92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: April 21, 2004

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB773Icet, AllenHB 773
 2768L.01P - Removes the age restriction for admission of students to the University of Missouri.
HB855Holand, RoyWilson, VictoriaSS SCS HCS HB 855
 3284S.14T - Requires health insurers to treat mental health services in the same manner as other medical services.
HB1085Townley, MerrillHobbs, SteveHCS HB 1085
 3654L.03C - Requires certain entities taking property under eminent domain procedures to declare the intended use of the property.
HB1093Deeken, BillSkaggs, TrentHCS HB 1093
 3268L.04P - Establishes the rights of persons who utilize service dogs.
HB1099Reinhart, GeralynErvin, DougHCS HB 1099
 3839L.03T - Clarifies sales and use tax exemption eligibility for manufacturing and material recovery plants.
HB1118Schlottach, CharlesEngler, KevinSCS HCS HB 1118
 3438S.10C - Revises various statutes relating to commercial driver's licenses including school bus endorsements, driving privileges, certain traffic-related violations, out-of-services orders, and sentencing.
HB1143Pratt, BryanYates, BrianHB 1143
 3723L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to jury service and creates the Lengthy Trial Fund.
HB1160Parker, ShermanDeeken, BillSCS HB 1160
 4049S.02C - Authorizes a tax credit of up to $2,000 to offset the costs of treating PKU and related diseases.
HB1205Yates, BrianHB 1205
 3950L.01I - Repeals expired and outdated statutes.
HB1207Icet, AllenSt. Onge, NealSS HS HCS HB 1207
 3615S.06T - Changes the procedures for the formation of certain levee districts.
HB1283Viebrock, JamesHB 1283
 3994L.02I - Designates the "Korean War Veterans' Freeway."
HB1285Engler, KevinSS HS HCS HB 1285
 4221S.09T - Revises the statutes relating to car rental insurance.
HB1286Guest, JimWhorton, JimSCS HCS HB 1286 & 1175
 3995S.04C - Establishes marine franchise dealer standards.
HB1304Byrd, RichardHanaway, CatherineCCS SS#2 SS SCS HS HCS HB 1304
 3380S.19T - Revises various statutes relating to claims for damages and the payment of these claims.
HB1342Bruns, MarkBishop, DanielHB 1342
 3509L.01I - Creates a cause of action for injury to emergency personnel caused by the tortious actions of another person.
HB1401Goodman, JackTaylor, LarryHB 1401
 4474L.01I - Exempts any person who drives emergency equipment from the commercial driver's license requirements.
HB1433Wood, DennisKelly, GaryHS HCS HB 1433
 3112L.05T - Authorizes the creation of a watershed improvement district in the Upper White River Basin or any county of the third classification.
HB1509Portwood, CharlesHCS HB 1509
 4686L.04C - Revises the statutes relating to health insurance coverage of chiropractic care.
HB1577Mayer, RobertHB 1577
 4391L.01I - Clarifies that a review hearing under the administrative segregation of offenders statute is not a contested case pursuant to Chapter 536, RSMo, and not subject to the rules of evidence.
HB1588Byrd, RichardHB 1588
 4774L.01I - Provides immunity for real estate licensees for certain statements made by home inspectors.
HB1599Ervin, DougBrown, JasonSCS HS HB 1599
 4678S.03T - Establishes the Joint Committee on Government Accountability to make a continuing study and analysis of inefficiencies in state government.
HB1644McKenna, RyanHB 1644
 4882L.01I - Allows Jefferson and Clay counties to establish county municipal courts and to adopt orders with penal provisions in the areas of traffic violations, solid waste management, and animal control.
HB1662Cunningham, JaneHB 1662
 4911L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to workers' compensation.
HB1663Sander, ThereseHB 1663
 4929L.01I - Allows for a special license plate for immediate family members of any military member killed in the line of duty.
HB1678St. Onge, NealHB 1678
 4916L.01I - Establishes the Missouri State Unemployment Council.
HB1682Morris, LarryRoark, BradleyHB 1682
 4939L.01I - Requires the Attorney General to provide legal services, upon request, to any school district sued by a third party.
HB1688Wright-Jones, RobinHB 1688
 4955L.01I - Requires inspection stations conducting emissions testing to maintain liability insurance to cover possible damage to vehicles during the testing process.
HB1690Wright-Jones, RobinHB 1690
 4954L.01I - Requires owners or operators of motor vehicle inspection stations to maintain liability insurance to cover possible damage to vehicles during the inspection process.
HB1707St. Onge, NealHB 1707
 4733L.01I - Establishes the Small Business Employee Training Program and the Missouri Small Business Employee Training Fund.
HB1710Lager, BradHB 1710
 5006L.01I - Allows Northwest Missouri State University to be transferred to the authority of the curators of the University of Missouri.
HB1715May, BobPratt, BryanHB 1715
 4949L.01I - Designates the "Korean War Veterans Association Memorial Highway."
HB1728Donnelly, MargaretVogt, MichaelHB 1728
 4814L.03I - Revises the statutes relating to jurisdiction over full orders of protection and the definition of "stalking" for purposes of adult and child orders of protection.
HB1743Byrd, RichardHB 1743
 5055L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to court procedures and court personnel.
HB1744Walton, JuanitaWhorton, JimHB 1744
 4992L.01I - Eliminates the use of any automated voting equipment and requires only paper ballots for all elections.
HB1745Schoemehl, SueJohnson, RickHB 1745
 5048L.01I - Requires a valid, current driver's license if used for voter identification purposes.
HB1746Reinhart, GeralynHB 1746
 5045L.01I - Designates the "Richard L. Harriman Memorial Highway."
HB1747Townley, MerrillSchlottach, CharlesHB 1747
 5061L.01I - Authorizes a transient guest tax in the City of Hermann.
HB1748Ward, DanielHB 1748
 2442L.01I - Requires a review of the cases of certain juveniles taken into state custody to determine whether the juvenile should receive a psychological evaluation.
HB1749Harris, JeffHB 1749
 5058L.01I - Authorizes a research and development tax credit for certain businesses.
HCR21Ruestman, MarilynSCS HCR 21
 4220S.02C - Reauthorizes the Poultry Industry Committee to continue its study of the economic and environmental impact of the poultry industry in this state.
HCR25Harris, BelindaWalker, VickiHCR 25
 4461L.01I - Urges the Air and Land Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources to assist any applicant requesting to locate a facility in Missouri that provides asphalt roofing shingle recycling.
HCR26Harris, BelindaWalker, VickiHCR 26
 3609L.03I - Urges the Air and Land Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources to permit plasma-arc torch technology to be used in the state for solid waste disposal.
SB710Goode, WayneHCS SCS SB 710
 2638L.15C - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles.
SB740Klindt, DavidHCS SS SCS SBs 740, 886 & 1178
 2456L.06T - Modifies various laws relating to agriculture programs.
SB757Shields, CharlesSCS SB 757
 3086S.03T - Modifies various laws relating to motor vehicles.
SB768Nodler, GarySB 768
 2596S.02P - Articulates new qualifications for the board of governors of Missouri Southern State University - Joplin.
SB771Bray, JoanHCS SCS SB 771
 2751L.04C - Allows operators of low-speed vehicles to use public highways under certain conditions.
SB772Bray, JoanSB 772
 3159S.01T - Allows certain motor vehicles that stop to load or unload passengers to use flashing warning signals.
SB824Griesheimer, JohnHCS SB 824
 3090L.03T - Modifies law regarding the seizure of motor vehicles that have missing or illegible identification numbers.
SB827Bartle, MatthewSCS SB 827
 2723S.02C - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification.
SB845Yeckel, AnitaHCS SCS SB 845
 3015L.06C - Establishes the Grand Army of the Republic Veterans' Memorial Highway on a portion of Interstate 44.
SB870Bartle, MatthewHS HCS SB 870
 2735L.11T - Prohibits locating sexually-oriented billboards within one mile of a state highway.
SB883Klindt, DavidSB 883
 2960S.01I - Re-enacts legislation repealed by a prior unconstitutional bill.
SB884Klindt, DavidCCS HCS SB 884
 2958S.03T - Instructs the Revisor of Statutes to amend the statutes to reflect certain court decisions.
SB894Goode, WayneSB 894
 3048S.01I - Amends the current Missouri bumper height law for certain motor vehicles.
SB899Goode, WayneSB 899
 3049S.01T - Amends the school bus inspection law to include the inspection of frames on school buses.
SB900Goode, WayneHCS SB 900
 2765L.04C - Vehicles manufactured twenty-six years prior to the current model year are exempt from the emission inspection program.
SB921Caskey, HaroldSCS SB 921
 3309S.03T - Establishes that review hearings to place offenders in administrative segregation are not contested cases.
SB956Scott, DelbertSCS SB 956
 3265S.02T - Allows persons operating animal-driven vehicles to use lanterns and reflective material during nighttime hours.
SB983Quick, EdwardSCS SB 983
 3392S.04P - Creates a transfer upon death process for manufactured home owners.
SB992Cauthorn, JohnSCS SB 992
 3156S.03T - Changes the definition of containers approved for transporting anhydrous ammonia.
SB1007Goode, WayneSB 1007
 3735S.01P - Requires all gubernatorial appointments to be with the advice and consent of senate.
SB1064Scott, DelbertSB 1064
 3266S.01P - Eliminates the expiration date of Section 488.2205, which allows for collection and distribution of some costs.
SB1080Nodler, GaryHCS SB 1080
 3588L.05T - Modifies and creates various laws relating to education accountability.
SB1111Klindt, DavidSB 1111
 2714S.01T - Allows Grundy County to use certain moneys collected to be used for courtroom renovation and technology.
SB1155Cauthorn, JohnHS SCS SB 1155
 4001L.09T - Modifies various laws relating to economic development.
SB1162Jacob, KennethSB 1162
 4163S.01I - Expands the type of securities that may be used for certain subdivision development laws.
SB1211Wheeler, CharlesHCS SB 1211
 4203L.03T - Modifies various laws relating to court personnel and procedures.
SB1240Griesheimer, JohnSCS SB 1240
 4450S.04P - Allows Franklin County to use funds for a law library to pay off debt from the issuance of bonds.
SB1247Dougherty, PatrickHCS SCS SB 1247
 3581L.05T - Modifies various laws relating to the State Legal Expense Fund.
SB1249Champion, NormaSB 1249
 4584S.01T - Expands the preference given by state purchasing entities to Missouri businesses.
SB1259Childers, DoyleHCS SB 1259
 4271L.03T - Allows certain nonresidents to operate a vessel on the lakes of this state with a temporary boater education permit.
SB1262Dolan, JonathanSCS SB 1262
 4571S.07P - Revises the law regarding salvage vehicles.
SB1269Yeckel, AnitaHS HCS SCS SB 1269
 4670L.07F - Expands the community improvement district law.
SB1279Steelman, SarahHCS SS SCS SB 1279
 4608L.07T - Creates the Missouri Hospital Infection Control Act.
SB1344Champion, NormaHS SB 1344
 4813L.02P - Modifies the procedure of the Joint Committee on Economic Development Policy and Planning.
SCR32Gibbons, MichaelHCS SCR 32
 3850S.04F - Character Education Partnership.
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