101st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 18, 2021

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB33Pollock, SuzieHB 33
 0931H.01I - Prohibits medical providers from administering any medical or surgical treatment for the purpose of gender reassignment for anyone under the age of eighteen
HB52Schnelting, AdamHB 52
 0598H.01P - Allows concealed carrying of firearms on public transportation systems and transporting nonfunctional or unloaded firearms on public buses
HB60Schnelting, AdamHB 60
 0529H.01P - Creates the state department of defense
HB63Pike, PatriciaHB 63
 0889H.01P - Modifies the definition of "intoxicating liquor"
HB92Taylor, JeredHB 92
 0788H.01I - Modifies the definition of autocycle
HB138Pietzman, RandySCS HB 138
 1020S.02C - Requires the department of natural resources to assist permit applicants throughout the permitting process
HB148DeGroot, BruceHCS HB 148
 0493H.02C - Prohibits seeking or referencing a specific dollar amount or stating a range for a jury to consider with respect to awards for noneconomic damages
HB158Hudson, BradHB 158
 0185H.01R - Changes the law regarding compensation for serving on a county planning commission or county board of zoning adjustment
HB160Veit, RudyHCS HB 160
 0054H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the compensation of jurors
HB161Hudson, BradHB 161
 0050H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the establishment of alternative county highway commissions in certain counties
HB167Hardwick, BillHB 167
 0630H.01P - Designates the Missouri National Guard Armory in Joplin as the "Sergeant Robert Wayne Crow Jr. Memorial Armory"
HB249Ruth, BeckyHB 249
 0664H.01P - Extends the authorization of AIM Zones until 2031
HB257Evans, DavidHB 257
 0910H.01P - Requires drivers on a public highway to stop for certified Head Start buses
HB259Evans, DavidHB 259
 1010H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to sexual offenses
HB271Wiemann, JohnCCS SS#2 SCS HCS HB 271
 0195H.08T - Changes the laws regarding local government
HB292Roberts, LaneHCS HB 292
 0634H.02P - Modifies the definition of "stalking" as it relates to adult abuse
HB303Wiemann, JohnHCS HB 303
 0262H.04C - Establishes transfer procedures to nonresident districts for students in public schools
HB307Griesheimer, AaronHCS HB 307
 0859H.02P - Modifies certain vehicle laws to include electric bicycles
HB316Toalson Reisch, CheriHB 316
 1085H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to certain persons found guilty of criminal offenses
HB333Simmons, JohnHB 333
 1171H.01P - Modifies provisions for initiative petitions and referendums
HB353Henderson, MikeHB 353
 0820H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to the electronic transfer of workers' compensation benefits
HB357Baker, BenHCS HB 357
 0580H.02P - Allows cottage food production operations to sell food over the internet
HB362DeGroot, BruceSCS HCS HB 362
 1254S.03T - Modifies provisions relating to Government Transparency
HB363Gregory, DavidHCS HB 363
 0958H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to actions for damages due to exposure to asbestos
HB365Gregory, DavidHB 365
 0761H.01I - Prohibits villages, towns, and cities from regulating dogs in a breed-specific manner
HB370Christofanelli, PhilHB 370
 0723H.01P - Creates provisions relating to the dispensing of HIV preexposure and postexposure prophylaxis
HB385DeGroot, BruceHCS HB 385
 1313H.02C - Provides that admission or licensure to practice as an attorney or a counselor shall not be contingent upon membership in or payment of dues to any private organization
HB439Davidson, BishopHCS HB 439
 0538H.02P - Allows school districts to issue school district teaching permits for persons without a certificate of license to teach granted by the state board of education
HB443Kalberloh, JimHCS HB 443
 1359H.02P - Relating to cemeteries.
HB445McGirl, MikeHB 445
 1159H.01P - Changes the law regarding special road districts
HB476Grier, DerekHB 476
 0923H.01T - Modifies provisions relating to occupational license reciprocity for military members
HB478Christofanelli, PhilHB 478
 0936H.01I - Changes provisions relating to state education savings programs
HB485Hicks, RonHCS HB 485
 1022H.02C - Adds provisions relating to the placement of a minor in a home in which a person has a medical marijuana card or works in the medical marijuana industry
HB491Grier, DerekHB 491
 0823H.02I - Prohibits local governments from regulating home-based businesses
HB495Ruth, BeckyHCS HB 495
 1148H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to telemedicine
HB509McGaugh, PeggyHCS HB 509
 0718H.02C - Modifies bond requirements for county recorders of deeds
HB519Knight, JeffHCS HB 519
 0491H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to landowner liability
HB533Knight, JeffHS HB 533
 1047H.04P - Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
HB542Shields, BrendaSS HB 542
 1311S.02F - Establishes the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact
HB554Eggleston, J.SCS HB 554
 1018S.09C - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
HB556Eggleston, J.HCS HB 556
 1279H.03P - Imposes naming requirements for ballot measures
HB558Hardwick, BillHB 558
 1398H.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction for certain public school retirement system participants
HB577Riley, AlexHCS HB 577
 1204H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the collateral source rule
HB592Fitzwater, TravisHCS HB 592
 1104H.03P - Allows personal delivery devices to operate on sidewalks and roadways
HB624Richey, DougHB 624
 1369H.01P - Establishes the Show Me Success Diploma Program as an alternative graduation pathway for high school students
HB649Shaul, DanSCS HCS HB 649
 1496S.05C - Modifies provisions relating to employment security benefits
HB660O'Donnell, MichaelHB 660
 1571H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to special license plates for Boy Scouts of America
HB673Coleman, Mary ElizabethHCS HB 673
 0186H.05C - Modifies and creates provisions relating to the protection of children
HB678Eggleston, J.HB 678
 0818H.01P - Specifies the areas in a courthouse where a judge or county commission may establish rules
HB685Chipman, JasonSCS HCS HB 685
 0254S.03T - Changes the requirements to run for certain public office
HB687Riley, AlexHB 687
 1638H.01P - Exempts new motor vehicles from certain inspection requirements
HB689Shields, BrendaHCS HB 689
 1540H.02P - Authorizes a tax credit for certain physicians providing preceptorships
HB724Porter, JeffHCS HB 724
 1639H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to embalmers and funeral directors
HB726Smith, CodyHB 726
 1545H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the state minimum wage rate
HB727Smith, CodyHB 727
 1562H.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction for certain teachers and paraprofessionals
HB733Patterson, JonathanHCS HB 733
 1555H.02P - Relating to Workforce Development and Education
HB767Roden, ShaneHB 767
 1768H.01P - Prohibits certain charges to customers by public water supply districts and metropolitan water supply districts
HB782Trent, CurtisHCS HB 782
 1724H.02C - Establishes provisions relating to civil liability for harm caused by products manufactured or sold by third parties
HB842Hill, JustinHCS HB 842
 1859H.02C - Requires that all ballots be in paper form
HB845Andrews, AllenHCS HB 845
 1864H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to taxation of certain energy-producing property
HB879Dinkins, ChrisHB 879
 1886H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the titles of certain health care practitioners
HB883Sassmann, BruceHB 883
 1976H.01I - Requires the state health department to regularly provide death certificate information to local election authorities
HB893Riggs, LouisHB 893
 1937H.01I - Designates March 5th of each year as "Iron Curtain Speech Day" in Missouri
HB896Black, RustyHCS HB 896
 1927H.02C - Requires the state board of education to develop a statewide plan for minimum requirements for career and technical education (CTE) certificates
HB908Andrews, AllenHB 908
 1878H.01I - Allows Northwest Missouri State University to develop a statewide mission
HB920Baker, BenHB 920
 0329H.01P - Modifies the date of municipal elections
HB922Houx, DanHCS HB 922
 1469H.02P - Modifies the statute of limitations for personal injury claims from five years to two years
HB925Hudson, BradHCS HB 925
 2071H.02C - Pertains to elections and canidates for election
HB946Hill, JustinHCS HB 946
 2077H.02P - Establishes provisions relating to the release of a defendant
HB971Knight, JeffHB 971
 0498H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to athlete agents
HB978Reedy, RodgerHCS HB 978
 2132H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to powers and duties of a guardian of an incapacitated person
HB995Taylor, JeredHB 995
 1553H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to medical confidentiality
HB1045Basye, ChuckHB 1045
 2212H.01I - Establishes guidelines for public school student participation in athletic contests organized by sex
HB1065McGaugh, PeggyHB 1065
 0616H.03I - Modifies provisions relating to elections
HB1066Dogan, ShamedHB 1066
 2273H.01I - Prohibits certain discriminatory practices on the basis of hair texture and protective hairstyles
HB1067Shaul, DanHB 1067
 2220H.01I - Protects certain students whose grade average is adversely affected by COVID-19
HB1077Burger, JamieHB 1077
 2269H.01I - Establishes guidelines for public school student participation in athletic contests organized by sex
HB1090Hovis, BarryHB 1090
 1898H.01I - Prohibits certain offenders from being 500 feet of any nature or education center controlled by the Missouri Department of Conservation, with an exception
HB1123Kelly, HannahHCS HBs 1123 & 1221
 2342H.04D - Modifies provisions relating to the protection of children
HB1125Rone, DonHCS HB 1125
 2346H.03C - Changes provisions governing pesticide certification and training
HB1133Black, RustyHCS HB 1133
 1415H.02C - Changes provisions relating to teacher career plans
HB1139Eggleston, J.HCS HB 1139
 2233H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to income tax
HB1140Fitzwater, TravisHB 1140
 2303H.01I - Exempts state employee retirement benefits from state income tax
HB1141Buchheit-Courtway, CyndiHCS HBs 1141 & 1067
 2440H.03C - Protects certain students whose grade average is adversely affected by COVID-19
HB1143Busick, DannyHB 1143
 1879H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to sexual offenders
HB1144Seitz, BrianHB 1144
 2468H.01I - Creates provisions relating to public health
HB1145Seitz, BrianHB 1145
 2469H.01I - Allows the House of Representatives to review presidential orders and declare them unconstitutional
HB1146Kelley, AnnHB 1146
 2434H.01I - Creates provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs
HB1147Kelley, AnnHB 1147
 2430H.01I - Establishes provisions regarding the protection of children as it relates to medical care
HB1148Lewis, PattyHB 1148
 2358H.01I - Requires state works and people doing business with state employees to wear masks in accordance with Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines
HB1149Clemens, DougHB 1149
 2461H.01I - Establishes the "Narcotics Control Act"
HB1150West, RichardHB 1150
 2317H.01I - Establishes an optional license plate sticker for persons who have a driver's license with a deaf or hard of hearing notation
HB1151Perkins, ChadHB 1151
 2443H.01I - Establishes the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act
HB1152Mayhew, DonHB 1152
 1854H.02I - Creates provisions relating to the treatment of health insurance deductibles during a state of emergency
HB1153Mayhew, DonHCS HB 1153
 1686H.04C - Changes the law regarding catalytic converters
HB1154Collins, Kimberly-AnnHB 1154
 2436H.01I - Requires hospitals to adopt policies on discharge planning for homeless patients
HB1155Schroer, NickHB 1155
 1770H.01I - Modifies filing deadlines for declarations of candidacy
HB1156Hill, JustinHB 1156
 2419H.01I - Modifies provisions licensing requirements for insurance producers
HB1157Pike, PatriciaHCS HB 1157
 2423H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System to provide for coverage of certain employee classes
HB1158Walsh, SaraHB 1158
 2482H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle accident reports
HB1159Wallingford, WayneHB 1159
 2486H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to home health licensing
HB1160Riggs, LouisHB 1160
 2320H.01I - Creates the 21st Century Missouri Broadband Deployment Task Force
HB1161Wallingford, WayneHB 1161
 2491H.01I - Changes the laws regarding emergency services
HB1162Trent, CurtisHB 1162
 0594H.02I - Creates new provisions related to student data privacy
HB1163Black, JohnHB 1163
 2450H.01I - Changes provisions governing teacher education programs
HB1164Griesheimer, AaronHB 1164
 1162H.02I - Creates the Underground Damage Prevention Review Board
HB1165Riggs, LouisHB 1165
 2312H.01I - Establishes the 21st-Century Missouri Social Services Gap Analysis Task Force
HB1166Van Schoiack, DeanHCS HB 1166
 2424H.02C - Prohibits an employee of a state agency or a political subdivision of the state from placing cameras on private property under certain situations
HB1167Gray, AlanHB 1167
 1868H.01I - Requires certain disclosures by a person applying for a position as a peace officer
HB1168Gray, AlanHB 1168
 2150H.01I - Requires law enforcement agencies to adopt certain policies and practices regarding the investigation of deaths involving law enforcement officers
HB1169Gray, AlanHB 1169
 1871H.01I - Establishes a program on police officer presence in schools and communities within the Department of Public Safety
HB1170Gray, AlanHB 1170
 1869H.01I - Establishes the Community Relations Training Program for Peace Officers
HB1171Gray, AlanHB 1171
 1866H.01I - Establishes a board for review of officer-involved deaths
HB1172Gray, AlanHB 1172
 1867H.01I - Modifies the provision allowing law enforcement officers to use deadly force in certain circumstances and establishes a task force on the use of force
HB1173Coleman, Mary ElizabethHB 1173
 2280H.01I - Establishes the Community Rebound Act of 2021, which creates incentives for evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism
HB1174Toalson Reisch, CheriHCS HB 1174
 2475H.02C - Authorizes a tax credit for donations made to certain organizations
HB1175Billington, HardyHB 1175
 2401H.01I - Changes the law regarding catalytic converters
HB1176Davis, MichaelHB 1176
 2248H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to investigational drugs
HB1177Davis, MichaelHCS HB 1177
 2410H.02C - Creates the government lending transparency act
HB1178Riggs, LouisHB 1178
 2213H.01I - Establishes a task force to study issues relating to state workers and work-from-home policy
HB1179Kelly, HannahHCS HB 1179
 2417H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to victims of sexual offenses
HB1180Railsback, RandyHB 1180
 2229H.01I - Creates the State Building Usage Task Force
HB1181Porter, JeffHB 1181
 2393H.02I - Provides a definition for "Kansas City Whiskey"
HB1182Gray, AlanHB 1182
 2064H.01I - Establishes a "Task Force to Study Community-based Policing" within the department of public safety
HB1183Fitzwater, TravisHB 1183
 2345H.01I - Prohibits sexual harassment of unpaid interns
HB1184Cook, BennieHB 1184
 2446H.01I - Prohibits state funding of any elementary or secondary school or any institution of higher education that allows biological males to participate in sports organized for biological females
HB1185Cook, BennieHB 1185
 2411H.01I - Changes the law regarding the offense of unlawful use of weapons
HB1186Cook, BennieHB 1186
 2472H.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction for corrections facilities officers
HB1187Lewis, PattyHB 1187
 2449H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to guardian ad litem fees
HB1188Lewis, PattyHB 1188
 1862H.02I - Specifies that a person commits the offense of endangering the welfare of a child if he or she fails to secure a firearm
HB1189Lewis, PattyHB 1189
 1919H.01I - Requires that all sales or transfers of firearms be processed through a licensed firearms dealer
HB1190Lewis, PattyHB 1190
 1918H.01I - Establishes the "Firearm Violence Prevention Act"
HB1191Veit, RudyHB 1191
 2479H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to child care facilities
HB1192Coleman, JeffHB 1192
 1450H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to salaries of county coroners
HB1193Coleman, JeffHB 1193
 2258H.01I - Establishes the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act
HB1194Cook, BennieHB 1194
 2175H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms
HB1195Hill, JustinHB 1195
 2131H.01I - Exempts health care benefit coverage provided by certain organizations from state insurance regulation
HB1196Hill, JustinHB 1196
 1890H.01I - Modifies several provisions for elections
HB1197Bland Manlove, AshleyHB 1197
 2180H.01I - Creates provisions relating to a homicide prevention hotline
HB1198Bland Manlove, AshleyHB 1198
 0270H.01I - Specifies that tax revenues dedicated to school districts cannot be reduced or redirected to accommodate special taxing districts
HB1199Bland Manlove, AshleyHB 1199
 2067H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to public safety
HCR6Stevens, MarthaHCS HCR 6
 0361H.03C - Designates September of each year as "Substance Use Disorder Awareness Month"
HCR17Trent, CurtisHCR 17
 1882H.01I - Calls for an Article V convention of the states to propose amendments to the United States Constitution placing limits on the federal government
HCR26Wallingford, WayneHCR 26
 2136H.01I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Solid Waste Management District Operations
HCR28Chipman, JasonHCR 28
 2141H.01I - Designates November 7 as "Victims of Communism Memorial Day"
HCR29Riggs, LouisHCR 29
 0732H.01I - Approves the statewide mission designation in STEM for Harris-Stowe State University
HCR36Basye, ChuckHCR 36
 2407H.01I - Calls for an Article V convention for the purpose of amending the United States Constitution to establish term limits for members of Congress
HCR37Busick, DannyHCR 37
 2483H.01I - Urges support of state funding for a North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission project
HCR38Aune, AshleyHCR 38
 2359H.02I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Gun Violence
HJR2Billington, HardyHJR 2
 0595H.01I - Modifies requirements for signatures required to propose a constitutional amendment
HJR5Schnelting, AdamHJR 5
 0591H.01I - Constitutional amendment changing the percentage of votes required to approve Constitutional amendments
HJR6Schnelting, AdamSCS HJR 6
 0530S.02C - Creates the state Department of Defense
HJR9McGirl, MikeHJR 9
 0308H.01I - Modifies requirements for approval of constitutional amendments
HJR14Lewis, EdHJR 14
 0912H.01I - Raises the vote requirement for initiative petitions
HJR15Lewis, EdHJR 15
 0905H.01I - Modifies the thresholds for approval of constitutional amendments
HJR20Henderson, MikeHCS HJRs 20, 2, 9 & 27
 0760H.03P - Modifies provisions for initiative petitions and referendums
HJR25Davidson, BishopHJR 25
 0622H.02I - Modifies provisions for amending the constitution
HJR26Falkner, BillHJR 26
 1339H.01I - Modifies provisions for initiative petitions
HJR27Falkner, BillHJR 27
 1337H.02I - Modifies requirements for signatures required to propose a constitutional amendment
HJR36Roden, ShaneHJR 36
 1769H.01I - Establishes term limits for directors of state departments
HJR53Basye, ChuckHCS HJR 53
 2215H.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment to protect the integrity of interscholastic athletic contests
HJR55Dinkins, ChrisHCS HJR 55
 2291H.02C - Modifies the conservation commission membership composition and requires the election of the commissioners
HJR56Burger, JamieHJR 56
 2262H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to protect the integrity of interscholastic athletic contests
HJR57Wiemann, JohnHJR 57
 2032H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate personal property tax on January 1, 2027
SB2Hegeman, DanSS SB 2
 0835S.03T - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Works program
5/16/2021 7:41:22 PM