91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 13, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1066Bray, JoanKreider, JimHB 1066
 2911L.01I - Establishes guidelines for student publications, liability for school districts, and requires faculty advisors to supervise publication.
HB1086Harlan, TimothyHB 1086
 3230S.01T - Requires personal information related to accounts established within Missouri higher education savings account program to be confidential.
HB1115Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 1115
 3015S.03T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for state government, and for the payment of various claims for refunds, and for other purposes, and to transfer money among certain funds.
HB1131Hosmer, WilliamWilliams, DeletaHB 1131
 2724L.01I - Requires Coordinating Board for Higher Education to promote and catalogue service learning opportunities available in state institutions of higher education.
HB1134Relford, RandallSeigfreid, JamesHCS HB 1134, 1100 & 1559
 2694L.02P - Revises definitions for forestry and application process to designate land as forest croplands, and creates a forest landowner cost-share incentive program.
HB1150Bray, JoanSS SCS HCS HB 1150, 1237 & 1327
 2610S.09T - Authorizes state tax amnesty program, adopts Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administrative Act, and revises law on property tax.
HB1161Reinhart, GeralynHoppe, ThomasHB 1161
 2851L.01I - Creates crime of enticement of a child.
HB1194Gambaro, DerioHB 1194
 3121L.01P - Relating to liens on real property by political subdivisions for abatement of dangerous buildings.
HB1195Selby, HaroldWard, DanielHB 1195
 3243L.01I - Allows adopted adults to have access to their original birth certificates without a court order.
HB1202Smith, PhilipHCS HB 1202
 3281L.02P - Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers.
HB1209Villa, ThomasHB 1209
 3104L.01I - Changes vacation, holiday, and off-duty time for certain police officers.
HB1223Shields, CharlesHB 1223
 3287L.01I - Changes age of eligibility for retirement in the Missouri State Employees Retirement System.
HB1225Jolly, CathyHosmer, WilliamHB 1225
 3114L.01I - Makes certain crimes dangerous felonies.
HB1227Willoughby, PhillipJolly, CathyHB 1227
 2921L.03I - Creates the crime of enticement of a child.
HB1256Smith, PhilipHB 1256
 3475L.01I - Creates the crime of child luring.
HB1312Jolly, CathyHosmer, WilliamHB 1312
 2922L.02I - Allows enhanced punishment for sexual misconduct when offender has prior conviction in another state.
HB1321Selby, HaroldScott, DelbertHCS HB 1321 & 1491
 2612L.02C - Revises the Public Service Officer's or Employee's Child Survivor Grant Program and the Minority Teaching Scholarship Program.
HB1329Jolly, CathyHarding, MargaretHB 1329
 2923L.01I - Revises law on child victims of sex offenses.
HB1337Troupe, CharlesHB 1337
 3429L.01I - Regulates check cashing businesses.
HB1342Farnen, TheodoreHB 1342
 2912L.02T - Provides for county political party committee membership when only one candidate files.
HB1350Liese, ChrisHB 1350
 3373L.01P - Establishes procedures for appointing boards of directors in community improvement districts.
HB1351Troupe, CharlesHB 1351
 3445L.01I - Increases the number of minority teaching scholarships to be made available, and increases the amount of the scholarship for certain teachers.
HB1375Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1375
 3254L.01T - Increases permissible mortgage insurance amounts.
HB1381Luetkenhaus, WilliamSCS HB 1381
 3559S.04T - Allows insurance policies to be in languages other than English.
HB1393Whorton, JimColeman, MaidaHB 1393
 2553L.01I - Requires county assessors to be minimally certified as state licensed appraisers.
HB1398Ward, DanielSelby, HaroldHCS HB 1398
 3700L.04T - Allows relatives of deceased veterans of World War II to apply for World War II medals and extends the application date to 2003.
HB1403Green, TimSt. Onge, NealSS SCS HCS HB 1403
 3503S.06T - Regulates retainage clauses in construction contracts.
HB1406Barnett, MyronSCS HB 1406
 3380L.03T - Creates new requirements for board of regents of Northwest Missouri State University.
HB1421McKenna, RyanAbel, MarkHB 1421
 3557L.01P - Excludes capital appropriations from annual appropriations for community college district maintenance funds.
HB1425Smith, PhilipSCS HCS HB 1425
 3810S.05C - Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information.
HB1426Davis, DahlmanHB 1426
 3639L.01I - Removes the current 50-year age requirement for certain public retirement systems.
HB1430Burton, GaryHB 1430
 3724L.01I - Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is eluding if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony.
HB1432Foley, JamesHanaway, CatherineHB 1432
 3532L.01P - Permits charter counties to establish an emergency communications system commission.
HB1433Monaco, RalphKelly, GaryHB 1433
 2841L.01I - Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is fleeing if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony.
HB1435Crawford, LarryMoore, DanieHB 1435
 3672L.01I - Permits sheriffs to issue permits to carry concealed weapons and establishes the application process.
HB1439Myers, PeterBehnen, RobertHB 1439
 3184L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for investments in certain eligible new generation cooperatives.
HB1445Smith, PhilipHCS HB 1445
 3733L.03C - Exempts security plans for public buildings from the state's sunshine laws.
HB1447Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1447
 3836L.01I - Allows recognizance bonds only when the defendant is a local and has no prior convictions for failure to appear plus specifies when bonds can be forfeited and remitted to the surety.
HB1451Kreider, JimCrump, WayneHCS HB 1451
 2736L.04P - Relating to the addition of members of the general assembly to the Missouri board of public buildings.
HB1455O'Toole, JamesSS SCS HS HB 1455
 3641S.09T - Revises laws on public retirement systems.
HB1477Farnen, TheodoreSCS HB 1477
 2767S.02T - Revises Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Act to include public community junior colleges.
HB1482Mays, CarolBurton, GaryHB 1482
 3952L.01I - Authorizes Public Service Commission to direct allocation of certain sums to gas ratepayers.
HB1483Jolly, CathyWilloughby, PhillipHB 1483
 3370L.01I - Adds firefighters to assault of a law enforcement officer in all degrees and revises elements of the offense and some punishment.
HB1490Hosmer, WilliamMarsh, B JHB 1490
 2726L.01I - Revises sentencing provisions.
HB1491Shelton, O.L.Gambaro, DerioHB 1491
 3258L.01I - Expands minority teaching scholarships from one hundred to two hundred dollars; increases the amount from two thousand to three thousand dollars for special education teachers.
HB1492Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 1492
 3793S.03T - Changes disclosure reporting deadlines.
HB1495Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 1495
 3794S.02T - Changes filing requirement exemptions for certain candidates.
HB1498Johnson, RickBritt, PhillipSCS HS HB 1498
 3976S.05C - Makes it a crime to have sexual contact with a resident of a long-term care facility or an inmate.
HB1500Mays, CarolHCS HB 1500
 3867L.07C - Allows telecommunication providers open competition for the business of tenants.
HB1501Boucher, ArthurJolly, CathyHB 1501
 3776L.01I - Sets restrictions for payday loans.
HB1503Liese, ChrisHB 1503
 3770L.02I - Requires cemetery service funds to be deposited in segregated accounts.
HB1522Bearden, CarlLuetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1522
 3753L.01I - Allocates new funds for higher education.
HB1523Kelly, GlendaLowe, JeneeHB 1523
 2855L.01I - Increases the limits for crime victim compensation.
HB1527Graham, CharlesHS HCS HB 1527
 3869L.04P - Requires that one of the voting members of the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri and of the boards of governors of Truman State University and Southwest Missouri State University be a student.
HB1579Kelly, GlendaHB 1579
 2856L.01I - Requires sex offenders to register within 10 days of conviction, release from incarceration, or placement on probation and if not currently registered to register in their county of residence.
HB1588Troupe, CharlesHB 1588
 3436L.01I - Authorizes window decal renewal tabs for motor vehicle registration renewal.
HB1589Crump, WayneKreider, JimHB 1589
 3785L.02I - Authorizes concealed firearms permits.
HB1627Kreider, JimHB 1627
 3966L.01P - Changes building code requirements for counties of the third classification.
HB1648Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1648
 4230L.01I - Establishes the "Challenge Scholarship Program".
HB1672Gambaro, DerioMyers, PeterHB 1672
 4110L.01P - Provides additional guidelines on income taxation of nonresident entertainers and athletes.
HB1676Wagner, HowardLuetkemeyer, WilliamHB 1676
 4052L.01I - Makes various changes to the laws controlling financial institutions.
HB1729Barnitz, FranklinJetton, RodHS HCS HB 1729, 1589 & 1435
 3786L.05P - Authorizes sheriffs to issue permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB1765Bray, JoanHCS HB 1765
 4457L.03P - Enacts the Simplified Sales and Use Tax Act.
HB1773Shelton, O.L.Carnahan, RussSCS HB 1773
 4086S.04T - Revises the salary matrix for police officers in St. Louis City.
HB1890Hilgemann, RobertCooper, ShannonSCS HB 1890
 4382S.02T - Changes procedures for mobile telecommunications services.
HB1891Smith, PhilipHB 1891
 4132L.02I - Limits percentages of local sales taxes that may be imposed.
HB1892Berkstresser, JudyHB 1892
 4266L.01I - Allows for reimbursement of expenses in certain condemnation and inverse condemnation cases.
HB1893Barry, JoanHB 1893
 4628L.01I - Changes the name the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
HB1894Black, LanieMyers, PeterHB 1894
 4602L.01I - Makes various revisions, including a change in name, to the state Highways and Transportation Commission.
HB1895Carnahan, RussMonaco, RalphHB 1895
 4520L.02T - Establishes the Criminal Records and Justice Information Advisory Committee.
HB1896Barry, JoanFraser, BarbaraHB 1896
 4497L.01I - Provides an exemption from sales tax for health and fitness centers.
HB1897Gratz, WilliamKoller, DonHB 1897
 4473L.01I - Provides state employees with additional annual leave and sick leave hours in any fiscal year in which they do not receive a salary adjustment.
HB1898Campbell, MarshaReinhart, GeralynSS SCS HCS HB 1898
 4589S.06F - Imposes a tax on retail pharmacies providing outpatient prescription drugs to provide additional funding for the Medicaid pharmacy program.
HB1899Gratz, WilliamKoller, DonHB 1899
 4648L.01I - Adds Consumer Price Index adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid.
HB1900Scott, DelbertHB 1900
 4578L.01I - Creates the state legal expense fund.
HB1901Hilgemann, RobertCarnahan, RussHB 1901
 3648L.01I - Establishes the "Missouri Paraprofessional-to-Teacher Assistance Program".
HB1902Kelley, PatrickHB 1902
 3864L.01I - Relieves a parent of financial responsibility for seventeen year old minors who do not reside with their parents with or without the parent's consent.
HB1903Liese, ChrisHB 1903
 4481L.01P - Allows certain types of credit for insurance liquidations.
HB1904Britt, PhillipHB 1904
 4476L.01I - Creates crime of assault while on the property of a hospital emergency room or trauma center.
HB1905Moore, DanieCrawford, LarryHB 1905
 4045L.01I - Provides an additional salary adjustment for state employees so the total salary adjustment at least equals the average increase in state employee contribution costs for health insurance.
HB1906Green, TimSCS HS HCS HB 1906
 4682S.08C - Requires the Commissioner of Administration to transfer excess unobligated cash balances of certain state funds to General Revenue Fund.
HB1907King, JerryMyers, PeterHB 1907
 4539L.01I - Makes Adrian, Missouri, the purple martin capital of the state.
HB1908O'Connor, PatrickHB 1908
 4567L.01I - Revises title requirements for salvage vehicles.
HB1909O'Connor, PatrickHB 1909
 4566L.01I - Revises reporting requirements for motor vehicle and boat dealers.
HB1910Barry, JoanHoppe, ThomasHB 1910
 4577L.01I - Provides standards for assisted living facilities.
HB1911Selby, HaroldDempsey, TomHB 1911
 4575L.01I - Enacts the Disposition of Fetal Remains Act which allows a birth mother to determine the final disposition of any fetal remains.
HB1912Cunningham, JaneOstmann, LucindaHB 1912
 4344L.02I - Requires certificates of value to be filed with the assessor's office upon sale of real property.
HB1913Kelly, GlendaHB 1913
 3154L.03I - Creates the State Board of Emergency Medical Services.
HB1914Mays, CarolHCS HB 1914
 4603L.02C - Provides for the funding of the Office of Public Counsel for the representation of utility customers.
HB1915Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 1915
 3679L.01I - Transfers administration of all post-secondary scholarship programs to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education.
HB1916Franklin, J.HB 1916
 2538L.02I - Requires Kansas City school board members running for election from a subdistrict to reside in that subdistrict but be elected at-large.
HB1917Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 1917
 4672L.01I - Expands jurisdiction of the juvenile court to include paternity and guardianship for 17 year olds; allows transfer of dissolution cases in certain circumstances; adds methods of asserting paternity.
HB1918Koller, DonSCS HB 1918
 4696S.05C - Revises enforcement of the requirement for commercial motor vehicles to stop at weigh stations.
HB1919Treadway, JosephHB 1919
 4519L.01I - Creates a board of counselors and therapists.
HB1920Liese, ChrisRansdall, BillyHB 1920
 4594L.01I - Removes laundry and linen services from services offered by the Vocational Enterprises Program.
HB1921Green, TimSCS HB 1921
 4625S.02T - Authorizes the Director of the Division of Credit Unions to examine certain qualifying credit unions at least once every eighteen months.
HB1922Green, TimHanaway, CatherineHB 1922
 3975L.01I - Authorizes regional transportation development districts.
HB1923Barry, JoanO'Connor, PatrickHCS HB 1923
 2859L.02C - Establishes a nurse staffing plan for hospitals.
HB1924Wagner, HowardMcKenna, RyanHB 1924
 4624L.01I - Exempts certain property used for purely charitable purposes from taxation.
HB1925Hanaway, CatherinePortwood, CharlesHB 1925
 4109L.01I - Increases the foster care reimbursement and adoption subsidy rate over a three-year period.
HB1926Fraser, BarbaraKreider, JimHB 1926
 4576L.01T - Extends the expiration date on the Children's Health Insurance Program to July 1, 2007.
HB1927Reynolds, DavidLuetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1927
 3522L.02I - Requires entities providing foster care services to children who are wards of the state to be reimbursed at a rate equal to one hundred percent of their actual costs.
HB1928Overschmidt, FrancisLawson, MauriceHB 1928
 4429L.01I - Changes language relating to the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
HB1929Burton, GaryHB 1929
 4654L.01I - Requires the Public Service Commission to establish rules for expedited dispute resolution procedures.
HB1930Burton, GaryHB 1930
 4581L.01I - Prohibits state agencies from offering electronic commerce services that are similar to those offered by the private sector.
HB1931Johnson, ConnieDaus, MikeHB 1931
 4299L.01I - Allows spouses or dependent's of deceased retired officers and employees of the St. Louis Police Department receiving a pension to purchase insurance.
HB1932George, ThomasHB 1932
 4561L.01I - Revises calculation of state taxable wage base and makes other changes related to employment security.
HCR4Boucher, ArthurHCR 4
 2703L.01I - Designates April 24th as a "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide".
HCR15O'Toole, JamesHS HCR 15
 4271L.03F - Urges Congress to enact federal legislation to protect employee retirement savings programs following the collapse of Enron.
HCR16Farnen, TheodoreHCR 16
 4237L.02I - Requests the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Francis Preston Blair in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Congress with a statue of Harry S. Truman.
HJR49Graham, CharlesMcKenna, RyanHJR 49
 3883L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase the state revenue limit.
HJR50Green, TimHJR 50
 4601L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment creating the Budget Control Fund and transferring certain amounts of excess total state revenue to the fund.
SB644Mathewson, JamesSB 644
 2846S.01T - Allows veterans to obtain a specialized veteran motorcycle license plate.
SB662Westfall, MorrisHCS SCS SB 662 & 704
 2894L.08C - Allows sheriff to seize misappropriated property held by a pawnbroker.
SB669Bentley, RoseannSCS SB 669
 3108S.02C - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District.
SB701Wiggins, HarrySB 701
 2603S.01T - Modifies law to reflect the fact the Federal Aviation Administration issues airmen certificates.
SB720Westfall, MorrisSB 720
 2779S.01T - Limits the bond amount for deputies and assistants appointed by collectors and treasurer ex officio collectors.
SB726Childers, DoyleSB 726
 2649S.01T - Moves Emergency Services Day to September 11th.
SB737Cauthorn, JohnHCS SCS SB 737
 3160L.03T - Allows 4-H members and parents of 4-H members to obtain special license plates.
SB745Russell, JohnSCS SB 745
 2815S.02T - Establishes special license plate for combat veterans of U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.
SB758Bentley, RoseannCCS HCS SB 758
 3179S.07T - Clarifies registration requirements for sex offenders. Adds to crimes for which an appeal bond cannot be granted.
SB1046Gross, CharlesHouse, TedSCS SB 1046
 2713S.03C - Changes operational control of the St. Louis International Airport.
SCR37Dougherty, PatrickSCR 37
 4131L.01I - Urges Congress to adopt legislation requiring Medicare to cover all oral anti-cancer drugs.
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