92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 02, 2004

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB787Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickHB 787
 2747L.01I - Repeals the Board of Probation and Parole's authority to convert consecutive sentences to concurrent and clarifies that a convicted person is sentenced according to the law at the time of sentencing.
HB788Graham, CharlesHB 788
 2562L.01I - Regulates rock climbing walls over 10 feet tall.
HB792Boykins, AmberWright-Jones, RobinHB 792
 2975L.01I - Modifies the requirements for licensure of barbers and requires licensure of barber apprentices.
HB859Dusenberg, GaryReinhart, GeralynHB 859
 2739L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for the real property tax paid by surviving spouses of public safety officers.
HB884Ward, DanielHB 884
 3221L.01I - Permits property and casualty insurers who offer automobile coverage to include comprehensive and collision coverage as an optional rider to an uninsured motorist policy.
HB904Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 904
 3503L.01T - Repeals the Uniform Commercial Code statutes relating to bulk transfers.
HB927Bivins, WaltByrd, RichardHB 927
 3195L.01I - Limits the increase on the assessment of real property owned by taxpayers who are 65 years of age or older.
HB936Moore, DanieGraham, CharlesHB 936
 3242L.01I - Requires health insurance coverage for children's hearing aids.
HB950Crowell, JasonMyers, PeterHCS HB 950 & 948
 2969L.02T - Modifies the classification of counties.
HB969Cooper, ShannonSutherland, MikeHB 969
 3592L.01P - Establishes guidelines for corporate income tax on intangible property.
HB970Portwood, CharlesAvery, JimHB 970
 3406L.01T - Amends various provisions regarding licensure of dentists and dental hygienists.
HB985Wood, DennisPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 985
 3563L.03T - Revises the statutes regarding the practice of real estate.
HB988Yates, BrianLeVota, PaulHCS HB 988
 2618L.02T - Increases the number of county political party committee members in Jackson County.
HB1090Bishop, DanielPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 1090
 3774L.02T - Allows property insurance for real estate transferred by beneficiary deed to automatically continue with the grantee for up to 30 days.
HB1092Deeken, BillWilson, LarryHB 1092
 3125L.02I - Provides for additional compensation for each county clerk for duties required by the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002.
HB1099Reinhart, GeralynErvin, DougHCS HB 1099
 3839L.03T - Clarifies sales and use tax exemption eligibility for manufacturing and material recovery plants.
HB1101Yates, BrianSutherland, MikeHB 1101
 3758L.01I - Increases the campaign disclosure report late filing fees in general election years.
HB1152Wilson, KevinHobbs, SteveHCS HB 1152
 2489L.04P - Revises the crime of making a terroristic threat and creates the crimes of threatening the use of a weapon of mass destruction and computer dissemination of information to promote a terrorist act.
HB1169Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 1169
 3942L.01I - Provides that public institutions of higher education may not post Social Security numbers, require transmission of numbers on Internet or as web site passwords, or use numbers on certain mailings.
HB1192Schlottach, CharlesMyers, PeterSCS HCS HB 1192
 4098S.03T - Requires the Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture to promulgate rules relating to meat inspection.
HB1210Smith, JoeSmith, ToddHB 1210
 3270L.01I - Authorizes an income tax deduction for the value of time spent tutoring in public schools.
HB1226Hubbard, RodneyHanaway, CatherineHB 1226
 4040L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to offer a vaccination program for first responders deployed to disaster areas as a result of bioterrorism events.
HB1232Dixon, BobErvin, DougHB 1232
 3809L.01I - Allows commercial insurance policies providing casualty insurance to exclude coverage for loss by fire or other perils if it is caused by terrorism.
HB1233Dixon, BobMorris, LarryHCS HB 1233
 3810L.02T - Allows public entities that self-insure health care benefits to require a right of subrogation in the same manner that the Department of Social Services has with the Medicaid Program.
HB1253Luetkemeyer, WilliamSCS HCS HB 1253
 4251S.03T - Revises various statutes relating to insurance.
HB1274Parker, ShermanHubbard, RodneyHB 1274
 3803L.01I - Modifies various statutes relating to domestic violence and limits the possession of firearms by persons who are subject to an order of protection.
HB1291Pearce, DavidDixon, BobHB 1291
 4123L.01T - Prohibits a lender of a residential mortgage from requiring a borrower to purchase homeowners' insurance coverage in an amount exceeding the replacement value of the improvement and contents.
HB1304Byrd, RichardHanaway, CatherineCCS SS#2 SS SCS HS HCS HB 1304
 3380S.19T - Revises various statutes relating to claims for damages and the payment of these claims.
HB1309Villa, ThomasKratky, FredHB 1309
 4181L.01I - Reduces the penalty for failure to deliver an accurate tangible personal property assessment list in the City of St. Louis.
HB1330Witte, TerryBringer, RachelHB 1330
 4297L.01I - Requires probation officers to notify law enforcement of a sex offender's new address if the offender intends to change residence and to notify the offender of the duty to register.
HB1381Jackson, JackieJetton, RodHB 1381
 4372L.01I - Requires the General Assembly to support certain veterans' programs approved by the Executive Director of the Missouri Veterans Commission through appropriations.
HB1399Lager, BradHCS HB 1399
 4364L.02T - Revises the statutes dealing with athletic trainers to require licenses in lieu of registration.
HB1422Stefanick, JodiPage, SamHCS HB 1422
 4242L.02T - Requires dentists administering anesthesia agents to have permits.
HB1424Stefanick, JodiHanaway, CatherineHB 1424
 4145L.01I - Establishes the Uniform Athlete Agent Act.
HB1436Byrd, RichardFraser, BarbaraHB 1436
 4033L.01I - Revises the statute of limitations for civil suits for childhood sexual abuse.
HB1441Graham, CharlesSager, RHB 1441
 4096L.01I - Modifies the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program.
HB1464Lager, BradWasson, JayHB 1464
 4505L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to the practice of dentistry by not-for-profit corporations and expands the powers of the Missouri Dental Board.
HB1487Self, TomCCS HS HB 1487
 4646L.07T - Revises the crime of kidnapping by including kidnapping of a child under 14 years of age.
HB1494Ervin, DougHB 1494
 4214L.01T - Provides for election of regional recreational district board members in Clay County.
HB1534Donnelly, MargaretHilgemann, RobertHB 1534
 4344L.01I - Authorizes a deferral of taxes on real property owned by citizens who are 62 years of age or older.
HB1555Sager, RLeVota, PaulHB 1555
 4510L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Uniform Communications Act for Homeland Security.
HB1590Portwood, CharlesLembke, JimHB 1590
 3283L.01I - Adds failing to summon aid as an element of involuntary manslaughter in certain drug-related crimes.
HB1591Morris, LarryHB 1591
 4804L.01I - Expands the definition of "marital and family therapy."
HB1592Crawford, LarryHB 1592
 4800L.01I - Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to conduct compliance audits upon a motor carrier request.
HB1593Walker, VickiHB 1593
 4215L.02I - Prohibits statewide elected officials and members of the General Assembly from participating in lobbying activities within 12 months of leaving office.
HB1594Zweifel, CharlesSpreng, MichaelHB 1594
 4753L.01I - Extends the termination date of certain statutes relating to nuisances in the City of Hazelwood.
HB1595Byrd, RichardVogt, MichaelHB 1595
 4835L.01I - Expands the definition of "municipality" for purposes of downtown and rural development.
HB1596Zweifel, CharlesBishop, DanielHB 1596
 4816L.01I - Raises the coverage under the Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program from $100,000 to $200,000.
HB1597Wilson, LarryKing, JerryHB 1597
 4030L.01I - Authorizes rural empowerment zones.
HB1598Shoemaker, ChristoperMunzlinger, BrianHB 1598
 4644L.01I - Extends the time period of the enterprise zones in Linn and Macon counties and authorizes an enterprise zone in Shelby County.
HB1599Ervin, DougBrown, JasonSCS HS HB 1599
 4678S.03T - Establishes the Joint Committee on Government Accountability to make a continuing study and analysis of inefficiencies in state government.
HB1600Crawford, LarryHobbs, SteveHB 1600
 4856L.01I - Provides that concealed carry endorsements on drivers' licenses expire three years from the date of the certificate of qualification issued by the county sheriff of the applicant's residence.
HB1601Purgason, ChuckKelly, VanHB 1601
 4845L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to the County Sheriff's Revolving Fund by allowing the funds to be used to pay for the expenses associated with the processing of concealed carry endorsements.
HB1602St. Onge, NealKratky, FredHB 1602
 4732L.01I - Clarifies that excavation of minerals or fill dirt for the purpose of construction projects does not require the obtaining of mining permits.
HB1603Lager, BradHB 1603
 4674L.01T - Reenacts and authorizes the republication of Section 135.766, RSMo, relating to a tax credit for small business guaranty fees.
HB1604Bean, OttoSwinger, TerryHB 1604
 4815L.01I - Modifies the requirements for securing a cotton lien for nonpayment of an assessment.
HB1605Bean, OttoKingery, GayleHB 1605
 4692L.01I - Modifies the definition of "qualified employment" for purposes of nursing student loan programs to include employment at hospitals in areas of need.
HB1606Dougherty, CurtLeVota, PaulHB 1606
 4661L.02I - Authorizes political subdivisions to recertify first responders in CPR.
HB1607Hobbs, SteveRector, RexHB 1607
 3916L.01I - Adds overgrown or noxious weeds to the conditions for which counties of the first classification can enact an ordinance.
HB1608Dougherty, CurtHB 1608
 4796L.01I - Authorizes the conveyance of state property in the City of Independence.
HB1609Fraser, BarbaraWalker, VickiHB 1609
 4404L.02I - Requires entities emitting more than 30 pounds of mercury per year to pay a fine.
HB1610Ward, DanielHB 1610
 4794L.01I - Designates the "Trooper Jesse R. Jenkins Memorial Highway."
HB1611Dethrow, MikeSchlottach, CharlesHB 1611
 4802L.01I - Gives motor vehicle owners the option of biennial motor vehicle registration and four-year motor vehicle registration.
HB1612Bringer, RachelHB 1612
 4801L.01I - Authorizes the conveyance of state property to the City of Hannibal.
HB1613Morris, LarryRoark, BradleySCS HB 1613 AND HB 1445 AND HB 1454 AND HB 1462 AND
 4726S.02T - Authorizes the conveyance of various state property.
HB1614Holand, RoyWilson, VictoriaHCS HB 1614
 4873L.02T - Extends the expiration date for the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Insurance Act until January 1, 2011.
HCR10Myers, PeterHCR 10
 3953L.01I - Designates Menfro soil as representing the many fertile soils of the State of Missouri.
HCR27LeVota, PaulShoemyer, WesHCR 27
 4842L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to pass a fiscal relief package for the states of no less than $20 billion.
HCR28Page, SamWilson, VictoriaHCR 28
 4739L.01I - Requests the Department of Public Safety to conduct a comprehensive review of personalized handgun technologies and report their findings and recommendations to the General Assembly.
HJR29Ward, DanielSkaggs, TrentHJR 29
 2509L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment extending legislative term limits to 12 years.
SB730Gross, CharlesCCS HS HCS SS SCS SB 730
 2966S.13T - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
SB739Klindt, DavidCCR#2 HCS SB 739
 2973L.03C - Requires DNR to provide an impact statement on rules and state the reasons for denial of permits.
SB755Shields, CharlesSS SS SCS SB 755
 3141S.11F - Seeks to rename Missouri Western State College as Missouri Western State University.
SB783Mathewson, JamesSB 783
 3180S.01I - The State Fair Commission.
SB803Gross, CharlesSB 803
 3097S.01I - Enables the Division to meet with children in school buildings unless the abuse is alleged to have occurred there.
SB837Caskey, HaroldSCS SB 837
 3031S.02P - Requires the director of revenue to provide notice of certain remedied delinquencies.
SB859Klindt, DavidSCS SB 859
 2963S.02T - Allows the Highway Patrol officers to hold positions as school board members.
SB969Shields, CharlesSB 969
 3393S.01I - Removes the proration factor for purposes of calculating career ladder payments.
SB1038Yeckel, AnitaHCS SCS SB 1038
 3568L.06C - Revises Banking Laws and Creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program".
SB1122Shields, CharlesHS HCS SS SS SCS SB 1122
 4017L.14T - Modifies laws relating to professional registration.
SCR26Childers, DoyleHCS SS SCR 26
 3849L.06T - Creation of the Agroforestry Industrialization.
SJR29Steelman, SarahSJR 29
 3078S.01T - Amends the Constitution to state that only marriages between a man and a women will be valid and recognized in Missouri.
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