91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 12, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB19Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 19
 0019L.04T - Appropriates money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements including, but not limited to, major additions and renovations.
HB107Clayton, RobertRichardson, MarkSCS HS HCS HB 107
 0162S.05T - Creates the Legal Services for Low-income People Fund and the Missouri CASA Fund.
HB113Hickey, JohnHCS HB 113
 0656L.03C - Enacts additional requirements for certain contractors bidding on state building contracts.
HB166Troupe, CharlesHB 166
 0750L.01P - Expands minority teaching scholarships from one hundred to two hundred per year; increases the amount from $2000 to $3000 for special education teachers.
HB185Legan, KennethMyers, PeterSS SCS HB 185
 0664S.06T - Allows counties of the third classification to adopt building codes in certain areas, subject to voter approval.
HB237Smith, PhilipHS HCS HB 237, 270, 403 & 442
 0670L.02P - Requires a roll call on votes to close meetings; penalizes negligent violations of sunshine law; increases penalties for violations of sunshine law.
HB242Smith, PhilipSCS HB 242
 0674L.05T - Allows a transient guest tax to be adopted in the cities of Clarksville, Louisiana, and Ste. Genevieve and in Ste. Genevieve County.
HB249Treadway, JosephSCS HB 249
 0845S.04C - Regulates amusement machines.
HB265Hosmer, WilliamHCS HB 265 & 369
 0853L.02P - Revises death penalty law.
HB321Skaggs, BillyCurls, MelbaHB 321
 0925L.01T - Extends the termination date on the Kansas City public transportation sales tax from 2001 to 2003.
HB327Rizzo, HenrySCS HS HCS HB 327
 1098S.08C - Extends the expiration of the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and changes various board duties.
HB334Davis, DahlmanSeigfreid, JamesHCS HB 334
 0804L.02P - Makes the "recalculated levy" for school districts permanent.
HB409Surface, CharlesHB 409
 1009L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance between the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin.
HB421Graham, CharlesFarnen, TheodoreCCS SS SCS HS HB 421
 1100L.14C - Provides that consumption, not sale or provision, of intoxicating beverages is the proximate cause of injuries resulting from intoxication.
HB425O'Toole, JamesGambaro, DerioHS HCS HB 425
 1254L.08T - Amends the law regarding underground facility safety and damage prevention.
HB444Kreider, JimHosmer, WilliamHB 444
 0931L.01P - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.
HB452Gratz, WilliamHB 452
 1246L.01I - Expands eligible beneficiaries of Vocational Enterprises Program of the Department of Corrections.
HB458Lawson, MauriceMyers, PeterHB 458
 0033L.01T - Permits the use of flashing signals by church buses.
HB470Shields, CharlesHegeman, DanielHB 470
 1342L.01T - Creates Sgt. Robert Kimberling Memorial Highway.
HB473Robirds, EstelKreider, JimSCS HB 473
 1205S.03T - Designates cut-leaved teasel, common teasel, and kudzu vine as noxious weeds.
HB491George, ThomasHickey, JohnCCS SCS HB 491
 0807L.04T - Eliminates the office of city marshal in third class cities that contract for police service.
HB502Ward, DanielHB 502
 1317L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance of certain property in St. Francois County to the American Legion.
HB564Barry, JoanBerkowitz, SamHB 564
 1429L.01I - Prohibits the transfer of human fetal parts for valuable consideration.
HB593Wilson, VictoriaKennedy, HarryHCS HB 593
 1330L.03C - Requires health insurers to treat mental health and chemical dependency in the same manner as other medical services.
HB600Hosmer, WilliamMarsh, B JHB 600
 1133L.01T - Authorizes conveyance between board of governors of Southwest Missouri State University and Southwest Missouri Ecumenical Center.
HB607Treadway, JosephJohnson, RickSCS HB 607
 1624S.02T - Removes limitation of permitted gratuitous services by out-of-state dentists to summer camps.
HB610Bray, JoanFraser, BarbaraHB 610
 1459L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program.
HB738Liese, ChrisSS HCS HB 738
 1530S.07T - Changes the law governing financial institutions.
HB754Franklin, J.HCS HB 754, 29, 300 & 505
 1914L.04P - Establishes teacher salary supplements for National Board teacher certification.
HB762Kreider, JimBarry, JoanCCS SS SCS HS HCS HB 762
 1642L.16T - Requires HMOs to provide direct access to ob/gyn services, bone density testing and contraceptive coverage, and notify enrollees of cancer screenings available through their insurance.
HB779Barnett, MyronHB 779
 1881L.02T - Authorizes lease of property by Northwest Missouri State University to Missouri National Guard and City of Maryville.
HB916Lawson, MauriceHB 916
 2193L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund, the Tobacco Moneys Board and the Tobacco Moneys Review Board.
HB917Gaskill, SamuelSecrest, PatriciaHB 917
 1528L.01I - Creates "Veterans Memorial Bridge" in St. Louis.
HB918Hendrickson, CarlHB 918
 0837L.01I - Creates a parent/child privilege in criminal cases.
HB919Kennedy, HarryGambaro, DerioHB 919
 1805L.01I - Requires the court to excuse from jury duty certain primary care givers where the court finds that no reasonable alternative care is feasible which would not impose an extreme hardship.
HB920Skaggs, BillyHB 920
 2185L.01I - Allows amusement ride owners to self-inspect in the absence of a qualified reasonably available inspector.
HB921Curls, MelbaThompson, BettyHCS HB 921
 2130L.04C - Requires banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions to honor state payroll checks.
HB925Walton, JuanitaJohnson, ConnieHB 925
 1977L.01I - Creates an After School Retreat Grant Program and Fund.
HB926Walton, JuanitaGambaro, DerioHB 926
 1978L.01I - Establishes grant program to involve families and communities in education.
HB927Henderson, StevenHartzler, EdwinHB 927
 1865L.01I - Creates a limited privilege for internal insurance compliance audits performed by insurers.
HB928Levin, DavidHB 928
 2220L.01I - Requires Department of Health to publish a list of all deaths in this state since 1910.
HB929Hosmer, WilliamHB 929
 0886L.01I - Creates post-conviction right to DNA testing in certain cases, and modifies DNA profiling system.
HB931Brooks, SharonHB 931
 2149L.01I - Creates a centralized employee disqualification list for the state.
HB932Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlHB 932
 2097L.01I - Automatically registers all males between the ages of 18 and 26 who apply for a driver's license with the selective service system.
HB934Graham, CharlesHB 934
 2224L.01I - Changes public school retirement benefits for divorced members.
HB935Roark, BradleyMarsh, B JHB 935
 2109L.01I - Dedicates income tax revenue resulting from gaming winnings to educational uses.
HB936Mays, CarolHB 936
 2218L.01I - Allows a business owner of property in a drainage district to delegate individual to represent the owner.
HB937Levin, DavidHB 937
 2215L.01I - Requires the Department of Health to provide microfilm of all vital records 72 years old or older and microfilm of indexes of such records to the State Archives.
HB938Coleman, MaidaHB 938
 2235L.01I - Places an expiration date on various fees collected for the Technology Trust Fund account.
HB939Green, TimHB 939
 2230L.01I - Removes the population requirements for determining the number of associate circuit judges.
HB940Ballard, CharlesHB 940
 2225L.01I - Prohibits scheduling of certain teacher activities during the regular school day.
HB941Ballard, CharlesHB 941
 2226L.01I - Requires forty-eight hour notice prior to the application of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides in or around public buildings.
HB942Hanaway, CatherineKreider, JimHB 942
 1965L.04I - Enacts enabling legislation for the appropriation of tobacco settlement moneys.
HB943Kreider, JimHanaway, CatherineHB 943
 1992L.04I - Establishes an endowment and trust fund for the tobacco settlement moneys, with a referendum clause.
HB944Coleman, MaidaKreider, JimHB 944
 2100L.02I - Allows an income tax credit for taxpayers whose spouse is not employed outside the home and provides child care.
HB945Hosmer, WilliamSCS HB 945
 2222S.03T - Authorizes counties and the City of St. Louis to elect between two different juror compensation schemes.
HB946Merideth, DennyMayer, RobertHB 946
 1515L.02I - Establishes the Office of Elementary and Preschool Deaf Education.
HB947Reid, MichaelLuetkenhaus, WilliamHB 947
 2204L.01I - Prohibits human cloning and human embryo research that harms or destroys the embryo.
HB948Boucher, ArthurHB 948
 2238L.01I - Requires school districts to implement CHEMIS 4.0 risk management system for handling potentially hazardous chemicals used in science classes.
HB949Barry, JoanSCS HB 949
 2237S.02C - Revises hospital whistle blower provision and enacts the Missouri Health Facilities Review Law.
HB950Hosmer, WilliamHB 950
 2239L.01I - Allows circuit judges to use monies received from the court surcharge for the county or circuit law library. Allows Greene County to also use the monies for family court services.
HB951Gratz, WilliamHB 951
 2246L.01I - Authorizes a conveyance of property in Cole County.
HB952Haywood, EstherThompson, BettyHB 952
 2227L.01I - Makes Department of Elementary and Secondary Education responsible for all interdistrict transfers of funding of students not attending their home districts.
HB953Thompson, BettySelby, HaroldHB 953
 2223L.01I - Exempts retired veterans from all taxes.
HB954Hosmer, WilliamHB 954
 2245L.01I - Revises driver's license suspension and revocation procedures for persons under twenty-one years of age.
HB955Green, TimHB 955
 2234L.01T - Revises the Hospital Federal Reimbursement Allowance Program.
HB956Harding, MargaretRansdall, BillyHB 956
 2206L.01I - Changes Missouri Day to May 8th.
HB957Harding, MargaretHB 957
 2229L.03I - Allows City of Parkville to impose a transient guest tax.
HB958Kelley, PatrickCierpiot, ConnieHB 958
 2148L.01I - Establishes the Office of the Faith-based and Community-based Initiatives Liaison and the Task Force on Faith-based and Community-based Initiatives within state government.
HB959Kreider, JimHB 959
 2080L.01I - Requires legislative approval before Department of Transportation may designate a highway as limited-access, and requires reapproval of all highways currently so designated.
HB960Skaggs, BillyHB 960
 2259L.01I - Excludes ambulatory surgical centers from the definition of hospital for purposes of the hospital licensing law.
HB961Hosmer, WilliamHB 961
 2253L.01I - Authorizes an exchange of property interests between the Missouri National Guard and the City of Springfield.
HB962Bartle, MatthewHB 962
 2247L.01I - Removes provisions of law declared unconstitutional.
HJR18Johnson, RickHollingsworth, KatherineHJR 18
 2244L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the number of members of the State Board of Education.
SB4Wiggins, HarrySCS SB 4
 0529S.02T - Raises Kansas City police salaries and prohibits release of peace officer driver's license information.
SB32Kinder, PeterSB 32
 0531S.01P - Provides funds for education of hearing-impaired children not attending the Missouri School for the Deaf.
SB123Kinder, PeterSCS SB 123
 0595S.01P - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for sale or marketing to public; state departments; Attorney General.
SB149Goode, WayneSCS SB 149
 0128S.02C - Revises motor vehicle emissions inpections for certain areas.
SB151Childers, DoyleCCS#2 HCS SCS SB 151
 0330S.05T - Prohibits insurers from placing applicants in high risk coverage categories based on no prior insurance coverage because of military service.
SB222Caskey, HaroldSB 222
 0822S.02I - Creates felony for sale or distribution of gray market cigarettes.
SB234Wiggins, HarrySCS SB 234
 0214S.02T - Expands the sales tax exemption for telecommunication services.
SB244Staples, DannyCCS HCS SS SB 244
 0857S.10T - Revises laws relating to motor vehicles and the Department of Transportation.
SB316Stoll, SteveSB 316
 1124S.01T - Requires school retirement systems to promulgate joint rules.
SB341Jacob, KennethSCS SB 341
 1234S.04T - Requires sheriffs to become certified peace officers.
SB371Scott, JohnHS HCS SB 371
 1480L.03T - Modifies and clarifies provisions of certain state retirement systems.
SB383Johnson, SidneySCS SB 383
 1576S.03T - Authorizes the Governor to sell certain property in Platte County.
SB430Dougherty, PatrickSB 430
 1586L.01T - Allows the City of St. Louis to establish a band fund.
SB441Caskey, HaroldHCS SB 441
 1829L.03T - Allows Warrensburg to receive bids to be the depositary of city funds from banks at every regular meeting.
SCR10Staples, DannySCR 10
 1416S.01I - Asks Congress to approve the Railroad Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act.
SCR13Foster, BillHCS SS SCR 13
 1548L.03C - Urges reconsideration of the federal plan to change Missouri River water levels.
SCR16Yeckel, AnitaSCR 16
 1786S.01I - Asks Congress to adopt a comprehensive military voting right act.
SCR18Goode, WayneSCR 18
 1571S.02I - Joint Committee on Telecommunications and Energy.
SCR20Kinder, PeterSCR 20
 2089S.01I - Urges Congress to pass legislation regarding trucking industry access to criminal database.
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