91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 25, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1150Bray, JoanSS SCS HCS HB 1150, 1237 & 1327
 2610S.09T - Authorizes state tax amnesty program, adopts Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administrative Act, and revises law on property tax.
HB1242Griesheimer, JohnHB 1242
 2793L.01P - Establishes special license plates paying tribute to disaster relief efforts which may be obtained after annual contribution to American Red Cross disaster relief fund.
HB1275Secrest, PatriciaHB 1275
 3362L.01I - Allows the addition of former employers as parties to a workers' compensation case.
HB1276Secrest, PatriciaHB 1276
 3361L.01I - Revises workers' compensation law.
HB1277Secrest, PatriciaHB 1277
 3364L.01I - Revises workers' compensation law.
HB1294Troupe, CharlesHB 1294
 3446L.01I - Changes the allowable supply of medication to be received by certain enrollees through a pharmaceutical plan and requires collection agencies to be informed when payments are made on patient accounts.
HB1342Farnen, TheodoreHB 1342
 2912L.02T - Provides for county political party committee membership when only one candidate files.
HB1348Myers, PeterJetton, RodCCS SS#2 SCS HB 1348
 2818L.14T - Revises laws on agriculture.
HB1375Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1375
 3254L.01T - Increases permissible mortgage insurance amounts.
HB1381Luetkenhaus, WilliamSCS HB 1381
 3559S.04T - Allows insurance policies to be in languages other than English.
HB1398Ward, DanielSelby, HaroldHCS HB 1398
 3700L.04T - Allows relatives of deceased veterans of World War II to apply for World War II medals and extends the application date to 2003.
HB1421McKenna, RyanAbel, MarkHB 1421
 3557L.01P - Excludes capital appropriations from annual appropriations for community college district maintenance funds.
HB1422Gratz, WilliamKreider, JimHB 1422
 3705L.01I - Prohibits price gouging during emergencies.
HB1432Foley, JamesHanaway, CatherineHB 1432
 3532L.01P - Permits charter counties to establish an emergency communications system commission.
HB1465Smith, PhilipHB 1465
 3732L.01I - Creates a cause of action for the fraudulent sale of health-related discount cards.
HB1472Whorton, JimMyers, PeterHCS HB 1472
 3498L.03P - Requires Missouri Department of Transportation to implement a program that provides for use of alternative fuels in its vehicle fleet and heavy equipment that use diesel fuel.
HB1492Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 1492
 3793S.03T - Changes disclosure reporting deadlines.
HB1495Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 1495
 3794S.02T - Changes filing requirement exemptions for certain candidates.
HB1533Portwood, CharlesMonaco, RalphHB 1533
 2580L.02I - Increases access to and health insurance coverage for chiropractic care.
HB1672Gambaro, DerioMyers, PeterHB 1672
 4110L.01P - Provides additional guidelines on income taxation of nonresident entertainers and athletes.
HB1695Selby, HaroldShoemyer, WesSCS HCS HB 1695
 3419S.06C - Revises health insurance laws.
HB1711Graham, CharlesKreider, JimCCS HCS HB 1711
 3884L.08T - Revises school foundation formula and enacts school accountability measures.
HB1742Cunningham, JanePortwood, CharlesHB 1742
 4019L.02I - Modifies various provisions regarding workers' compensation insurers.
HB1765Bray, JoanHCS HB 1765
 4457L.03P - Enacts the Simplified Sales and Use Tax Act.
HB1800Secrest, PatriciaHanaway, CatherineHB 1800
 4431L.01I - Alters workers' compensation law to require injuries to be the dominant substantial factor for compensation to be awarded.
HB1936Berkowitz, SamShoemyer, WesHS HCS HB 1936
 4533L.04P - Creates Missouri Agricultural Products Marketing Development Fund and Citizens' Advisory Commission for Marketing Missouri Agricultural Products. Develops standards and labeling for organic farming.
HB1953VanZandt, TimothyCierpiot, ConnieCCS SCS HB 1953
 4707L.06T - Clarifies that the reimbursement of Department of Health and Senior Services advisory committees shall be subject to appropriations.
HB2015Clayton, RobertHB 2015
 4722L.01I - Requires a store owner to refund a customer's money if the customer is improperly detained due to a failure to remove or deactivate a security strip.
HB2016Kelly, GlendaHB 2016
 4817L.01I - Modifies the information required for delivery of prisoners to correctional centers.
HB2017Kelly, GlendaSelby, HaroldHB 2017
 4361L.01I - Allows adopted persons over the age of 50 to obtain their original birth certificates.
HB2018Bartle, MatthewFranklin, J.HB 2018
 4764L.02T - Requires county clerk of Jackson County to forward tax books for school districts by June 15.
HB2019Kreider, JimHB 2019
 4782L.01I - Creates position of student representative on the board of trustees at Ozarks Technical Community College.
HB2020Reid, MichaelSelby, HaroldHB 2020
 3703L.01I - Expands the motor vehicle "lemon law".
HB2021Ross, CarsonO'Connor, PatrickHB 2021
 4858L.01I - Allows the Department of Revenue to take certain actions against applicants who commit fraud to obtain a driver's license.
HB2022Richardson, MarkSCS HB 2022
 3082S.02T - Reenacts section 178.870, relating to community college property tax rates, to cure possible constitutional defects.
HB2023Franklin, J.SS HB 2023
 3746S.03T - Revises language relating to challenges of a disciplinary change of placement of special education students and process of appeal of a hearing panel's decision.
HB2024Relford, RandallCunningham, JaneHB 2024
 4867L.01I - Revises provisions relating to the lapse of a school district's corporate organization.
HB2025Walton, JuanitaThompson, BettyHB 2025
 4695L.02P - Creates special license plates for members and alumni of various Greek organizations.
HB2026Green, ThomasBearden, CarlHB 2026
 4865L.01P - Designates the Missouri River bridge connecting St. Louis and St. Charles counties as the "Veterans Memorial Bridge".
HB2027Gambaro, DerioHB 2027
 4781L.01I - Makes various revisions relating to collection of vehicle-related fees and fines.
HB2028Berkowitz, SamWilson, YvonneHB 2028
 4715L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Career Ladder Initiative Program for nurse assistants providing long-term care.
HB2029Hosmer, WilliamHB 2029
 4801L.01P - Requires certified police reports in certain instances.
HB2030Whorton, JimWilson, VictoriaHB 2030
 3791L.01I - Allows a public assistance income disregard for automobile liability insurance premiums.
HB2031O'Connor, PatrickHB 2031
 4847L.01P - Creates continuing education requirement for used motor vehicle dealers.
HB2032Hosmer, WilliamSCS HB 2032
 4802S.03C - Expands the crime of driving while revoked.
HB2033Monaco, RalphHB 2033
 4733L.01I - Requires property owners and landlords to disclose in writing that a property was used to produce methamphetamine.
HB2034Skaggs, BillyHB 2034
 4557L.01I - Establishes a motor fuel tax exemption for consumers who privately own a passenger motor vehicle that uses diesel fuel.
HB2035Reinhart, GeralynRidgeway, LuannHB 2035
 4810L.02I - Requires the question of retention of family court commissioners in Clay County to be placed on ballot at every presidential election.
HB2036Hoppe, ThomasHB 2036
 4423L.01I - Regulates installation and maintenance of underground liquid storage systems.
HB2037Clayton, RobertHB 2037
 4704L.01I - Creates a statutory lien for production contracts involving production of commodities.
HB2038Relford, RandallHB 2038
 4525L.01I - Repeals one of two conflicting sections relating to certain commercial motor vehicles.
HB2039Kreider, JimHB 2039
 4788L.01T - Authorizes any county, city, or village to designate memorial highways for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
HB2040Bray, JoanWilson, VictoriaHB 2040
 4883L.01I - Establishes a permitting process for the construction or modification of chip mills.
HCR24Kreider, JimHCR 24
 4869L.01I - Approves funding for an agricultural research and demonstration center for the Springfield campus of Southwest Missouri State University.
HCR25Merideth, DennyHCR 25
 4880L.01I - Creates the Missouri Commission on the Delta Regional Authority.
HJR51Whorton, JimKreider, JimHCS HJR 51
 4767L.03P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, or harvest game.
SB650Singleton, MarvinCCS HCS SS#2 SB 650
 2395L.10T - Removes statute of limitations for forcible rape and forcible sodomy.
SB708Mathewson, JamesSB 708
 2598S.01T - Revises membership of Clean Water Commission.
SB712Singleton, MarvinCCS HS HCS SCS SB 712
 3084S.23T - Creates the Missouri State Emergency Health Powers Act to address state public health emergencies.
SB742Caskey, HaroldSB 742
 2965S.01T - Makes technical correction in law on trusts and estates.
SB860Rohrbach, LarrySB 860
 3588L.01I - Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
SB885Bentley, RoseannSCS SB 885
 2656S.03C - Allows satellite economic development zones in Springfield.
SB895Yeckel, AnitaGross, CharlesCCS HS HCS SB 895
 3624L.14T - Amends securities and banking laws.
SB931Klarich, DavidHCS SS SCS SB 931
 3681L.07C - Adds sections to and modifies sections of Chapters 347 and 351, RSMo, relating to business organizations.
SB974Childers, DoyleWestfall, MorrisSB 974
 4059S.01T - Allows the Department of Transportation to issue special permits for wide vehicles.
SB992Johnson, SidneyHCS SB 992
 3820L.02T - Authorizes Buchanan County to seek a grant from the Contiguous Property Redevelopment Fund. Allows municipalities to establish a historic preservation revolving fund.
SB993Rohrbach, LarrySB 993
 3985S.02I - Revises residency requirements for fire protection district directors.
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