93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: March 30, 2006

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB977Whorton, JimKuessner, J CSCS HCS HB 977
 3038S.04T - Authorizes the at-large election of board of aldermen members in certain cities of the fourth class
HB998Smith, ToddHB 998
 3573L.01I - Authorizes the Govenor to convey state property located in Pettis County to the Girl Scouts - Heart of Missouri Council
HB1026Rucker, MartinWildberger, EdSS SCS HCS HB 1026
 3558S.06T - Prohibits protest activities before or after funeral services
HB1030Johnson, RobertSCS HCS HB 1030, 1033, 1146, 1225 & 1326
 3261S.09C - Changes the laws regarding political subdivisions
HB1059Cunningham, JaneHCS HB 1059
 3180L.02P - Establishes procedures for the evaluation of credits for students transferring into an accredited public school district from an unaccredited public or nonpublic school or a home school
HB1080Schaaf, RobMeadows, TimHCS HB 1080
 3828L.03C - Establishes criteria for hospital governing bodies granting staff privileges
HB1089Schaaf, RobWhorton, JimHCS HB 1089
 3696L.03C - Provides insurance coverage for phase II clinical trials for cancer treatment
HB1106Jolly, CathySchaaf, RobHB 1106
 3253L.03I - Requires hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to implement an acuity-based patient classification system
HB1145Portwood, CharlesAvery, JimHCS HB 1145,1359 & 1121
 3429L.02P - Allows Missouri residents to deduct from their taxable income 100% of all non-reimbursed amounts paid for long-term care insurance premiums
HB1192Smith, ToddJones, KennyHB 1192
 3250L.02P - Creates the State Fair Escrow Fund for expenses associated with the Missouri State Fair and off-season events
HB1194Cunningham, JaneMcGhee, MikeHCS HB 1194
 3773L.05C - Changes the laws regarding campaign finance disclosure report complaints
HB1275Baker, BrianErvin, DougHCS HB 1275
 4219L.02C - Requires the State Board of Education to establish a virtual public school by July 1, 2007
HB1302Cooper, RobertMoore, DanieHB 1302
 3980L.01P - Creates the Missouri State Water Patrol Fund consisting of money collected for registering a vessel and increases the fee for a certificate of number
HB1316Lipke, ScottMunzlinger, BrianHCS HB 1316
 3590L.03C - Changes the laws regarding crime prevention
HB1317Lipke, ScottBrown, JasonHCS HB 1317
 3678L.04P - Requires that a photograph be taken of every incarcerated person and made available to the victim upon request and allows a victim to be represented by an appointed person during parole hearings
HB1333Black, LanieMyers, PeterHCS HB 1333
 3523L.02C - Authorizes drainage district boards to impose an annual processing fee for assessed tracts
HB1366Robinson, BradRoorda, JeffHCS HB 1366
 3593L.02P - Expands the definition of "volunteer fire protection association" to include municipal fire departments staffed by volunteers
HB1380St. Onge, NealYaeger, PatriciaSCS HCS HB 1380
 4083S.03T - Establishes the Missouri Public-Private Partnerships Transportation Act to allow a private partner to finance, develop, and/or operate a toll bridge between Illinois and Missouri in St. Louis
HB1407Zweifel, CharlesMeadows, TimHB 1407
 4032L.01I - Changes the process for registering securities
HB1423Page, SamHenke, WayneHB 1423
 3670L.01P - Changes the definition of "security" in the laws regulating securities so that the sale of variable annuities will be regulated by the Secretary of State
HB1424Franz, WardHB 1424
 4140L.02P - Allows first classification counties without a charter form of government and second classification counties to collect property taxes using electronic records and disbursements
HB1441Sutherland, MikeMyers, PeterHCS HB 1441
 4048L.03P - Establishes the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the ownership, possession, and breeding of large carnivores
HB1466Daus, MikeHB 1466
 3797L.01P - Changes the laws regarding the Police Retirement System of St. Louis
HB1487Parker, ShermanBowman, JohnHCS HB 1487
 3026L.03T - Establishes the Revitalization and Reconstruction Commission to address the problems associated with distressed urban areas
HB1521Richard, RonPearce, DavidHB 1521
 4632L.01P - Modifies the Missouri Business Use Incentive for Large-Scale Development Act to include certain businesses in the City of Fenton
HB1536Schaaf, RobHubbard, RodneyHB 1536
 4679L.01P - Requires the administrative penalties collected for a violation of the laws regarding lead abatement and lead poisoning prevention to be distributed annually to the schools of several counties
HB1677Ervin, DougNance, BobHCS HB 1677
 4612L.02P - Authorizes a phased-in income tax deduction, beginning in tax year 2006, for the cost of personally funded health insurance premiums
HB1726Johnson, RobertVilla, ThomasHCS HB 1726
 5050L.02C - Requires intoxicating and nonintoxicating beer to be brewed from malt or a malt substitute
HB1761Loehner, TomDethrow, MikeHCS HB 1761
 4540L.04C - Changes the laws regarding surface mining and gravel excavation
HB1767Bruns, MarkSCS HCS HB 1767
 4977S.04C - Makes the necessary statutory changes based on the transfer of the Division of Aging from the Department of Social Services to the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB1817Behnen, RobertMunzlinger, BrianHB 1817
 5095L.01I - Prohibits the Governor from using his or her emergency powers to confiscate firearms or revoke a permit to carry any firearm
HB1873Lembke, JimPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 1873
 5131L.03P - Changes the requirements for financial assistance for personal care services
HB1930Hubbard, RodneyEl-Amin, YaphettHB 1930
 5038L.01P - Changes the minimum rate of interest that can be charged on delinquent real property taxes in the City of St. Louis and removes the prime rate limitation and authorizes a tax credit for the elderly
HB2060Dempsey, TomHB 2060
 5663L.01I - Allows members of the State Board of Education to be officials or employees of a college or university
HB2061Tilley, StevenHB 2061
 5558L.01I - Requires that beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, every school bus be equipped with a child safety alarm system
HB2062Page, SamHB 2062
 5618L.01I - Requires that twins or other multiple-birth siblings be placed in the same classroom if the parent or legal guardian makes a timely request
HB2063Rupp, ScottHobbs, SteveHB 2063
 5664L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use of eminent domain
HB2064Rupp, ScottHB 2064
 5683L.01I - Allows any county or municipality to establish an ordinance requiring sexually oriented businesses to be licensed and authorizes them to regulate and restrict the location of these businesses
HB2065Oxford, Jeanette MottBoykins, AmberHB 2065
 5556L.01I - Establishes lower permissible and desirable class sizes than currently exist in administrative rules for St. Louis School District and districts in St. Louis County
HB2066Skaggs, TrentHB 2066
 3508L.04I - Changes the laws regarding registration of landlords in the City of Kansas City
HB2067Munzlinger, BrianHB 2067
 5652L.01I - Establishes the Hunting Heritage Protection Areas Act which will be administered by the Department of Natural Resources
HB2068Munzlinger, BrianPollock, DarrellHB 2068
 5637L.01I - Exempts from continuing education requirements life insurance producers who are limited to writing policies with a cumulative initial face amount of $10,000 or less for any individual
HB2069Bivins, WaltSmith, JoeHB 2069
 4712L.01I - Authorizes a property tax exemption for eligible taxpayers 65 years of age or older
HB2070Bivins, WaltLembke, JimHB 2070
 5654L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the school funding formula
HB2071Bivins, WaltMuschany, T.HB 2071
 3030L.01I - Requires taxpayers in St. Louis County who are protesting their property tax assessment to pay an amount that does not exceed the prior assessed property tax until a final determination is rendered
HB2072Guest, JimJohnson, RobertHB 2072
 5684L.01I - Adds structures which capture wind energy for the generation of electricity in the definition of "agricultural and horticultural property" for the purpose of property tax assessment
HB2073Oxford, Jeanette MottBoykins, AmberHB 2073
 5604L.01I - Requires the development of caseload standards for the departments of Health and Senior Services and Mental Health
HB2074Hunter, SteveHB 2074
 5674L.01I - Prohibits the appointment of any person to the Administrative Law Judge Review Committee in certain circumstances
HB2075Hunter, SteveHB 2075
 5630L.01I - Removes permanent partial disability as a condition which makes an employee eligible to receive compensation from the Second Injury Fund
HB2076Portwood, CharlesLembke, JimHB 2076
 3427L.01I - Amends the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act by specifying that the annual tax assessments for taxpayers 75 years of age or older will not increase under certain conditions
HB2077Lampe, SaraHB 2077
 3919L.01I - Authorizes the addition of one circuit judge in Greene County
HB2078Lampe, SaraHB 2078
 4289L.01I - Authorizes the circuit court in Greene County to levy a surcharge, not to exceed $20, on any civil case filed
HB2079Harris, BelindaHenke, WayneHB 2079
 4997L.01I - Establishes the Women's Health Services Program within the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB2080Roorda, JeffCasey, RonHB 2080
 5669L.02I - Authorizes county boards regulating emergency services to impose up to a 50-cent surcharge on cellular phones, upon voter approval
HB2081Wagner, HowardHB 2081
 5612L.01I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB2082Low, BethStorch, RachelHB 2082
 5582L.01I - Requires hospitals to compile and post daily staffing information in patient care areas of each unit of the hospital
HB2083Low, BethOxford, Jeanette MottHB 2083
 5198L.01I - Adds members of the General Assembly and the staff of the Governor's Office and Mansion as persons who abandoned newborns can be delivered safely to under the Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002
HB2084Aull, JoeHenke, WayneHB 2084
 5283L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Man-made Spring River Rise Flood Insurance Authority to make available flood insurance for property owners affected by flooding due to man-made spring river rises
HB2085Low, BethOxford, Jeanette MottHB 2085
 4582L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Government Accountability Office which will be overseen by the State Auditor
HB2086Bland, CraigHubbard, RodneyHB 2086
 4711L.01I - Allows young adults to participate in the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
HB2087Harris, BelindaHB 2087
 5692L.01I - Creates the crime of procuring human oocytes by coercion, payment, or valuable consideration for use in research, treatment, or therapy
HB2088Kelly, VanHB 2088
 5673L.01I - Repeals the Required Educational Assessment and Community Treatment Program and abolishes the Correctional Substance Abuse Earnings Fund
HB2089Donnelly, MargaretWitte, TerryHB 2089
 5679L.01I - Removes the requirement that a nonalcoholic antiseptic be used to cleanse the skin prior to drawing blood for a chemical blood alcohol test
HB2090Johnson, RobertRoorda, JeffHB 2090
 5644L.02I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB2091Weter, RayHB 2091
 5657L.01I - Imposes a fee on insurance policies to be used for emergency management
HB2092Threlkeld, KevinHB 2092
 5668L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Pharmacy Benefits Managers' Fair Trade Practice Act which specifies guidelines for pharmacy benefit managers wishing to conduct business in Missouri
HB2093Skaggs, TrentLeVota, PaulHB 2093
 5672L.01I - Requires persons requesting more than 50 voter registration applications to provide certain information to the Secretary of State's office
HB2094Rucker, MartinRobinson, BradHB 2094
 4778L.01I - Defines additional terms relating to the laws governing sewer districts in second classification counties
HB2095Rucker, MartinRobinson, BradHB 2095
 4864L.01I - Creates a civil penalty for violating any Missouri Public Service Commission rule relating to federal natural gas safety standards
HB2096Nolte, JerryWilson, KevinHB 2096
 5600L.01I - Authorizes a motor fuel tax holiday for gasoline and diesel fuel used in a personal vehicle for a four-day period during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends
HB2097Dempsey, TomYates, BrianHB 2097
 4336L.01I - Establishes various data collection requirements regarding medical malpractice insurance coverage
HB2098Harris, JeffOxford, Jeanette MottHB 2098
 5623L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the investigation of fraud and abuse in Missouri's Medicaid Program
HB2099Baker, JudyDarrough, BruceHB 2099
 5627L.01I - Establishes curriculum requirements for physical education classes
HB2100Harris, JeffHB 2100
 5667L.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for qualified research costs paid by a corporation in a targeted industry
HB2101Nolte, JerryHB 2101
 5682L.01I - Requires purchasers of 12 or more disposable cell phones at one time to provide certain identifying information which will be retained in a database in the Office of the Attorney General
HB2102Kraus, WillHB 2102
 5658L.01I - Establishes the Needy Persons Fund
HB2103Stevenson, BryanDonnelly, MargaretHB 2103
 5700L.01I - Changes the laws regarding voluntary termination of parental rights
HB2104Icet, AllenHB 2104
 5701L.01I - Extends the expiration date of the financial assistance for the Consumer-directed Personal Care Services Program until June 30, 2008
HB2105Donnelly, MargaretJohnson, ConnieHB 2105
 4161L.01I - Makes all records and documents relating to an individual's suicide a closed record
HB2106Jetton, RodScharnhorst, DwightHB 2106
 5656L.01I - Increases the penalty for littering by requiring community service and a $600 restitution payment
HB2107Bruns, MarkHB 2107
 5677L.01I - Establishes regulations for captive insurance companies
HB2108Salva, RayMeadows, TimHB 2108
 5579L.01I - Removes the rate adjustment outside of a general rate proceeding
HB2109Low, BethLampe, SaraHB 2109
 5588L.01I - Requires health insurers to provide coverage for human papillomavirus testing as a cervical cancer screening test
HB2110Dethrow, MikeWilson, LarryHB 2110
 5629L.02I - Reduces the income tax on capital gains from Missouri sources to 3%
HB2111Hubbard, RodneyJetton, RodHB 2111
 5706L.01I - Allows private, not-for-profit colleges and universities to appoint police officers
HB2112Davis, CynthiaCooper, RobertHB 2112
 5687L.01I - Prohibits prescribing, dispensing, giving, or otherwise providing any contraceptive drug or device to an unemancipated minor without the consent of the minor's parent
HB2113Davis, CynthiaTilley, StevenHB 2113
 3341L.01I - Limits the liability of volunteer medical professionals to actual damages and provides additional insurance coverage for legal expenses and actual damages not covered under the Legal Expense Fund
HB2114Davis, CynthiaAvery, JimHB 2114
 5686L.01I - Creates an affirmative defense for motorcycle riders who enter or cross an intersection controlled by a traffic control signal against a red light under certain conditions specified in the bill
HB2115Ruestman, MarilynPhillips, SusanHB 2115
 5540L.01I - Permits the termination of alimony and maintenance payments based on a finding that a former spouse is cohabitating with another person
HB2116El-Amin, YaphettHubbard, RodneyHB 2116
 5665L.01I - Transfers the authority to appoint members to the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners from the Governor to the mayor of the City of St. Louis
HB2117Pollock, DarrellLembke, JimHB 2117
 5126L.01I - Establishes the Umbilical Cord Blood Bank Services Program to collect and provide researchers with umbilical cord blood for scientific research on human stem cells
HB2118Behnen, RobertHB 2118
 5662L.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to send written notice to certain professional licensees who are delinquent on any state taxes informing them of possible license suspension for nonpayment
HB2119Pratt, BryanHB 2119
 4365L.02I - Exempts residential property owned and occupied by individuals 62 years of age or older from increases in assessed valuation
HB2120Pratt, BryanHB 2120
 5122L.02I - Allows taxpayers to pay all or any part of their current real and personal property taxes on June 30 of each year and removes the provision allowing for installment payments
HB2121Frame, MichaelRoorda, JeffHB 2121
 5607L.01I - Authorizes the State Highway Patrol to develop and implement a real-time electronic logbook for certain schedule V substances and requires pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to report sales
HB2122Roorda, JeffHB 2122
 5542L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Urban Pursuit Reduction Grant to provide monetary assistance in the amount of a 50% match to urban police departments which purchase real-time pursuit management systems
HB2123Hughes IV, LeonardHB 2123
 4663L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Insurance Act to provide comprehensive and necessary health care services for Missouri residents
HB2124Aull, JoeHB 2124
 5675L.02I - Establishes the Missouri In-state Tuition Act which makes certain students eligible for in-state tuition
HB2125Black, LanieHB 2125
 5720L.01I - Transfers the licensure of emergency medical technicians to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts and establishes the Advisory Commission for Emergency Medical Technicians
HB2126Johnson, RickHB 2126
 5583L.01I - Expands the Vietnam Veterans Survivor Grant Program to include Vietnam veterans who are 100% disabled
HB2127Fraser, BarbaraHB 2127
 5639L.01I - Regulates the disposal of mercury switches in vehicles that are being scrapped
HB2128Yates, BrianHB 2128
 5721L.01I - Limits the salary a member of the General Assembly can receive for Fiscal Year 2007
HB2129Guest, JimHB 2129
 5678L.01I - Requires the Missouri Public Service Commission to promulgate rules that require utilities to make a good faith effort to achieve certain renewable energy goals
HB2130Portwood, CharlesWright, MarkHB 2130
 5689L.01I - Removes the age requirement for the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act exemption and sets the exemption limit at 2.5% for homesteads of all eligible owners in any year
HB2131Quinn, JohnWallace, MaynardHB 2131
 5705L.01I - Makes eligibility for a driver's license for persons between the ages of 15 and 18 contingent upon documentation that the applicant has complied with school district standards for eligibility
HCR13Sater, DavidFisher, BarneyHCR 13
 4572L.02I - Resolves that voluntary prayer in public schools, religious displays on public property, and the recognition of a Christian God are not a coalition of church and state.
HCR46Kratky, FredHCR 46
 5690L.01I - Urges Congress to further amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to impose strict time limits on credit reporting agencies regarding the correction of errors and inaccuracies in consumer credit reports.
HCR47Walton, JuanitaHCR 47
 5717L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to support the National Women's History Museum's efforts to secure the Pavilion Annex with a lease to open a women's museum on the National Mall.
HJR53Lembke, JimNieves, BrianHJR 53
 5694L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment restricting the power of eminent domain
HJR54Lembke, JimNieves, BrianHJR 54
 5693L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing the authorization for charter cities and counties to enact ordinances allowing redevelopment of blighted areas and the taking of property by eminent domain
HJR55Lipke, ScottHJR 55
 5697L.01T - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting public officials from receiving any state pension if convicted of a felony, removed for misconduct, or impeached
SB568Dougherty, PatrickSCS SB 568
 3360S.06P - Creates the "Children's Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council"
SB630Gross, CharlesSCS SB 630
 3309S.03T - Modifies eligibility requirements for the Homestead Preservation Tax Credit
SB751Stouffer, BillSCS SB 751
 3715S.02T - Allows the City of Corder to sell property purchased from the school district for any purpose after 25 years
SB802Shields, CharlesSCS SB 802
 4006S.02T - Defines the terms "owner", "registered voter" and "voter" when used in provisions about certain sewer districts
SB809Graham, CharlesHCS SB 809
 3553L.02T - Provides municipalities the option of adopting the zoning regulations of the county in lieu of their own
SB822Gross, CharlesSB 822
 4257S.01T - Extends FRA, Pharmacy Tax, Nursing Facility reimbursement allowance, and Medicaid managed care reimbursement allowance sunsets
SB893Scott, DelbertHCS SB 893
 4479L.04T - Prohibits any ambulance or fire protection district from reducing the district's sales tax, rather than the collector
SB906Engler, KevinSB 906
 3591S.01P - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB925Cauthorn, JohnHCS SCS SB 925
 4110L.10C - Makes various technical changes to sections pertaining to hazardous waste
SB932Scott, DelbertCCS#2 HCS SCS SB 932
 4624S.08T - Creates new requirements for county treasurer candidates and allows the Cape Girardeau County Salary Commission to equalize salaries
SB936Vogel, CarlSB 936
 4643S.01T - Allows county library boards to issue bonds for up to 5% of the value of property within the district instead of 1%
SB938Stouffer, BillSB 938
 4349S.01P - Creates the "Missouri Public-Private Partnerships Transportation Act"
SB1003Mayer, RobertSCS#2 SB 1003
 4994S.07T - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property
SB1017Clemens, DanCCS HCS SB 1017
 5039L.02T - Makes the State Milk Board the official rating agency for the enforcement of standards relating to milk production
SB1057Loudon, JohnSB 1057
 4922L.01T - Includes physical therapists in the definition of health practitioner for the purposes of liens
SB1080Coleman, MaidaSB 1080
 4550S.01P - Authorizes the Governor to convey the Midtown State Office Building to St. Louis University
SB1086Kennedy, HarryHCS SCS SB 1086
 4361L.08T - Modifies the law regarding St. Louis police officer salaries
SB1094Champion, NormaSB 1094
 5148L.01T - Allows Springfield to dissolve a special business district
SB1101Griesheimer, JohnSB 1101
 5286S.01P - Allows the City of Sullivan and the portion of the Sullivan C-2 School District located in Franklin County to levy a transient guest tax
SB1117Stouffer, BillSCS SB 1117
 5379S.02T - Modifies provisions of the Missouri Rx Plan Advisory Commission
SB1122Shields, CharlesHCS SCS SB 1122
 5319L.07T - Allows certain state universities to convey or transfer, except in fee simple, the title or interest in real property
SB1130Green, TimSB 1130
 5348S.01P - Repeals the statute that allows fourth-class cities to pay members of certain city boards up to $200 per month
SB1155Stouffer, BillSB 1155
 5434L.01T - Modifies provisions on the technical advisory committee on the quality of patient care and nursing practices
SB1175Stouffer, BillHCS SCS SB 1175
 5439L.03C - Allows the City of Excelsior Springs to issue bonds and impose a sales tax for the development of a community center
SB1177Callahan, VictorSB 1177
 5474S.01T - Allows a local registrar to be an employee of either a county or city health agency
SB1197Wheeler, CharlesSB 1197
 5426S.01T - Allows sixteen-year olds to donate blood with parental permission
SB1206Mayer, RobertSB 1206
 5331S.01P - Revises the Interstate Compact for Juveniles
SB1207Mayer, RobertSB 1207
 5449S.02T - Allows New Madrid County to impose an additional sales tax, which proceeds shall be shared among the county and the cities, towns and villages within the county
SB1216Goodman, JackSB 1216
 5301S.01T - Modifies the law relating to travel clubs
SCR21Ridgeway, LuannSCS SCR 21
 3730S.02C - Expresses support for Taiwan to have an observer status in the World Health Organization
SCR30Scott, DelbertSCR 30
 5290S.02I - Supports formation of a task force to develop a more balanced plan that incorporates the recreational, environmental and aesthetic values of the Lake of the Ozarks
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