98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 04, 2014

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB143Nichols, MaryHB 143
 0432L.01I - Doubles the fine for littering with cigarettes or cigars
HB144Nichols, MaryHB 144
 0482L.01I - Establishes provisions relating to anti-theft protections for smartphones and wireless communications devices
HB145Gosen, DonHB 145
 0145H.02I - Changes the laws regarding indemnity agreements for construction contracts
HB146Reiboldt, BillHB 146
 0453H.02I - Changes the laws regarding agriculture
HB147Solon, SheilaHB 147
 0572H.01I - Requires vapor products, including electronic cigarette liquids, to be sold in child-safe packaging
HB148Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 148
 0659L.01P - Specifies that beginning January 1, 2016, certain shareholders of S corporations may elect to reject workers' compensation insurance coverage
HB149Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 149
 0735L.01P - Allows any person to apply for a liquor license to sell intoxicating liquor on a boat carrying 30 passengers or more
HB150Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 150
 0637H.01T - Modifies the duration of unemployment compensation, the method to pay federal advances, and raises the fund trigger causing contribution rate reductions
HB151Messenger, JeffreyHB 151
 0100H.01I - Prohibits any public funds or governmental economic incentives to be authorized for a project involving abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research
HB152Haahr, ElijahCCS SCS HB 152
 0176H.03S - Expands the crime of sexual trafficking of a child to include advertising a child participating in a commercial sexual act
HB153Gardner, KimberlyHB 153
 0205L.01I - Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB154Gardner, KimberlyHB 154
 0207L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh Missouri-grown produce
HB155Gardner, KimberlyHB 155
 0208L.01I - Requires all health care professionals in this state to complete cultural competency training in school and as continuing education for licensure, certification, or registration
HB156Gardner, KimberlyHB 156
 0209L.01I - Changes the laws regarding penalties for first degree murder when the person is under 18 years of age at the time the offense was committed
HB157Gardner, KimberlyHB 157
 0202L.01I - Prohibits requiring peace officers to issue a specific number of citations within a designated period of time
HB158Rehder, HollyHB 158
 0761H.01I - Prohibits any public employee from being required to pay dues or other fees to a labor organization
HB159Rehder, HollyHCS HBs 159 & 570
 0764H.02C - Prohibits any public employee from being required to pay dues or other fees to a labor organization
HB160McGaugh, Joe DonHB 160
 0701L.01I - Establishes the Political Accountability in Campaigning Act
HB161Gosen, DonHB 161
 0663H.01I - Prohibits all drivers, regardless of age, from text messaging while operating of a moving motor vehicle and increases the penalty for the crime of texting while driving
HB162Norr, CharlieHB 162
 0554H.01I - Requires landlords with 20 or more rental units to place security deposits in escrow bank accounts
HB163Norr, CharlieHB 163
 0556H.01I - Establishes the Controlled Substances Contaminated Property Cleanup Act
HJR13Fitzpatrick, ScottHJR 13
 0718H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that increases the percentage of legal voters required to propose an initiative petition amending the Constitution from 8% to 15% of voters
HJR14Gardner, KimberlyHJR 14
 0210L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing appropriations from the Lottery Proceeds Fund to be used for early childhood programs
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