94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 08, 2007

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB14Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 14
 0014L.05T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes
HB15Icet, AllenHB 15
 0015L.01T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Social Services
HB28Cunningham, JaneHCS#2 HB 28
 0388L.03T - Allows common carriers of household goods to request rate adjustments from the Highways and Transportation Commission and repeals the exemption for household carriers under Chapter 390, RSMo
HB29Cunningham, JaneHB 29
 0412L.01I - Changes the terms of service for members of the governing council of the St. Louis Special School District
HB33Cunningham, JaneHB 33
 0411L.01I - Requires governing boards at public colleges and universities, community college districts, and school districts to take roll-call votes on school policy matters
HB35Cunningham, JaneHB 35
 0414L.01I - Requires school districts to allow parents the opportunity to withhold permission for a child to join school-sponsored clubs or participate in extracurricular activities
HB36Cunningham, JaneHB 36
 0379L.01I - Changes from two to five years the cycle for determining the assessed valuation of real property for the purpose of real property taxation and limits assessment increases
HB38Cunningham, JaneHB 38
 0409L.01I - Establishes procedures for the evaluation of credits for students transferring into an accredited public school district from an unaccredited public or nonpublic school or home school
HB42Portwood, CharlesSCS HB 42
 0488S.03C - Repeals the requirements that the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners establish the Bertillon system of identification of criminals and employ assistance to conduct and manage the department
HB46Viebrock, JamesStevenson, BryanHB 46
 0406L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the impoundment of an animal suspected of being neglected or abused
HB60Ruestman, MarilynWood, DennisHB 60
 0343L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the defensive use of force
HB70Day, DavidPearce, DavidHB 70
 0073L.01P - Exempts high school students transferring into the state from the requirement to pass certain government and constitution courses if they document that they completed the requirement in another state
HB75Sutherland, MikeHB 75
 0564L.01T - Authorizes the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to enter into agreements with private, not-for-profit organizations to provide services for state parks
HB110Flook, TimPage, SamHB 110
 0417L.01I - Imposes a surcharge on moving traffic violations and creates the School Bus Safety Assistance Fund to assist schools in obtaining buses with seat belts
HB117Wasson, JayHB 117
 0700L.01I - Authorizes the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects to impose civil penalties upon persons practicing these professions without a license
HB127Cooper, ShannonHB 127
 0723L.01I - Authorizes an exemption from sales tax for purchases made for fulfilling United States government contracts
HB129Cooper, ShannonHB 129
 0725L.01I - Changes the way corporate net operating losses are calculated and removes the restriction for specific depreciation deductions
HB173Cooper, NathanHB 173
 0772L.01I - Authorizes an income tax exemption for military retirement benefits
HB181Sander, ThereseWalton, JuanitaHCS HB 181
 0390L.03T - Requires the captioning of electronic video instructional materials
HB189Jones, KennySchad, RodneyHCS HB 189 & 60
 0562L.02P - Creates a presumption in certain circumstances that a person using deadly force has a reasonable fear of death or harm and allows that person immunity in certain circumstances for use of defensive force
HB196Dusenberg, GaryDay, DavidHB 196
 0760L.01I - Allows school boards to commission certified law enforcement officers to stop, detain, and arrest persons for local violations and certain crimes committed on school premises, at school activities, or on buses
HB197Threlkeld, KevinHB 197
 0910L.01I - Specifies that the court, and not the garnishee, will be responsible for determining whether a debtor is the head of a family and a resident of this state
HB210Robb, EdStorch, RachelHB 210
 0726L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for qualified equity investments and allows the state to recapture credits in certain circumstances
HB244Wells, DonFranz, WardHCS HB 244
 0290L.04C - Designates spotted knapweed and sericea lespedeza as noxious weeds
HB247St. Onge, NealYaeger, PatriciaHB 247
 0179L.01I - Authorizes an exemption from the motor fuel tax for motor fuel used for certain public transportation purposes
HB248St. Onge, NealBivins, WaltHB 248
 0175L.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption on materials used in the construction of highways and other Department of Transportation projects
HB298Cooper, ShannonCooper, RobertSCS HCS HB 298
 1110S.04T - Establishes the Missouri Blasting Safety Act to regulate various blasting and excavation activities
HB300Bruns, MarkHCS HB 300
 1227L.02C - Establishes the Volunteer Firefighter Job Protection Act and changes the laws regarding fire protection
HB308Kraus, WillMuschany, T.HB 308
 0718L.01I - Exempts military retirement benefits from state income tax
HB331Lipke, ScottDusenberg, GaryHCS HB 331
 1044L.05C - Changes the laws regarding the State Highway Patrol
HB333Lipke, ScottPage, SamHB 333
 0852L.02I - Establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances
HB352Hobbs, SteveHubbard, RodneyHB 352
 1007L.02T - Increases bonus points for nonprofit organizations bidding on state contracts and specifies an increase in the per diem awarded to sheltered workshops
HB353Schaaf, RobJetton, RodHB 353
 1169L.01P - Changes the laws regarding fraud and abuse in the Missouri Medicaid Program
HB366Ervin, DougHobbs, SteveHB 366
 1226L.01I - Creates the crime of distribution of a controlled substance near a park
HB368Nolte, JerryRichard, RonHB 368
 0782L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the exemption from sales and use tax for electricity used in manufacturing
HB370Fisher, BarneyStevenson, BryanHB 370
 1097L.01I - Prohibits the state from banning, prohibiting, or otherwise restricting a farmer's or landowner's right to have certain captive-reared gamebirds and waterfowl on their property
HB412Emery, EdErvin, DougHB 412
 0758L.01I - Specifies that pharmacies will be immune from liability for refusal to perform, assist, recommend, refer to, or participate in any act or service in connection with any drug or device that causes an abortion
HB444Jetton, RodBearden, CarlSS#2 SCS HCS HB 444, 217, 225, 239, 243, 297, 402 & 172
 0761S.11T - Authorizes an income tax deduction for Social Security and nonprivate retirement benefits received by the elderly, subject to income limits, and for qualified health insurance premiums
HB446Deeken, BillMcGhee, MikeHB 446
 1112L.01I - Creates the Fund for the Reduction of Alcohol-Related Problems and Underage Drinking to be used for prevention, treatment, and recovery of alcohol-related problems and alcohol-related traffic safety
HB458Sutherland, MikeHunter, SteveHCS HB 458
 1083L.03P - Changes the annual franchise tax rates and income threshold amounts for corporations and the tax credit for financial institutions taxes
HB459Sutherland, MikeQuinn, PaulHCS HB 459
 0709L.02T - Requires land transfers by entities within a county to be filed with the county assessor
HB461Cooper, RobertMoore, DanieHCS HB 461
 1134L.03T - Changes the laws regarding the State Water Patrol
HB466Schaaf, RobDenison, CharlieHCS HB 466
 0553L.02C - Limits the Certificate of Need Program to long-term care facilities
HB469Wallace, MaynardWilson, KevinSCS HCS HB 469
 0861S.05C - Changes the laws regarding school safety and liability
HB477Dethrow, MikeSelf, TomHB 477
 1092L.01I - Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for fencing materials used for agricultural purposes
HB494McGhee, MikeSater, DavidHB 494
 0472L.01I - Prohibits a municipality from requiring an owner of a premises to pay delinquent utility bills for his or her occupants
HB495McGhee, MikeWhorton, JimHB 495
 0473L.01I - Establishes the Missouri State Park Board which is responsible for the Historical Marker Program
HB544Threlkeld, KevinTilley, StevenHB 544
 1365L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Pharmacy Benefits Managers' Fair Trade Practice Act which specifies guidelines for pharmacy benefit managers conducting business in Missouri
HB545Wasson, JayTilley, StevenHCS HB 545 & 590
 1577L.03P - Changes the laws regarding the licensing of pharmacists
HB587Tilley, StevenHCS HB 587
 0911L.10C - Specifies that no law or ordinance can prohibit persons from reselling or offering to resell admission tickets over the Internet if the web site's operator guarantees a full refund under certain circumstances
HB617Davis, CynthiaRuestman, MarilynHB 617
 0899L.02I - Prohibits a minor from self-consenting for a prescription for a contraceptive drug or device unless a petition is granted from a juvenile court
HB618Davis, CynthiaCooper, RobertHB 618
 1765L.01I - Changes the laws regarding Missouri's Good Samaritan Law by granting civil immunity to a person providing services at a free health clinic if they are within the provider's medical field
HB630Schlottach, CharlesWeter, RayHCS HB 630
 1632L.02C - Establishes the Qualified Beef Tax Credit Act which authorizes a tax credit for the sale of certain qualifying beef cattle
HB636Day, DavidJetton, RodHCS HB 636, 308 & 173
 1482L.03P - Authorizes an income tax credit for military retirement benefits
HB643Dethrow, MikeSelf, TomHB 643
 1155L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the firearms safety training requirement for obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon
HB656Wasson, JayHB 656
 0665L.01I - Changes the membership of the Advisory Commission for Physical Therapists
HB665Ervin, DougFlook, TimSS HB 665
 1441S.04F - Authorizes counties to preserve electronic images of original cancelled checks instead of the actual check
HB675Kraus, WillYates, BrianHB 675
 1894L.01I - Authorizes an individual income tax credit for military retirement benefits
HB676Grisamore, JeffYates, BrianHB 676
 1550L.01I - Requires the Children's Division to develop rules to modify the income eligibility criteria for any person receiving state-funded child care assistance
HB679Baker, BrianScavuzzo, LukeHCS HB 679
 1685L.03C - Requires the Missouri Public Service Commission to consider existing planning and zoning plans and building codes and hold a public hearing before approving the location of a proposed electric plant
HB691Harris, BelindaCooper, RobertHB 691
 1780L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Services Program and the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Public Awareness Program
HB692Harris, BelindaYaeger, PatriciaHB 692
 1458L.01I - Requires that all state service contracts awarded after August 28, 2007, must include specifications that employees of contractors or subcontractors be citizens of the United States
HB693Quinn, JohnJetton, RodHCS HB 693
 1759L.04P - Establishes the Large Animal Veterinary Student Loan Program and changes the laws regarding the Large Animal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
HB694Quinn, JohnJetton, RodHB 694
 1446L.01I - Makes eligibility for a driver's license for persons between the ages of 15 and 18 contingent upon documentation that the applicant has complied with school district standards for eligibility
HB698Walton, JuanitaWalsh, GinaHCS HB 698
 1705L.03C - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to recalculate the state school aid for the Riverview Gardens School District to correct an error
HB708Guest, JimKingery, GayleHB 708
 1689L.01I - Requires a driver's license applicant under 18 years of age to show documentation that he or she is enrolled in school, has at least a 90% attendance rate, and a minimum grade point average of at least 1.75
HB709Dethrow, MikeKuessner, J CHCS HB 709
 1871L.04C - Adds qualified bio-mass to Missouri agricultural products used in the production of fuel ethanol for eligibility for a grant from the Department of Agriculture
HB716Davis, CynthiaDempsey, TomHCS HB 716
 1824L.02C - Changes the laws regarding sexual education instruction in public schools and establishes public awareness and services for alternatives to abortion programs
HB718Pearce, DavidJohnson, ConnieHB 718
 1757L.01I - Requires public school students enrolled in kindergarten or first grade to receive a comprehensive vision examination
HB761Cooper, NathanAvery, JimHB 761
 1696L.01I - Exempts any active duty military personnel from the requirement to complete a hunter safety course before obtaining a hunting permit or license
HB768Faith, SallyFunderburk, DougHCS HB 768
 1489L.02C - Authorizes a sales tax exemption on materials purchased for highway projects; a motor fuel tax exemption for transporting students; and a motor fuel tax exemption for public mass transportation services
HB769Bruns, MarkCooper, NathanHCS HB 769
 1366L.03C - Provides protections for vulnerable adults and children and transfers the Division of Aging from the Department of Social Services to the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB770Cox, StanleyHB 770
 1977L.01I - Allows sheriffs and jailers to refuse receipt of a prisoner until the arresting entity has had the prisoner examined by a physician
HB771Bearden, CarlRobb, EdHCS HB 771
 1936L.02C - Establishes the Superintendent Targeted Achievement Record (STAR) Program and requires the total compensation package of school administrators to be reported and made available to the public
HB772Roorda, JeffBruns, MarkHB 772
 1978L.01I - Adds n-acetylpseudoephedrine acetate to the list of Schedule V controlled substances
HB773Dusenberg, GaryRoorda, JeffHB 773
 1918L.01I - Allows certain paid police officers of a paid police department to be eligible for workers' compensation benefits for an injury due to psychological stress
HB774Jones, TimothyJetton, RodHCS HB 774
 1699L.02P - Protects individuals and media entities from being required to disclose news sources or certain information
HB775Wasson, JayHB 775
 2103L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide the employee disqualification list to nursing or medical schools to check it against students participating in patient care services
HB776Wasson, JayHB 776
 1819L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of mixed martial arts, full contact karate, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling
HB777Wasson, JayHB 777
 2030L.01I - Requires an endowed care cemetery to file an annual report when renewing its license and expands the definition of "funeral establishment" to include crematory
HB778Wasson, JayHB 778
 2032L.01I - Changes the reciprocity provision regarding professional counselors
HB779Wasson, JayHB 779
 2033L.01I - Changes the reciprocity provision regarding marital and family therapists
HB780Wasson, JayCCS SS SCS HCS HB 780
 2034L.10T - Changes the laws regarding the licensure of certain professionals in the Division of Professional Registration within the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional Registration
HB781Bivins, WaltSater, DavidHB 781
 1812L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Environmental Covenants Law which allows for the removal of a site from the registry of hazardous waste sites under certain conditions
HB782Bivins, WaltSater, DavidHB 782
 1884L.01I - Changes the required time frame in which the Air Conservation Commission must establish air pollution emission fees
HB783Lampe, SaraWildberger, EdHB 783
 1745L.01I - Repeals the current requirement for the Director of the Department of Transportation to give an annual address to the General Assembly
HB784Cooper, ShannonHB 784
 2097L.01I - Limits restrictions on making contributions in support of bond elections to financial contributions only
HB785Low, BethTalboy, MikeHB 785
 0210L.01I - Requires window stickers instead of license plate tabs to show current motor vehicle registration
HB786Oxford, Jeanette MottMcClanahan, RebeccaHB 786
 1390L.01I - Requires the development of caseload standards for the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Mental Health
HB787Oxford, Jeanette MottLampe, SaraHB 787
 1389L.01I - Establishes lower permissible and desirable class sizes than currently exist in administrative rules for St. Louis School District and districts in St. Louis County
HB788Cooper, RobertRuestman, MarilynHCS HB 788
 1823L.02C - Changes the laws regarding public health emergency preparedness
HB789Wilson, KevinSater, DavidHB 789
 1816L.01I - Establishes the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
HB790Wilson, KevinSater, DavidHB 790
 1817L.02I - Revises the filing fees paid by certain insurance organizations to cover the administrative expenses of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional Registration
HB791Wilson, KevinSater, DavidSCS HB 791
 1506S.03T - Requires health carriers to provide a report of the total dollar amount and the total number of claims paid under the plan for the previous three-year period upon the employer's request
HB792Wilson, KevinMoore, DanieHB 792
 1447L.01I - Transfers the State Emergency Management Agency from the Office of the Adjutant General to the Department of Public Safety
HB793Faith, SallyNance, BobHB 793
 0607L.01I - Requires every applicant for a motorcycle license or endorsement to show the successful completion of an approved motorcycle rider training course
HB794Sutherland, MikeHB 794
 1991L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of manufactured homes by the Missouri Public Service Commission
HB795Flook, TimSCS HCS HB 795
 1464S.06T - Changes the laws regarding sales and transient guest taxes; theater, cultural arts, and entertainment districts; municipal code violations in Kansas City; and certain directors of public water supply districts
HB796Dethrow, MikeWilson, LarryHCS HB 796
 1855L.02P - Exempts any permanently disabled person 65 years of age or older from the physician's statement requirement when renewing disabled license plates or placards
HB797Darrough, BruceCorcoran, MichaelHB 797
 1629L.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing and establishes tax rates for redevelopment projects
HB798Darrough, BruceCorcoran, MichaelHB 798
 1663L.01I - Allows each public school district to determine whether a dress code for pupils is appropriate
HB799Low, BethWildberger, EdHB 799
 0577L.01I - Requires hospitals to compile and post daily staffing information in patient care areas of each unit of the hospital
HB800McGhee, MikeDeeken, BillHB 800
 1666L.01I - Authorizes corporations or unincorporated associations to prosecute their claims and defenses without the assistance of an attorney
HB801Kraus, WillEmery, EdHB 801
 1988L.01P - Removes the expiration date for the provision restricting political subdivisions from providing certain telecommunication services or facilities
HB802Page, SamYoung, TerryHCS HB 802
 2005L.07C - Adds the inoculation for human papilloma virus to the list of required immunizations for school attendance
HB803Portwood, CharlesThrelkeld, KevinHB 803
 1852L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for donations to the Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocates Association
HB804Grisamore, JeffErvin, DougHB 804
 1962L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the small business investment tax credit
HB805Grisamore, JeffYates, BrianHB 805
 1961L.01I - Allows the Missouri Technology Corporation to authorize tax credits to certain taxpayers who contribute venture capital to a qualifying company
HB806Pratt, BryanYoung, TerryHB 806
 1731L.01I - Repeals the law currently prohibiting Kansas City police officers from participating in certain political activities
HB807Cunningham, JaneSchaaf, RobHCS HB 807 & 690
 1866L.05C - Allows public school students to choose to attend a public school district other than the school district of his or her residence
HB808Bearden, CarlHubbard, RodneyHB 808
 0856L.01I - Establishes the Betty L. Thompson Scholarship Program
HB809Cox, StanleyHB 809
 1943L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Housing Development Commission and the Housing Development Fund by repealing Sections 215.033 and 215.050, RSMo
HB810Nasheed, JamilahHB 810
 1847L.03I - Allows a customer receiving electrical service regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission to receive a credit for a power outage lasting 48 hours or more
HB811Schad, RodneyScharnhorst, DwightHCS HB 811
 1931L.05C - Allows an electric utility to trim, remove, or control trees that threaten the safe and reliable operation of electrical service
HB812Storch, RachelDeeken, BillHB 812
 0941L.01I - Increases the penalty for knowingly signing another person's name on an initiative petition
HB813Baker, BrianJetton, RodHB 813
 1965L.01I - Allows the president or chancellor of a state higher education institution to revoke the tenure and discharge a faculty member who receives two negative peer reviews
HB814Smith, JoeStream, RickHB 814
 1982L.01I - Changes the laws regarding underage drinking
HB815Meadows, TimMcClanahan, RebeccaHB 815
 1933L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the licensure of nurses
HB816Funderburk, DougSmith, JoeHB 816
 1901L.01I - Authorizes an income tax dependency exemption for stillborn children
HB817Davis, CynthiaFunderburk, DougHB 817
 1886L.02I - Establishes the Uninsured Patients Protection Act which prohibits hospitals from charging a patient who is not eligible for assistance and is uninsured more than the federal Medicare reimbursement rate
HB818Ervin, DougWilson, KevinSS#2 SCS HCS HB 818
 1261S.22T - Establishes the Missouri Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and changes the laws regarding the Missouri Health Insurance Pool and health care insurance
HB819Lowe, JeneeTalboy, MikeHB 819
 1321L.01I - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
HB820Moore, DanieSander, ThereseSS HCS HB 820
 2003S.03T - Requires the Director of the Department of Corrections to select a death penalty execution team
HB821Onder, BobDempsey, TomHB 821
 1739L.01I - Establishes the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act relating to the capacity of an unborn child to experience pain during an abortion
HB822Jones, KennyHB 822
 2087L.01I - Changes the laws regarding when a lienholder must release a lien after it has been satisfied
HB823Zweifel, CharlesQuinn, PaulHB 823
 1906L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the circuit breaker tax credit, provides a tax credit for earned income, and exempts Social Security benefits from taxation for certain senior citizens
HB824Muschany, T.Cunningham, JaneHB 824
 1930L.01I - Changes the laws regarding school emergency procedures
HB825Meadows, TimHarris, JeffHB 825
 1820L.02I - Changes the laws regarding preneed funeral contracts
HB826Flook, TimHB 826
 2062L.01I - Increases certain court reporter fees and copy fees
HCR6Bruns, MarkFisher, BarneyHCR 6
 0897L.01I - Recognizes April 27th each year as "Autism Awareness Day" and the month of April each year as "Autism Awareness Month" in Missouri
HCR8Loehner, TomDay, DavidHCR 8
 0455L.01I - Expresses the support of the General Assembly for the installation of a ferryboat on the Missouri River at Chamois.
HCR9Zweifel, CharlesCorcoran, MichaelHCR 9
 1268L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to immediately repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision of the Social Security Act
HCR10Zweifel, CharlesDarrough, BruceHCR 10
 1267L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to adopt a comprehensive federal law that protects consumer information from data thieves
HCR12Walton, JuanitaHCR 12
 1283L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to intervene to ensure the productive potential of the automobile industry
HCR15Threlkeld, KevinPage, SamSCS HCR15
 1608S.02C - Recognizes November 2007 as "COPD Awareness Month" and November 21, 2007, as "COPD Awareness Day" in Missouri
HCR17Fisher, BarneyStevenson, BryanHCR 17
 1582L.01I - Recognizes the I-49 Coalition as the official organization for the project to upgrade U.S. Highway 71 to interstate standards
HCR20Guest, JimJetton, RodSCS HCR 20
 1878S.04C - Prohibits the state implementation of the federal REAL ID Act of 2005 which requires uniform driver's licenses or state identification cards
HCR25Yates, BrianGrisamore, JeffHCR 25
 2094L.01I - Urges the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to withdraw a portion of its proposed rules that would change the status of Truman Medical Center as a government owned or operated hospital
HCR26El-Amin, TalibdinJetton, RodHCS HCR 26
 1438L.04C - Issues an official apology for Missouri's role in slavery
HJR1Cunningham, JaneRuestman, MarilynSCS HCS HJR 1
 0416S.05C - Proposes a constitutional amendment restricting state court jurisdiction in the areas of taxing, spending, and budgeting
HJR4Kuessner, J CBaker, JudyHJR 4
 0457L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring at least 60% of voters to approve amendments to the Missouri Constitution
HJR5Kuessner, J CRoorda, JeffHJR 5
 0456L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the percentage of voters required for initiative petitions
HJR6Bruns, MarkFisher, BarneyHJR 6
 0797L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation the personal property of active duty military personnel
HJR8Davis, CynthiaStevenson, BryanHJR 8
 0449L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting an increase in real property taxes above the previous year's federal Consumer Price Index increase
HJR12Emery, EdFisher, BarneyHJR 12
 0756L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring all impeachments to be tried by the Senate
HJR18Davis, CynthiaJones, TimothyHJR 18
 1573L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds majority vote for future constitutional amendments and modifies the process for accepting and enacting constitutional amendments
HJR19Bearden, CarlJetton, RodHJR 19
 1934L.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's First Amendment right to pray on public property and reaffirming a citizen's right to choose any or no religion
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