92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 01, 2003

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB762Whorton, JimMyers, PeterHB 762
 2526L.01I - Limits the liability of certain cities and villages that sponsor fairs or festivals.
HB763Roark, BradleyHB 763
 2792L.01I - Designates a portion of U.S. 60 as the "Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Russell W. Harper Memorial Highway" with the costs to be paid by the Missouri Troopers' Association.
HB764Roark, BradleyHB 764
 2791L.01I - Revises the elements of the crime of public drunkenness.
HB765Roark, BradleyHB 765
 2598L.01I - Permits exclusion of taxable income received in other states.
HB766Roark, BradleyHB 766
 2599L.01I - Permits the City of Springfield to sell utility services outside the city at the same rates as charged inside the city.
HB767Schaaf, RobWildberger, EdHB 767
 2985L.01I - Changes the name of Missouri Western State College to Missouri Western State University.
HB768Ward, DanielSkaggs, TrentHB 768
 2517L.02I - Creates the crime of assault of corrections personnel.
HB769Ward, DanielJohnson, RickHB 769
 3144L.01I - Permits the Family Support Division to provide financial assistance to certain not-for-profit food pantries.
HB770Ward, DanielHB 770
 2510L.01I - Revises Section 302.020, RSMo, to allow persons 21 years of age and older to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
HB771Green, ThomasHB 771
 2601L.01I - Exempts residential property owned by taxpayers 65 years of age or older or disabled from increases in assessed valuation.
HB772Myers, PeterMoore, DanieHB 772
 2512L.01I - Extends the waste tire fee to January 1, 2009, and establishes bonus points for waste tire clean-up bids.
HB773Icet, AllenHB 773
 2768L.01P - Removes the age restriction for admission of students to the University of Missouri.
HB774Sander, ThereseMyers, PeterHCS HB 774
 2511L.02P - Extends the waste tire fee to January 1, 2008, establishes bonus points for waste tire clean-up bids, and reduces the collection fee.
HB775Johnson, RobertHB 775
 3089L.01I - Establishes additional tax increment financing guidelines.
HB776Johnson, RobertHB 776
 2716L.01I - Changes the limits on the amounts of certain campaign contributions.
HB777Marsh, B JPortwood, CharlesHCS HB 777
 2533L.03P - Changes the name of Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University.
HB778Johnson, RobertHB 778
 2717L.01I - Discontinues certain tax credits for certain economic development projects.
HB779Lowe, JeneeWalsh, GinaHB 779
 2597L.01I - Establishes the Public Service Accountability Act.
HB780Wilson, VictoriaLowe, JeneeHB 780
 3124L.01I - Repeals the in-lieu watercraft tax.
HB781George, ThomasLowe, JeneeHB 781
 2921L.01I - Requires noncertificated employees in certain school districts to be appointed and promoted pursuant to local school board rules.
HB782George, ThomasMcKenna, RyanHB 782
 2617L.01I - Revises the statutes relating to employment security.
HB783Walton, JuanitaHB 783
 2811L.01I - Requires the board of election commissioners to establish wards in certain St. Louis school districts for the election of school district directors.
HB784Walton, JuanitaGreen, ThomasHB 784
 2430L.01I - Adds new provisions to allow correction of arrest records when a person's identity has been falsely used.
HB785Walton, JuanitaHB 785
 2433L.02I - Establishes ward districts for certain fire protection districts in St. Louis County and prohibits firefighters from electioneering while on duty or while wearing their uniform.
HB786Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickHB 786
 2761L.01I - Requires certain sexual offenders ordered to participate in treatment to successfully complete that treatment and to follow all directives of the treatment program provider.
HB787Jolly, CathyJohnson, RickHB 787
 2747L.01I - Repeals the Board of Probation and Parole's authority to convert consecutive sentences to concurrent and clarifies that a convicted person is sentenced according to the law at the time of sentencing.
HB788Graham, CharlesHB 788
 2562L.01I - Regulates rock climbing walls over 10 feet tall.
HB789Burnett, JohnSager, RHB 789
 2871L.01I - Revises the statute relating to reinstatement of noncommercial driver's licenses.
HB790Lipke, ScottHB 790
 2754L.01I - Requires the Department of Transportation to consider restricted or lost highway access in assessing damages in eminent domain cases.
HB791Boykins, AmberHB 791
 2764L.01I - Amends the offense of distribution of a controlled substance near schools to include child care facilities, long-term care facilities, and residences of in-home child care providers.
HB792Boykins, AmberWright-Jones, RobinHB 792
 2975L.01I - Modifies the requirements for licensure of barbers and requires licensure of barber apprentices.
HJR27Whorton, JimHampton, MarkHJR 27
 2565L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, and harvest game.
HJR28Roark, BradleyWilson, LarryHCS HJR 28
 2600L.04C - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the Governor's submission of a balanced budget without voter-approved tax increases.
HJR29Ward, DanielSkaggs, TrentHJR 29
 2509L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment extending legislative term limits to 12 years.
HJR30Wilson, VictoriaHilgemann, RobertHJR 30
 2435L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.
HJR31Harris, JeffHJR 31
 2518L.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing the construction of toll roads and facilities.
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