91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 27, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1032Portwood, CharlesHB 1032
 3188L.01T - Requires one of the seven members of the State Board of Health to be a chiropractic physician.
HB1037Monaco, RalphHosmer, WilliamCCS SCS HS HCS HB 1037, 1188, 1074 & 1271
 2842L.08T - Eliminates statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy.
HB1058Haywood, EstherHB 1058
 2362L.01P - Adds arson to the hate crimes statute and makes it a class A felony regardless of whether it is 1st or 2nd degree or whether anyone was injured.
HB1059Haywood, EstherHB 1059
 2459L.01I - Creates crime of failure to control a vicious animal, and allows impoundment pending verdict and humane killing upon plea or finding of guilt.
HB1141Naeger, PatrickSCS HB 1141,1400,1645,1745 & 2026
 3137S.05T - Designates portions of various highways. Names state horse.
HB1152Hoppe, ThomasHB 1152
 3092L.01I - Regulates the appeal bonds for signatories to the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.
HB1194Gambaro, DerioHB 1194
 3121L.01P - Relating to liens on real property by political subdivisions for abatement of dangerous buildings.
HB1196Barnett, MyronOstmann, LucindaSS SCS HB 1196
 2522S.16T - Revises law on transportation funding and billboards.
HB1202Smith, PhilipHCS HB 1202
 3281L.02P - Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers.
HB1211Smith, PhilipOstmann, LucindaHB 1211
 2488L.01I - Revises the crime of invasion of privacy.
HB1265Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlSCS HB 1265
 2469S.03T - Allows registration with Selective Service for male applicants for driver's licenses between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six.
HB1270Gratz, WilliamCCS#2 SS SCS HB 1270 & HB 2032
 2489L.14T - Revises laws on motor vehicles and traffic regulations.
HB1314Mays, CarolBurton, GaryHB 1314
 3316L.02P - Revises provisions of retired military special license plate statute.
HB1331Harding, MargaretBoucher, ArthurHB 1331
 3448L.01I - Creates crime of leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle in the third degree.
HB1348Myers, PeterJetton, RodCCS SS#2 SCS HB 1348
 2818L.14T - Revises laws on agriculture.
HB1375Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1375
 3254L.01T - Increases permissible mortgage insurance amounts.
HB1400Merideth, DennyBritt, PhillipHB 1400
 3521L.02P - Designates portion of I-55 and Highway J at mile marker 16 in Pemiscot County as the "Sergeant Rob Guilliams, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Memorial Bridge".
HB1412Skaggs, BillyHosmer, WilliamHB 1412
 2943L.01I - Creates special license plates for Animal Friendly License Plate Association.
HB1418Relford, RandallBallard, CharlesHB 1418
 3755L.01P - Establishes the Arrow Rock State Historic Site Endowment Fund and adds various provisions relating to the administration of state parks.
HB1455O'Toole, JamesSS SCS HS HB 1455
 3641S.09T - Revises laws on public retirement systems.
HB1466Berkowitz, SamKoller, DonHB 1466
 3464L.01I - Excludes Missouri Highway Patrol from restrictions on appropriations from State Highways and Transportation Department Fund.
HB1483Jolly, CathyWilloughby, PhillipHB 1483
 3370L.01I - Adds firefighters to assault of a law enforcement officer in all degrees and revises elements of the offense and some punishment.
HB1495Seigfreid, JamesSCS HB 1495
 3794S.02T - Changes filing requirement exemptions for certain candidates.
HB1496Green, TimHanaway, CatherineHS HB 1496
 3817L.02P - Revises regulation of tax increment financing.
HB1501Boucher, ArthurJolly, CathyHB 1501
 3776L.01I - Sets restrictions for payday loans.
HB1508Koller, DonSCS HB 1508
 3295S.03T - Revises various provisions relating to outdoor advertising along state highways and interstates.
HB1523Kelly, GlendaLowe, JeneeHB 1523
 2855L.01I - Increases the limits for crime victim compensation.
HB1524O'Toole, JamesHB 1524
 4005L.01I - Removes cap on annual percentage increases under the St. Louis firefighter's retirement plan.
HB1529Hegeman, DanielHB 1529
 3974L.01I - Changes the cost-of-living adjustment calculation for state employee retirement plans.
HB1560Hegeman, DanielHB 1560
 3973L.01I - Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to make certain contributions for health insurance to members of the Highway and Transportation Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System.
HB1569Davis, DahlmanMarble, GaryHB 1569
 3856L.02P - Eliminates certain references to used tires in the waste tire statute.
HB1581Clayton, RobertHB 1581
 2479L.01P - Allows Highway Patrol officers to be elected to school boards and permits the superintendent to authorize officers to accept federal commissions.
HB1594Gratz, WilliamHampton, MarkSCS HS HB 1594
 3711S.05C - Revises state employees' pay for overtime work.
HB1627Kreider, JimHB 1627
 3966L.01P - Changes building code requirements for counties of the third classification.
HB1629Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 1629
 4257L.01I - Creates crime of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager, or sports official.
HB1632O'Connor, PatrickHB 1632
 4249L.01P - Creates special license plate for members of the Fraternal Order of Police of the State of Missouri.
HB1649Bowman, JohnCarnahan, RussHB 1649
 3517L.01I - Creates the Urban Conservation Commission.
HB1680Hampton, MarkHolt, BruceHCS HB 1680
 4203L.03C - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for damages, abatement, or injunctive relief resulting from the design, manufacture, marketing or sale of firearms or ammunition.
HB1686Lowe, JeneeWilson, VictoriaHB 1686
 4037L.01I - Requires persons guilty of boating while intoxicated to complete the substance abuse traffic offender program.
HB1700Hosmer, WilliamJolly, CathyHB 1700
 2728L.01I - Revises the use of DNA evidence in criminal procedure.
HB1702Ward, DanielKreider, JimHB 1702
 4075L.03I - Authorizes applications for permits for retired peace officers to carry concealed weapons. Specifies permit requirements.
HB1710Boykins, AmberHilgemann, RobertHB 1710
 3649L.01I - Establishes the "Urban Flight Scholarship Program".
HB1722Hosmer, WilliamBritt, PhillipHB 1722
 4294L.01P - Excludes any information or evidence obtained from custodial interrogation of a mentally retarded person unless an attorney was present to represent the person.
HB1730Barnitz, FranklinCunningham, JaneHB 1730
 4113L.01I - Revises crime of supplying intoxicating liquor to a minor. Makes it a class A misdemeanor for licensees or their employees and for any person except if results in injury or death then D felony.
HB1734Crump, WayneO'Toole, JamesHB 1734
 4395L.01I - Requires all counties or St. Louis that participate in the sheriff retirement system to also fund the system.
HB1743Shoemyer, WesHoland, RoyHB 1743
 4166L.01I - Adds the use of laser to the definition of dentistry.
HB1745Koller, DonHB 1745
 4386L.01P - Designates a portion of U.S. highway 63 in Texas County as the "Trooper Kelly L. Poynter Memorial Highway".
HB1759Jolly, CathyBritt, PhillipHB 1759
 4108L.02I - Clarifies the crime of passing a bad check.
HB1760Mayer, RobertRichardson, MarkHB 1760
 3859L.01I - Revises certain provisions relating to stealing.
HB1762Harding, MargaretBoykins, AmberHS HCS HB 1762
 4322L.10P - Makes it an unlawful practice to disclose more than five credit card or debit card numbers on any sales receipt.
HB1768Hosmer, WilliamSmith, PhilipHB 1768
 4080L.01T - Increases the life of liens of judgments or decrees on real estate rendered after August 28, 1998, from three to ten years.
HB1773Shelton, O.L.Carnahan, RussSCS HB 1773
 4086S.04T - Revises the salary matrix for police officers in St. Louis City.
HB1778Monaco, RalphHB 1778
 4485L.01P - Creates special license plates for members of the Kingdom of Calontir and the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association.
HB1779Green, TimHB 1779
 4049L.01P - Creates a special license plate for members of the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Teamsters.
HB1780Green, TimHCS HB 1780
 4421L.02C - Requires the Division of Child Support Enforcement to use the National Medical Support notice to enforce health benefit plan coverage required in child support orders.
HB1783Lowe, JeneeMoore, DanieSCS HB 1783
 4339S.03T - Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
HB1788Ross, CarsonO'Connor, PatrickHB 1788
 4465L.01P - Creates a special license plate for Veterans of Foreign Wars.
HB1789Ross, CarsonO'Connor, PatrickSCS HB 1789
 4472S.02T - Creates a special license plate for former members of the Missouri General Assembly.
HB1794Legan, KennethBarnitz, FranklinHB 1794
 4275L.01I - Revises certain provisions of the Animal Research and Production Facilities Protection Act.
HB1795Berkowitz, SamOverschmidt, FrancisHB 1795
 4155L.01P - Authorizes conveyances of state property.
HB1796Crump, WayneHB 1796
 3847L.01I - Enacts the Nurse Licensure Compact.
HB1802Smith, PhilipHosmer, WilliamHB 1802
 4327L.01I - Expands the powers of the Administrative Hearing Commission to include any contested case either by a state agency or an affected party and adds 3 members to the commission.
HB1808Holand, RoyHB 1808
 4247L.01I - Allows physicians to be disciplined for actions that arise out of collaborative practice agreements.
HB1822Walton, JuanitaGreen, ThomasHB 1822
 4263L.01T - Provides state employees protection against discharge if called to military duty or training and sets maximum hours of military leave and designates when and how such leave may be charged.
HB1823Franklin, J.Hagan-Harrell, MaryHB 1823
 4288L.01I - Clarifies treatment of retirement payments for state retirees who are reemployed by the state.
HB1835Treadway, JosephHB 1835
 4388L.01I - Alters licensing requirements for the Board of Geologist Registration.
HB1837Berkowitz, SamShoemyer, WesSCS HB 1837
 4333S.02C - Allows additional time for ethanol producers to collect from the Missouri Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund and revises equipment repurchase law.
HB1843Johnson, RickHB 1843
 4541L.01I - Adds psychotherapy service to definition of practice of professional counseling.
HB1844Johnson, RickBarry, JoanHB 1844
 4515L.01I - Requires funeral directors and embalmers to complete professional development courses.
HB1849Barnitz, FranklinOverschmidt, FrancisSCS HB 1849
 4326S.02T - Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Crawford County Commission.
HB1855Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 1855
 4330L.01I - Creates the State Property Preservation Fund.
HB1863Whorton, JimBerkowitz, SamHCS HB 1863
 3499L.06C - Creates the "Missouri Biodiesel Incentive Fund".
HB1869Barry, JoanHanaway, CatherineHB 1869
 3629L.01P - Prohibits residency requirements for peace officers statewide.
HB1871Barry, JoanHB 1871
 4467L.02I - Allows registered nurses to order therapies under collaborative agreements if the registered nurse is an advanced practice nurse.
HB1892Berkstresser, JudyHB 1892
 4266L.01I - Allows for reimbursement of expenses in certain condemnation and inverse condemnation cases.
HB1906Green, TimSCS HS HCS HB 1906
 4682S.08C - Requires the Commissioner of Administration to transfer excess unobligated cash balances of certain state funds to General Revenue Fund.
HB1936Berkowitz, SamShoemyer, WesHS HCS HB 1936
 4533L.04P - Creates Missouri Agricultural Products Marketing Development Fund and Citizens' Advisory Commission for Marketing Missouri Agricultural Products. Develops standards and labeling for organic farming.
HB1939Luetkemeyer, WilliamAbel, MarkHB 1939
 4047L.03I - Allows private-pay skilled nursing facilities to receive Medicaid reimbursement for residents who reside in the facility for more than one year without certificate of need review.
HB2024Relford, RandallCunningham, JaneHB 2024
 4867L.01I - Revises provisions relating to the lapse of a school district's corporate organization.
HB2041Liese, ChrisHB 2041
 3826L.01I - Creates special event license plates.
HB2042Wilson, VictoriaHB 2042
 4460L.03I - Requires the use of various child safety restraints in a motor vehicle based on age, weight, and height of the child.
HB2043Cunningham, JanePortwood, CharlesHB 2043
 4008L.01I - Creates additional guidelines for industrial development projects and urban redevelopment corporations.
HB2044Merideth, DennyHoland, RoyHB 2044
 4631L.02I - Changes circuit breaker limits for senior citizen property tax relief.
HB2045Ross, CarsonLiese, ChrisHB 2045
 4830L.01I - Changes provisions relating to S corporation shareholders and income taxes.
HB2046Relford, RandallHoppe, ThomasHB 2046
 4839L.01I - Changes requirements for local government bodies who contract for water and sewer services.
HB2047Ransdall, BillyReynolds, DavidSCS HB 2047
 4912S.03T - Allows students of public institutions of higher education who are members of the National Guard called to active service to be eligible to receive a refund of tuition.
HB2048Boucher, ArthurRansdall, BillyHB 2048
 4882L.01I - Creates a special license plate for members of the Disabled American Veterans.
HB2049Baker, LanaHB 2049
 4906L.01I - Allows programs for all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) projects an exemption from the certificate of authority requirements for health maintenance organizations.
HB2050Barnitz, FranklinHB 2050
 4712L.01I - Makes it illegal to use glass food or beverage containers within 50 feet of navigable waterways.
HB2051Hosmer, WilliamHB 2051
 3406L.01I - Allows single unit residential property owners, possessors or managers to tow a vehicle after notifying law enforcement without waiting.
HB2052Hosmer, WilliamHB 2052
 4919L.01I - Requires railroad police officers to be licensed peace officers.
HB2053Smith, PhilipHB 2053
 4843L.01I - Clarifies registration of tobacco sellers and authorizes Division of Liquor Control to enforce provisions on sale of tobacco products.
HB2054Long, ElizabethHB 2054
 4842L.01I - Allows all counties to set speed limits on county roads.
HB2055Hendrickson, CarlHB 2055
 4828L.02I - Creates a parent/child privilege in criminal cases.
HB2056Hosmer, WilliamKreider, JimHB 2056
 4745L.01I - Changes the definition of "dangerous felonies" to include attempts and increases the minimum punishment for forcible rape and sodomy.
HB2057Barry, JoanHB 2057
 4891L.01I - Expands the medical testing performed on persons delivered to the Department of Corrections.
HB2058Shoemyer, WesKreider, JimHB 2058
 4887L.01I - Creates the Breimyer Center for Sustainable Food and Farming Systems.
HB2059Hosmer, WilliamHB 2059
 4922L.01I - Allows the Director of Revenue to hold administrative hearings in regional locations.
HB2060Johnson, RickHB 2060
 4795L.01I - Allows certain counties to enact a one percent sales tax for law enforcement purposes.
HB2061Willoughby, PhillipHarding, MargaretHB 2061
 4857L.02I - Adds the Clay-Platte Child Assessment Center to the list of regional assessment centers funded by the Department of Social Services.
HB2062Hosmer, WilliamBritt, PhillipHB 2062
 4800L.01T - Revises various provisions relating to restricted driving privilege.
HB2063Seigfreid, JamesHB 2063
 4756L.01I - Authorizes a sales tax for funding rural economic development.
HB2064Walton, JuanitaVilla, ThomasHB 2064
 4825L.01T - Changes requirements for sheriff's deeds given under the Municipal Land Reutilization Law.
HB2065Ransdall, BillyKoller, DonHCS HB 2065
 4726L.02C - Creates an additional charge for the privilege of selling wine.
HB2066Kelley, PatrickPhillips, SusanHB 2066
 4123L.01I - Establishes the Office of Child Protection Information and the Child Protection Information Advisory Committee to assist persons with children who are or have received protective services.
HB2067Cooper, ShannonBearden, CarlHB 2067
 3821L.01I - Prohibits unsolicited electronic mail messages.
HB2068Kelley, PatrickHB 2068
 4226L.01I - Reduces the penalty for illegal transfer of a child and establishes statutory mitigating circumstances.
HB2069Koller, DonHB 2069
 4720L.01I - Transfers various powers to the Department of Transportation pursuant to the Governor's executive order.
HB2070Troupe, CharlesHB 2070
 4915L.01I - Modifies the provisions regarding the imposition of a processing fee for child support orders.
HB2071Troupe, CharlesHB 2071
 4914L.01I - Allows offenders in correctional centers to obtain alternative health care at their own expense.
HB2072Troupe, CharlesHB 2072
 4708L.01I - Designates the toll bridge at the Lake of the Ozarks as the "W.T. Dawson Toll Bridge".
HB2073Lawson, MauriceShields, CharlesHB 2073
 4889L.01I - Declares bailiff's and court marshals to be peace officers and subject to the provisions of chapter 590.
HB2074Cunningham, JaneHB 2074
 4784L.01I - Regulates lane usage by certain commercial motor vehicles.
HB2075Walton, JuanitaShelton, O.L.HB 2075
 3787L.01I - Allows Lincoln University to provide education to local A+ students.
HCR14Townley, MerrillHCR 14
 4471L.01I - Encourages the Animal and Plant Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a permanent electronic information program to track livestock from farm to table.
HCR24Kreider, JimHCR 24
 4869L.01I - Approves funding for an agricultural research and demonstration center for the Springfield campus of Southwest Missouri State University.
HCR26Kelley, PatrickHCR 26
 4225L.02I - Creates a joint committee to make a comprehensive analysis of the child abuse and neglect hotline system.
HJR45Hollingsworth, KatherineHJR 45
 4329L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing commissions which run state departments with directors.
SB690Gross, CharlesSB 690
 2619S.01I - Adds the Chief Information Officers to the State Records Commission.
SB718House, TedHCS SB 718
 2797L.02T - Mandates weekly Pledge of Allegiance in every student's class.
SB729Yeckel, AnitaSCS SB 729
 3034S.02T - Increases the limit on mortgage insurance.
SB756Westfall, MorrisSCS SB 756
 2769S.02C - Allows student participation in events of certain organizations during school hours.
SB812Russell, JohnSB 812
 3407S.01T - Requires all executive orders to be published in the Missouri Register after January 1, 2003.
SB831Loudon, JohnSB 831
 3489S.01T - Establishes December 15 as Bill of Rights Day.
SB918Klarich, DavidSCS SB 918
 3550S.02T - Exempts displays of the U.S. flag from statutes and ordinances.
SB970Westfall, MorrisHS HCS SS SS SCS SB 970, 968, 921, 867, 868 & 738
 3307L.14P - Repeals sunset on motor fuel tax and allows Transportation Department to engage in design-build contracts.
SB997Quick, EdwardSCS SB 997
 4115S.02T - Modifies duties of county collectors with respect to financial institutions.
SB1001Mathewson, JamesSB 1001
 4136S.01T - Requires all counties or St. Louis to participate in funding the Sheriffs' Retirement System if participating in the system.
SB1048Kenney, BillSB 1048
 4358L.01T - Makes a technical correction to the statute creating the Spinal Cord Injury Fund.
SCR35Stoll, SteveSCR 35
 3863S.01I - Federal Medicare Reimbursement Rates.
SCR48Sims, BettySCR 48
 4806S.01I - Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE).
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