93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 06, 2005

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1074Meiners, KateSutherland, MikeHB 1074
 3529L.01I - Specifies that the sales tax exemption for converting a vehicle to handicapped accessible includes vehicles modified before purchase
HB1075Davis, CynthiaCunningham, JaneSCS HCS HB 1075
 3426S.12C - Revises the requirements for course materials and instruction in public schools relating to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases
HB1076Johnson, RobertRoorda, JeffHB 1076
 3681L.01I - Allows licensed ambulance services, emergency medical response agencies, and not-for-profit organizations which contract for ambulance services to establish peer review committees
HB1077Roorda, JeffHB 1077
 3288L.01I - Includes nonresident officials of professional athletic leagues in the nonresident entertainer and professional athlete income tax withholding requirements
HJR32Johnson, RobertHJR 32
 3263L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment making the Director of the Department of Insurance an elected official
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