92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: December 12, 2002

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB78Mayer, RobertLipke, ScottHB 78
 0651L.01I - Authorizes county commissioners to create county crime reduction funds and authorizes courts to impose assessments of money to be paid into these funds by defendants under certain conditions.
HB79Bland, CraigHB 79
 0197L.01I - Removes the expiration date for the Kansas City public mass transportation system tax.
HB80Bland, CraigHB 80
 0198L.01I - Extends the deadline for the Kansas City public mass transportation systems.
HB81Bland, CraigHB 81
 0597L.01I - Prohibits open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles.
HB82Bland, CraigHB 82
 0598L.01I - Requires licensing of surety recovery agents.
HB83Bland, CraigHB 83
 0655L.01I - Extends the waste tires fee to 2011.
HB84Ward, DanielSager, RHB 84
 0286L.01I - Makes it a crime for sex offenders to establish a residency within 1000 feet of a public school or child care facility and to notify the sheriff if one moves within 1000 feet of them within 1 week.
HB85Ward, DanielHB 85
 0246L.01I - Permits the Division of Family Services to provide financial assistance to certain not-for-profit food pantries in the state.
HB86Ward, DanielWalton, JuanitaHB 86
 0248L.01I - Reqires Department of Transportation to conduct an employee salaries comprehensive study every five years.
HB87Ward, DanielSager, RHB 87
 0249L.01I - Authorizes permits for retired police officers to carry concealed firearms.
HB88Ward, DanielWalker, VickiHB 88
 0244L.01I - Establishes Highway and Transportation Department Fund to pay fees for towing abandoned vehicles.
HB89Ward, DanielSager, RHB 89
 0247L.01I - Excludes the cash value of life insurance policies with a total cash value of five thousand dollars or less from resources used to determine eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid.
HB90Ward, DanielSager, RHB 90
 0245L.01I - Freezes property assessment on homesteads owned by individuals 65 or older.
HB91Mayer, RobertCrowell, JasonSCS HB 91
 0706S.02C - Authorizes county commissioners to create county crime reduction funds and establishes the Missouri Sheriffs' Methamphetamine Relief Task Force.
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