91st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 13, 2001

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1Green, TimHB 1
 0001L.01T - Appropriates money to the Board of Fund Commissioners for the cost of issuing and processing State Water Pollution.
HB2Green, TimHegeman, DanielCCS SCS HCS HB 2
 0002L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the State Board of Education and of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
HB3Green, TimNaeger, PatrickCCS SCS HCS HB 3
 0003L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Higher Education and the several divisions, programs, and institutions of higher education.
HB4Green, TimLegan, KennethCCS SCS HCS HB 4
 0004L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation.
HB5Green, TimKreider, JimCCS SCS HCS HB 5
 0005L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Office of Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Chief Executive's Office.
 0006L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Conservation, and several divisions.
 0007L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Economic Development, Department of Insurance, and Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.
 0008L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Public Safety.
 0009L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Corrections.
HB10Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 10
 0010L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, the Board of Public Buildings, and the Department of Health.
HB11Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 11
 0011L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, and distrubtions of the Department of Social Services.
HB12Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 12
 0012L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Attorney General, Legislature, and others.
HB19Green, TimCCS SCS HCS HB 19
 0019L.04T - Appropriates money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements including, but not limited to, major additions and renovations.
HB26Wilson, YvonneBoykins, AmberHCS HB 26
 0155L.04C - Creates the Missouri Essential Needs School Districts Loan Repayment Assistance Program.
HB59Boucher, ArthurWilliams, DeletaHB 59
 0117L.02I - Exempts from state income tax all pensions received by persons sixty-five years of age and older.
HB107Clayton, RobertRichardson, MarkSCS HS HCS HB 107
 0162S.05T - Creates the Legal Services for Low-income People Fund and the Missouri CASA Fund.
HB166Troupe, CharlesHB 166
 0750L.01P - Expands minority teaching scholarships from one hundred to two hundred per year; increases the amount from $2000 to $3000 for special education teachers.
HB185Legan, KennethMyers, PeterSS SCS HB 185
 0664S.06T - Allows counties of the third classification to adopt building codes in certain areas, subject to voter approval.
HB227Walton, JuanitaHB 227
 0059L.02I - Adopts standards and procedures for municipal impeachments.
HB249Treadway, JosephSCS HB 249
 0845S.04C - Regulates amusement machines.
HB279Shoemyer, WesCopenhaver, NancyHCS HB 279
 0711L.03T - Expands the newborn screening requirements to include additional treatable and manageable disorders.
HB285Wilson, VictoriaJohnson, ConnieHB 285
 0084L.03I - Requires the Department of Health to designate centers of excellence in women's health.
HB321Skaggs, BillyCurls, MelbaHB 321
 0925L.01T - Extends the termination date on the Kansas City public transportation sales tax from 2001 to 2003.
HB334Davis, DahlmanSeigfreid, JamesHCS HB 334
 0804L.02P - Makes the "recalculated levy" for school districts permanent.
HB355Kelly, GlendaHB 355
 1160L.01I - Allows adopted adults to have access to their original birth certificates without a court order.
HB362Wilson, VictoriaHB 362
 1095L.02I - Revises the oath used by the assessors in connection with the annual listing of personal property.
HB366Champion, NormaHB 366
 0788L.02P - Disallows a state income tax deduction for retirement benefits to the extent the same are otherwise excluded or deducted from federal or Missouri adjusted gross income.
HB381Hoppe, ThomasHosmer, WilliamSS SCS HS HB 381
 1128S.11T - Revises law on sale, distribution, and possession of tobacco products.
HB384Johnson, ConnieWilson, VictoriaHB 384
 0757L.02I - Removes the prohibition on the use of general revenue funds for certain Department of Health programs and includes dentists in planning for services in health care shortage areas.
HB409Surface, CharlesHB 409
 1009L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance between the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin.
HB421Graham, CharlesFarnen, TheodoreCCS SS SCS HS HB 421
 1100L.14C - Provides that consumption, not sale or provision, of intoxicating beverages is the proximate cause of injuries resulting from intoxication.
HB444Kreider, JimHosmer, WilliamHB 444
 0931L.01P - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.
HB452Gratz, WilliamHB 452
 1246L.01I - Expands eligible beneficiaries of Vocational Enterprises Program of the Department of Corrections.
HB458Lawson, MauriceMyers, PeterHB 458
 0033L.01T - Permits the use of flashing signals by church buses.
HB461Ostmann, LucindaRobirds, EstelHB 461
 0685L.01I - Modifies grandparent visitation provisions.
HB473Robirds, EstelKreider, JimSCS HB 473
 1205S.03T - Designates cut-leaved teasel, common teasel, and kudzu vine as noxious weeds.
HB480Thompson, BettyFraser, BarbaraHB 480
 1278L.01I - Eliminates the local sales and use tax on food and replaces lost local revenue by reducing the state income tax deduction for individuals for federal income taxes.
HB502Ward, DanielHB 502
 1317L.01T - Authorizes a conveyance of certain property in St. Francois County to the American Legion.
HB525Monaco, RalphO'Toole, JamesHB 525
 0962L.01I - Creates a cause of action for firefighters, peace officers and emergency medical personnel for injuries they sustain in the course of their job duties.
HB590Graham, CharlesHB 590
 1560L.01T - Places administration of tax credits for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance by small businesses under joint administration of the directors of Revenue and Economic Development.
HB644Burton, GarySCS HB 644
 1538L.02T - Creates a presumption that a beneficiary designation is unaffected by a subsequent dissolution or annulment.
HB648Ostmann, LucindaDolan, JonathanSCS HB 648,HB 477 & HB 805
 1664S.07T - Creates an alternative method of obtaining temporary driving permit.
HB655Marble, GaryBartelsmeyer, LindaHB 655
 1629L.01I - Allows second class counties to collect a fee of one-fourth of one percent on current taxes collected.
HB664Skaggs, BillyHB 664
 1656L.01T - Makes changes to charitable gift annuities provisions.
HB697Treadway, JosephHB 697
 1850L.01I - Requires the Ethics Commission to immediately notify persons against whom a complaint has been filed.
HB729Green, ThomasGreen, TimHB 729
 1369L.01I - Revises motor vehicle licensing.
HB730Williams, DeletaHB 730
 1788L.01I - Allows the City of Warrensburg to receive bids for banking services at any city council meeting.
HB738Liese, ChrisSS HCS HB 738
 1530S.07T - Changes the law governing financial institutions.
HB741Levin, DavidMoore, DanieHB 741
 1361L.01I - Exempts the first six thousand dollars of expenditures for custodial care and durable medical equipment from state income tax, for a maximum tax savings of one thousand dollars.
HB754Franklin, J.HCS HB 754, 29, 300 & 505
 1914L.04P - Establishes teacher salary supplements for National Board teacher certification.
HB772Linton, WilliamHB 772
 1728L.02I - Requires the stating of voters' names prior to receipt of a ballot.
HB773Williams, DeletaHB 773
 1676L.03I - Requires a bond of any deputy or assistant collector or treasurer ex-officio collector.
HB779Barnett, MyronHB 779
 1881L.02T - Authorizes lease of property by Northwest Missouri State University to Missouri National Guard and City of Maryville.
HB782Troupe, CharlesHB 782
 1973L.01I - Makes absentee ballot lists available to the public.
HB793Portwood, CharlesBearden, CarlHB 793
 1322L.02I - Increases access to chiropractic services for purposes of insurance coverage.
HB796Hosmer, WilliamSCS HB 796
 1821S.03T - Requires manufacturers, packers, distributors, or sellers of drugs or devices to comply with the current federal labeling requirements in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
HB797Green, ThomasKoller, DonHB 797
 1866L.01I - Revises transportation provisions relating to work zones and to weights of certain vehicles on certain highways; makes other technical changes.
HB803Bray, JoanKennedy, HarryHB 803
 1823L.02I - Creates a simplified sales and use tax administration act.
HB804McKenna, RyanWagner, HowardHB 804
 1988L.01I - Allows more counties to enact ordinances for the abatement and removal of debris on real property.
HB805Mayer, RobertRichardson, MarkHB 805
 1985L.01I - Provides for driver education of participants in federal residential job training programs.
HB815Burcham, TomCrowell, JasonHB 815
 1986L.01I - Defines proper venue for credit card and checking account fraud.
HB816Kennedy, HarryGambaro, DerioHB 816
 1904L.01T - Replaces oath requirement with signature requirement for making claim for certain tax refunds.
HB821Hosmer, WilliamHB 821
 1668L.01T - Expands the Missouri Kidney Program to provide immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals to other transplant patients.
HB830Phillips, SusanHarding, MargaretHB 830
 2036L.01I - Increases allowable tax rate for transient guest tax in Platte County.
HB837Foley, JamesHanaway, CatherineHB 837
 1916L.01I - Expands the powers of the Greater St. Louis Sports Authority.
HB846Abel, MarkFoley, JamesHB 846
 1911L.01I - Requires all private attorneys' fees incurred as a result of representing the state of Missouri in tobacco settlement litigation to be paid pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement.
HB854Curls, MelbaBoucher, ArthurHB 854
 1732L.01I - Expands the types of documents for which a county recording fee may be collected.
HB855Willoughby, PhillipRidgeway, LuannHB 855
 1990L.01I - Modifies costs due upon purchase or redemption of tax-deliquent property.
HB862Clayton, RobertRichardson, MarkHB 862
 1975L.01I - Increases certain court fees.
HB875Barnitz, FranklinHB 875
 2045L.03I - Revises certain definitions for purposes of enterprise zones.
HB881Scott, DelbertCrawford, LarrySCS HB 881
 1915S.03T - Allows nursing home district directors to be elected in districts or at-large.
HB897Kreider, JimHanaway, CatherineHB 897
 1864L.03T - Prohibits Department of Revenue from gathering or including on driver's license any information for which it does not have statutory authority.
HB922Gaskill, SamuelBartelsmeyer, LindaHB 922
 2213L.01T - Authorizes the City of Monett to annex municipal airport.
HB930Hollingsworth, KatherineMcKenna, RyanHB 930
 2061L.01I - Authorizes county commissions in certain counties to issue special or conditional use permits.
HB933Reid, MichaelHB 933
 1927L.02T - Clarifies that sales tax applies to sale and lease of motor vehicles and motorcycles.
HB949Barry, JoanSCS HB 949
 2237S.02C - Revises hospital whistle blower provision and enacts the Missouri Health Facilities Review Law.
HB959Kreider, JimHB 959
 2080L.01I - Requires legislative approval before Department of Transportation may designate a highway as limited-access, and requires reapproval of all highways currently so designated.
HB960Skaggs, BillyHB 960
 2259L.01I - Excludes ambulatory surgical centers from the definition of hospital for purposes of the hospital licensing law.
HB961Hosmer, WilliamHB 961
 2253L.01I - Authorizes an exchange of property interests between the Missouri National Guard and the City of Springfield.
HB962Bartle, MatthewHB 962
 2247L.01I - Removes provisions of law declared unconstitutional.
HB963Bowman, JohnColeman, MaidaHB 963
 2233L.01I - Delineates the duties of an Urban Conservation Commission and Department of Urban Conservation, contingent upon the passage of a constitutional amendment creating such commission and department.
HB964Carnahan, RussCopenhaver, NancyHB 964
 2136L.03I - Establishes a Childhood Lead Testing Program in the Department of Health.
HB965Liese, ChrisWalton, JuanitaHB 965
 2263L.01I - Exempts the cash value of insurance policies from the claims of general creditors.
HB966Kreider, JimHB 966
 2251L.02I - Permits municipalities to set speed limits on state roads and highways within the municipality, without approval of Department of Transportation.
HB967Reinhart, GeralynHB 967
 2053L.01I - Changes compulsory school attendance age from sixteen to eighteen.
HB968Ward, DanielHB 968
 2248L.01I - Requires certain commercial insurance policies to be filed with the Department of Insurance.
HB969Graham, CharlesHB 969
 2262L.01I - Excludes the State Capitol Building from the definition of "state property" for purposes of giving priority to blind persons for the operation of vending facilities on state property.
HB970Naeger, PatrickSecrest, PatriciaHB 970
 2073L.02I - For purposes of worker compensation law, makes positive tests for drug use proximate cause of injuries resulting to any employee testing positive for such drug use.
HB971Secrest, PatriciaHB 971
 1878L.01I - Revises provisions related to dismissal of workers' compensation cases.
HB972Byrd, RichardCarnahan, RussHB 972
 2260L.01I - Requires juvenile sex offenders to provide notice of their status as such to their school superintendent.
HB973Hollingsworth, KatherineHB 973
 2275L.01I - Creates felony of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager or sports official.
HJR10Graham, CharlesHJR 10
 1089L.01I - Proposes a consititutional amendment to allow voters the option of having excess total state revenues refunded or deposited in Highways and Transportation Fund.
HJR12Seigfreid, JamesDavis, DahlmanHJR 12
 1608L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials.
HJR19Bowman, JohnColeman, MaidaHJR 19
 2232L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to establish the Department of Urban Conservation.
HJR20Kreider, JimCrump, WayneHJR 20
 1175L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish.
SB52Childers, DoyleSCS SB 52 & 91
 0357S.04C - Makes several changes regarding speeding in construction zones, bridge weight limits, and running weigh stations.
SB151Childers, DoyleCCS#2 HCS SCS SB 151
 0330S.05T - Prohibits insurers from placing applicants in high risk coverage categories based on no prior insurance coverage because of military service.
SB184Johnson, SidneySB 184
 0374S.01I - Expands ability of boards to fund sheltered workshops and other services for persons with developmental disabilities.
SB191Goode, WayneHCS SB 191
 0700L.04C - Third class cities in St. Louis County shall fill vacancies by appointment.
SB238Staples, DannySCS SB 238 & 250
 0922S.06C - Revises the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
SB239Stoll, SteveSCS SB 239
 0873S.03C - Creates new reading test and summer school reading program.
SB253Gross, CharlesSCS SB 253 & 260
 1021S.02C - Revises the statute of limitations and damages for home improvements.
SB345House, TedHCS SB 345
 1444L.03T - Gives St. Peters and Kansas City additional powers to abate weeds and other nuisances; requires control of kudzu and teasel.
SB407Dougherty, PatrickSCS SB 407
 1681L.04T - Authorizes several new special license plates and amends law concerning several existing special license plates.
SB416Stoll, SteveSB 416
 1147S.01I - Requires employers to keep records regarding child employees and makes technical changes to child labor chapter.
SB435Goode, WayneSB 435
 1828S.01T - Exempts historic vehicles from emissions testing.
SB436Goode, WayneSB 436
 1827S.01T - Requires licensee to apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license when a name change occurs.
SB442Caskey, HaroldSB 442
 1384S.01T - Allows individuals to obtain a Safari Club license plate after paying a special fee.
SB443Staples, DannySB 443
 1806S.01T - Removes the requirement that State Water Patrol officers be bonded.
SB491Rohrbach, LarrySCS SB 491
 1968S.04C - Modifies election process for nursing home district directors.
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