92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: February 27, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1Bearden, CarlSCS HS HB 1
 0001S.04T - Appropriates money for the board of fund commissioners.
HB13Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HCS HB 13
 0013S.03T - Appropriates money for real property leases, related services, utilities, systems furniture, and structural modifications for the several departments of state government.
 0014L.01I - Appropriates money for emergency operations in the Office of Administration.
HB73Luetkemeyer, WilliamStevenson, BryanSS HCS HB 73
 0499S.06F - Establishes Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program.
HB91Mayer, RobertCrowell, JasonSCS HB 91
 0706S.02C - Authorizes county commissioners to create county crime reduction funds and establishes the Missouri Sheriffs' Methamphetamine Relief Task Force.
HB94Portwood, CharlesDempsey, TomHB 94
 0500L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB149Bivins, WaltAvery, JimHB 149
 0580L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB150Avery, JimBivins, WaltHB 150
 0552L.01I - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB174Bland, CraigHB 174
 0599L.01I - Permits retired teachers and administrators in the Kansas City school district to work without loss of benefits.
HB175Bland, CraigHB 175
 0199L.01I - Establishes Missouri Minority Business Advocacy Commission.
HB197Johnson, RobertPratt, BryanSCS HS HB 197
 0775S.05C - Revises state enterprise zone and rebuilding communities laws.
HB199Jolly, CathyJohnson, RobertHB 199
 0745L.01T - Revises maximum allowable salary for certain Kansas City police officers.
HB202Portwood, CharlesHunter, SteveHCS HB 202
 0595L.02T - Enacts the Missouri Calcium Initiative which gives purchasing preference to foods and beverages containing high levels of calcium.
HB246Bishop, DanielJohnson, RobertHB 246
 0559L.01I - Revises the Kansas City police retirement system.
HB247Ward, DanielSelby, HaroldHB 247
 0295L.01T - Allows special mobile equipment to operate on weekends and legal holidays under certain circumstances.
HB253Shoemaker, ChristoperFraser, BarbaraHCS HB 253
 0049L.02T - Prohibits the disclosure of the Social Security number of the petititoner for an order of protection.
HB257Munzlinger, BrianHobbs, SteveSS SCS HS HCS HB 257
 0602S.23T - Allows specific agricultural tax credits to be taken on a quarterly basis and makes several revisions in laws on agriculture.
HB273Byrd, RichardCunningham, JaneHCS HB 273
 1052L.02P - Modifies various provisions regarding tort actions for personal injury.
HB277Wright, MarkMarsh, B JHCS HB 277
 1026L.02T - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield community improvement district.
HB278Davis, CynthiaParker, ShermanHB 278
 1221L.01T - Authorizes conveyances in St. Charles County.
HB289Dempsey, TomJohnson, RobertCCS SS SCS HCS HB 289
 0882S.10T - Creates the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act and revises other economic development laws.
HB292Wagner, HowardHB 292
 1295L.01T - Designates the Desoto Armory as the William E. "Bud" Lewis Armory.
HB314Engler, KevinHB 314
 1294L.01T - Prohibits the requirement of public projects to be bonded by any particular insurance or surety company.
HB321Wilson, KevinCunningham, JaneHS HCS HB 321
 1251L.06P - Revises workers' compensation law.
HB322Baker, BrianJetton, RodHCS HB 322
 1217L.03P - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses.
HB326Wagner, HowardEngler, KevinHB 326
 1105L.01T - Changes language in the Ste. Genevieve County boundary description.
HB331Guest, JimCrawford, LarryHB 331
 0758L.01I - Allows Cameron and Boonville to remove weeds or trash on property.
HB342Stefanick, JodiPortwood, CharlesHB 342
 1100L.01I - Creates The Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB346Dempsey, TomSmith, ToddSCS HCS HB 346 & 174
 1195S.08T - Modifies the provisions of the public school and nonteacher retirement systems.
HB347Dempsey, TomWright, MarkHB 347
 1404L.01I - Revises Local Government Employees' Retirement System.
HB348Dempsey, TomWright, MarkHCS HB 348 & 347
 1405L.03T - Revises Local Government Employees' Retirement System.
HB349Crawford, LarrySander, ThereseSS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136 & 328
 1360S.11T - Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB375Cooper, ShannonHB 375
 1379L.01T - Reorganizes the duties of county coroners and medical examiners.
HB390Behnen, RobertCrowell, JasonSS SCS HCS HB 390
 0770S.09T - Establishes registration for anesthesiologist assistants.
HB404Rector, RexStevenson, BryanHS HCS HB 404, 324, 403, 344, 426 & 541
 1436L.06P - Revises utilities laws.
HB410Schaaf, RobLowe, JeneeHCS HB 410
 1506L.02P - Modifies various provisions of the substance abuse traffic offender program.
HB412Goodman, JackWasson, JayCCS SS HB 412
 0561S.01P - Revises lobbying and campaign finance laws.
HB431Stevenson, BryanByrd, RichardHCS HB 431
 1442L.02C - Adds a judge to the Missouri State Employees Retirement System board of trustees.
HB443King, JerryDavis, DahlmanHB 443
 1570L.01I - Specifies the annual leave accrual rate and options for excess accrued leave for Department of Transportation employees.
HB499Walton, JuanitaHoskins, TheodoreHB 499
 1807L.01I - Creates subdistricts within certain school districts.
HB502Campbell, MarshaHB 502
 0056L.01I - Regulates mobile telephone use by operators of motor vehicles.
HB517Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesSS SCS HS HCS HB 517, 94, 149, 150 & 342
 1169S.18F - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
HB518Portwood, CharlesMyers, PeterHB 518
 1624L.01I - Establishes a schedule for depreciation of tangible personal property.
HB519Bivins, WaltIcet, AllenHB 519
 1496L.01I - Creates environmental audit privileges.
HB521Dethrow, MikeLeVota, PaulSCS HB 521
 1809S.02T - Authorizes gifts or other grants to be made to the Missouri Fire Education Trust Fund.
HB523Dusenberg, GaryCrawford, LarryHB 523
 1388L.01T - Revises gaming licensing requirements concerning criminal history checks.
HB525Byrd, RichardHB 525
 1615L.01I - Modifies various provisions regarding the rights of shareholders, officers, and directors of corporations.
HB526Jackson, JackieIcet, AllenHB 526
 1788L.01I - Allows local school boards to permit the posting of certain historical documents regardless of religious content.
HB527Myers, PeterBlack, LanieHB 527
 1859L.01I - Allows certain aluminum smelting facilities to purchase electrical power on the open market.
HB528Sutherland, MikeWilson, VictoriaHB 528
 1479L.01I - Requires notice for mobile home owners to vacate.
HB529Sutherland, MikePearce, DavidHB 529
 1705L.01I - Revises the powers and duties of the State Board of Education.
HB530Schaaf, RobHarris, JeffHB 530
 1537L.03I - Requires health insurance coverage for Phase I and II clinical trials for cancer treatment in addition to the current coverage for Phase III and IV clinical trials for cancer treatment.
HB531Parker, ShermanHilgemann, RobertHB 531
 1823L.01I - Allows the board of education for the St. Louis City school district to adopt a resolution raising the mandatory attendance age to seventeen.
HB532Zweifel, CharlesWhorton, JimHB 532
 1752L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding property insurance and changes the name of the Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program to the FAIR Plan.
HB533Zweifel, CharlesCorcoran, MichaelHB 533
 1196L.02I - Creates whistleblower protection for private sector employees.
HB534Muckler, MatthewHaywood, EstherHB 534
 1670L.01I - Requires medically therapeutic circumcisions to be covered under the state Medicaid program and, if funded, nontherapeutic, elective or routine circumcisions in a nondiscriminatory manner.
HB536Bishop, DanielLeVota, PaulHB 536
 1789L.01I - Limits the disclosure of nonpublic personal health information.
HB537Dixon, BobIcet, AllenHB 537
 1598L.01I - Prohibits convicted felons from registering to vote unless pardoned or the sentence is commuted.
HB538Dixon, BobViebrock, JamesHB 538
 1601L.01I - Revises the statute on law enforcement records by prohibiting release of the name of a law enforcement officer who was the subject of an investigation or complaint unless disciplinary action was taken
HB539Dixon, BobViebrock, JamesHB 539
 1600L.01I - Gives victims the right to be present at all criminal justice proceedings even if such victim is called or may be called to testify as a witness in the case.
HB542Campbell, MarshaLowe, JeneeHB 542
 1797L.01I - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions.
HB544Brooks, SharonHB 544
 0742L.01I - Allows recall elections for Kansas City School Board members.
HB546Villa, ThomasDaus, MikeHB 546
 1863L.01I - Removes prohibition against individuals running for school board in metropolitan districts from being related to an employee of the school district.
HB547Merideth, DennyWalker, VickiHB 547
 1580L.02I - Revises list of persons disqualified from jury service.
HB553Smith, JoeParker, ShermanHB 553
 1875L.01T - Allows political subdivisions to provide health insurance benefits to retired officers and their dependents and the dependents of deceased officers of the political subdivisions.
HB554Engler, KevinBarnitz, FranklinHCS HB 554
 1910L.03T - Creates inclement weather exceptions for mandatory school attendance requirements.
HB555Shoemaker, ChristoperTownley, MerrillHB 555
 1874L.02I - Expands the definition of livestock to include all members of the family Cervidae.
HB556Guest, JimSchaaf, RobHB 556
 1749L.01I - Establishes the Missouri State Advisory Council on Pain and Symptom Management in the Department of Health and Senior Services.
HB557King, JerryDavis, DahlmanHB 557
 1330L.01I - Revises sick leave accruals used in determining eligibility for normal retirement under state retirement plans.
HB558El-Amin, YaphettHoskins, TheodoreHB 558
 0514L.01I - Creates a task force on alternative sentencing.
HB559Richard, RonHB 559
 1952L.01I - Removes the bonding requirements for insurance producers for surplus lines insurance.
HB560Parker, ShermanLuetkemeyer, WilliamHB 560
 1715L.01I - Creates the Comprehensive Patient Education and Healthcare Cost Improvement Pilot Program in the Department of Health and Senior Services.
HB561St. Onge, NealBivins, WaltHB 561
 1847L.01I - Creates design-build contracting.
HB562St. Onge, NealHB 562
 0944L.01I - Establishes licensing of private investigators.
HB563Crawford, LarrySchlottach, CharlesHB 563
 1908L.01I - Revises regulations relating to the permissible length of certain motor vehicles.
HB564Behnen, RobertSCS HS HCS HB 564
 1879S.06C - Revises professional registration laws.
HB565Behnen, RobertHB 565
 1880L.01I - Modifies the law relating to pharmacists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical services and drug distributors.
HB566Behnen, RobertHB 566
 1881L.02I - Creates the Uniform Athlete Agents Act.
HB567Lembke, JimDavis, CynthiaHB 567
 1652L.01I - Requires juvenile officers to report investigations for violations relating to compulsory school attendance to the child's school district under certain circumstances.
HB568Seigfreid, JamesShoemyer, WesHB 568
 1904L.01I - Changes the procedure for detachment from certain watershed districts.
HB569Merideth, DennyCooper, ShannonHB 569
 1730L.01I - Reforms certain economic development incentives.
HB570Pratt, BryanParker, ShermanHB 570
 1825L.01I - Imposes additional surcharges and driver's license suspensions on any person failing to yield the right-of-way.
HB571Pratt, BryanCampbell, MarshaHB 571
 1924L.01I - Allows the court to appoint a standby guardian for a minor.
HB572Bruns, MarkRupp, ScottHB 572
 1658L.01I - Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission.
HB573Rector, RexSchneider, VickiHB 573
 1841L.01I - Creates protocol for resolution of disputes concerning alleged defective residential construction.
HB574Jackson, JackieSelby, HaroldHB 574
 1831L.02T - Authorizes conveyances of state property in St. Louis County.
HB575Dethrow, MikeKingery, GayleSCS HCS HB 575
 2002S.03T - Allows the Ozark Foothills Child Assessment Center and the North Central Missouri Child Assessment Center to be funded by the Department of Social Services.
HB576Hunter, SteveRuestman, MarilynHB 576
 1455L.02I - Revises prevailing wages for construction workers.
HB577Wilson, LarrySmith, ToddHB 577
 1826L.01I - Permits election of library board members in counties of the third classification.
HB578Wilson, LarryDixon, BobHB 578
 1805L.01I - Changes county surveyor residency requirements.
HB579Boykins, AmberWright-Jones, RobinHB 579
 1698L.01I - Revises barber licensing process.
HB580Johnson, RobertHB 580
 1958L.01I - Establishes the Cancer Drug Repository Program in the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide cancer drugs to low-income Missouri residents.
HB581Pratt, BryanHB 581
 2038L.01I - Creates new rights for men in the establishment of paternity.
HB582Stevenson, BryanGoodman, JackHB 582
 1524L.01I - Revises various statutes pertaining to criminal history or other types of background screening.
HB583Smith, ToddHCS HB 583
 1988L.04C - Creates new medical and retirement incentive plans.
HB584Kratky, FredJackson, JackieHB 584
 1245L.02I - Creates a $10 surcharge in certain criminal cases, creates the "GREAT fund", creates the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) and the Show Me Students with Character Initiative programs.
HB585Abel, MarkCurls, MelbaHB 585
 1996L.01I - Revises procurement by the State of Missouri and reverse auctions.
HCR15Behnen, RobertHCR 15
 0548L.01T - Establishes March 6th as Lymphedema D-Day in Missouri.
HCR22Parker, ShermanHCR 22
 1714L.01I - Creates the Comprehensive Patient Education and Healthcare Cost Improvement Pilot Program in the Department of Health and Senior Services.
HJR15Davis, CynthiaSchneider, VickiHJR 15
 1397L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation personal property of businesses with a value of $5,000 or less.
HJR16Brown, JasonShoemaker, ChristoperHJR 16
 1353L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation property owned by veterans' organizations.
HJR17Threlkeld, KevinHJR 17
 1669L.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allocating all sales tax revenue on motor vehicles and trailers for highway and transportation use.
HJR18Shoemaker, ChristoperMunzlinger, BrianHJR 18
 1651L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the minimum percentage of state general revenue appropriated for public schools.
HJR20Dethrow, MikeErvin, DougHJR 20
 1868L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring four-sevenths majority vote on initiatives relating to fish and wildlife management.
HJR21Fraser, BarbaraBoykins, AmberHJR 21
 1656L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing state bonded indebtedness of up to $2 billion for public schools.
SB7Mathewson, JamesHCS SCS SB 7
 0492L.04T - Authorizes conveyance of state property in Pettis County.
SB13Kinder, PeterSS SB 13
 0300S.05T - Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers.
SB29Gross, CharlesSCS SB 29
 0346S.02T - Prohibits courts from altering or setting aside candidate withdrawal deadlines in elections.
SB50Coleman, MaidaSB 50
 0093S.01T - Modifies time for election authority to complete verification of initiative or referendum petition signatures.
SB117Shields, CharlesSCS SB 117
 0321S.03P - Adds to the definitions of "driveaway operation," the movement of motor vehicles or trailers for the purpose of transporting vehicles from one place to another.
SB216Foster, BillSB 216
 0740S.01P - Allows members of the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society to obtain license plates bearing the organization's emblem.
SB234Quick, EdwardHCS SB 234
 0931L.02T - Allows Clay county to open or operate a concession stand at privately operated marinas.
SB239Mathewson, JamesSCS SB 239
 0982S.04T - Authorizes conveyance of National Guard Armory in Sedalia to the Sedalia School District Foundation.
SB289Dolan, JonathanNodler, GarySB 289
 1070S.01T - Designates a portion of Highway 71 and of Interstate 29 as memorial highways.
SB301Bray, JoanHCS SB 301
 1062L.02T - Increases maximum lateral sewer service repair fee to be imposed from $28 to $50 per year.
SB314Dolan, JonathanSB 314
 1190S.01T - Repeals a doubly-enacted section regarding the towing of motor vehicles from private property.
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