95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 25, 2009

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1Icet, AllenHB 1
 0001L.01T - Appropriates money to the Board of Fund Commissioners
 0002L.05T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the State Board of Education and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
 0003L.05T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Higher Education
HB4Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 4
 0004L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Revenue and Department of Transportation
HB5Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 5
 0005L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Office of Administration, Department of Transportation, and Department of Public Safety
HB6Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 6
 0006L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Conservation
HB7Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 7
 0007L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses and distributions of the departments of Economic Development,Insurance, Financial Institutions,Professional Registration,Labor and Industrial Relations
HB8Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 8
 0008L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Public Safety
HB9Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 9
 0009L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Corrections
HB10Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 10
 0010L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, Board of Public Buildings, and Department of Health and Senior Services
HB11Icet, AllenCCS#2 SCS HCS HB 11
 0011L.05T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, and distributions of the Department of Social Services
HB12Icet, AllenCCS SCS HCS HB 12
 0012L.04T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of statewide elected officials, the Judiciary, Office of the State Public Defender, and General Assembly
HB13Icet, AllenCCS SCS HB 13
 0013L.03T - Appropriates money for real property leases and related services
HB46Davis, CynthiaCox, StanleySS HCS HB 46 & 434
 0385S.10P - Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB65Wilson, LarryNance, BobHB 65
 0211L.01P - Allows rural empowerment zones to exist in any county with 18,000 or fewer residents and prohibits more than two rural empowerment zones in any county
HB82Kraus, WillDay, DavidSCS HCS HB 82
 0269S.05T - Changes the laws regarding income tax exemptions for certain retirement benefits
HB86Sutherland, MikeHB 86
 0109L.02P - Increases the outstanding shares and surplus threshold amount used to calculate a corporation's franchise tax
HB96Wallace, MaynardThomson, MikeSCS HCS HB 96
 0099S.03C - Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, and reporting acts of violence
HB111Day, DavidBrown, DanSCS HCS HB 111
 0668S.04T - Allows unclaimed cremated remains of veterans to be collected by a veterans' service organization for the purpose of internment under certain circumstances
HB183Stevenson, BryanSater, DavidHB 183
 0417L.01I - Allows the recipient of child support or the Family Support Division to commence a civil comtempt proceeding against a person who has been ordered to pay child support and fails or refuses to do so
HB239Jones, TimothyJones, KennySCS HB 239
 0752S.04T - Changes the laws regarding the management of trusts and funds
HB242Kingery, GayleSmith, JasonHCS HB 242
 0472L.02P - Allows school districts to establish a four-day school week upon a majority vote of the school board
HB276El-Amin, TalibdinColona, MikeHB 276
 0212L.01I - Allows certain nonviolent offenders to serve the full term of any sentence in the National Guard instead of incarceration if approved by the sentencing court
HB286Schaaf, RobSander, ThereseHCS HB 286
 0460L.02P - Requires every hospital licensed in the state to establish a methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) control program
HB287Day, DavidKuessner, J CHB 287
 0860L.01P - Classifies sawmills and planing mills as agricultural and horticultural property instead of commercial property for property taxation purposes
HB289Wallace, MaynardHB 289
 1078L.01T - Requires the designation of an agent for a binding signature on a placement settlement and makes the five-business-day notice applicable to all special education due process hearings
HB310Jones, TimothyFlook, TimHCS HB 310
 1033L.02P - Changes the laws regarding liquor control
HB355Davis, CynthiaHB 355
 0842L.04I - Allows the adult child born as a result of sperm or egg donation to obtain identifying information regarding the donor
HB359Denison, CharlieHobbs, SteveSS SCS HCS HB 359
 1170S.06T - Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to enter into more than three design-build highway project contracts
HB387Cooper, RobertStream, RickHCS HB 387
 1193L.02C - Requires the development of a quality rating system for early childhood and before- and after-school programs that are licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB403Franz, WardStevenson, BryanHB 403
 1261L.02I - Allows a court to take certain measures to protect a child if it determines that there is credible evidence of a potential risk of international abduction of the child by a parent
HB459Schaaf, RobCooper, RobertHCS HB 459
 1223L.02P - Creates a federal reimbursement allowance for ground ambulance services
HB510Hoskins, DennyLargent, ScottHB 510
 1288L.02I - Establishes requirements for private jails and brings them under the same guidelines and penalties as county and city jails
HB536Dixon, BobLampe, SaraHCS HB 536
 1246L.02C - Authorizes the licensure of prescribing psychologists
HB542Walsh, GinaHoskins, TheodoreHCS HB 542
 1529L.04C - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to recalculate the state school aid for the Riverview Gardens School District to correct an error
HB570Harris, BelindaSander, ThereseHCS HB 570
 1324L.02C - Changes the laws regarding abortions
HB580Bruns, MarkParson, MikeSCS HCS HB 580
 1405S.04T - Establishes the Line of Duty Compensation Act which authorizes a claim to be filed with the Division of Workers' Compensation by the estate of public safety workers who are killed in the line of duty
HB596Molendorp, ChrisLargent, ScottHB 596
 0761L.01I - Authorizes school districts to enter into design-build contracts for construction projects costing more than $1 million
HB606Stevenson, BryanFlanigan, TomHCS HB 606
 1521L.02C - Adds professional, amateur, and youth mixed martial arts contests to the Division of Professional Registration's supervision and prohibits certain persons from participating in mixed martial arts contests
HB678Wasson, JayHB 678
 1839L.01T - Designates May 1 of each year as "Silver Star Families of America Day" to honor the wounded soldiers of this state and the efforts of the group to honor the wounded members of the United States armed forces
HB679Wasson, JayHB 679
 1819L.01I - Establishes a limited license for a retired dentist to practice dentistry
HB682Swinger, TerryWallace, MaynardHB 682
 1879L.01T - Allows an exception for the 2008-2009 school year regarding the laws for school make-up days due to inclement weather
HB740Icet, AllenSS HCS HB 740
 1918S.04T - Extends the expiration date of various federal reimbursement allowances from 2009 to 2011 and authorizes a federal gross receipts tax for in-home services
HB744Icet, AllenHB 744
 1987L.01P - Creates the Missouri Family Recovery Plan Fund and the Economic Stimulus Fund in the state treasury to receive moneys provided under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
HB750Faith, SallyDixon, BobHB 750
 1715L.01I - Establishes requirements for the licensure of naturopathic physicians
HB805Wilson, KevinJones, TimothyHB 805
 1867L.01I - Establishes the Professional Relationships Between Teachers and School Districts Act which specifies the procedures under which local school boards can meet and negotiate with employee organizations
HB876Deeken, BillHB 876
 2157L.02I - Prohibits an employer from requiring a nonexempt state employee to take time off during any week the employee works more than an eight-hour workday or his or her regularly assigned hours of work
HB939Smith, JoeHB 939
 1964L.02I - Increases the minimum value of county property that the auditor in a charter county must annually inventory
HB942Smith, JoeCorcoran, MichaelHB 942
 2268L.01I - Authorizes the City of St. Ann to impose, upon voter approval, a sales tax of 1% for public safety improvements
HB945Wells, DonWasson, JayHCS HB 945
 2200L.04C - Changes the laws regarding certain professions, the State Legal Expense Fund, endowed care cemeteries, and prescriptive authority for physician assistants and adopts the Nurse Licensure Compact
HB953Ruestman, MarilynAllen, SueHB 953
 2296L.01I - Adds providers of certain targeted case management services to the list of providers recognized by the Department of Mental Health as administrative entities
HB958Smith, JoeSutherland, MikeHCS HB 958
 2275L.04P - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB987Schaaf, RobHB 987
 2360L.01I - Requires the Family Support Division to implement a step reduction method to more efficiently transition recipients off of child day care services benefits
HB1056Flanigan, TomHB 1056
 2003L.01I - Prohibits auto transporters from having a length greater than 53 feet exclusive of front and rear overhangs
HB1057Allen, SueDieckhaus, ScottHB 1057
 2377L.02I - Requires the state to use a portion of the economic stimulus funds to reimburse certain unemployed volunteers for mileage expenses incurred while delivering meals through a state home-delivered meals program
HB1058Smith, JasonSchoeller, ShaneHB 1058
 2406L.01I - Repeals various expired provisions of law as contained in the January 2009 Annual Report of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research on Laws Which Expire, Sunset, Terminate, or Become Ineffective
HB1059Smith, JasonHB 1059
 0732L.01I - Prohibits members of the General Assembly from accruing creditable service under the Year 2000 Plan of the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
HB1060Hobbs, SteveHB 1060
 2189L.01I - Changes the laws regarding transportation development districts
HB1061Todd, TomQuinn, PaulHB 1061
 2432L.01I - Designates a portion of State Highway 53 in Butler County from the city limits of Qulin to one mile south of the city limits as the "Johnny Lee Hays Memorial Highway"
HB1062Brandom, EllenFlook, TimHB 1062
 2422L.01I - Changes the laws regarding small business taxation and establishes the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Growth Act
HB1063Guest, JimHB 1063
 2319L.01I - Establishes the Clinical Laboratory Science Practice Act to regulate and license clinical laboratory science personnel
HB1064Morris, JamesRoorda, JeffHB 1064
 1120L.01I - Creates the Reverend Nathaniel Cole Memorial Pursuit Reduction Grant to provide grants to urban police departments for the purchase of real-time pursuit management systems
HB1065Morris, JamesSwinger, TerryHB 1065
 2351L.01I - Establishes the Prostate Cancer Pilot Program to fund screening and treatment services for prostate cancer for certain uninsured or economically challenged men
HB1066Morris, JamesRoorda, JeffHB 1066
 1119L.01I - Specifies that any person who unlawfully distributes or delivers any controlled substance to any person which causes that person's death will be guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree
HB1067Schoeller, ShaneHB 1067
 0740L.01I - Revises the crime of animal abuse
HB1068Hobbs, SteveSander, ThereseHB 1068
 2441L.01I - Changes the laws regarding renewable fuels
HB1069Thomson, MikeWilson, KevinHB 1069
 2288L.01I - Establishes a procedure for using federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for repairing elementary and secondary schools
HB1070Bruns, MarkHB 1070
 2408L.01I - Allows certain employees of the Missouri Development Finance Board to be state employees and to be eligible for retirement benefits in the Year 2000 Plan of the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
HB1071Bruns, MarkHB 1071
 2210L.01I - Requires the Governor to designate one of the members of the Board of Probation and Parole as the vice chairman
HB1072Bruns, MarkHB 1072
 1682L.01I - Specifies that any computer or laptop seized in the investigation and prosecution of a sexual offense will not be returned to the offender under certain conditions and a finding of the court
HB1073Riddle, JeanieMunzlinger, BrianHB 1073
 2039L.01I - Lowers the minimum age requirement for obtaining a concealed carry endorsement from 23 years of age to 21 years of age
HB1074Brandom, EllenHB 1074
 2445L.01I - Changes the laws regarding small business taxation and establishes the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Growth Act
HB1075Fisher, BarneyCCS SCS HCS HB 1075
 1976L.04T - Changes the laws regarding unemployment compensation
HB1076El-Amin, TalibdinHB 1076
 2404L.01I - Authorizes community improvement districts that are political subdivisions to sponsor and operate a polytechnic institute
HB1077Bringer, RachelHB 1077
 2411L.01I - Revises the Uniform Commercial Code regarding production-money security interest and allows veterinarians offering services to place a lien on an animal for reasonable charges
HB1078Funderburk, DougWalsh, GinaHB 1078
 2437L.01I - Requires certain employers to submit federal 1099 miscellaneous forms to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
HB1079Funderburk, DougJones, TimothyHB 1079
 2409L.01I - Requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to develop a controlled substance screening program that tests each worker employed on a public works projects
HB1080Munzlinger, BrianLoehner, TomHB 1080
 2381L.01I - Establishes the Sustainable Agriculture and Local Foods Initiative to increase access to locally grown agricultural food products
HB1081Funderburk, DougZerr, AnneHB 1081
 2286L.01I - Allows fourth class cities to impose limited license taxes upon hotels and motels
HB1082Riddle, JeanieJones, KennyHB 1082
 2455L.01I - Allows for a special license plate for members of the Missouri Stream Team
HB1083Sander, ThereseHB 1083
 2462L.01I - Specifies that state entities that knowingly or purposely disclose a person's Social Security number will be subject to civil penalties, court costs, and attorney fees
HCR28Schaaf, RobHCS HCR 28
 1943L.02C - Urges rescission of federal law 42 CFR, Part 435.1008, which prohibits Missouri from utilizing the current acute care mental hospital in Columbia for purposes of Medicaid participation funds
HCR37Loehner, TomSchad, RodneyHCR 37
 2213L.02I - Supports the use of unbiased scientific research and data regarding the management practices for rivers and streams
HCR44Munzlinger, BrianDethrow, MikeHCR 44
 1957L.01I - Urges Congress to recognize the importance of land grant agricultural research by continuing or increasing the current federal funding
 1214L.03C - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting appropriations in any fiscal year from exceeding certain limits
HJR32Kelly, ChrisTilley, StevenHCS HJR 32
 0927L.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to issue bonds to fund higher education building improvements, construction, landscaping, and land purchases
HJR37Cunningham, MikeFunderburk, DougHJR 37
 2344L.01P - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote by secret ballot for all public offices, initiatives and referendums, and any authorizations or designations regarding employee representation
HJR38Nieves, BrianPratt, BryanHJR 38
 2391L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the expenditure of public funds for abortion services, human cloning, or certain human research
HJR39Funderburk, DougFranz, WardHJR 39
 2375L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the number of years that a person can be elected to serve in any one house of the General Assembly and in both houses of the General Assembly
SB1Scott, DelbertHCS SS SCS SB 1
 0404L.09T - Establishes licensing and contract requirements for preneed funeral contract sellers, providers, and seller agents
SB45Pearce, DavidSCS SBs 45, 212, 136, 278, 279, 285 & 288
 0528S.08C - Modifies provisions of law regarding various tax incentives
SB261Bartle, MatthewSCS SBs 261, 159, 180 & 181
 1517S.04C - Modifies various provisions relating to crime
SB363Griesheimer, JohnSS#2 SCS SB 363
 1862S.05P - Allows Department of Revenue to appoint motor vehicle dealers to serve as agents for the purpose of collecting and remitting motor vehicle sales and use taxes
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