91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 12, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1034Portwood, CharlesHB 1034
 2523L.01I - Raises the minimum amount of school construction projects requiring competitive bids.
HB1041Myers, PeterSS SCS HB 1041
 2355S.08T - Revises laws on tourism and liquor control and creates regional taxicab commission in St. Louis City and County.
HB1085Mays, CarolHB 1085
 2754L.01P - Allows property owners to designate representatives of their property in drainage districts.
HB1091Reynolds, DavidHB 1091
 3057L.01I - Revises law on overtime for amusement and recreation employees.
HB1092Reynolds, DavidHB 1092
 3054L.01I - Permits additional classes of public employees to form and join labor organizations.
HB1101Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 1101
 3001L.04T - Appropriates money to the Board of Fund Commissioners for the cost of issuing and processing State Water Pollution Control Bonds, Stormwater Control Bonds, Third State and Fourth State Building Bonds.
HB1102Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 1102
 3002L.04T - Appropriates money for expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the State Board of Education and of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
HB1103Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 1103
 3003L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Higher Education and the several divisions, programs, and institutions.
HB1115Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 1115
 3015S.03T - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for state government, and for the payment of various claims for refunds, and for other purposes, and to transfer money among certain funds.
HB1133Walton, JuanitaTroupe, CharlesHB 1133
 2824L.01I - Requires health care professionals to inform their patients about EDTA chelation therapy.
HB1156Berkowitz, SamCopenhaver, NancyHB 1156
 2967L.01I - Allows for a Medicaid reimbursement rate adjustment for participating long-term care facilities that experience a change in ownership.
HB1265Gratz, WilliamVogel, CarlSCS HB 1265
 2469S.03T - Allows registration with Selective Service for male applicants for driver's licenses between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six.
HB1306Williams, DeletaShelton, O.L.HB 1306
 2775L.01P - Creates the Missouri Multicultural Center and Program within the Office of Lieutenant Governor.
HB1318George, ThomasAbel, MarkHCS HB 1318
 3256L.02C - Regulates the employment of noncertificated school employees.
HB1344Crump, WayneSCS HCS HB 1344 & 1944
 2838S.08C - Creates a permit process for carrying concealed firearms and requires review of certain weapons offenses for the possibility of federal prosecution.
HB1349Seigfreid, JamesRelford, RandallHB 1349
 3596L.01I - Requires all state employees who have accrued more than forty hours of compensatory time to be paid for any additional compensatory hours.
HB1403Green, TimSt. Onge, NealSS SCS HCS HB 1403
 3503S.06T - Regulates retainage clauses in construction contracts.
HB1407Wilson, VictoriaBerkowitz, SamHCS HB 1407
 3111L.03C - Creates a phased-in earned income tax credit.
HB1412Skaggs, BillyHosmer, WilliamHB 1412
 2943L.01I - Creates special license plates for Animal Friendly License Plate Association.
HB1427Hosmer, WilliamMarsh, B JHB 1427
 3318L.01I - Regulates the use of privatization contracts by public bodies.
HB1461Seigfreid, JamesLong, ElizabethSCS HS HCS HB 1461 & 1470
 3589S.09C - Changes election laws and requirements.
HB1541Bray, JoanHB 1541
 3857L.01I - Creates a tax exemption for property leased or transferred by certain interstate compact agencies.
HB1592Hickey, JohnGeorge, ThomasHB 1592
 4094L.01P - Creates the Workers Memorial Fund for contributions from income tax refunds.
HB1650Bowman, JohnVilla, ThomasSCS HS HCS HB 1650
 4063S.09C - Modifies various provisions regarding water resources.
HB1654Hosmer, WilliamKreider, JimSCS HS HCS HB 1654 & 1156
 3508S.09C - Enacts and modifies various provisions regarding protection of the elderly.
HB1677Selby, HaroldBray, JoanHB 1677
 2907L.02I - Regulates use of psychotropic medications for school children.
HB1701Luetkenhaus, WilliamWard, DanielSCS HB 1701
 4296S.03C - Modifies various provisions regarding long-term care insurance.
HB1731Holand, RoyBarry, JoanHB 1731
 4246L.03I - Provides health insurance coverage for hearing examinations and hearing aids for children and persons who were diagnosed with hearing loss before they turned eighteen.
HB1750Lawson, MauriceClayton, RobertHB 1750
 4146L.01I - Prohibits sale or storage of any gasoline within this state which contains more than one-half of one percent by volume of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).
HB1773Shelton, O.L.Carnahan, RussSCS HB 1773
 4086S.04T - Revises the salary matrix for police officers in St. Louis City.
HB1776Harlan, TimothySCS HB 1776
 4211S.03T - Transfers custodianship of the county recorder's fund to the Director of Revenue.
HB1777Johnson, ConnieLegan, KennethHCS HB 1777
 4300L.05P - Creates crime of criminal profiteering and civil penalty for unfair leverage when selling during a consumer market disruption. Revises crime of making a terrorist threat.
HB1791Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1791
 4532L.01I - Exempts any health carrier that is certified as a Medicare+Choice organization from filing a health care access plan.
HB1792Luetkenhaus, WilliamHB 1792
 4531L.01I - Prohibits documents filed by health service corporations and health maintenance organizations from being changed 30 days after filing.
HB1798Hilgemann, RobertScheve, MayHB 1798
 4517L.01I - Creates a senior citizen property tax deferral.
HB1805Ransdall, BillyBerkstresser, JudyHB 1805
 4301L.01I - Requires persons who sell funeral merchandise to register with the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors as a seller or producer.
HB1817Franklin, J.Relford, RandallSCS HCS HB 1817
 4190L.06C - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to identify for recognition by the Governor schools demonstrating high student achievement.
HB1819Scott, DelbertHB 1819
 4281L.01I - Revises the amount of excess revenues generated by fines for moving traffic violations that municipalities must send to the Department of Revenue.
HB1838Hosmer, WilliamHB 1838
 4514L.01T - Revises licensing procedures for motor vehicle and watercraft dealers.
HB1839Seigfreid, JamesHB 1839
 4419L.01T - Changes voting requirements for dissolution of certain special road districts.
HB1846Scott, DelbertSCS HB 1846
 4554S.02T - Changes reporting due dates of town and village financial reports.
HB1848Hegeman, DanielMerideth, DennyHB 1848
 4422L.01I - Requires certain tax credits administered by the Department of Economic Development to be capped per fiscal year.
HB1867Griesheimer, JohnHB 1867
 4495L.01P - Creates a special license plate for members of Missouri Task Force One.
HB1872Hosmer, WilliamHB 1872
 4563L.01P - Changes requirements for the use of personal flotation devices on watercraft.
HB1876Kelly, GlendaHB 1876
 4620L.01I - Authorizes the Office of Administration to provided armed security guards at state owned or leased facilities.
HB1877Foley, JamesGraham, CharlesHS HCS HB 1877
 4425L.07P - Creates the Schools of the Future Fund and establishes various funding sources.
HB1881Rizzo, HenryHB 1881
 4066L.01P - Allows the Department of Revenue to require aliens to submit a birth certificate as part of an application for a driver's license.
HB1883Froelker, JamesHB 1883
 4456L.01I - Changes requirements for refunds of erroneously paid taxes.
HB1890Hilgemann, RobertCooper, ShannonSCS HB 1890
 4382S.02T - Changes procedures for mobile telecommunications services.
HB1900Scott, DelbertHB 1900
 4578L.01I - Creates the state legal expense fund.
HB1903Liese, ChrisHB 1903
 4481L.01P - Allows certain types of credit for insurance liquidations.
HB1932George, ThomasHB 1932
 4561L.01I - Revises calculation of state taxable wage base and makes other changes related to employment security.
HB1933Merideth, DennyRichardson, MarkHB 1933
 3518L.06I - Establishes the State Board of Auctioneers to license auctioneers.
HB1934Merideth, DennyHoland, RoyHB 1934
 4321L.01I - Permits continued pay for state employees on extended military leaves of absence.
HB1935Seigfreid, JamesHB 1935
 4590L.01I - Authorizes a transient guest tax in certain cities.
HB1939Luetkemeyer, WilliamAbel, MarkHB 1939
 4047L.03I - Allows private-pay skilled nursing facilities to receive Medicaid reimbursement for residents who reside in the facility for more than one year without certificate of need review.
HB1947Reid, MichaelCunningham, JaneHB 1947
 2854L.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish and administer a program for the registration of biological agents in the state.
HB1953VanZandt, TimothyCierpiot, ConnieCCS SCS HB 1953
 4707L.06T - Clarifies that the reimbursement of Department of Health and Senior Services advisory committees shall be subject to appropriations.
HB1961Ransdall, BillyHB 1961
 4683L.01I - Designates enterprise zones in certain counties and cities.
HB1969Reid, MichaelHB 1969
 4556L.01P - Revises provisions relating to surviving spouses obtaining special military license plates.
HB1970Townley, MerrillLong, ElizabethHB 1970
 4697L.01I - Requires health insurers to provide coverage for a minimum of four mastectomy brassieres a year to insured who have had a mastectomy.
HB1974Bowman, JohnVilla, ThomasHB 1974
 4615L.01I - Makes various changes to the laws controlling child labor.
HB1982Richardson, MarkHB 1982
 4293L.01T - Specifies travel expense guidelines for assessors in certain counties.
HB2002Farnen, TheodoreNaeger, PatrickHB 2002
 4811L.01T - Revises provisions concerning coroner's inquests.
HB2003Harlan, TimothyBaker, LanaHB 2003
 4632L.01I - Amends various provisions regarding the reporting requirements for long-term care facilities.
HB2008O'Connor, PatrickSS SCS HB 2008
 4676S.04T - Adds a new category of motor vehicle dealer. Revises law on repurchase of power equipment.
HB2009O'Connor, PatrickSCS HB 2009
 4677S.02T - Revises application for licensure process for motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and auctions.
HB2014Smith, PhilipHB 2014
 4819L.01I - Sets costs for transcripts paid to court reporters and costs for evidence preservation paid to clerks.
HB2025Walton, JuanitaThompson, BettyHB 2025
 4695L.02P - Creates special license plates for members and alumni of various Greek organizations.
HB2031O'Connor, PatrickHB 2031
 4847L.01P - Creates continuing education requirement for used motor vehicle dealers.
HB2039Kreider, JimHB 2039
 4788L.01T - Authorizes any county, city, or village to designate memorial highways for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
HB2041Liese, ChrisHB 2041
 3826L.01I - Creates special event license plates.
HB2048Boucher, ArthurRansdall, BillyHB 2048
 4882L.01I - Creates a special license plate for members of the Disabled American Veterans.
HB2049Baker, LanaHB 2049
 4906L.01I - Allows programs for all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) projects an exemption from the certificate of authority requirements for health maintenance organizations.
HB2053Smith, PhilipHB 2053
 4843L.01I - Clarifies registration of tobacco sellers and authorizes Division of Liquor Control to enforce provisions on sale of tobacco products.
HB2057Barry, JoanHB 2057
 4891L.01I - Expands the medical testing performed on persons delivered to the Department of Corrections.
HB2061Willoughby, PhillipHarding, MargaretHB 2061
 4857L.02I - Adds the Clay-Platte Child Assessment Center to the list of regional assessment centers funded by the Department of Social Services.
HB2078Clayton, RobertHB 2078
 4953L.01T - Repeals expired sections of statutes.
HB2081Shoemaker, ChristoperMonaco, RalphHB 2081
 4797L.01I - Expands the crime of tampering with a judicial officer to include juvenile court officers and any other officer of the court.
HB2111Kelly, VanKreider, JimHB 2111
 4790L.01I - Authorizes a state enterprise zone for Wright County.
HB2114Whorton, JimBerkowitz, SamHB 2114
 4999L.01I - Specifies which inventory qualifies for repurchase from the retailer and which does not qualify.
HB2122Wilson, VictoriaHB 2122
 4947L.01I - Clarifies the language to be included in the certification on each personal property listing.
HB2123Barry, JoanCurls, MelbaHB 2123
 2530L.01P - Creates a breast cancer awareness special license plate.
HB2127Campbell, MarshaHB 2127
 2828L.01I - Provides guidelines for elevator safety and inspection.
HB2130Boykins, AmberGambaro, DerioHB 2130
 5001L.01T - Clarifies the deadline for filing tangible personal property listings.
HB2133Robirds, EstelKoller, DonHB 2133
 4101L.01I - Allows certain motor vehicles to be exempt from motor vehicle inspections.
HB2136Shields, CharlesNaeger, PatrickHB 2136
 4650L.02I - Creates the Kansas City Education Renewal Commission.
HB2137Crump, WayneSCS HB 2137
 5013L.02T - Changes the compensation scale for county treasurers.
HB2138Kelly, GlendaHB 2138
 4639L.01I - Revises laws relating to transportation and the State Highways and Transportation Commission.
HB2139Baker, LanaHB 2139
 4991L.01I - Clarifies when a license to operate a motor vehicle may be taken and held by law enforcement officers for moving traffic violations.
HB2140Berkowitz, SamKreider, JimHB 2140
 3590L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Fire Safety Commission.
HB2141Villa, ThomasJohnson, ConnieHB 2141
 5020L.01I - Exempts certain transitional school districts from tax abatement and tax increment allocation financing.
HB2142Wilson, VictoriaHB 2142
 5038L.01I - Makes technical modifications to paternity provisions.
HB2143Clayton, RobertHB 2143
 4723L.01I - Permits certain counties to impose a county sales tax for emergency services without reorganizing the existing board administering the emergency services.
HB2144O'Toole, JamesHB 2144
 4967L.01I - Changes cost of living adjustments for the St. Louis police retirement system.
HB2145Curls, MelbaHB 2145
 5017L.01I - Creates a Girl Scouts of America special license plate.
HB2146Campbell, MarshaSmith, PhilipHB 2146
 4280L.01I - Eliminates escheats and deems such property transferring to the state to be unclaimed property.
HB2147Portwood, CharlesHB 2147
 3165L.01I - Provides that a person may not be arrested or convicted for a crime or situation involving drugs if another becomes ill during it and they summon aid for them and stay with them until help arrives.
HB2148Portwood, CharlesHB 2148
 3167L.01I - Requires a permit for a rave.
HB2149Portwood, CharlesHB 2149
 3166L.01I - Adds failing to summon aid for a sick person involuntary manslaughter if in circumstances where drug transactions are involved.
HB2150Shoemyer, WesHB 2150
 5000L.01I - Permits the Director of the Department of Agriculture to participate in the reimportation of genetically enhanced seed.
HB2151Kreider, JimHB 2151
 5035L.01I - Provides additional regulations for collecting taxes imposed for emergency telephone service.
HB2152Kelly, GaryHB 2152
 5026L.01I - Raises compulsory age for school attendance to eighteen years of age.
HB2153Kelly, GaryHB 2153
 5025L.01I - Allows school districts by majority vote of the school board to increase the mandatory age of attendance from sixteen to eighteen.
HB2154Froelker, JamesHB 2154
 5045L.01I - Creates the crime of transferring human fetal parts.
HB2155Willoughby, PhillipPhillips, SusanHB 2155
 5043L.01P - Adds the Clay-Platte child assessment center to the list of regional assessment centers funded by the Department of Social Services.
HB2156Kreider, JimHB 2156
 5034L.01I - Declares as an unlawful merchandising practice the use of a Missouri or toll-free telephone number that does not disclose that calls will be transferred out-of-state.
HCR30Boucher, ArthurHCR 30
 5006L.02I - Endorses and encourages the use of universal design in new home construction.
HCR31Enz, CatherineHCR 31
 4599L.03I - Requests the State Auditor to conduct an audit of the Gateway Clean Air Program that is implementing the vehicle emissions testing program for the St. Louis area.
HJR50Green, TimHJR 50
 4601L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment creating the Budget Control Fund and transferring certain amounts of excess total state revenue to the fund.
SB641Russell, JohnSCS SB 641 & 705
 2756S.05C - Prohibits union service fees from being required or being paid by payroll deduction.
SB834Sims, BettyHS HCS SCS SB 834
 3512L.12T - Revises liquor control laws.
SB941DePasco, RonnieSB 941
 3994S.01T - Allows owners of business property to appoint representative in matters involving drainage district.
SB988Caskey, HaroldSCS SB 988
 4160L.02P - Expands the Kansas City commercial zone to include the City of Harrisonville.
SB1004Loudon, JohnSB 1004
 4068S.01I - Allows enrollees to obtain managed care document via the internet.
SB1071Klindt, DavidSCS SB 1071
 4196S.02T - Revises weight and measures law.
SB1086DePasco, RonnieHCS SCS SB 1086 & 1126
 4417S.05T - Revises law on abatement of nuisances.
SB1094Russell, JohnHCS SB 1094
 4500L.02T - Extends the expiration date for the nursing facility reimbursement allowance to September 30, 2005.
SB1106Klarich, DavidSCS SB 1106
 4528S.02C - Revises the Terms of Credit Union Commission Members.
SCR36Bentley, RoseannSCR 36
 3833L.01I - Reconstitutes the Joint Interim Committee on Education Funding which terminated on January 15, 2002.
SCR44Cauthorn, JohnSCR 44
 4663S.01I - Modernization of Lock & Dam Infrastructure on the Upper Mississippi & Illinois Rivers.
SCR46Dougherty, PatrickSCR 46
 4496L.01I - Urges Congress to pass the reauthorization legislation for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.
SCR47Childers, DoyleSCS SCR 47
 4658S.02C - Creates the Poultry Industry Commission.
SCR53Cauthorn, JohnSCS SCR 53
 4971S.02C - Child Abuse Hot line.
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