93rd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 10, 2005

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB14Lager, BradCCS SCS HCS HB 14
 0014L.04T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes
HB33Phillips, SusanHB 33
 0185L.01T - Designates the North American Bullfrog as the official state amphibian
HB47Brown, JasonDusenberg, GarySCS HCS HB 47
 0241S.03T - Requires consolidated public library district trustees to reside within the district as well as in the county they represent on the board
HB48Dougherty, CurtSCS HB 48
 0382S.03C - Authorizes a museum and tourism-related sales tax in the City of Independence and authorizes an increase in the property tax rate for certain history museum subdistricts
HB69Rupp, ScottHB 69
 0524L.01T - Changes the laws regarding investments by insurers
HB94Cunningham, MikeSS HCS#2 HB 94 & 185
 0069S.07S - Establishes a scholarship program for the survivors of veterans killed or injured in action after September 11, 2001
HB100Cunningham, JaneDavis, CynthiaSCS HB 100
 0342S.02C - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of abortions
HB114Johnson, RobertLowe, JeneeHB 114
 0207L.01T - Extends the expiration date of the Kansas City transportation sales tax to December 31, 2015
HB163Smith, JoeJackson, JackieHCS HB 163, 213 & 216
 0737L.02T - Removes the application deadlines and revises the residency requirements for the World War II and Korean War Veterans Medallion programs
HB176Roorda, JeffWalsh, GinaHB 176
 0807L.01I - Allows fire protection districts in Jefferson County to serve areas that have been annexed into a municipality
HB177Weter, RayChinn, KathyHB 177
 0509L.01I - Allows the chief law enforcement officer of a county to maintain a web page on the Internet providing information about registered sexual offenders including their picture
HB180Johnson, RobertKraus, WillHB 180
 0338L.01P - Changes the laws regarding military leave for Kansas City police officers and civilian employees
HB186Emery, EdSS SCS HCS HB 186
 0848S.13T - Authorizes various local taxes
HB219Salva, RayJohnson, RobertHB 219
 0905L.01T - Requires the Secretary of State to name a reading room in one of the buildings comprising the Missouri State Archives as the "Alex M. Petrovic Reading Room"
HB231Portwood, CharlesDenison, CharlieHCS HB 231
 0850L.03C - Establishes the Missouri Senior Advocacy and Efficiency Commission to provide analysis and services relating to the quality and efficiency of senior citizen services offered in Missouri
HB232Portwood, CharlesSCS HCS#2 HB 232
 0293S.06T - Increases the fees health care providers can charge for copying a patient's health care record
HB255Cunningham, JaneDougherty, CurtHCS HB 255
 0143L.04C - Changes the laws regarding campaign finance disclosure report complaints
HB258Cunningham, JaneHB 258
 0764L.02T - Repeals the requirement that school districts conduct an annual census of children with disabilities up to age 21 that reside in their school district
HB260Deeken, BillHB 260
 1002L.01T - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property located in Cole County to the Regional West Fire District in Cole County
HB261Deeken, BillHB 261
 1067L.01T - Creates two new retirement benefit options in the Local Government Employees' Retirement System (LAGERS)
HB268Goodman, JackHB 268
 1035L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement relating to tobacco product manufacturers
HB276Cunningham, JaneHCS HB 276
 0765L.02T - Changes the laws regarding special education to comply with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
HB321Yates, BrianHB 321
 1179L.01P - Creates the Assistive Technology Trust Fund and expands the duties of the Advisory Assistive Technology Council
HB323Johnson, RobertHB 323
 0394L.02T - Recodifies the laws regarding the Police Retirement System of Kansas City and the Civilian Employees' Retirement System of the Police Department of Kansas City
HB334Smith, ToddFranz, WardSS HCS HB 334
 1026S.05F - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS)
HB338Rector, RexJohnson, ConnieHB 338
 1045L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the regulation of small incumbent local exchange telecommunications companies
HB365Munzlinger, BrianJones, KennyHCS HB 365
 1193L.03T - Allows moneys from the county sheriff's revolving fund to be used to cover the costs associated with the processing of concealed carry endorsements
HB388Yates, BrianHCS HB 388
 1285L.02T - Makes certain documents that are submitted to the Department of Insurance non-public
HB393Byrd, RichardJetton, RodCCS SS SCS HCS HB 393
 1188L.14T - Changes the laws affecting claims for damages and their payment and establishes venue in all tort actions
HB394Byrd, RichardSCS HCS HB 394
 1301S.11C - Creates notice and reporting requirements, public market rates, and presumptions for the Department of Insurance and entities providing medical malpractice and professional negligence insurance
HB395Wood, DennisHB 395
 1306L.01T - Allows all public water supply districts to sell district property to cities
HB402Schaaf, RobStefanick, JodiHB 402
 1112L.01T - Changes the laws regarding the licensing of podiatrists
HB403Donnelly, MargaretSkaggs, TrentHB 403
 1293L.01I - Requires the State of Missouri to provide Missouri National Guard personnel called into active duty with a $250,000 term life insurance death benefit
HB424Parker, ShermanBowman, JohnHB 424
 1319L.01I - Establishes the Urban Conservation Commission to address the problems associated with distressed urban areas
HB443Sander, ThereseSmith, ToddSCS HCS HB 443
 1204S.04T - Changes the laws regarding the Public School Retirement System
HB450Meiners, KateSCS HB 450
 0929S.04C - Allows people to take an opened bottle of wine out of a restaurant and transport it in a vehicle
HB455Quinn, JohnMyers, PeterHB 455
 1330L.01T - Removes the requirement that watershed districts trustees must live in the district
HB456Kuessner, J CBarnitz, FranklinSCS HB 456
 1036S.02C - Eliminates the duty of a grand jury to examine public buildings and report on their condition
HB464Smith, ToddCunningham, JaneHB 464
 1024L.01I - Establishes conditions under which two middle or high school schools may field cooperative sports or activity teams with the approval of the Missouri State High School Activities Association
HB473Yates, BrianHB 473
 1353L.01P - Allows school districts to convene a committee of their board in order to rule on pupil residency waiver requests
HB474Yates, BrianWilson, KevinHCS HB 474
 1448L.02P - Allows insurers to intervene in any civil case where they may be obligated to provide a defense or indemnity for any judgment rendered in the action
HB480Cooper, NathanHB 480
 1480L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the reporting and investigating of deaths by coroners and medical examiners
HB486Bruns, MarkHB 486
 1426L.01T - Creates exceptions to the prohibition on sexual offender counselors related within the third degree of consanguinity or affinity to any person who has a financial interest in the service provider
HB497St. Onge, NealJohnson, RobertHB 497
 0171L.02I - Clarifies the powers of the Land Reclamation Commission to regulate mining
HB508Pratt, BryanSkaggs, TrentHCS HB 508
 1468L.02P - Allows local regulation of fuel storage tanks in Jackson County
HB515Wood, DennisSCS HCS HB 515
 1536S.03T - Changes the laws regarding the election of board members of tourism community enhancement districts and the disbursement of the district's retail tax
HB525May, BobDeeken, BillHCS HB 525
 1355L.02T - Changes the laws regarding ethics and campaign contribution disclosures
HB528Cunningham, MikeSCS HB 528
 0071S.02C - Exempts bulk sales of gasoline made to farmers for agricultural purposes from the motor fuel tax
HB539Icet, AllenCunningham, JaneSCS HB 539
 0149S.06C - Allows school districts to provide salary incentives for certain teachers
HB553Rector, RexHB 553
 1485L.01I - Requires liquefied petroleum gas dealers to maintain liability insurance
HB558Cooper, NathanHB 558
 1216L.01I - Requires all deputy coroners and coroner assistants to register with the Missouri Coroners and Medical Examiners Association after being appointed but prior to beginning their duties
HB559Guest, JimQuinn, JohnHB 559
 1466L.01I - Establishes the Wholesale Water and Sewer Authority Act which allows for the creation of a wholesale water and sewer authority as a political subdivision of the state
HB563Rucker, MartinWildberger, EdHCS HB 563
 1612L.02T - Allows a court to reinstate and extend the life of drainage and levee districts up to five years after lapse of its corporate charter
HB568Stevenson, BryanPhillips, SusanCCS SS HCS#2 HB 568
 1225L.10T - Changes the laws regarding the protection of children
HB576Flook, TimErvin, DougHCS HB 576
 1303L.02T - Changes the laws regarding the procedures of the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board and the procedure for obtaining judicial review of administrative decisions
HB577Kuessner, J CRobinson, BradHCS HB 577
 0076L.03T - Increases from $1,500 to $5,000 per annum the amount that public officials or employees can accept for services or for selling, renting, or leasing property to their political subdivision
HB591Schlottach, CharlesCooper, RobertHCS HB 591, 210, 377, 760 & 777
 1610L.11C - Changes the laws regarding transportation including school bus drivers, fee offices, credit for trade-ins, salvage vehicles, repossessed titles, drivers' licenses, and memorial highways
HB592Cooper, ShannonHB 592
 1665L.01P - Requires jackpots over $1,200 won by self-excluded problem gamblers on excursion gambling boats to be deposited into the Compulsive Gamblers Fund
HB593Portwood, CharlesWright, MarkHB 593
 1695L.01I - Prohibits the Board of Police Commissioners in the City of St. Louis from requiring that a peace officer live within the city limits if the officer has at least four consecutive years of service
HB596Schaaf, RobHB 596
 1652L.01T - Allows employers to provide or contract for health insurance at reduced rates for employees who do not use tobacco products
HB600Cooper, RobertRobb, EdHB 600
 1702L.01T - Requires applicants for licensure as professional counselors, after August 28, 2007, to complete a minimum of three hours of graduate-level course work in diagnostic systems
HB605Cooper, NathanFranz, WardHB 605
 0938L.01I - Abolishes the community advisory committee of the Missouri Foundation for Health and requires the Governor to make appointments to the foundation's board
HB606Lembke, JimHCS HB 606
 1348L.02P - Changes the laws regarding the Police Retirement System of St. Louis
HB621Wright-Jones, RobinChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 621
 1314L.01I - Establishes the Birth Control Protection Act and prohibits any governmental entity from interfering with the right to obtain or use contraceptives
HB628Byrd, RichardHCS HB 628
 1774L.03C - Changes the laws regarding unlawful discriminatory practices in employment
HB630Pollock, DarrellHCS HB 630
 1666L.02T - Allows a not-for-profit corporation to apply for reinstatement if it had been forfeited after 1978 for failure to file an annual report
HB638Cunningham, JaneSCS HB 638
 1341S.03T - Repeals the requirement that the chief executive of an urban public library district be a duly qualified graduate librarian
HB649Fares, KathlynPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 649
 1279L.03P - Authorizes a tax credit for certain elderly and disabled individuals for real property taxes paid
HB656Wilson, KevinBruns, MarkHB 656
 1826L.01I - Extends the Senior Rx Program until June 30, 2006
HB672Sutherland, MikeHB 672
 1910L.01I - Clarifies who is subject to penalties for noncompliant cigarette sales
HB673Stefanick, JodiStevenson, BryanHB 673
 1799L.01I - Extends the expiration date for the licensure restrictions of specialized health care facilities to August 28, 2008
HB674Stefanick, JodiPearce, DavidHB 674
 0575L.01I - Prohibits an insurer from changing the coding that a health care provider submitted for services without the permission of the health care provider
HB675Stefanick, JodiStevenson, BryanHB 675
 0602L.02I - Changes the laws regarding ambulatory medical treatment centers
HB678Byrd, RichardCCS SCS HB 678
 0645S.05T - Allows a corporation to specify that classes or series of its stock will be uncertificated shares
HB681Chappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 681
 1611L.01T - Renames the Office of Advocacy and Assistance for the Elderly to the Office of Advocacy and Assistance for Senior Citizens
HB684Lipke, ScottHB 684
 1964L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the DNA profiling system
HB685Franz, WardSCS HB 685
 1833S.02T - Authorizes the Board of Governors of Southwest Missouri State University to convey property located in Howell County in West Plains and property located in Greene County in Springfield
HB686Wood, DennisHB 686
 1783L.01I - Allows all counties to appoint a county counselor and modifies authorization for an economic development sales tax in certain counties with significant lake shoreline
HB688Byrd, RichardBurnett, JohnSCS HB 688
 1946S.03T - Changes the laws regarding the continuance of a judicial proceeding when an attorney is a member of the General Assembly
HB689Zweifel, CharlesSpreng, MichaelHB 689
 1823L.01I - Extends the expiration date for the laws regarding the removal of nuisances in the City of Hazelwood
HB690St. Onge, NealHB 690
 1929L.01I - Provides that certain salvage vehicles are not subject to the State Highway Patrol's examination in order to obtain a title
HB691Cooper, ShannonHCS HB 691
 1926L.02P - Revises the definition of "gambling device" by excluding certain amusement devices and allows certain slot machines in personal residences for non-gaming purposes
HB692Cooper, ShannonHB 692
 1562L.01I - Clarifies the sales tax exemption regarding information provided on a computer disc
HB693Yates, BrianHB 693
 1981L.01I - Changes the laws regarding risk management for public entities
HB694Stevenson, BryanMyers, PeterHB 694
 1668L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the requirements for continued receipt of child support during post-secondary education
HB695Stevenson, BryanMyers, PeterHB 695
 1596L.01I - Adopts the Interstate Compact for Juveniles
HB696Stevenson, BryanWilson, KevinHB 696
 1295L.01I - Allows a nonprofit provider to operate multiple living units for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled without issuance of a certificate by the Division of Medical Services
HB697Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 697
 0696L.02P - Changes the laws regarding motor vehicle emissions testing
HB698Avery, JimJackson, JackieHB 698
 0859L.02I - Eliminates hunting or fishing license or permit fees for active-duty military personnel or National Guard personnel and reserves
HB699Avery, JimJackson, JackieHB 699
 0857L.01I - Authorizes an individual income tax deduction for income received for military service in a combat zone
HB700Moore, DanieKelly, VanHB 700
 1971L.01T - Changes the laws regarding endangerment of individuals at a correctional facility and authorizes the Board of Probation and Parole to charge offenders under their supervision a monthly fee
HB701Richard, RonHB 701
 1857L.01I - Changes the laws regarding state tax increment financing
HB702Behnen, RobertHB 702
 1824L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the practice of social work
HB703Shoemyer, WesBarnitz, FranklinHB 703
 1513L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for retailers of ethanol-blended gasoline
HB704Shoemyer, WesChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 704
 1008L.02I - Makes certain employers ineligible for receipt of any state aid or financial incentives if at least 25% of their workforce earn less than the federal poverty level
HB705Fraser, BarbaraHB 705
 1684L.01I - Specifies that when determining whether a vehicle is a salvaged vehicle, the cost to repair hail damage will not be included in the total cost of repairs to rebuild or reconstruct a vehicle
HB708Yates, BrianHB 708
 1533L.01I - Repeals certain provisions of law which have expired, sunset, terminated, or are ineffective
HB709Fraser, BarbaraParker, ShermanHB 709
 1763L.01I - Restricts the possession of firearms by persons convicted of domestic violence
HB711Nolte, JerryPhillips, SusanHB 711
 1642L.01I - Requires that all state service contracts awarded after August 28, 2005, must include specifications that employees of contractors or subcontractors be citizens of the United States
HB712Cooper, NathanMeadows, TimHB 712
 1982L.01I - Revises the crime of assault on a law enforcement officer or emergency personnel to include probation and parole officers and requires records of a parolee to be transferred when assigned to a new officer
HB713Cooper, NathanHB 713
 1855L.01I - Extends the expiration date of the transfer of jet fuel sales tax into the State Aviation Trust Fund and increases air control tower funding
HB714Cooper, NathanHB 714
 1674L.02I - Changes the laws regarding change of venue in criminal cases to allow the sheriffs of the counties involved to make an agreement as to which county should house the defendant
HB715Cooper, NathanHB 715
 1972L.01I - Expands the crime of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree by making it a crime to sell, manufacture, or attempt to manufacture methamphetamine in the home of a child under the age of 17
HB717Rupp, ScottHB 717
 1996L.01I - Requires the Office of Administration to include certain products in the Cafeteria Plan for state employees
HB718Lembke, JimHB 718
 2001L.01I - Increases the surcharge and removes the expiration date for the Statewide Court Automation Fund and sets expiration dates for other funds
HB719Byrd, RichardHB 719
 2013L.01I - Requires the Missouri Supreme Court to review the child support guidelines every four years instead of the current every three years
HB720Byrd, RichardHB 720
 2014L.01I - Changes the temporary chair of the county salary commission in noncharter counties from the circuit clerk to the county clerk
HB721Flook, TimSkaggs, TrentHB 721
 1977L.01I - Changes the laws regarding juvenile officer retirement
HB722Wagner, HowardRoorda, JeffHB 722
 1349L.01I - Clarifies the provision regarding the contribution rates for the Police Retirement System of St. Louis
HB724Smith, JoePage, SamHB 724
 0543L.01I - Requires certain group health insurance companies to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility
HB725Behnen, RobertHB 725
 1810L.01I - Establishes and dissolves certain boards and committees under the Division of Professional Registration
HB726Jackson, JackieHB 726
 1988L.01I - Specifies that the main channel of a river for excursion gambling boat licenses will be the area between the channel markers denoting the navigable channel
HB727Yates, BrianHB 727
 1959L.01I - Allows automobile dealers to provide disclaimers and disclosures by referencing a web page and toll-free telephone number when advertising by means of a broadcast media
HB728Dempsey, TomHB 728
 1999L.01I - Requires all campaign finance filings to be filed electronically with the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB731Villa, ThomasKratky, FredHB 731
 1600L.01I - Requires candidates for offices in the City of St. Louis to pay a filing fee equal to 1% of the salary for the office they are seeking
HB732Parson, MikeWilson, LarryHB 732
 1978L.01I - Allows local government officials to accept certain methods of payment for taxes and licenses
HB733Lager, BradHB 733
 1984L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Health Care Stabilization Fund to provide excess medical malpractice coverage to health care providers
HB734Lembke, JimHB 734
 1998L.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing
HB735Phillips, SusanByrd, RichardHB 735
 2031L.01I - Changes the laws regarding immunization of children
HB738Behnen, RobertHB 738
 2030L.01T - Changes the laws regarding the licensure of real estate appraisers
HB739Lowe, JeneeQuinn, JohnHB 739
 2034L.01I - Makes certain persons convicted of homicide eligible for parole and requires periodic reviews by the Board of Probation and Parole
HB740Lowe, JeneeGeorge, ThomasHB 740
 1250L.01I - Requires employers to pay employees equal wages for equal work regardless of employee's gender
HB741Byrd, RichardHB 741
 2024L.01I - Establishes requirements for a tort action based on an asbestos claim
HB742Bearden, CarlRupp, ScottHCS HB 742
 1991L.02C - Changes the laws regarding state funding of higher education and establishes the Joint Committee on Higher Education and the Higher Education Student Funding Act
HB743Kingery, GayleMay, BobHB 743
 2040L.01T - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property located in Madison County to the United States government for forestry purposes
HB744Tilley, StevenHB 744
 2027L.01I - Exempts certain food sales from food inspection laws
HB745Dixon, BobHB 745
 1883L.01I - Changes the laws regarding prior, persistent, and predatory sexual offenders
HB746Dixon, BobHB 746
 1890L.01I - Creates a civil cause of action against any person under the age of 21 who misrepresents his or her age to obtain alcohol
HB747Dixon, BobHB 747
 1888L.01I - Allows the 31st Judicial Circuit to appoint an additional family court commissioner to adjudicate child support cases brought under Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act
HB748Dixon, BobHB 748
 1886L.01I - Revises the crime of escape from commitment or detention by adding persons committed under repealed Sections 202.700 to 202.770
HB749Dixon, BobHB 749
 1885L.01I - Establishes school zones and minimum fines for speeding in school zones
HB750Dixon, BobHB 750
 1889L.01I - Allows Greene County to charge a processing fee to persons committed to the county jail
HB751Young, TerryOxford, Jeanette MottHB 751
 1854L.01I - Requires all new signs erected after August 28, 2005, to contain the words "Accessible Parking" instead of "Handicap Parking"
HB752Avery, JimHB 752
 0855L.01I - Specifies that a Missouri National Guard member who receives an educational assistance grant and serves at least 120 days in a combat zone will not be required to repay the grant
HB753Avery, JimHB 753
 0854L.01I - Allows students to use the Bright Flight scholarship at an out-of-state college when the program of study is not available in state
HB754Avery, JimHB 754
 1724L.01I - Designates the poem "Missouri" as the official state poem
HB755Avery, JimHB 755
 0856L.01I - Changes the laws regarding claims for damages and the payment thereof
HB756Sutherland, MikeHB 756
 0842L.01I - Adds special assessments for neighborhood improvement districts to the laws regarding the collection of property taxes and other local taxes
HB757Rupp, ScottKelly, VanHB 757
 2012L.01I - Creates the Law Enforcement Safety Fund, a retirement benefit program for police officers
HB758Schad, RodneyHB 758
 2011L.01I - Allows the Missouri Public Service Commission to order a capable public utility to acquire a smaller water or sewer corporation in certain situations
HB759Lager, BradFares, KathlynHB 759
 1795L.02I - Requires health insurers and the Missouri Medicaid Program to provide coverage for services under the First Steps Program
HB760Munzlinger, BrianHB 760
 2036L.02I - Designates a portion of U. S. Highway 61 in Lewis County as the "Students of Missouri Assisting Rural Transportation (S.M.A.R.T.) Memorial Highway"
HB761Donnelly, MargaretJolly, CathyHB 761
 1441L.01I - Establishes a quality rating system for child care facilities operating in Missouri
HB762Donnelly, MargaretLeVota, PaulHB 762
 1965L.01I - Replaces the current absentee ballot process with an advance voting system
HB763Kuessner, J CJetton, RodHB 763
 2051L.01I - Allows the 42nd Judicial Circuit to appoint a drug court commissioner and a drug court administrator
HB764Byrd, RichardHB 764
 2015L.01I - Provides for the replacement of a disqualified probate judge
HB765George, ThomasWalsh, GinaHB 765
 1803L.01I - Designates a portion of State Route 367 in St. Louis County from Interstate 270 north to U. S. Highway 67 as the "Debbie Ketterer Memorial Highway"
HB766Lampe, SaraChappelle-Nadal, MariaHB 766
 2000L.01I - Designates a portion of Interstate 44 in Phelps County as the "Mel Carnahan Memorial Highway"
HB767Jolly, CathyHB 767
 2049L.02I - Revises the concealed carry endorsement law by requiring a person with an out-of-state permit to apply for a Missouri permit within 30 days
HB768Fraser, BarbaraHB 768
 0872L.01I - Requires any person filing an annual emissions inventory questionnaire who emits 30 or more pounds of mercury per year to pay a fee
HB769Page, SamHB 769
 2022L.01I - Requires, beginning with the 2005-2006 school year, that every school bus must be equipped with seat belts
HB770Schneider, VickiJohnson, RobertHB 770
 1636L.01I - Gives patients the right to receive copies of all medical and laboratory test results ordered or authorized by a health care provider
HB771Baker, BrianBearden, CarlHB 771
 2044L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the state education funding formula
HB772Kuessner, J CHenke, WayneHB 772
 1983L.02I - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property at the Fort Davidson historic site located in Iron County to the City of Pilot Knob
HB773Harris, JeffBringer, RachelHB 773
 1767L.01I - Requires persons arrested for the manufacture or distribution of drugs to appear before a judge prior to being released on bond
HB774Storch, RachelOxford, Jeanette MottHB 774
 0759L.01I - Authorizes a state individual income tax credit equal to a percentage of any earned income tax credit claimed by the taxpayer on his or her federal income tax return
HB775Parker, ShermanKraus, WillHB 775
 2035L.01I - Prevents persons who have been fined in the last twenty years for promoting prostitution or providing prostitutes for customer entertainment from getting certain gaming licenses.
HB776Dixon, BobHB 776
 1884L.02I - Authorizes an enhanced punishment of up to 10 more years for certain crimes committed against a child under the age of 14 by a person responsible for the child's welfare
HB777Schlottach, CharlesHB 777
 1685L.01I - Changes the laws regarding commercial motor vehicles
HCR5Parker, ShermanHCR 5
 0652L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to repeal the federal excise tax on telecommunications.
HCR6Parker, ShermanHCR 6
 0653L.01I - Urges Congress to pass the defense appropriations bill first in 2005 to protect our men and women of the armed forces.
HCR7Parker, ShermanHCR 7
 0654L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to repeal the death tax.
HCR8Parker, ShermanHCR 8
 0702L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to amend the requirements of Social Security to permit individuals to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts
HCR25Schlottach, CharlesBearden, CarlHCS HCR 25
 1936L.02C - Supports policies to ensure a healthy school environment by increasing the physical education requirements in schools.
HCR26Wright, MarkFisher, BarneyHCR 26
 1337L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to enact the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005 to resolve the improper judicial intervention in matters relating to the acknowledgment of God.
HJR22Bruns, MarkAvery, JimHJR 22
 1952L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting personal property held by active duty military personnel from taxation
HJR23Emery, EdRector, RexHJR 23
 1762L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring impeachments to be tried by the Senate
SB38Nodler, GaryHCS SB 38
 0439L.02T - Adds highway designations within Newton and Jasper County
SB42Days, RitaHCS SB 42
 0400L.02C - Modifies provisions regarding early childhood special education
SB57Klindt, DavidHCS SCS SB 57
 0258L.06C - Exempts certain employees from holding a title insurance license
SB73Champion, NormaSCS SB 73
 0225S.02T - Allows county law enforcement agencies to have sexual offender registry websites
SB103Bartle, MatthewHCS SCS SBs 103 & 115
 0117L.04P - Allows school districts to convene a committee of their board in order to rule on pupil residency waiver requests
SB156Shields, CharlesSB 156
 0622S.01T - Modifies powers of port authorities with respect to property ownership and development
SB161Gross, CharlesHCS SCS SB 161
 0662L.07C - Establishes the "Founding Documents Protection Act"
SB192Engler, KevinHCS SB 192
 1016L.02C - Allows for the disposal of hazardous materials in certain circumstances
SB209Koster, ChrisSB 209
 1073S.01I - Designates a portion of Highway 58 in Johnson County as the "Veterans Memorial Parkway"
SB222Callahan, VictorSCS SB 222
 1184S.06T - Places various reporting requirements upon manufacturers of tobacco products
SB227Engler, KevinSCS SB 227
 0984S.02P - Designates a portion of state highway M as the "Highway Patrolman Robert Kolilis Memorial Highway"
SB233Stouffer, BillCCS#2 HCS SCS SB 233
 1229S.08T - Designates certain bridges and highways and requires future highway designations to go through a new process
SB238Gross, CharlesHCS SCS SB 238
 1197L.06T - Requires all revenue derived from a certain sales tax to be deposited in the Community Children's Sales Tax Trust Fund
SB246Days, RitaHCS SCS SB 246
 1129L.05T - Allows state to issue bonds for grants and loans pursuant to several sections of Article III of the Missouri Constitution
SB247Dolan, JonathanSCS SB 247
 0882S.02C - Modifies law with respect to professional engineers license plates
SB257Koster, ChrisSB 257
 1091S.01I - Authorizes the Cass County Commission to seek a board of election commissioners
SB258Koster, ChrisSCS SB 258
 1089S.02T - Allows the Cass County Commission to submit the question of establishing a health center after a majority vote
SB259Koster, ChrisSB 259
 1090S.01T - Prohibits the Cass County Commissioner and the County Highway Engineer on the county planning board from voting
SB260Koster, ChrisHCS SCS SB 260
 1088L.04C - Designates the presiding commissioner in Cass County as the county budget officer
SB262Griesheimer, JohnHCS SCS SB 262
 1320L.04T - Changes provisions for obtaining a license to sell intoxicating liquor by the drink
SB266Gibbons, MichaelSCS SB 266
 0810S.03T - Alters the definition of "teacher" in the teacher tenure act
SB267Gibbons, MichaelSCS SB 267
 1173S.04T - Amends provisions relating to property tax reassessment
SB268Gibbons, MichaelSB 268
 0110S.01I - Authorizes a property tax increase for Missouri History Museum subdistricts
SB280Taylor, LarrySB 280
 1227S.01T - Revises education requirements for cosmetologists
SB285Clemens, DanSB 285
 1394S.01I - Certain school districts may resume participation in the career ladder program at the same matching level for which the district qualified during its last year of participation
SB286Nodler, GarySB 286
 1222S.02I - The Coordinating Board shall hold out-of-state public higher education institutions to criteria similar to those required of public in-state higher education institutions
SB304Ridgeway, LuannSB 304
 1040S.01I - Alters provisions regarding military leave for Kansas City police officers and civilian employees
SB317Mayer, RobertSB 317
 1362S.01I - Alters provisions regarding the state highway patrol retirement system
SCR3Crowell, JasonSCR 3
 1435L.01I - Recognizes February 14, 2005, as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day in Missouri.
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