101st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 02, 2020

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB296Wallingford, WayneHB 296
 0373H.01P - Modifies definition of "surviving spouse" as it relates to state personnel law
HB297Wallingford, WayneHS HB 297
 0921H.03P - Allows Southeast Missouri State University to develop a statewide mission
HB298Wallingford, WayneHB 298
 0915H.01P - Extends the option to donate income tax refunds to the Missouri National Guard Foundation Fund
HB299Wallingford, WayneHB 299
 0899H.01P - Modifies provisions of law relating to child custody arrangements
HB300Roberts, LaneHB 300
 0631H.01I - Creates an affirmative defense to prosecution for law enforcement officers who acted under exigent circumstances in failing to execute an arrest warrant on a person who committed certain motor vehicle offenses
HB301Haffner, MikeHCS HB 301
 0462H.02C - Modifies the offense of resisting or interfering with arrest
HB302Haffner, MikeHB 302
 0665H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
HB303Wiemann, JohnHCS HB 303
 0262H.04C - Establishes transfer procedures to nonresident districts for students in public schools
HB304Kelley, AnnHB 304
 0322H.01I - Enacts requirements relating to suicide prevention education and information
HB305Kelley, AnnHB 305
 0066H.01I - Establishes provisions relating to child care assistance for children in foster care
HB306Griesheimer, AaronHS HCS HB 306
 0675H.03P - Relating to expanding choices for educational opportunities.
HB307Griesheimer, AaronHCS HB 307
 0859H.02P - Modifies certain vehicle laws to include electric bicycles
HB308Kelley, AnnHB 308
 0211H.01I - Exempts houses of worship from social distancing requirements issued by local or state health authorities
HB309Kelley, AnnHB 309
 0177H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the selling of raw milk or cream
HB310Davidson, BishopHB 310
 0769H.01I - Establishes the "Second Amendment Preservation Act," which creates additional protections to the right to bear arms
4/21/2021 5:13:25 AM