95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 08, 2010

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1311Scharnhorst, DwightGrisamore, JeffCCS SCS HCS HB 1311 & 1341
 3679S.07T - Establishes provisions regarding health insurance coverage for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and the licensure of behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts
HB1377Brandom, EllenKingery, GayleHCS HB 1377
 3936L.05P - Requires all state elected officials and certain recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits to be tested for the illegal use of controlled substances
HB1497Smith, JasonTilley, StevenHCS HB 1497
 4103L.03P - Requires special elections to fill vacancies in the offices of Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, and United States Senator
HB1540Lipke, ScottHCS HB 1540
 4191L.06T - Requires judicial procedures for an infraction to be the same as for a misdemeanor and requires motorists to obey reasonable signals and directions given by law enforcement in the enforcement of infractions
HB1543Wallace, MaynardFisher, BarneyCCS SS#2 SCS HCS#2 HB 1543
 3136L.10T - Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, reporting acts of violence, and school funding
HB1544Fisher, BarneySCS HCS HB 1544
 4246S.04T - Extends the state's eligibility to receive federal extended unemployment benefit money to provide unemployed individuals compensation beyond the current unemployment benefit period
HB1559Brown, JasonHB 1559
 3507L.01T - Changes the dates for submitting an annual status report and an independent audit to the consolidated library district, county commission, and the Missouri State Library
HB1675Nolte, JerryNance, BobSCS HCS HB 1675
 4083S.05C - Establishes the Manufacturing Jobs Act which provides incentives for qualified suppliers or manufacturing facilities that create or retain Missouri jobs
HB1684Zerr, AnneFlook, TimHCS HB 1684
 4256L.03C - Changes the laws regarding economic development
HB1990Wells, DonWasson, JayHB 1990
 4608L.01P - Allows a licensing exemption for certain nurses and requires an employer of nurses to verify the licensure status of applicants for nursing positions and at the time of the nurse's license renewal
HB1991Schlottach, CharlesHB 1991
 4819L.01I - Specifies that the emergency services board of each county is a body corporate and a political subdivision of the state and will be responsible for the duties assigned to the county's governing body
HB1992Black, LindaJones, KennyHB 1992
 4589L.01I - Creates the Law Enforcement Safety Fund and authorizes a $7 surcharge in certain criminal cases to fund a contribution system for certain law enforcement employees
HB1993Diehl, JohnHB 1993
 4838L.01I - Exempts certain intangible property due or owed by a business association from the provisions relating to unclaimed property and the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
HB1994Zerr, AnneMeadows, TimHCS HB 1994
 4762L.02P - Changes the laws regarding excursion gambling boats
HB1995Loehner, TomSchlottach, CharlesHB 1995
 3908L.03I - Requires an electrical corporation to pay a surcharge of one-tenth of one cent per kilowatt hour on all nuclear energy produced in the state and sold out of its service territory
HB1996Flanigan, TomTalboy, MikeHB 1996
 4594L.01I - Requires a nonresident motorist operating a vehicle within the state to maintain financial responsibility that meets the requirements of his or her state
HB1997Wasson, JayHB 1997
 4730L.01I - Exempts certain wholesale drug distributors from licensure
HB1998Yaeger, PatriciaDougherty, CurtHB 1998
 4440L.01I - Repeals the provisions regarding the registration of interior designers and the Interior Design Council in the Division of Professional Registration
HB1999Pratt, BryanDeeken, BillHB 1999
 3892L.01I - Specifies that if Missouri loses a Congressional district following the 2010 redistricting, the ninth member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators will be a student curator with voting right
HB2000Pratt, BryanHB 2000
 3875L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB2026Hobbs, SteveKelly, ChrisHCS HB 2026
 4908L.02C - Changes the laws regarding enhanced enterprise zones
HB2027Diehl, JohnHB 2027
 4512L.01I - Changes the requirements concerning when funds can be released from accounts under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
HB2028Diehl, JohnHB 2028
 4513L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
HB2029Diehl, JohnHB 2029
 4663L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the filing of certain land surveys with the county recorder of deeds
HB2030Diehl, JohnHB 2030
 4343L.02I - Specifies that no person will qualify as a candidate for any elective public office who has been convicted of, found guilty of, or pled guilty to certain crimes
HB2031Diehl, JohnHB 2031
 4583L.01I - Authorizes metropolitan sewer districts to enter into design-build contracts for construction projects exceeding $1 million
HB2032Wasson, JayLow, BethHB 2032
 3663L.01I - Prohibits gubernatorial appointees from holding office in or contributing to political parties or organizations and from taking part in any political campaign during their term of office
HB2033Diehl, JohnHB 2033
 4342L.02I - Prohibits a political subdivision from requiring any party to file a certificate of value at the time of the sale or conveyance of real property
HB2034Oxford, Jeanette MottAtkins, BertHB 2034
 3488L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri individual income tax
HB2035Weter, RaySater, DavidHB 2035
 4620L.01I - Establishes requirements for any person practicing as a surgical technologist
HB2036Lampe, SaraNewman, StaceyHB 2036
 4614L.02I - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools
HB2037Bringer, RachelHB 2037
 4947L.01I - Creates the crime of obstruction of justice
HB2038Schoeller, ShaneDenison, CharlieHB 2038
 4496L.01I - Limits the liability of any entity in cases of personal injury or death arising from or related to the geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide or other specified gases in Greene County
HB2039Kraus, WillDusenberg, GaryHB 2039
 4761L.02I - Changes the laws regarding ethics, lobbying, and campaign contributions
HB2040Munzlinger, BrianSutherland, MikeHB 2040
 4304L.02I - Clarifies that certain purchases made for resale are not to be considered sales at retail for sales and use tax purposes when the subsequent sale meets certain specified requirements
HB2041Zimmerman, JakeNasheed, JamilahHB 2041
 4565L.01I - Requires a landlord to supply a tenant with copies of utility bills or a written statement of the average monthly utility bill for the previous 12 months when entering into a lease, unless waived
HB2042Brown, JasonHCS HB 2042
 4699L.05C - Changes the laws regarding off-highway vehicles
HB2043Brown, JasonHCS HB 2043
 4918L.02P - Requires a person applying for an original certificate of ownership for an all-terrain or off-highway vehicle to submit an affidavit explaining how it was acquired and a copy of the bill of sale
HB2044Frame, MichaelCasey, RonHB 2044
 3927L.01I - Establishes the Manufacturing Incubators Act
HB2045Frame, MichaelSkaggs, TrentHB 2045
 3921L.01I - Authorizes a state and local sales and use tax exemption for new vehicles assembled and sold in Missouri on or after January 1, 2011, including motorcycles and boats
HB2046Jones, TimothyColona, MikeHB 2046
 4487L.01I - Requires certain court records regarding dissolutions of marriage to be subject to inspection by certain individuals
HB2047Jones, TimothyFunderburk, DougHB 2047
 4807L.02I - Requires the Board of Trustees of the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund to create, fund, and maintain an underground storage tank operator training program
HB2048Sutherland, MikeMunzlinger, BrianSCS HCS HB 2048
 4879S.06C - Changes the laws regarding sales tax collections
HB2049Smith, JoeHB 2049
 4941L.01I - Allows public employees serving in the National Guard or any reserve component of the U.S. military the option to use any combination of annual leave, compensatory time, military leave, and unpaid leave
HB2050Roorda, JeffNolte, JerryHB 2050
 4897L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the designation of controlled substances
HB2051Deeken, BillCooper, RobertHB 2051
 4940L.01I - Authorizes physicians to prescribe, administer, and dispense long-term antibiotic therapy for the treatment of Master's Disease or a tick-borne infection
HB2052Wallace, MaynardCox, StanleyHB 2052
 4914L.01I - Increases the overall appropriation amount for small school grants from $15 million to $20 million with $15 million being distributed to eligible districts in proportion to their average daily attendance
HB2053Wallace, MaynardFisher, BarneyHCS HB 2053
 3138L.03C - Changes the laws regarding the school budgeting and planning process
HB2054Meiners, KateNorr, CharlieHB 2054
 4782L.01I - Extends the income tax credit for donations to food pantries from August 28, 2011, until August 28, 2023
HB2055Silvey, RyanNolte, JerryHB 2055
 4486L.01I - Prohibits a person younger than 21 years of age, except an underage entertainer, from being allowed inside a drinking establishment
HB2056Diehl, JohnHB 2056
 4974L.01T - Requires a lien on real estate that is obtained based on a judgment or order for unpaid child support or maintenance to state only the last four digits of the obligor's Social Security number
HB2057Stream, RickHB 2057
 4971L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the authority of the MO HealthNet Division to collect payments from third-party payers
HB2058Diehl, JohnSS SCS HCS HB 2058
 4976S.14T - Establishes procedures for asserting a mechanic's lien against certain residential real property
HB2059Fisher, BarneyMunzlinger, BrianHCS HB 2059
 4750L.04C - Changes the laws regarding workers' compensation and the Second Injury Fund
HB2060Molendorp, ChrisHB 2060
 4642L.01I - Establishes the Fairness for Responsible Drivers Act which waives an uninsured motorist's right to recovery for noneconomic losses against a driver who complies with the financial responsibility law
HB2061Lampe, SaraNewman, StaceyHB 2061
 4372L.01I - Prohibits all drivers, regardless of age, from text messaging while operating a moving vehicle and prohibits persons younger than 18 years of age from using a wireless communications device while driving
HB2062Lampe, SaraMcNeil, MargoHB 2062
 3697L.01I - Prohibits elected officials of the state or any political subdivision from registering or acting as lobbyists within two years after leaving office
HB2063Kraus, WillHB 2063
 4756L.01I - Requires certain persons or affiliated industries who own, transport, or store propane, liquified petroleum gas, or compressed natural gas to report any accident to the Missouri Propane Gas Commission
HB2064Morris, JamesRoorda, JeffHB 2064
 3873L.01I - Creates the Reverend Nathaniel Cole Memorial Pursuit Reduction Grant to provide grants to urban police departments for the purchase of real-time pursuit management systems
HB2065Morris, JamesWebb, SteveHB 2065
 3874L.01I - Establishes the Prostate Cancer Pilot Program to fund screening and treatment services for prostate cancer for certain uninsured or economically challenged men
HB2066Morris, JamesWebb, SteveHB 2066
 4536L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Clean Energy Technology Center
HB2067Morris, JamesPace, SharonHB 2067
 4538L.01I - Requires each public school district, charter school, private school, and parochial school to report the number and age of each student enrolled and the number of students in each grade
HB2068Morris, JamesJones, TishauraHB 2068
 4537L.01I - Prohibits public utilities from requiring a deposit from certain delinquent customers
HB2069Morris, JamesNasheed, JamilahHB 2069
 4539L.01I - Authorizes the City of St. Louis to establish a semi-annual fee by ordinance of up to $600 to owners of certain residential or commercial structures that have been vacant for at least six months
HB2070Kelly, ChrisCCS HCS HB 2070
 4962L.05T - Changes the laws regarding joint central fire and emergency dispatching services taxes
HB2071Hummel, JacobCarter, ChrisHB 2071
 4446L.01I - Changes the interest rate charged for delinquent property taxes in the City of St. Louis
HB2072Ervin, DougKoenig, AndrewHB 2072
 4673L.02I - Establishes the criteria of health carrier programs that publicly assess and compare the quality and cost efficiency of health care providers
HB2073Faith, SallyDenison, CharlieHB 2073
 4500L.01I - Establishes special requirements for the formation of a transportation development district to operate a public mass transportation system
HB2074Munzlinger, BrianPratt, BryanHB 2074
 4903L.01I - Establishes the National Hunting and Fishing Day Sales Tax Holiday Act which authorizes an annual state sales and use tax holiday on purchases of certain hunting and fishing equipment
HB2075Webber, StephenHummel, JacobHB 2075
 3781L.01I - Requires Missouri state employees to be compensated an amount equal to the difference between their military compensation and their state salary when their military leave of absence exceeds 120 hours
HB2076Parson, MikeFisher, BarneyHB 2076
 4902L.01I - Changes the laws regarding concealed carry endorsements
HCR51Lampe, SaraHarris, BelindaHCR 51
 3700L.01I - Requests the Missouri Congressional delegation to oppose the reauthorization of the federal No Child Left Behind Act
HCR52Walton Gray, RochelleFunderburk, DougHCR 52
 4777L.01I - Designates the week of May 9 - 15, 2010, as "Sickle Cell Awareness Week" in the State of Missouri
HCR53Walton Gray, RochellePace, SharonHCR 53
 4778L.01I - Designates December 4, 2010, as "Dr Charles Drew Recognition Day" in Missouri
HJR92Munzlinger, BrianFisher, BarneyHJR 92
 4909L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the minimum legal voter signature requirement for placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot through the initiative petition process
HJR93Nieves, BrianSmith, JasonHJR 93
 4369L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment declaring that all persons have a natural right to economic freedom
HJR94Dethrow, MikeFisher, BarneyHCS HJR 94
 4948L.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the minimum legal voter signature requirement for placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot through the initiative petition process
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