91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 26, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB15Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 15
 0015L.04T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes, claims for refunds, and transfer of money among certain funds.
HB30Gaskill, SamuelHB 30
 0459L.01I - Limits liability of persons defending the U.S. flag.
HB48Relford, RandallHB 48
 0391L.01T - Amends various provisions relating to embalmers and funeral directors.
HB50Relford, RandallSCS HCS HB 50
 0061S.07C - Revises law on reading instruction and assessment, school report cards, urban school districts, and teachers' licenses.
HB60Rizzo, HenryHoppe, ThomasHB 60
 0384L.01I - Raises Kansas City police salaries.
HB70Koller, DonHB 70
 0576L.01P - Limits motorcycle helmet requirement to persons under twenty-one years of age.
HB78Kennedy, HarryRichardson, MarkHB 78
 0298L.01T - Grants immunity from civil suits to physicians' health programs for reporting information on licensees to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts.
HB80Ross, CarsonCCS SCS HB 80
 0237L.04T - Authorizes the creation of multijurisdictional antifraud enforcement groups and revises peace officers training requirements.
HB107Clayton, RobertRichardson, MarkSCS HS HCS HB 107
 0162S.05T - Creates the Legal Services for Low-income People Fund and the Missouri CASA Fund.
HB120O'Connor, PatrickSCS HB 120
 0483S.06C - Amends laws on motor vehicles and transportation.
HB133Gambaro, DerioSCS HB 133
 0396S.08T - Allows local housing corporations and neighborhood associations to bring property receivership actions and makes other changes concerning redevelopment projects.
HB145Troupe, CharlesHB 145
 0738L.01I - Changes the allowable supply of medication to be received by certain enrollees through a pharmaceutical plan and requires collection agencies to be informed when payments are made on patient accounts.
HB146Troupe, CharlesHB 146
 0739L.01I - Requires health insurers to offer contraceptive coverage to enrollees.
HB163Berkowitz, SamWagner, HowardHB 163
 0543L.01T - Expands sources of funding for the Highway Patrol's Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Revolving Fund.
HB180Thompson, BettyBoucher, ArthurHB 180
 0536L.01T - Creates a Women Offender Program in the Department of Corrections.
HB205Relford, RandallSCS HCS HB 205, 323 & 549
 0868S.08C - Authorizes an incentive program for forestry, extends carryover of wood energy tax credit, prohibits introduction of wild elk, increases penalties for deer poaching, and allows killing of feral hogs.
HB219Townley, MerrillRansdall, BillySCS HB 219
 0732S.03T - Amends various provisions of the fencing law.
HB236Smith, PhilipSCS HB 236
 0885S.02T - Establishes the Juvenile Information Governance Commission.
HB239Smith, PhilipHCS HB 239
 0672L.04C - Enacts additional notice and hearing requirements, revises fees, and changes reclamation standards for surface mining.
HB241Smith, PhilipCCS SCS HCS HB 241
 0639S.05T - Revises the Principal and Income Act applicable to trusts and estates.
HB247Seigfreid, JamesRelford, RandallHCS HB 247, 109, 99 & 100
 0880L.03C - Revises election laws.
HB249Treadway, JosephSCS HB 249
 0845S.04C - Regulates amusement machines.
HB262Linton, WilliamPhillips, SusanHB 262
 0648L.01I - Revises law on the privacy of elementary and secondary student records, regulates disclosure of higher education disciplinary actions, and revises marriage law.
HB266Treadway, JosephHB 266
 0613L.01T - Adds a new provision relating to commissions for real estate brokers.
HB288Campbell, MarshaHB 288
 0083L.02I - Exempts design-build contractors from certain certificate of registration and certificate of authority requirements.
HB321Skaggs, BillyCurls, MelbaHB 321
 0925L.01T - Extends the termination date on the Kansas City public transportation sales tax from 2001 to 2003.
HB441Holt, BruceBoucher, ArthurHCS HB 441, 94 & 244
 1275L.03T - Provides honorary high school diplomas to World War I, World War II, and Korean War veterans who left high school before graduation to serve in the United States military.
HB453Ransdall, BillyBerkowitz, SamCCS#2 SS SCS HB 453
 1171L.08T - Revises law on surface mining, air emissions, and Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund.
HB466Smith, PhilipHB 466
 1397L.01I - Uses tobacco settlement moneys for a smoking cessation treatment program.
HB486Davis, DahlmanAbel, MarkHB 486
 0660L.03I - Creates mandatory vision screenings for first grade, kindergarten and Head Start students; provides lists of sources for such exams; funds exams for certain students.
HB511Johnson, RickByrd, RichardHCS HB 511
 1298L.03C - Changes telemarketing definitions to further protect consumers.
HB575O'Connor, PatrickAbel, MarkSS SCS HB 575
 1430S.04T - Revises Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Law and adds provisions for recreational vehicles.
HB621Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlCCS HB 621
 1649L.03T - Creates Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission.
HB638Farnen, TheodoreHB 638
 1688L.01I - Requires election authorities to accept absentee ballot applications by fax, within the limits of the technology available.
HB768Hosmer, WilliamHB 768
 0045L.02I - Clarifies that owner-operators of motor vehicles are not employees for workers compensation purposes.
HB808Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlSCS HB 808 & HB 951
 1956S.02T - Authorizes the conveyance of two parcels of property to Jefferson City.
HB846Abel, MarkFoley, JamesHB 846
 1911L.01I - Requires all private attorneys' fees incurred as a result of representing the state of Missouri in tobacco settlement litigation to be paid pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement.
HB851Black, LanieMyers, PeterHB 851
 1938L.01I - Authorizes a conveyance of property in Scott County.
HB853Crump, WayneKreider, JimHCS HB 853 & 258
 1981L.06C - Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB858Selby, HaroldMcKenna, RyanHB 858
 2035L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding animal care facilities.
HB859Hilgemann, RobertGambaro, DerioHB 859
 1882L.01I - Establishes housing grant program for new public school teachers.
HB860Hilgemann, RobertKennedy, HarryHB 860
 1047L.01I - Allows school districts to change the mandatory date of school attendance to seventeen.
HB861Ford, LouisHB 861
 0995L.01I - Authorizes the St. Louis Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority to issue up to $20 million in bonds, to be matched by the Missouri Housing Development Commission, for urban renewal projects.
HB862Clayton, RobertRichardson, MarkHB 862
 1975L.01I - Increases certain court fees.
HB863Dempsey, TomGambaro, DerioHB 863
 1987L.02I - Removes requirement that St. Louis police chief be promoted from within the department.
HB864Dempsey, TomBearden, CarlHB 864
 2058L.01I - Adds Consumer Price Index adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid.
HB865Davis, DahlmanHB 865
 2069L.02T - Revises law concerning public reporting of certain school information.
HB866Boucher, ArthurHB 866
 2083L.01I - Revises certain provisions related to excursion boat gaming, and increases funding for Bright Flight scholarships.
HB867Walton, JuanitaJohnson, RickHB 867
 1826L.01I - Changes process of nominating and electing presidential electors to district by district method with two statewide electors; binds electors to vote for nominating party.
HB868Merideth, DennyGambaro, DerioHCS HB 868
 1738L.02C - Allows school districts to contract with eligible new generation cooperatives for the purchase of biodiesel to fuel school buses.
HB869Merideth, DennyRichardson, MarkHB 869
 1654L.01I - Provides funds for education of hearing-impaired children not attending the Missouri School for the Deaf.
HB870Merideth, DennyHoland, RoyHB 870
 2007L.01I - Amends various provisions of the Grandparents as Foster Parents Program.
HB871Fraser, BarbaraHB 871
 1158L.01I - Regulates the use of epinephrine auto-injector devices by emergency medical technicians.
HB872Naeger, PatrickSchwab, DavidHB 872
 2052L.01I - Requires school to provide transportation for certain nonpublic school students.
HB873Naeger, PatrickReinhart, GeralynHB 873
 1201L.01I - Amends various portions of the on-site sewage system law.
HB874Naeger, PatrickPortwood, CharlesHB 874
 1982L.02I - Modifies the income categories for the Children's Health Insurance Program.
HB875Barnitz, FranklinHB 875
 2045L.03I - Revises certain definitions for purposes of enterprise zones.
HB876Jetton, RodKelly, GaryHB 876
 2046L.01I - Allows pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions that are contrary to established policies or to their beliefs.
HB877Hosmer, WilliamHB 877
 1437L.02I - Creates parity between institutional and noninstitutional eligibility requirements for Medicaid.
HB878Ballard, CharlesHB 878
 1727L.02I - Prohibits schools offering prizes or incentives to students to sign up for subsidized lunches or to attend on certain days.
HB879Black, LanieMyers, PeterHB 879
 2093L.01I - Authorizes conveyance of property in Scott County to Village of Commerce.
HB880Crawford, LarryBlack, LanieHB 880
 1031L.01I - Requires the Board of Probation and Parole to provide probation services on all criminal nonsupport cases.
HCR16Green, ThomasHolt, BruceHCR 16
 1775L.01I - Urges the Environmental Protection Agency to provide the St. Louis area with the promised time to meet the ozone standards for air quality.
HCR24Boucher, ArthurSCS HCR 24
 2070S.02C - Urges the U.S. Congress to address the issue of increased fuel prices by developing domestic sources to reduce the nation's dependency on foreign sources of fuel.
HJR5Barry, JoanFarnen, TheodoreHJR 5
 0592L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow school districts to pass bond issues by simple majority vote.
SB12Russell, JohnSB 12
 0305L.01P - Allows non-attorneys to appear in certain administrative hearings.
SB36Westfall, MorrisSCS SB 36
 0356S.03P - Provides for .08 DWI/BAC and increases collateral consequences; prohibits open containers for passengers.
SB44Bentley, RoseannHCS SCS SB 44 & 59
 0324L.11C - Expedites the adoption of foster children by waiving or shortening certain waiting periods.
SB46Bentley, RoseannHCS SS SCS SB 46 & 47
 0418L.10C - Allows dental students to enroll in the loan repayment program and establishes a donated dental services program.
SB128Childers, DoyleSB 128
 0323S.01P - Grants immunity from liability for injuries or death resulting from risks of paddlesport activities.
SB136Wiggins, HarryHCS SCS SB 136
 0550L.03C - Modifies membership and duties of the Organ Donation Advisory Committee and allows incresed contributions to organ donation programs.
SB203Scott, JohnSB 203
 0854S.01T - Exempts food from the sales tax imposed by the Metropolitan Park and Recreation District.
SB241Rohrbach, LarrySCS SB 241
 1078S.03T - Provides that merging mutual insurance companies need only provide notice as required by the articles and bylaws of the companies.
SB252Singleton, MarvinSB 252
 1069S.01T - Authorizes the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin to exchange two parcels of property.
SB301Johnson, SidneySCS SB 301
 0722S.04T - Allows Missouri Western State College to convey property to the University of Missouri.
SB304Klarich, DavidHCS SB 304
 1141L.03C - Permits removal of a trustee upon petition of the settlor, co-trustee or any beneficiary.
SCR6Stoll, SteveLoudon, JohnSS SCR 6
 0824S.02P - Hereby declare April 6th of each year as Tartan Day in Missouri.
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