92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 18, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB2Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 2
 0002L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the State Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the several divisions.
HB3Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 3
 0003L.06C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Higher Education and the several divisions, programs, and institutions of higher education.
HB4Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 4
 0004L.03C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation, and the several divisions and programs.
HB5Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 5
 0005L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Office of Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety, etc.
HB6Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 6
 0006S.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Conservation, and several divisions.
HB7Bearden, CarlCrowell, JasonCCS SCS HS HB 7
 0007L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Economic Development, Department of Insurance, and Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.
HB8Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 8
 0008L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Public Safety, and the several divisions and programs.
HB9Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 9
 0009L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Corrections and the several divisions and programs.
HB10Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 10
 0010L.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, the Board of Public Buildings, the Department of Health and Senior Services, etc.
HB11Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 11
 0011S.05C - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, and distributions of the Department of Social Services and the several divisions and programs.
HB12Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HS HB 12
 0012L.05C - Appropriates money for expenses, grants, refunds, and distribution of statewide elected officials, General Assembly, and the Judiciary.
HB15Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HCS HB 15
 0015S.03T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes.
HB72Luetkemeyer, WilliamStevenson, BryanHB 72
 0270L.01I - Exempts military records filed with the recorder of deeds from the Open Records Law.
HB73Luetkemeyer, WilliamStevenson, BryanSS HCS HB 73
 0499S.06F - Establishes Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program.
HB94Portwood, CharlesDempsey, TomHB 94
 0500L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB99Seigfreid, JamesHB 99
 0570L.01T - Changes certain campaign contribution limits.
HB104Hoskins, TheodoreHB 104
 0354L.01I - Permits election day voter registration at polling places.
HB120Barnitz, FranklinRansdall, BillyHB 120
 0511L.01I - Authorizes concealed carry endorsements to allow persons to legally carry concealed firearms and creates a county sheriff's revolving fund.
HB128Willoughby, PhillipHB 128
 0813L.01I - Authorizes honorary high school diplomas for certain civilians, prisoners of war, and other veterans.
HB130Shoemyer, WesHB 130
 0848L.01I - Allows a tax credit of up to fifty percent of cash fund investments in eligible new generation processing entities.
HB133Willoughby, PhillipHCS HB 133
 0805L.02T - Changes filing requirements for contests of elections of circuit and associate circuit judges.
HB136Crawford, LarryMoore, DanieHB 136
 0470L.01I - Creates the county sheriff's revolving fund, authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms, and revises section 571.030 to make it legal to carry concealed firearms with a valid permit.
HB139Crawford, LarrySutherland, MikeHB 139
 0645L.01I - Requires a percentage of ad valorem property tax collections to be used for computerized assessment aids.
HB149Bivins, WaltAvery, JimHB 149
 0580L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB150Avery, JimBivins, WaltHB 150
 0552L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB154Roark, BradleyKelly, VanHB 154
 0540L.01I - Establishes covenant marriages.
HB159Zweifel, CharlesHB 159
 0958L.01I - Creates recall elections for school board members.
HB208Engler, KevinJetton, RodSS SCS HB 208
 0941S.14T - Exempts certain consumer-owned electric corporations from regulation by the Public Service Commission and makes other changes in utilities laws.
HB222Luetkemeyer, WilliamShoemyer, WesHCS HB 222
 1018L.02P - Exempts sponsors of certain fishing contests from the Department of Conservation's fishing permit and licensing requirements and allows certain hand fishing.
HB243Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 243
 0907L.01I - Changes the term of certain automobile insurance policies from twelve months to six months.
HB257Munzlinger, BrianHobbs, SteveSS SCS HS HCS HB 257
 0602S.23T - Allows specific agricultural tax credits to be taken on a quarterly basis and makes several revisions in laws on agriculture.
HB271Merideth, DennyJetton, RodHB 271
 1161L.01I - Permits continued pay for state employees on extended military leaves of absence.
HB288Jetton, RodSchaaf, RobSCS HCS HB 288
 0736S.08C - Establishes the Priority Schools Trust Fund and revises other school laws.
HB307Merideth, DennyShoemaker, ChristoperHB 307
 1253L.01T - Changes the procedure for mutual-aid agreements.
HB314Engler, KevinHB 314
 1294L.01T - Prohibits the requirement of public projects to be bonded by any particular insurance or surety company.
HB324Richard, RonSager, RHB 324
 0829L.02I - Permits gas and electric corporations to file contracts with the Public Service Commission for purposes of determination of recovery of costs.
HB328Munzlinger, BrianDougherty, CurtHB 328
 0604L.01I - Creates the county sheriff's revolving fund and authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB332Portwood, CharlesHunter, SteveHCS HB 332
 1073L.02T - Establishes requirements for use of the title of "social worker".
HB349Crawford, LarrySander, ThereseSS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136 & 328
 1360S.11T - Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB387Pearce, DavidYates, BrianHCS HB 387
 1347L.02C - Eliminates the presidential primary in Missouri.
HB390Behnen, RobertCrowell, JasonSS SCS HCS HB 390
 0770S.09T - Establishes registration for anesthesiologist assistants.
HB393Avery, JimBehnen, RobertHB 393
 1291L.01I - Expands the practice of dentistry to include the use of lasers.
HB396Wright, MarkDixon, BobHB 396
 0994L.02I - Enacts the Dominic James Memorial Foster Care Reform Act of 2003 which modifies various requirements of the state's foster care system.
HB397Roark, BradleyCooper, ShannonHB 397
 0981L.02I - Permits exclusion of taxable income received in other states.
HB401Pratt, BryanBearden, CarlSS#2 SCS HB 401
 1552S.08T - Allows the Board of Public Buildings to issue $400 million in revenue bonds.
HB412Goodman, JackWasson, JayCCS SS HB 412
 0561S.01P - Revises lobbying and campaign finance laws.
HB422Cooper, ShannonHB 422
 1458L.01I - Creates a tax credit for certain railroad ad valorem property tax.
HB444Jackson, JackieShoemaker, ChristoperSS#2 SS SCS HB 444
 1519S.14T - Alters the distribution of the Gaming Commission Fund.
HB480Emery, EdRector, RexHB 480
 1384L.01I - Allows pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions that are contrary to established policies or their beliefs.
HB481Crowell, JasonBearden, CarlHS HB 481
 0977L.05P - Prohibits the use of public funds for health and social services programs to subsidize abortion services.
HB482Byrd, RichardHB 482
 1614L.01I - Permits any required signature on corporate filings with the Secretary of State to be a facsimile, a conformed signature, or an electronically transmitted signature.
HB483Byrd, RichardFares, KathlynHB 483
 1685L.01I - Provides an alternative method for creating a transportation development district.
HB484Holand, RoyShoemyer, WesHB 484
 1377L.01I - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants.
HB485Johnson, RickByrd, RichardHB 485
 0717L.02I - Restricts the locations for interviewing children for child abuse investigations and allows attorneys to receive a reasonable fee in termination of parental rights cases.
HB486Taylor, LarryHB 486
 1418L.02I - Creates an operator's license valid only for the operation of a motorized bicycle.
HB487Walton, JuanitaHoskins, TheodoreHB 487
 1375L.02I - Creates subdistricts within certain school districts located in St. Louis County.
HB488Lowe, JeneeCampbell, MarshaHB 488
 1622L.01I - Creates the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act.
HB489Byrd, RichardStevenson, BryanHB 489
 0529L.01I - Requires juvenile sex offenders to register with superintendent of any school district in which the juvenile enrolls or is enrolled.
HB490Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 490
 1574L.01I - Permits the Division of Workers' Compensation to impose an annual surcharge on every workers' compensation deductible plan policyholder.
HB491Rupp, ScottBearden, CarlSCS HB 491
 1477S.03T - Allows biennial registration for driveaway licenses and physically disabled placards.
HB492Morris, LarryHB 492
 1462L.01I - Revises law on licensed professional counselors.
HB493Bruns, MarkIcet, AllenHCS HB 493
 1102L.02T - Creates a special license plate for members of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.
HB494Guest, JimDethrow, MikeHB 494
 1279L.01I - Amends various provisions relating to concentrated animal feeding operations.
HB495Johnson, RobertHB 495
 1620L.01I - Changes the name of residential care facilities I and II to assisted living facilities I and II.
HB496Wilson, VictoriaHB 496
 1727L.02I - Increases the cigarette and tobacco product sales tax to fund various health initiatives.
HB497Abel, MarkMuckler, MatthewHB 497
 1399L.01I - Allows medical assistance for foster children to continue to age twenty-three if the child enrolls in postsecondary education.
HB498Hilgemann, RobertCampbell, MarshaHB 498
 1668L.01I - Authorizes a deferral of taxes on homesteads owned by senior citizens.
HB499Walton, JuanitaHoskins, TheodoreHB 499
 1807L.01I - Creates subdistricts within certain school districts.
HB500Lowe, JeneeMoore, DanieHB 500
 1787L.01I - Revises list of persons disqualified from jury service.
HB501Wilson, VictoriaSelby, HaroldHB 501
 1718L.01I - Amends the requirements for health insurance coverage for PKU formula by removing the age restriction and prohibiting higher deductibles or copayments for such coverage.
HB502Campbell, MarshaHB 502
 0056L.01I - Regulates mobile telephone use by operators of motor vehicles.
HB503Campbell, MarshaHilgemann, RobertHB 503
 1680L.01I - Enacts various changes to state tax laws, including a reduction in the corporate income tax rate.
HB504Dixon, BobSkaggs, TrentHB 504
 1525L.01I - Opens certain juvenile court records and proceedings to the public.
HCR3Townley, MerrillHCR 3
 0517L.01I - Encourages the Animal and Plant Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a permanent electronic information program to track livestock from farm to table.
HCR5Townley, MerrillHCR 5
 0905L.01I - Encourages the University of Missouri-Columbia Veterinary School to establish a biosafety level 3 lab for the handling of animal and plant infectious agents.
HJR6Yates, BrianDusenberg, GaryHJR 6
 1012L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting all statewide officers to two terms.
HJR9Parker, ShermanStevenson, BryanHJR 9
 0887L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting all statewide elected officers to two terms.
SB14DePasco, RonnieSB 14
 0318S.01T - Revises maximum allowable salary for certain Kansas City police officers.
SB55Nodler, GarySS#2 SCS SB 55
 0260S.11T - Renames Missouri Southern State College.
SB68Childers, DoyleHCS SB 68
 0405L.02T - Modifies provision regarding refunds of ambulance and fire protection district sales tax and permits statewide certification of emergency medical technicians-intermediate.
SB101Caskey, HaroldHCS SB 101
 0415L.02T - Allows Cass County to establish a municipal court system to prosecute ordinance violations.
SB121Caskey, HaroldSB 121
 0414S.01T - Allows Cass County to choose planning and zoning provisions.
SB143Goode, WayneSB 143
 0486S.01T - Revises effective date for vetoed bills that are overridden.
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