertFraser, BarbaraHB 50
 0371L.01I - Exempts from taxation leased motor vehicles used for government, charitable, educational, or religious purposes.
HB73Luetkemeyer, WilliamStevenson, BryanSS HCS HB 73
 0499S.06F - Establishes Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program.
HB102Phillips, SusanReinhart, GeralynHB 102
 0516L.01I - Modifies the standards for restricting or suspending the licenses of pharmacists and pharmacies.
HB144Luetkemeyer, WilliamCooper, RobertSCS HCS HB 144
 0081S.05C - Authorizes creation of an exhibition center and recreational facilities district in certain counties.
HB157Johnson, RickHarris, JeffHB 157
 0726L.01I - Removes certain exemptions in the telemarketing No-Call Law.
HB163Pratt, BryanYates, BrianHB 163
 0954L.01I - Makes it a crime to engage in human cloning.
HB164Yates, BrianDusenberg, GaryHB 164
 0953L.01I - Requires the Missouri State Highway Patrol to maintain a web site with a registered sexual offender search capability.
HB171Wood, DennisPortwood, CharlesHB 171
 0851L.01I - Revises laws on the practice of real estate.
HB172Shoemyer, WesHB 172
 0479L.01I - Requires law enforcement to inform landowners of breaches in fencing when noticed.
HB190Fares, KathlynSt. Onge, NealHCS HB 190 & 214
 0512L.04C - Extends the distribution of funds raised by the nonresident athletes and entertainers tax and requires venues to collect withholding tax from athletes and entertainers.
HB191Fares, KathlynSt. Onge, NealHB 191
 0373L.01I - Increases circuit breaker limits.
HB193Luetkemeyer, WilliamBearden, CarlHB 193
 0908L.01I - Establishes the Mandated Health Benefits Review Commission and modifies the requirements for limited mandate health insurance policies and contracts.
HB206Hunter, SteveTownley, MerrillHB 206
 0838L.01I - Exempts food sales made by religious, charitable and nonprofit organizations from the state food code laws and rules.
HB208Engler, KevinJetton, RodSS SCS HB 208
 0941S.14T - Exempts certain consumer-owned electric corporations from regulation by the Public Service Commission and makes other changes in utilities laws.
HB209Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesHB 209
 0753L.01I - Prohibits the cloning of human beings.
HB212Behnen, RobertWright, MarkHB 212
 0547L.01I - Requires the superintendent of the Highway Patrol to submit a salary schedule which compares the salaries of officers in the 3 largest cities with salaries in the Highway Patrol to maintain parity.
HB214Myers, PeterRansdall, BillyHB 214
 0672L.01I - Provides additional guidelines on income taxation of nonresident entertainers and athletes.
HB219Myers, PeterHB 219
 0686L.01I - Prohibits case workers employed by the Division of Family Services from working outside their assigned counties on a regular basis.
HB221Luetkemeyer, WilliamPearce, DavidSCS HCS HB 221
 0997S.03T - Revises laws on banking.
HB229Wright, MarkPortwood, CharlesHB 229
 1132L.01I - Increases the penalties for forcible rape, forcible sodomy, attempt to commit forcible rape, and attempt to commit forcible sodomy.
HB245Marsh, B JWright, MarkHCS HB 245
 0993L.02T - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the "Korea War Veterans' Memorial Freeway".
HB260Henke, WayneYaeger, PatriciaHB 260
 0995L.01I - Revises the law on nursing home administrators.
HB311Roark, BradleyWright, MarkHB 311
 1319L.01I - Requires certain cities to provide electricity to customers outside the city limits at the same price as they charge customers within the city limits.
HB349Crawford, LarrySander, ThereseSS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136 & 328
 1360S.11T - Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB350Wilson, VictoriaDeeken, BillHB 350
 0826L.01I - Expands current mandated health insurance coverage to include coverage for chemical dependency.
HB351Quinn, JohnShoemaker, ChristoperHB 351
 0620L.01T - Changes qualifications for directors of certain industrial development corporations.
HB352Guest, JimTownley, MerrillHB 352
 1278L.01I - Amends the Animal Research and Production Facilities Protection Act.
HB353Luetkemeyer, WilliamParker, ShermanHB 353
 1445L.01I - Amends various provisions of the Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association Act.
HB354Lowe, JeneeGeorge, ThomasHB 354
 0920L.01I - Regulates private contracts for public services.
HB355Myers, PeterKing, JerryHB 355
 1233L.02I - Establishes a pesticide project fund.
HB356Smith, ToddHCS HB 356
 1441L.03T - Allows products made by youths in facilities and programs operated by the Division of Youth Services to be sold at cost plus ten percent.
HB357Deeken, BillKelly, GaryHB 357
 1304L.01I - Creates the Fund for Reduction of Alcohol-Related Problems and increases various charges for the sale of intoxicating liquors and nonintoxicating beer.
HB358Boykins, AmberHB 358
 1447L.01T - Provides for reinstatement of lapsed barbers' licenses.
HB359Shoemyer, WesRansdall, BillyHB 359
 0171L.01I - Creates the Hancock Amendment Refund Trust Fund.
HCR13Nieves, BrianHCR 13
 1423L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution that would permit voluntary prayer in public schools.
HJR11Holand, RoyRansdall, BillyHJR 11
 0125L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment elevating all associate circuit judges to circuit judges and creating the Judicial Assignment Commission.
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