91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 21, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1064Bray, JoanHB 1064
 2908L.01I - Revises some procedures regarding certain civil actions for discrimination.
HB1075Nordwald, CharlesHB 1075
 2596L.01T - Allows owners of real property where vehicles have been abandoned to apply for certificate of title.
HB1095Relford, RandallBarnett, MyronHB 1095
 2642L.01I - Requires motor vehicles traveling on four lane highways to move to passing lane to overtake a stationary vehicle on shoulder of highway.
HB1099Relford, RandallHB 1099
 2478L.01I - Revises motor vehicle registration fees and creates the Missouri Highway Safety Fund.
HB1145Green, ThomasHB 1145
 3221L.01I - Names the Missouri River bridge on route 364 that connects St. Louis and St. Charles counties the "American Military Veterans Bridge".
HB1155Shields, CharlesHB 1155
 2531L.01I - Requires drivers of motor vehicles to use passing lane to overtake stationary emergency vehicle parked on shoulder.
HB1265Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlSCS HB 1265
 2469S.03T - Allows registration with Selective Service for male applicants for driver's licenses between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six.
HB1308Williams, DeletaHosmer, WilliamHB 1308
 2684L.01I - Establishes requirements for overtaking stationary emergency vehicles on two lane and four lane highways.
HB1344Crump, WayneSCS HCS HB 1344 & 1944
 2838S.08C - Creates a permit process for carrying concealed firearms and requires review of certain weapons offenses for the possibility of federal prosecution.
HB1392Holand, RoyDavis, DahlmanHS HCS HB 1392
 3524L.09P - Allows school districts to enact an income tax.
HB1412Skaggs, BillyHosmer, WilliamHB 1412
 2943L.01I - Creates special license plates for Animal Friendly License Plate Association.
HB1418Relford, RandallBallard, CharlesHB 1418
 3755L.01P - Establishes the Arrow Rock State Historic Site Endowment Fund and adds various provisions relating to the administration of state parks.
HB1425Smith, PhilipSCS HCS HB 1425
 3810S.05C - Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information.
HB1432Foley, JamesHanaway, CatherineHB 1432
 3532L.01P - Permits charter counties to establish an emergency communications system commission.
HB1472Whorton, JimMyers, PeterHCS HB 1472
 3498L.03P - Requires Missouri Department of Transportation to implement a program that provides for use of alternative fuels in its vehicle fleet and heavy equipment that use diesel fuel.
HB1498Johnson, RickBritt, PhillipSCS HS HB 1498
 3976S.05C - Makes it a crime to have sexual contact with a resident of a long-term care facility or an inmate.
HB1532Hoppe, ThomasSCS HS HCS HB 1532
 3984S.06T - Revises the provisions of dram shop liability law by providing that the sale of liquor to persons under 21 or to intoxicated persons must be knowing and proven by clear and convincing evidence.
HB1549Lawson, MauriceHB 1549
 3788L.01I - Changes public water supply district laws.
HB1569Davis, DahlmanMarble, GaryHB 1569
 3856L.02P - Eliminates certain references to used tires in the waste tire statute.
HB1581Clayton, RobertHB 1581
 2479L.01P - Allows Highway Patrol officers to be elected to school boards and permits the superintendent to authorize officers to accept federal commissions.
HB1592Hickey, JohnGeorge, ThomasHB 1592
 4094L.01P - Creates the Workers Memorial Fund for contributions from income tax refunds.
HB1594Gratz, WilliamHampton, MarkSCS HS HB 1594
 3711S.05C - Revises state employees' pay for overtime work.
HB1624Skaggs, BillyLograsso, DonaldHB 1624
 3992L.01P - Creates special license plates for Eagle Scouts and parents of Eagle Scouts, members of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, and members of the Order of the Arrow.
HB1625Carnahan, RussFranklin, J.HB 1625
 3261L.01I - Creates a character education grant program and fund.
HB1634Hoppe, ThomasSCS HB 1634
 4105S.04T - Revises laws on county collectors, land trusts, and abandoned property.
HB1642Monaco, RalphRidgeway, LuannHB 1642
 3156L.01I - Enacts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.
HB1690Smith, PhilipHB 1690
 3972L.01I - Makes various revisions relating to hazardous waste management.
HB1714Hilgemann, RobertShelton, O.L.HB 1714
 4172L.01P - Creates a St. Louis College of Pharmacy special license plate.
HB1748Ransdall, BillyMayer, RobertCCS SS HB 1748
 4224L.06T - Extends the drinking water primacy fee, authorizes bonds for various water projects, and revises water and sewer laws.
HB1749Monaco, RalphHosmer, WilliamHB 1749
 4396L.01I - Creates the crimes of attempted forcible rape and sodomy and classifies the attempts and forcible rape and sodomy as class A felonies.
HB1750Lawson, MauriceClayton, RobertHB 1750
 4146L.01I - Prohibits sale or storage of any gasoline within this state which contains more than one-half of one percent by volume of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).
HB1778Monaco, RalphHB 1778
 4485L.01P - Creates special license plates for members of the Kingdom of Calontir and the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association.
HB1803Green, TimHB 1803
 4527L.01P - Requires certain members of the Credit Union Commission to be credit union representatives.
HB1804Harding, MargaretJolly, CathyHB 1804
 3893L.04I - Requires payday lenders to disclose in all advertising the maximum amount of fees and interest they are currently charging.
HB1806Shelton, O.L.Koller, DonHB 1806
 4220L.01I - Prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials through any highway tunnel in this state.
HB1808Holand, RoyHB 1808
 4247L.01I - Allows physicians to be disciplined for actions that arise out of collaborative practice agreements.
HB1810Holt, BruceLuetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1810
 3388L.03I - Requires Department of Natural Resources to give preference to applications by municipalities for grants for the purpose of aiding recycling efforts.
HB1811Gambaro, DerioSCS HB 1811
 4549S.04T - Authorizes the Governor to convey property in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Cole County.
HB1812Wilson, VictoriaHB 1812
 4501L.01T - Modifies the uses of the moneys in the Health Document Services Fund.
HB1813Monaco, RalphJohnson, RickHB 1813
 4540L.01I - Clarifies duties of State Auditor in validating certain bonds.
HB1814Monaco, RalphJohnson, RickHB 1814
 4487L.01T - Modifies various provisions regarding the filing of orders of protection, including prohibiting the assessment of filing fees, court costs, or bond for orders of protection.
HB1815Scheve, MayHB 1815
 4552L.01I - Creates a Boy Scouts of America special license plate.
HB1816Selby, HaroldHB 1816
 4210L.01I - Authorizes an additional two percent sales tax on fireworks.
HB1817Franklin, J.Relford, RandallSCS HCS HB 1817
 4190L.06C - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to identify for recognition by the Governor schools demonstrating high student achievement.
HB1818Hegeman, DanielHB 1818
 4426L.01I - Increases the annual cost-of-living allowance for public retirement systems from eighty percent to one hundred percent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index.
HB1819Scott, DelbertHB 1819
 4281L.01I - Revises the amount of excess revenues generated by fines for moving traffic violations that municipalities must send to the Department of Revenue.
HB1823Franklin, J.Hagan-Harrell, MaryHB 1823
 4288L.01I - Clarifies treatment of retirement payments for state retirees who are reemployed by the state.
HB1825Merideth, DennyMyers, PeterHB 1825
 4442L.01I - Allows display of various documents in public schools upon certain conditions.
HB1835Treadway, JosephHB 1835
 4388L.01I - Alters licensing requirements for the Board of Geologist Registration.
HB1836Hosmer, WilliamSkaggs, BillyHB 1836
 4551L.01I - Makes the punishment for murder in the first degree death or life without parole except if the person is under 18; then the punishment is life without parole.
HB1838Hosmer, WilliamHB 1838
 4514L.01T - Revises licensing procedures for motor vehicle and watercraft dealers.
HB1840Seigfreid, JamesHB 1840
 4389L.01T - Revises law on electronic reporting system for lobbyist reports.
HB1841Boatright, MattMerideth, DennyHB 1841
 4418L.01I - Requires all state contracts for the purchase of goods and services to be subject to competitive bidding and awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.
HB1842Froelker, JamesHB 1842
 4455L.01I - Prohibits any state appropriations to be used in any manner for assisted suicide.
HB1843Johnson, RickHB 1843
 4541L.01I - Adds psychotherapy service to definition of practice of professional counseling.
HB1844Johnson, RickBarry, JoanHB 1844
 4515L.01I - Requires funeral directors and embalmers to complete professional development courses.
HB1845Copenhaver, NancyGeorge, ThomasHB 1845
 4432L.01I - Establishes procedure for termination of teachers' contracts.
HB1846Scott, DelbertSCS HB 1846
 4554S.02T - Changes reporting due dates of town and village financial reports.
HB1848Hegeman, DanielMerideth, DennyHB 1848
 4422L.01I - Requires certain tax credits administered by the Department of Economic Development to be capped per fiscal year.
HB1850O'Toole, JamesHB 1850
 4065L.01P - Changes funding amounts for sheriff's offices.
HB1851Curls, MelbaBland, CraigHB 1851
 4051L.01P - Changes requirements for the Kansas City Housing Authority Commission.
HB1852Villa, ThomasHB 1852
 4580L.01P - Creates a special license plate for members of Jefferson National Parks Association.
HB1853Wagner, HowardHB 1853
 4391L.01I - Changes reporting requirements for filing financial interest statements for certain political subdivisions.
HB1855Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 1855
 4330L.01I - Creates the State Property Preservation Fund.
HB1856Myers, PeterKing, JerryHB 1856
 4475L.01I - Requires contract provision which allows farmers to plant genetically enhanced seed on their own land.
HB1857Bray, JoanHB 1857
 4544L.01I - Requires school board members in certain districts to reside in the district for one year preceding their election or appointment.
HB1858Bray, JoanHB 1858
 4545L.01I - Requires school board members of certain districts to be residents of and registered voters in the district for one year preceding their election or appointment.
HB1861Burcham, TomHB 1861
 4433L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Habitat for Humanity of St. Francois County.
HB1862May, BobDolan, JonathanHB 1862
 2547L.01P - Creates a special license plate for members of Rotary International.
HB1863Whorton, JimBerkowitz, SamHCS HB 1863
 3499L.06C - Creates the "Missouri Biodiesel Incentive Fund".
HB1867Griesheimer, JohnHB 1867
 4495L.01P - Creates a special license plate for members of Missouri Task Force One.
HB1869Barry, JoanHanaway, CatherineHB 1869
 3629L.01P - Prohibits residency requirements for peace officers statewide.
HB1870Barry, JoanHB 1870
 4523L.01I - Modifies provisions regarding the confidentiality of the Department of Health and Senior Services' central registry information on genetic disorders and birth defects.
HB1871Barry, JoanHB 1871
 4467L.02I - Allows registered nurses to order therapies under collaborative agreements if the registered nurse is an advanced practice nurse.
HB1872Hosmer, WilliamHB 1872
 4563L.01P - Changes requirements for the use of personal flotation devices on watercraft.
HB1873Shoemyer, WesHB 1873
 4434L.01I - Gives the State Board of Pharmacy the power to serve a subpoena duces tecum.
HB1875Mays, CarolHB 1875
 4430L.02I - Allows the Public Service Commission to consider a customers' ability to pay when setting utility rates.
HB1876Kelly, GlendaHB 1876
 4620L.01I - Authorizes the Office of Administration to provided armed security guards at state owned or leased facilities.
HB1879O'Toole, JamesHB 1879
 4591L.01I - Authorizes service retirement allowances for St. Louis firefighters at age 62.
HB1880O'Toole, JamesHB 1880
 4596L.01I - Specifies dollar limit for special advisors and consultants under St. Louis firefighter retirement system.
HB1881Rizzo, HenryHB 1881
 4066L.01P - Allows the Department of Revenue to require aliens to submit a birth certificate as part of an application for a driver's license.
HB1882Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1882
 4376L.01I - Specifies that personnel of organized fire protection districts are in charge of accident scenes to which the district responds.
HB1883Froelker, JamesHB 1883
 4456L.01I - Changes requirements for refunds of erroneously paid taxes.
HB1884Froelker, JamesHB 1884
 4459L.01I - Specifies date of receipt of real estate tax payments.
HB1887Baker, LanaHosmer, WilliamHB 1887
 3870L.01I - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provisions of in-home services to the elderly.
HB1890Hilgemann, RobertCooper, ShannonSCS HB 1890
 4382S.02T - Changes procedures for mobile telecommunications services.
HB1892Berkstresser, JudyHB 1892
 4266L.01I - Allows for reimbursement of expenses in certain condemnation and inverse condemnation cases.
HB1893Barry, JoanHB 1893
 4628L.01I - Changes the name the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
HB1896Barry, JoanFraser, BarbaraHB 1896
 4497L.01I - Provides an exemption from sales tax for health and fitness centers.
HB1897Gratz, WilliamKoller, DonHB 1897
 4473L.01I - Provides state employees with additional annual leave and sick leave hours in any fiscal year in which they do not receive a salary adjustment.
HB1899Gratz, WilliamKoller, DonHB 1899
 4648L.01I - Adds Consumer Price Index adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid.
HB1900Scott, DelbertHB 1900
 4578L.01I - Creates the state legal expense fund.
HB1918Koller, DonSCS HB 1918
 4696S.05C - Revises enforcement of the requirement for commercial motor vehicles to stop at weigh stations.
HB1944Barnitz, FranklinCrump, WayneHB 1944
 4392L.01I - Creates Project Exile, relating to firearm crimes.
HB1988Kelly, VanKreider, JimHB 1988
 4746L.01T - Makes the fox trotting horse the official state horse.
HB1994Hosmer, WilliamMarsh, B JHS HB 1994
 4606L.04P - Changes the name of Southwest Missouri State University.
HB1995Dempsey, TomBearden, CarlHB 1995
 3900L.01I - Prohibits any political subdivision from levying a property tax above the calculated rate without voter approval.
HB1996Dempsey, TomPortwood, CharlesHB 1996
 4610L.01I - Revises the penalties for misrepresentation of age by a minor to obtain liquor.
HB1997Cooper, ShannonHanaway, CatherineHB 1997
 4217L.01I - Excludes elected officials of the state of Missouri from receiving state health insurance benefits.
HB1998Hendrickson, CarlHB 1998
 4798L.01I - Regulates adult establishments.
HB1999Lawson, MauriceKelly, GlendaHB 1999
 4760L.01I - Excludes bailiffs or court marshals from requirement of having a peace officer license.
HB2000Quinn, JohnMays, CarolHB 2000
 3497L.03I - Allows directors of industrial development corporations in certain municipalities to live outside the municipality.
HB2001Hegeman, DanielShields, CharlesHB 2001
 4621L.01T - Allows the State Dental Board to enter into diversion agreements with dentists or dental hygienists.
HB2002Farnen, TheodoreNaeger, PatrickHB 2002
 4811L.01T - Revises provisions concerning coroner's inquests.
HB2003Harlan, TimothyBaker, LanaHB 2003
 4632L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding the reporting requirements for long-term care facilities.
HB2004Myers, PeterCrawford, LarryHB 2004
 4652L.01I - Creates the Environmental Regulation Consistency Act.
HB2005Bearden, CarlChampion, NormaHB 2005
 4651L.01I - Requires performance-based state budgeting review.
HB2006Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 2006
 4232L.02I - Requires the revocation or denial of a license for health care professionals who default on student loans.
HB2007O'Connor, PatrickHB 2007
 4684L.01I - Revises the requirements for issuance of license plates.
HB2008O'Connor, PatrickSS SCS HB 2008
 4676S.04T - Adds a new category of motor vehicle dealer. Revises law on repurchase of power equipment.
HB2009O'Connor, PatrickSCS HB 2009
 4677S.02T - Revises application for licensure process for motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and auctions.
HB2010Cunningham, JaneHunter, SteveHB 2010
 4362L.03I - Creates the "Teacher Choice Compensation Package" and fund.
HB2011Cunningham, JaneLiese, ChrisHB 2011
 4488L.01I - Allows qualified common-interest communities to receive compensation from a municipality for trash services.
HB2012Cunningham, JaneReid, MichaelHB 2012
 3967L.01I - Establishes the "Missouri Healthy Schools Fund".
HB2013Walton, JuanitaHaywood, EstherHB 2013
 4816L.01I - Allows school board members of any school district to be removed by the voters in a recall election.
HB2014Smith, PhilipHB 2014
 4819L.01I - Sets costs for transcripts paid to court reporters and costs for evidence preservation paid to clerks.
HB2015Clayton, RobertHB 2015
 4722L.01I - Requires a store owner to refund a customer's money if the customer is improperly detained due to a failure to remove or deactivate a security strip.
HB2016Kelly, GlendaHB 2016
 4817L.01I - Modifies the information required for delivery of prisoners to correctional centers.
HB2017Kelly, GlendaSelby, HaroldHB 2017
 4361L.01I - Allows adopted persons over the age of 50 to obtain their original birth certificates.
HB2018Bartle, MatthewFranklin, J.HB 2018
 4764L.02T - Requires county clerk of Jackson County to forward tax books for school districts by June 15.
HB2019Kreider, JimHB 2019
 4782L.01I - Creates position of student representative on the board of trustees at Ozarks Technical Community College.
HB2020Reid, MichaelSelby, HaroldHB 2020
 3703L.01I - Expands the motor vehicle "lemon law".
HB2021Ross, CarsonO'Connor, PatrickHB 2021
 4858L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue to take certain actions against applicants who commit fraud to obtain a driver's license.
HB2022Richardson, MarkSCS HB 2022
 3082S.02T - Reenacts section 178.870, relating to community college property tax rates, to cure possible constitutional defects.
HB2023Franklin, J.SS HB 2023
 3746S.03T - Revises language relating to challenges of a disciplinary change of placement of special education students and process of appeal of a hearing panel's decision.
HB2024Relford, RandallCunningham, JaneHB 2024
 4867L.01I - Revises provisions relating to the lapse of a school district's corporate organization.
HB2025Walton, JuanitaThompson, BettyHB 2025
 4695L.02P - Creates special license plates for members and alumni of various Greek organizations.
HB2026Green, ThomasBearden, CarlHB 2026
 4865L.01P - Designates the Missouri River bridge connecting St. Louis and St. Charles counties as the "Veterans Memorial Bridge".
HB2027Gambaro, DerioHB 2027
 4781L.01I - Makes various revisions relating to collection of vehicle-related fees and fines.
HB2028Berkowitz, SamWilson, YvonneHB 2028
 4715L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Career Ladder Initiative Program for nurse assistants providing long-term care.
HB2029Hosmer, WilliamHB 2029
 4801L.01P - Requires certified police reports in certain instances.
HB2030Whorton, JimWilson, VictoriaHB 2030
 3791L.01I - Allows a public assistance income disregard for automobile liability insurance premiums.
HB2031O'Connor, PatrickHB 2031
 4847L.01P - Creates continuing education requirement for used motor vehicle dealers.
HB2032Hosmer, WilliamSCS HB 2032
 4802S.03C - Expands the crime of driving while revoked.
HB2033Monaco, RalphHB 2033
 4733L.01I - Requires property owners and landlords to disclose in writing that a property was used to produce methamphetamine.
HB2034Skaggs, BillyHB 2034
 4557L.01I - Establishes a motor fuel tax exemption for consumers who privately own a passenger motor vehicle that uses diesel fuel.
HB2035Reinhart, GeralynRidgeway, LuannHB 2035
 4810L.02I - Requires the question of retention of family court commissioners in Clay County to be placed on ballot at every presidential election.
HB2036Hoppe, ThomasHB 2036
 4423L.01I - Regulates installation and maintenance of underground liquid storage systems.
HCR3Hampton, MarkHCR 3
 2465L.01I - Authorizes the Governor to approve a land annexation for the city of Licking.
HCR15O'Toole, JamesHS HCR 15
 4271L.03F - Urges Congress to enact federal legislation to protect employee retirement savings programs following the collapse of Enron.
HCR18Wilson, YvonneHCR 18
 4728L.01I - Requests the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to impanel teachers to address various curriculum and testing issues relating to consumer credit.
HCR20Crump, WayneHCR 20
 4626L.01I - Designates an area in eastern mid-Missouri as the "Arcadia Valley".
HCR21Boucher, ArthurHCR 21
 4558L.03I - Urges the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to provide National Guard veterans with similar benefits as are provided to active duty military retirees.
HCR23Merideth, DennyHCR 23
 4441L.01I - Authorizes the creation of the Missouri Commission on the Delta Region Authority.
HJR49Graham, CharlesMcKenna, RyanHJR 49
 3883L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase the state revenue limit.
HJR55Bearden, CarlMayer, RobertHJR 55
 4586L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing public school students the right to pray.
SB639Caskey, HaroldSB 639
 3068S.02T - Modifies production requirements for sellers of jams and jellies.
SB650Singleton, MarvinCCS HCS SS#2 SB 650
 2395L.10T - Removes statute of limitations for forcible rape and forcible sodomy.
SB708Mathewson, JamesSB 708
 2598S.01T - Revises membership of Clean Water Commission.
SB712Singleton, MarvinCCS HS HCS SCS SB 712
 3084S.23T - Creates the Missouri State Emergency Health Powers Act to address state public health emergencies.
SB742Caskey, HaroldSB 742
 2965S.01T - Makes technical correction in law on trusts and estates.
SB860Rohrbach, LarrySB 860
 3588L.01I - Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
SB865Foster, BillSB 865
 2887S.02T - Changes the assessment renewal on boll weevil eradication from five years to ten years.
SB895Yeckel, AnitaGross, CharlesCCS HS HCS SB 895
 3624L.14T - Amends securities and banking laws.
SB931Klarich, DavidHCS SS SCS SB 931
 3681L.07C - Adds sections to and modifies sections of Chapters 347 and 351, RSMo, relating to business organizations.
SB932Klarich, DavidHCS SB 932
 3950L.02T - Clarifies the notice due to a tenant when the landlord sells the rented property.
SB974Childers, DoyleWestfall, MorrisSB 974
 4059S.01T - Allows the Department of Transportation to issue special permits for wide vehicles.
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