92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 04, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
 0014L.01I - Appropriates money for emergency operations in the Office of Administration.
HB15Bearden, CarlCCS SCS HCS HB 15
 0015S.03T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes.
HB50Johnson, RobertFraser, BarbaraHB 50
 0371L.01I - Exempts from taxation leased motor vehicles used for government, charitable, educational, or religious purposes.
HB67Bringer, RachelHB 67
 0460L.01I - Adds certain drug-related activities to the crime of endangering the welfare of a child.
HB119Dempsey, TomWalton, JuanitaHB 119
 0473L.01I - Requires school board approval of tax increment financing plans for areas with residential or multifamily properties.
HB128Willoughby, PhillipHB 128
 0813L.01I - Authorizes honorary high school diplomas for certain civilians, prisoners of war, and other veterans.
HB156Phillips, SusanReinhart, GeralynHS HCS HB 156
 0545L.06T - Requires informed consent at least twenty-four hours prior to an abortion and requires persons who perform abortions to maintain proof of financial responsibility.
HB211Merideth, DennySeigfreid, JamesHB 211
 0128L.01I - Provides for the licensure of auctioneers.
HB222Luetkemeyer, WilliamShoemyer, WesHCS HB 222
 1018L.02P - Exempts sponsors of certain fishing contests from the Department of Conservation's fishing permit and licensing requirements and allows certain hand fishing.
HB237Johnson, RobertHB 237
 0395L.02I - Changes the limits on the amounts of certain campaign contributions.
HB258Haywood, EstherWright-Jones, RobinHB 258
 0105L.01I - Establishes lists of specific crimes which if motivated by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability of the victim receive enhanced punishment.
HB271Merideth, DennyJetton, RodHB 271
 1161L.01I - Permits continued pay for state employees on extended military leaves of absence.
HB275Merideth, DennyMoore, DanieHB 275
 1159L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Airport Protection Act.
HB281Moore, DanieWalton, JuanitaHCS HB 281
 0721L.05P - Revises teacher certification law.
HB290Yates, BrianJohnson, RobertHB 290
 1034L.01I - Clarifies the filing location for campaign finance disclosure reports for certain candidates.
HB296Stevenson, BryanTownley, MerrillHB 296
 0948L.02I - Removes prevailing wage requirement for construction of public buildings, roads and highways, and bridges.
HB302Morris, LarryKuessner, J CHB 302
 0987L.01I - Establishes a statewide crime laboratory system within the Department of Public Safety.
HB307Merideth, DennyShoemaker, ChristoperHB 307
 1253L.01T - Changes the procedure for mutual-aid agreements.
HB309Johnson, RobertHB 309
 0422L.01I - Creates certificates of release of security instruments for title insurance companies and title insurance agents.
HB315Zweifel, CharlesBishop, DanielHB 315
 0897L.01I - Establishes additional campaign finance regulations for General Assembly leadership committees.
HB332Portwood, CharlesHunter, SteveHCS HB 332
 1073L.02T - Establishes requirements for use of the title of "social worker".
HB341Deeken, BillSmith, ToddHB 341
 1197L.01I - Creates the State Property Preservation Fund.
HB349Crawford, LarrySander, ThereseSS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136 & 328
 1360S.11T - Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
HB352Guest, JimTownley, MerrillHB 352
 1278L.01I - Amends the Animal Research and Production Facilities Protection Act.
HB353Luetkemeyer, WilliamParker, ShermanHB 353
 1445L.01I - Amends various provisions of the Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association Act.
HB358Boykins, AmberHB 358
 1447L.01T - Provides for reinstatement of lapsed barbers' licenses.
HB380Byrd, RichardLuetkemeyer, WilliamSCS HCS HB 380
 1406S.04T - Revises securities regulation laws.
HB393Avery, JimBehnen, RobertHB 393
 1291L.01I - Expands the practice of dentistry to include the use of lasers.
HB396Wright, MarkDixon, BobHB 396
 0994L.02I - Enacts the Dominic James Memorial Foster Care Reform Act of 2003 which modifies various requirements of the state's foster care system.
HB414Bean, OttoStevenson, BryanHB 414
 1290L.01I - Exempts schools from prevailing wages requirements but allows schools to choose to be subject to the requirements.
HB416Rector, RexCooper, ShannonHB 416
 1467L.01I - Changes the collection cost percentage of the amount of ad valorem property tax collections allocated in Cass County.
HB421Cooper, ShannonBearden, CarlHB 421
 1484L.01I - Lowers the corporate income tax to five and one-fourth percent.
HB437Luetkemeyer, WilliamAbel, MarkHB 437
 1480L.01I - Modifies various provisions relating to the health insurance pool.
HB440Portwood, CharlesHB 440
 1577L.01T - Allows the State Dental Board to disclose certain records to the Dental Well-Being committee.
HB444Jackson, JackieShoemaker, ChristoperSS#2 SS SCS HB 444
 1519S.14T - Alters the distribution of the Gaming Commission Fund.
HB445Portwood, CharlesCooper, RobertSCS HB 445
 1579S.02T - Includes Christian Science practitioners in the definition of "minister" for purposes of mandatory child abuse reporting by ministers, and removes them from the general reporting requirements.
HB446Icet, AllenCunningham, JaneHB 446
 0759L.01I - Changes the requirements for complaints filed concerning certain campaign finance disclosures.
HB451Byrd, RichardJetton, RodHB 451
 0342L.02I - Enacts the State Employees' Protection Act.
HB452Portwood, CharlesHB 452
 1350L.01I - Establishes inactive licenses for architects.
HB463King, JerryViebrock, JamesHB 463
 1182L.01T - Designates the city of Adrian as the purple martin capital of the state.
HB470Mayer, RobertParker, ShermanCCS SS SCS HS HB 470
 1604L.12T - Requires sale of certain methamphetamine drugs from behind sales counter and creates crime of unlawful release of anhydrous ammonia.
HB471Jackson, JackiePortwood, CharlesHB 471
 1547L.01I - Prohibits residency requirements for peace officers in the City of St. Louis.
HB474Bivins, WaltVilla, ThomasHB 474
 1595L.01I - Authorizes water pollution bonds.
HB490Luetkemeyer, WilliamHB 490
 1574L.01I - Permits the Division of Workers' Compensation to impose an annual surcharge on every workers' compensation deductible plan policyholder.
HB508Walton, JuanitaHoskins, TheodoreHB 508
 0242L.02I - Adds regulations for fire protection districts.
HB511Deeken, BillMay, BobCCS SS SCS HS HB 511
 1632L.08T - Changes various election laws to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002.
HB514Cooper, ShannonStevenson, BryanHB 514
 1211L.02I - Permits a carry-forward of certain net operating losses for state income tax purposes.
HB515Cooper, ShannonStevenson, BryanHB 515
 1642L.01I - Changes income tax return filing requirements and authorizes direct deposit of income tax refunds.
HB563Crawford, LarrySchlottach, CharlesHB 563
 1908L.01I - Revises regulations relating to the permissible length of certain motor vehicles.
HB574Jackson, JackieSelby, HaroldHB 574
 1831L.02T - Authorizes conveyances of state property in St. Louis County.
HB576Hunter, SteveRuestman, MarilynHB 576
 1455L.02I - Revises prevailing wages for construction workers.
HB586Lipke, ScottHanaway, CatherineHB 586
 1068L.01I - Prohibits the taking of depositions by any party in any criminal case except for depositions to preserve the testimony of essential witnesses.
HB587Lager, BradHB 587
 1931L.01I - Requires students living in on-campus housing at universities and colleges to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.
HB588Johnson, RickHB 588
 1162L.01I - Limits attorney fees in medical malpractice cases.
HB589Davis, CynthiaMorris, LarryHB 589
 1949L.01I - Prohibits open containers of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles with certain exceptions.
HB590Dempsey, TomHB 590
 1822L.02I - Changes tax increment financing regulations.
HB591Hobbs, SteveBruns, MarkHB 591
 1897L.01I - Revises law on storm water control.
HB592Boykins, AmberVilla, ThomasHB 592
 0578L.01I - Creates the Missouri tutoring corps program.
HB593Deeken, BillByrd, RichardHB 593
 2056L.01P - Enacts the State Employees' Protection Act.
HB594Emery, EdStevenson, BryanHB 594
 1646L.02T - Creates disincorporation procedures for a special road district in Jasper County.
HB595Parker, ShermanSchneider, VickiHB 595
 1862L.01I - Provides an additional rate for the capital improvements sales tax.
HCR15Behnen, RobertHCR 15
 0548L.01T - Establishes March 6th as Lymphedema D-Day in Missouri.
HCR24Wright-Jones, RobinHCR 24
 1722L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to repeal the federal Windfall Elimination Provision which reduces the Social Security benefits of many low-paid public workers.
HJR14Yates, BrianDaus, MikeHJR 14
 1428L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment reducing from 24 to 22 the minimum age for a state representative.
SB34Loudon, JohnSS SB 34
 0389S.06P - Consent for Abortion.
SB36Klindt, DavidCCR#3 HCS SS SCS SB 36
 0424L.18C - Requires risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis be prepared when certain environmental rules are promulgated.
SB203Bartle, MatthewSB 203
 0727S.01T - Modifies enforcement of administrative subpoenas.
SB214Bartle, MatthewSB 214
 0804S.01P - Modifies witness fees.
SB288Dolan, JonathanSCS SB 288
 1051S.03T - Changes the time for the owner of lost property to prove property from one year to 180 days after publication.
SB296Griesheimer, JohnHS HCS SCS SB 296
 1130L.07T - Requires changes in rules for classifying public schools to be adopted two years prior to implementation and revises teacher certification standards.
SB310Caskey, HaroldSB 310
 1149S.01P - Revision of the partnership law, limited partnership law and limited liability company law of Missouri.
SB325Steelman, SarahHCS SB 325
 1186L.03T - Limits access to military discharge documents filed with county recorders, expands eligibility for an honorary high school diploma for veterans, and requires schools to hold Veterans Day observances.
SB357Shields, CharlesSB 357
 1310S.01T - Modifies venue for administrative actions involving real property.
SB370HCS SB 370
 1327S.01I - Political subdivisions may enter into agreements for reciprocal emergency aid without approval of the governor.
SB371Foster, BillSB 371
 0876S.01T - Allows Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to provide loans for nonsectarian tuition and other costs for high school students taking courses for college credit.
SB379Champion, NormaCCS HCS SCS SB 379
 1335S.04T - Allows the City of Springfield to remove or transfer real property from a district or zone designation.
SB383Dolan, JonathanSB 383
 1058S.01T - Modifies duties of county recorder in manner of recording certain documents.
SB401Dolan, JonathanHCS SB 401
 1175L.03T - Modifies the definition of crime for purposes of the Victims of Crime Law.
SB465Bartle, MatthewHCS SB 465
 1635L.03T - Modifies Judicial Finance Commission annual report.
SB466Bartle, MatthewSCS SB 466
 1636S.02T - Repeals obsolete fees charged in criminal cases.
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