91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 08, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1Green, TimHB 1
 0001L.01T - Appropriates money to the Board of Fund Commissioners for the cost of issuing and processing State Water Pollution.
HB27Wilson, YvonneBoykins, AmberHB 27
 0156L.01I - Regulates the sale of certain firearms.
HB28Wilson, YvonneBoykins, AmberHB 28
 0303L.01I - Expands crime of unlawful use of weapons.
HB33Gaskill, SamuelHB 33
 0471L.01I - Allows prosecutors to carry concealed weapons.
HB38Gaskill, SamuelHB 38
 0468L.01I - Changes law regarding crimes involving alcohol.
HB46Relford, RandallHB 46
 0064L.01I - Increases penalty for aiding the escape of a prisoner.
HB57Ward, DanielRelford, RandallHB 57
 0238L.01I - Authorizes retired and certain former police officers to carry concealed weapons.
HB59Boucher, ArthurWilliams, DeletaHB 59
 0117L.02I - Exempts from state income tax all pensions received by persons sixty-five years of age and older.
HB73Scheve, MayHB 73
 0477L.01I - Requires certain buildings to provide family restrooms.
HB87Barry, JoanBoucher, ArthurHB 87
 0593L.01I - Requires insurance coverage for services provided by registered nurse first assistants and licensed physician assistants.
HB111Baker, LanaHB 111
 0492L.01P - Makes technical intersectional reference corrections to certain regulation of mattresses provisions.
HB144Bonner, DennisCierpiot, ConnieCCS#2 SS SCS HCS HB 144 & 46
 0515S.10T - Requires check for outstanding arrest warrants before releasing a prisoner and increases penalty for aiding the escape of a prisoner.
HB157Hosmer, WilliamCCS SCS HB 157
 0774L.06T - Revises marriage laws.
HB205Relford, RandallSCS HCS HB 205, 323 & 549
 0868S.08C - Authorizes an incentive program for forestry, extends carryover of wood energy tax credit, prohibits introduction of wild elk, increases penalties for deer poaching, and allows killing of feral hogs.
HB219Townley, MerrillRansdall, BillySCS HB 219
 0732S.03T - Amends various provisions of the fencing law.
HB258Koller, DonClayton, RobertHB 258
 0805L.01I - Allows concealed firearms.
HB279Shoemyer, WesCopenhaver, NancyHCS HB 279
 0711L.03T - Expands the newborn screening requirements to include additional treatable and manageable disorders.
HB289Farnen, TheodoreClayton, RobertHB 289
 1051L.01I - Allows the Public Service Commission to phase in any large increases to a water corporation's rates.
HB302Hosmer, WilliamSkaggs, BillyCCS#2 SCS HCS HB 302 & 38
 0265L.15T - Lowers the blood alcohol content level necessary for a conviction of driving with excessive blood alcohol content from .10 to .08.
HB323Crump, WayneRansdall, BillyHB 323
 1097L.01I - Permits roaming wild hogs to be killed by property owners.
HB328Harlan, TimothyHanaway, CatherineSS#2 SCS HS HCS HB 328 & 88
 0691S.07T - Amends various provisions regarding managed care.
HB401Treadway, JosephHB 401
 1250L.02I - Allows certain health care professionals to provide dental treatments and establishes a dental hygienist advisory commission.
HB402Boucher, ArthurHB 402
 1202L.01I - Allows copies of certain records and reports to be mailed or faxed to treatment providers and therapists assigned to certain offenders.
HB403Hosmer, WilliamKreider, JimHB 403
 0881L.01I - Extends open records exception for municipal electric utilities preparing for deregulation until December 31, 2003.
HB404Graham, CharlesWilson, VictoriaHB 404
 1092L.01I - Makes various changes to the laws regarding sheltered workshops.
HB405Kelley, PatrickLong, ElizabethHB 405
 1085L.01I - Increases the state income tax deduction for dependents from twelve hundred dollars to two thousand dollars.
HB406Kelley, PatrickOstmann, LucindaHB 406
 0692L.01I - Creates procedure to review sentences of nonparolable prisoners.
HB407Kelley, PatrickBartle, MatthewHB 407
 1072L.01I - Regulates Internet access by minors in public schools and libraries.
HB408Kelley, PatrickHB 408
 1086L.01T - Authorizes conveyances of unused graves in public cemeteries back to the county or municipality in certain cases.
HB409Surface, CharlesHB 409
 1009L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance between the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin.
HB410Holt, BruceGeorge, ThomasHB 410
 1252L.01T - Allows expanded weed removal procedures in the City of St. Peters.
HB411Hegeman, DanielHB 411
 1226L.01I - Creates the Large Animal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program.
HB412Hegeman, DanielHB 412
 1227L.01I - Amends egg dealers' and retailers' licensing fees.
HB413Hegeman, DanielHB 413
 1229L.01I - Prevents substitute teachers who have withdrawn from a district's substitute list from drawing unemployment benefits from that district.
HB414Hegeman, DanielScott, DelbertHB 414
 0030L.01I - Requires facilities licensed by the Division of Aging to employ a food services director and requires long-term care facilities to employ a registered dietician.
HB415Hendrickson, CarlHB 415
 0835L.01I - Requires a one-year waiting period before resubmission of defeated school bond issues.
HB416O'Connor, PatrickHB 416
 0777L.03I - Establishes regulations and licensing provisions regarding the practice of naturopathic medicine.
HB419Selby, HaroldHB 419
 1320L.01I - Repeals a provision on county planning and zoning similar to one declared unconstitutional.
HB420Williams, DeletaFranklin, J.HB 420
 1233L.01T - Removes termination clause on Motorcycle Safety Education Program.
HB422Froelker, JamesHB 422
 1076L.02I - Creates heirloom birth certificates and marriage licenses suitable for display.
HB424Wilson, VictoriaFarnen, TheodoreHB 424
 1028L.01I - Prohibits certain disclosures to parents of students in postsecondary education.
HB426O'Toole, JamesHCS HB 426
 1312L.02P - Authorizes a deferred retirement option plan for certain retirement systems; revises firefighters' retirement systems.
HB427Hampton, MarkKelly, GaryHB 427
 1169L.01I - Adopts a new voluntary five-level minimum teacher salary plan.
HB428Kelly, GaryMonaco, RalphHCS HB 428
 1168L.02P - Creates crime of eluding a law enforcement official.
HB429Kelly, GaryHB 429
 1170L.01I - Allows retired teachers to work in school districts with teacher shortages without losing retirement benefits.
HB430Kelly, GaryHB 430
 1166L.01I - Creates the Policemen's and Sheriff's Deputies' Trust Fund for minimum peace officer salaries.
HB431Barry, JoanHB 431
 1346L.01T - Makes a technical correction in temporary licenses for trauma training.
HB432Liese, ChrisHB 432
 1253L.01I - Amends the law regulating mortgage brokers and mortgages.
HB434Merideth, DennyBritt, PhillipHB 434
 1003L.01I - Increases the allowable population for enterprise zones not within metropolitan statistical areas from twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand inhabitants.
HB435Merideth, DennyGraham, CharlesHB 435
 1365L.01I - Recognizes American Sign Language or any other generally accepted means of communication used by the deaf community and allows it to be treated as any other foreign language.
HB436Merideth, DennyBritt, PhillipHB 436
 1000L.01P - Enacts Missouri Airport Protection Act to provide new airport safety regulation.
HB437Griesheimer, JohnHB 437
 1263L.02I - Amends the laws regarding vehicle emission testing.
HB438Griesheimer, JohnHB 438
 1262L.02I - Amends various provisions regarding motor vehicle emission testing.
HB439Hegeman, DanielFarnen, TheodoreHB 439
 1230L.01I - Requires Department of Corrections to reimburse counties for certain prosecutors' pay.
HB440Boucher, ArthurLuetkenhaus, WilliamHB 440
 1203L.01I - Expands DNA profiling system to include all convicted felons.
HB442Smith, PhilipSkaggs, BillyHB 442
 1368L.01I - Exempts certain public hospital records and meetings from the provisions of chapter 610, RSMo.
HB444Kreider, JimHosmer, WilliamHB 444
 0931L.01P - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.
HB445Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 445
 1352L.01I - Corrects certain statutory cross-references in Chapter 288 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.
HB446Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 446
 1351L.01I - Revises the industrial classification system for determination of unemployment contributions.
HB447Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 447
 1379L.01I - Creates Advisory Committee for Electronic Commerce.
HB448Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 448
 1375L.01I - Changes the reassessment cycle for real property taxation from every two to every four years.
HB452Gratz, WilliamHB 452
 1246L.01I - Expands eligible beneficiaries of Vocational Enterprises Program of the Department of Corrections.
HB453Ransdall, BillyBerkowitz, SamCCS#2 SS SCS HB 453
 1171L.08T - Revises law on surface mining, air emissions, and Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund.
HB454Monaco, RalphHB 454
 1083L.01T - Creates a good cause exception for removal of a guardian upon dissolution of marriage.
HB455Monaco, RalphJolly, CathyHB 455
 1249L.01I - Provides for canine-handler training and standards.
HB456Monaco, RalphHosmer, WilliamHB 456
 1363L.01I - Reduces the minimum age of eligibility for jury service from 21 to 18 years and excuses from jury service full-time students not residing within twenty miles of where the summons is issued.
HB457Kreider, JimHampton, MarkHCS HB 457
 0930L.04C - Creates School Building Property Tax Relief Fund grant program for school capital improvements; funds program through incremental use of gaming proceeds.
HB459Liese, ChrisLuetkemeyer, WilliamSCS HB 459
 1208L.02T - Revises the law regarding responsibilities and obligations of reinsurers and liquidators.
HB460Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 460
 1428L.01I - Exempts used manufactured homes and certain used modular units from complying with manufactured housing codes.
HB461Ostmann, LucindaRobirds, EstelHB 461
 0685L.01I - Modifies grandparent visitation provisions.
HB462Foley, JamesNaeger, PatrickHB 462
 1094L.01I - Makes various amendments regarding the practice of pharmacy.
HB464Smith, PhilipHB 464
 1432L.01I - Removes from the original jurisdiction of the juvenile/family courts cases involving violations of traffic laws by children over fifteen years of age or violations of tobacco laws by children.
HB465Smith, PhilipHB 465
 1359L.01I - Modifies statutory provisions regarding licensure of nursing home administrators.
HB467Smith, PhilipHB 467
 1405L.01I - Creates certain evidentiary rights for defendants in driver's license suspension and revocation cases.
HB468Selby, HaroldHB 468
 1403L.01I - Requires all meetings and hearings of the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to be conducted in Jefferson City.
HB469Selby, HaroldHB 469
 1402L.01I - Requires certificates of registration for physicians to be easily readable from a reasonable distance.
HB470Shields, CharlesHegeman, DanielHB 470
 1342L.01T - Creates Sgt. Robert Kimberling Memorial Highway.
HB471Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickCCS SCS HB 471
 1287L.04T - Adds the drug "ecstasy" to drug trafficking statutes, regulates methamphetamine precursor drugs, and establishes new penalties for theft and possession of anhydrous ammonia.
HB472Burton, GaryMiller, RonaldHCS HB 472
 1277L.03C - Allows political subdivisions to establish permit procedures for public utility right-of-way users; allows utilities to pass costs of such permits to consumer.
HB474Froelker, JamesHB 474
 1389L.01I - Requires uninsured motorists to pay certain property and out-of-pocket medical expenses before seeking damages, and bars drunk drivers and certain uninsured motorists from noneconomic damages.
HB475Froelker, JamesHB 475
 1387L.01I - Increases minimum teachers' salaries.
HB476Froelker, JamesHB 476
 1388L.01I - Creates crime of driving with excessive blood alcohol content.
HB477Graham, CharlesHB 477
 1439L.01P - Creates alternative method of obtaining temporary driving permit.
HB478Hosmer, WilliamHendrickson, CarlHB 478
 1408L.02I - Provides for the temporary emergency commitment of persons with active tuberculosis.
HB479Hosmer, WilliamBritt, PhillipHB 479
 0882L.01I - Revises peace officer selection and training laws.
HB480Thompson, BettyFraser, BarbaraHB 480
 1278L.01I - Eliminates the local sales and use tax on food and replaces lost local revenue by reducing the state income tax deduction for individuals for federal income taxes.
HB481Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 481
 1376L.01I - Allows donation of additional equipment, including motor vehicles, to any public fire protection entity, under certain conditions.
HB482Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 482
 1456L.01I - Freezes the assessed value of certain real property owned by persons 65 years of age and older which is used as a principal residence.
HB483Luetkenhaus, WilliamOstmann, LucindaHB 483
 1378L.01I - Creates crime of indecent solicitation of a child.
HB484Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 484
 1386L.01I - Establishes an Advisory Commission for Dental Hygienists.
HB485Crowell, JasonJetton, RodHB 485
 1355L.01I - Authorizes road signs directing travelers to state vo-tech schools.
HB486Davis, DahlmanAbel, MarkHB 486
 0660L.03I - Creates mandatory vision screenings for first grade, kindergarten and Head Start students; provides lists of sources for such exams; funds exams for certain students.
HB489Selby, HaroldWard, DanielHB 489
 1404L.01I - Expands college grant program for permanently injured or killed workers' spouses or children to include volunteer firefighters and reserve peace officers.
HB491George, ThomasHickey, JohnCCS SCS HB 491
 0807L.04T - Eliminates the office of city marshal in third class cities that contract for police service.
HB496Surface, CharlesHB 496
 1371L.01I - Authorizes Elk's Lodge license plate.
HB497Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 497
 1450L.01I - Reduces the fire education tax from 3% to 5/10 of 1% of the difference between insurance premium taxes collected during the preceding fiscal year and during 1997.
HB498Wagner, HowardMcKenna, RyanSCS HB 498
 1326L.03T - Changes the petitioning provisions for opting out of the city manager form of government.
HB499Rizzo, HenryScheve, MayHB 499
 1340L.01I - Regulates natural gas suppliers.
HB500Carnahan, RussFraser, BarbaraHB 500
 0888L.01I - Establishes an advisory commission for dental hygienists and allows certain health care professionals to provide dental care.
HB549Holand, RoyHampton, MarkHB 549
 1434L.01I - Requires persons who illegally kill a deer to pay restitution to the state.
HB576Willoughby, PhillipMays, CarolHB 576
 1546L.01I - Authorizes the General Assembly, for 2001, to make a one-time transfer of up to five million dollars to the Utilicare Stabilization Fund.
HB592Williams, DeletaCrawford, LarryHB 592
 1509L.01P - Creates the Multicultural Program and Committee within the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
HB594Kennedy, HarryHegeman, DanielHB 594
 1559L.01I - Expands the sales tax exemption for telecommunication services.
HB639Farnen, TheodoreHB 639
 1710L.01I - Requires unclaimed property on a dead body to be delivered to the public administrator.
HB646Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 646
 1627L.01I - Makes various changes regarding the health insurance pool.
HB670Campbell, MarshaHoland, RoyHB 670
 1392L.01I - Regulates the use of portable telecommunications devices while operating a motor vehicle.
HB671Hagan-Harrell, MaryHB 671
 1011L.01I - Increases from the current 80% to 100% the cost of living adjustment for state retirement benefits.
HB672Hagan-Harrell, MaryHB 672
 1010L.01I - Increases to 1.7% the annuity factor for certain state retirement systems.
HB673Liese, ChrisHB 673
 1531L.01I - Regulates the sales of life settlements.
HB674Hagan-Harrell, MaryHB 674
 1672L.01I - Allows former members of the General Assembly to be appointed special consultants on retirement matters.
HB675Richardson, MarkHB 675
 1771L.01I - Regulates deferred presentment services.
HB676Mays, CarolHB 676
 1283L.01I - Regulates the transfer of utility generation assets; amends utility taxation and rate laws.
HB677Monaco, RalphLograsso, DonaldHB 677
 1130L.02I - Revises Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, concerning secured transactions.
HB678Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 678
 0952S.02C - Amends laws governing lobbyists, the Missouri Ethics Commission, and campaign finance disclosure.
HB679Boykins, AmberHB 679
 1685L.01T - Allows state employees to take a leave of absence to serve as a bone marrow or human organ donor.
HB680Skaggs, BillyHB 680
 1726L.01I - Creates a zero expenditure minimum for new services for purposes of the certificate of need laws.
HB681Skaggs, BillyHB 681
 1670L.01I - Authorizes "Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund, Inc." license plate.
HB682Wiggins, GaryReid, MichaelHB 682
 1002L.01I - Creates a state income tax deduction for individuals in an amount equal to one hundred percent of health insurance premiums.
HB683Boykins, AmberBarry, JoanHB 683
 0710L.01I - Disseminates information to, and enacts protections for, college students regarding consumer credit and merchandising.
HB684Kennedy, HarryBonner, DennisHB 684
 1736L.01I - Revises amateur radio license plate law.
HB685Bray, JoanJohnson, ConnieHB 685
 1570L.01I - Revises transportation laws.
HB686Fraser, BarbaraBerkowitz, SamHB 686
 1424L.01I - Establishes a compelling state interest test for restrictions on free exercise of religion.
HB687Hilgemann, RobertVilla, ThomasHB 687
 1655L.01I - Authorizes window decal registration renewal tabs for motor vehicles.
HB688Harlan, TimothyShields, CharlesHB 688
 1458L.01I - Makes various changes to the health insurance pool.
HB689Hoppe, ThomasLograsso, DonaldHB 689
 1422L.02I - Authorizes fire protection districts to impose a voter-approved sales tax which shall result in a property tax reduction.
HB690Harding, MargaretKelly, GlendaHB 690
 1632L.02I - Enacts procedures relating to the exposure of humans to rabies or zoonotic diseases and requires the registration of primate animals.
HB691Barnett, MyronKelly, GarySCS HB 691
 1653S.02T - Makes notice of reregistration of motor vehicles mandatory.
HB692O'Connor, PatrickHB 692
 1765L.01I - Authorizes Fraternal Order of Police license plate.
HB693Smith, PhilipCarnahan, RussSCS HB 693
 1675S.04T - Amends various provisions relating to the Administrative Hearing Commission.
HB694Berkstresser, JudyHB 694
 0284L.01I - Authorizes Taney, Stone, Barry and Ozark counties to enact a sales tax to fund county economic development programs.
HB695Shoemyer, WesPhillips, SusanHB 695
 1485L.02I - Revises the licensing and regulatory scheme for dentists and dental hygienists.
HB696Monaco, RalphLograsso, DonaldHB 696
 1569L.01I - Changes the county political party committee district structure in Jackson County.
HB697Treadway, JosephHB 697
 1850L.01I - Requires the Ethics Commission to immediately notify persons against whom a complaint has been filed.
HB698Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 698
 1820L.01I - Allows fourth class cities in counties of the first classification to participate in the state weed and grass control program.
HB699Hilgemann, RobertVilla, ThomasHB 699
 1399L.01I - Allows notices of hearings on special business districts to be sent by regular mail.
HB700Kelly, GaryHB 700
 1582L.01I - Modifies certain driver's license provisions and provides for license suspension and setting of bond in fatal motor vehicle accidents.
HB701Berkowitz, SamWiggins, GaryHB 701
 1495L.01I - Allows interested parties to appeal a permit denial for a water containment or point source.
HB702Barry, JoanBoykins, AmberHB 702
 1579L.01I - Requires placement of warning signs in establishments licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
HB703Hilgemann, RobertBrooks, SharonHB 703
 1504L.01I - Allows additional counties to establish homeless programs and increases fees on recorded instruments to five dollars.
HB704Gambaro, DerioHB 704
 1840L.01I - Allows the City of St. Louis to have a mechanic's lien when it has previously paid mechanics to perform abatement work on derelict real property.
HB705Gambaro, DerioHB 705
 1321L.01I - Allows participation of charter school employees in the St. Louis Public School Retirement System.
HB706Bonner, DennisHB 706
 1789L.01I - Authorizes cities imposing a storm water, capital improvement or transportation sales tax to impose a sales tax on utilities by ordinance.
HB707Barnett, MyronHosmer, WilliamHB 707
 1730L.01I - Revises minimum term for parole eligibility for certain offenders.
HB708Wilson, VictoriaBarry, JoanHB 708
 1744L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles.
HB709O'Connor, PatrickHB 709
 1780L.01I - Revises motor carrier law.
HB710Lowe, JeneeCampbell, MarshaHB 710
 1513L.02I - Requires the listing of an address or phone number on all election literature.
HB711Green, TimHB 711
 1861L.01I - Limits to appropriated amounts payment of court costs and attorney fees by Department of Revenue in certain cases.
HB712Hilgemann, RobertWilson, YvonneHB 712
 1343L.01I - Prohibits discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation.
HB713Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 713
 1838L.01I - Revises reimbursement for health care services by health carriers.
HB714Koller, DonHB 714
 1739L.01I - Authorizes design-build method of contracting for state highway construction.
HB715Baker, LanaHS HB 715
 1756S.01P - Makes various changes regarding certificate of need law.
HB716Treadway, JosephBurton, GaryHB 716
 1804L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding licensure of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.
HB717Burton, GaryMays, CarolHB 717
 1564L.01I - Creates a sales and use tax exemption for sales of natural gas to industrial and commercial customers for the months of February to April and December of 2001, and for January and February of 2002.
HB718Bartle, MatthewMyers, PeterHB 718
 1633L.01I - Creates the crime of cloning a human being.
HB719Bray, JoanHB 719
 1872L.01I - Amends provisions of law governing income and sales tax deficiencies.
HB720Bray, JoanHilgemann, RobertHB 720
 1752L.01I - Revises pay equity law.
HB721Walton, JuanitaVilla, ThomasHB 721
 1615L.01I - Expands optional one-year motor vehicle emissions inspection to entire state.
HB722Walton, JuanitaColeman, MaidaHB 722
 1678L.01I - Requires health care professionals to inform their patients about EDTA chelation therapy.
HB723Mays, CarolBurton, GaryHCS HB 723
 1626L.02C - Allows electric utilities to recover certain costs impacted by natural gas prices.
HB724Britt, PhillipHB 724
 1794L.01I - Criminalizes sexual contact between inmates and employees of prisons and correctional facilities.
HB725Britt, PhillipHB 725
 1796L.01T - Allows additional fund transfers in a certain school district.
HB726Selby, HaroldWagner, HowardHB 726
 1731L.01I - Funds the fire education fund with state revenues derived from the state portion of sales tax levied on fireworks instead of state revenues derived from the insurance premium tax.
HB727Hoppe, ThomasHB 727
 1705L.01I - Regulates the voting rights of persons in public water supply districts.
HB728Hoppe, ThomasHB 728
 1337L.03I - Redefines who may form joint municipal utility commissions; regulates public water supply district purchases of, and services to, water and sewer corporations.
HB729Green, ThomasGreen, TimHB 729
 1369L.01I - Revises motor vehicle licensing.
HB730Williams, DeletaHB 730
 1788L.01I - Allows the City of Warrensburg to receive bids for banking services at any city council meeting.
HB731Britt, PhillipHB 731
 1795L.02I - Expands authorized use, and limitations on use, of certain chemical blood alcohol content test to local law enforcement.
HB732Hosmer, WilliamHB 732
 1792L.01T - Revises Water Patrol law.
HB733Hosmer, WilliamHB 733
 1712L.02I - Changes requirements for the use of personal flotation devices on water crafts.
HCR13Shoemyer, WesHCR 13
 1401L.01I - Urges Congress to consent to the Southern Dairy Compact.
HCR17Purgason, ChuckHCR 17
 1466L.01I - Urges the Forest Service to withdraw its proposal to set aside 100,000 acres of national forest for the Indiana bat.
HCR18Barry, JoanHCR 18
 0075L.01I - Encourages state agencies and state-funded institutions to improve access to quality health care for women.
HCR19Burton, GaryHCR 19
 1533L.01I - Urges the political subdivisions of this state to suspend imposition of the gross receipts tax on natural gas sales until the current natural gas price crisis is over.
HJR14Kelly, GlendaTroupe, CharlesHJR 14
 1557L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to dedicate tobacco settlement money to the Children's Investment Fund.
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